Taste of True Friendship Ch. 11


They were on a new footing now. Though she had always tried to treat him as an adult while he was growing up, she still had that mother/son attitude toward him. Now she really did treat him like an adult. On top of that, she began to treat him like a peer- -a female peer. They stayed up late talking about everything: clothes, jobs, politics,....sex. And they went on excursions together, just a couple of girls, shopping, movies, museums, concerts, to the beach. Their relationship was deeper as mother/daughter than it had ever been as mother/son.

There was no question in his mind that he had to make the break. He had to begin living totally as a woman. This half-and-half existence was becoming too wearing on him. The fear of "slipping up" haunted him to speak nothing of the logistics of having to support two wardrobes, change between school and job, and remember whether he knew someone from his male or female persona. Now that Dana was gone, prompting him to build a new life, and now that Peter had graduated and was off to make his millions, giving him nothing to fear from being "outed" by him, Dan felt he could make a start at living elusively as a woman.

He went over his plan with his mother and she made some suggestions that she felt would help pave the way. One of the chief ones was to have him see a psychiatrist. This wasn't because she thought he was crazy or abnormal but because it would help document from a medical standpoint his desire to change his identity. Ayshia also suggested that Dan confer with a lawyer to make sure that nothing was missed in changing the necessary paperwork such as a legal name change, a driver's license, a passport, and things like that. Dan followed up on that and set out on the path to assume the identity of a woman.

It wasn't as easy as he thought. The whole process would take a long time but at least in the beginning, he found that he could functionally live as a woman: Work, go to school, and transact business without too much difficulty. Rather than irrevocably change his name, he found it useful to become "Dan AKA Tanya". This worked well in pretty much every area except for his Social Security and IRS records.

His visits with the psychiatrist were beneficial as well. He became more comfortable with the idea of himself as a woman from that standpoint. He began to understand that he wasn't weird or abnormal, just different- -a woman in a man's body. And, from a sexual standpoint, he became reconciled to the fact that as a woman he didn't necessarily need to avoid having sex with other women and that sex with men could include a wide spectrum of activity. He felt much better about the entire situation having had that counseling.

One thing that Dan decided was not to have any hormone therapy or radical surgery immediately. This was partly his own idea but was reinforced by his mother's advice and by his psychiatrists recommendations. For the near term, Dan would be able to deal with his testosterone urges, not enlarge his breasts, and keep his penis. His experience up to this time taught him that he could handle this state of affairs without difficulty. He thought it best to take things slowly and not to anything drastic.

When Dan went back to school in the fall, there was a new student on campus. Her name was Tanya.

^ ^^^^^ ^ ^ ^ ^ ^ ^ ^ ^ ^^ ^^ ^ ^ ^ ^ ^ ^ ^ ^ ^

Tanya felt that the transition went well. Of course, at work there was no real change. Everyone there already accepted her as Tanya. It only took a few minor paperwork changes with Human Resources to fix things. At school, however, she ran into a few more difficulties. Although she was taking a different set of classes than the previous year, some of the professors had taught her during her previous two years. It took them some time to get used to an exotic looking female in their class where there had previously been a handsome dark haired boy. But, as time went on, they also accepted Tanya. They were more interested in her intellect, talent, and taste than whether or not she was male or female. Her fellow students were another matter.

As Dan, Tanya had developed some close relationships with fellow students. They respected him and relied on him for help in many different areas. But now that she was Tanya, their approach to her changed. Part of this was the fact that they knew that, underneath it all, she was still he. There was nothing she could do about that. Part of it was their being a little disoriented by having to call her by her new name and allow her to be a girl among girls. This extended to her use of the restroom facilities. The university had adjusted to this since Tanya had provided them documents from her doctor and her lawyer notifying them of her gender transition before the start of the school year. They observed their non-discriminatory policy toward trans-gendered individuals. Quite simply put, Tanya was afforded the use of the university facilities just as if she were physically a woman and treated in every other respect. The female students were at first a little leery but Tanya proved to be trustworthy. As she clearly took no prurient pleasure from the goings on in the female restrooms, they came to consider her just one of the girls. Tanya was definitely not on the make for women; nor was she particularly on the make for men. She just wanted to complete her college work and get on with life.

One of the girls did approach her. It was that friend of Dana's who had rightly pegged Tanya's Dan persona as being related to the woman she met at Dana's apartment. She seemed a little put off that, as Dan, Tanya had misled her into thinking he was not who the girl thought he was. It was done in a good natured way but behind it were hurt feelings that she had been conned.

"Foggy contacts my ass!" She said when she confronted Tanya. "How could you fool me liked that? Why the deceit?"

"Please forgive me. I didn't mean to be at all harmful." Tanya was abjectly apologetic. "I hope you can understand my position at the time. Not to ask for sympathy, but I was very worried about being found out. It just seemed to be the best thing to do at the time."

Tanya found out that the girl's name was Julie. Tanya wasn't sure if she had ever heard it before, as Dana may have introduced her only casually, or simply just forgot it. In any event, Tanya was profusely contrite.

"Well, for what it's worth, Tanya, I still think you are an exceptionally beautiful woman." Julie was trying to be genuinely friendly now. "I agree with what you said whole heartedly, that 'she' would have to be much, much more beautiful than you were handsome and I thought you were particularly handsome as a man."

"You are too kind. You flatter me." Tanya said deferentially. "I can only hope that you can accept me as I am now."

"Oh, but I do!" Julie cried out. "I surely do!"

There was sincerity in her voice. Tanya noted too that Julie had recalled almost word for word their previous conversation. That showed her that Julie was truly interested in Tanya.

Tanya and Julie became friends. They met and talked frequently. Julie was a year ahead of Tanya in her courses but shared with Tanya everything that she was doing in school. Tanya amazed herself by knowing more about Julie's subject than Julie did herself. Julie was grateful to have Tanya's insights into her school work.

Julie also talked incessantly about her different boyfriends. She was having typical female reactions to the boys she was dating. They were either too aggressive sexually or they were too preoccupied with "guy" things to fill her "girl" needs. She thought boys were fickle but they deflected that criticism by calling her, and all girls, fickle. Most boys had no sense of style, no sense of propriety, no sense of...well...sensitivity. Furthermore, she was bothered that she wasn't getting enough sex- - the kind that really made her feel good. All the boys wanted was a quick fuck or a fast blow job and then to either go to sleep or to be off carousing with their pals. Julie was just plain frustrated.

Tanya, having had more than a little experience as a boy, lent a sympathetic ear and explained the facts of life to her. Boys were just boys. Testosterone did weird things to them, even weirder in its own way than what female hormones did to women. Boys at nineteen, twenty, or twenty-one years of age were hormonally out of control. That accounted for the brashness, the competitiveness, the insensitivity. Underneath it all, it was all about the male of the species trying to inseminate as many females as he could. The other stuff, the sensitive stuff, would come later- -usually but not always- -as the realities of fatherhood set in. Julie listened and understood- -intellectually- -but couldn't emotionally grasp the situation. Again, in a word, she was frustrated.

Tanya and Julie were studying one night at Tanya's apartment, Dana's old place. Julie was having a hard time concentrating. She alternately fidgeted, daydreamed, or wandered about the apartment. She had no idea what they were trying to learn.

"Sit down over here, Julie." Tanya authoritatively patted the couch next to her. "Let's get down to business here. We only have so much time."

Julie sat down but didn't want to talk about color values or comparative media. She did, however, want to talk about perspective- -but not in an artistic sense.

"I am just plain frustrated!" Julie blurted out. (There's THAT word again, Tanya thought.) "I just can't understand him! (Tanya knew Julie was talking about her latest boyfriend.) I was with him before I came over here. I gave him a blow job and swallowed his cum (Julie was being blunt) but he wouldn't even think about reciprocating. Maybe I should have demanded that he go down on me before I gave him head!"

Julie began to tear up. Tanya put her arm around Julie's shoulder and patted her. Julie needed some calming down or at least some stress relief.

"Julie, look at this way. You did what you wanted to do to him because you wanted to." Tanya began, "You wanted to please him with a blow job and you did. There's nothing you can do to get him to reciprocate. Just accept that. If you want some pleasure out of the deal, you're just going to have to find that on your own."

"What do you mean by that?" Julie stopped her tears and looked at Tanya. "How am I supposed to do that?"

"Listen, Julie." Tanya started to lecture. "What do you suppose he does when he can't find someone like you to suck him off? He either finds a hooker or jacks himself off. It's not very complicated. He's not interested in a 'meaningful relationship'; he's not capable of it. He just wants to get his rocks off. Any semblance of 'going steady' with you or anyone else is merely a function of the regularity of his orgasms. If he isn't going to get the from you, he will get them somewhere else. That's it....game, set and match!"

"O.K. Julie. I have a little experience with this, trust me." Tanya continued, "What I'm saying is that your satisfaction is in your own hands- -LITERALLY! If he won't get you off, then you have to do it yourself or find someone who will."

"I'm not sure I get you, Tanya." Julie seemed lost. "What do you mean?"

"Well, for a start, sweetie," Tanya tried to be affirmative. "You DO masturbate? Don't you?"

"Well, I have sometimes." Julie seemed a little embarrassed. "But...well....not that much."

"And WHY is that?" Tanya kept up the inquisition. "C'mon, you can tell me!"

Julie blushed a little and looked down as she said, "I'm just not that good at it. When I'm alone, I keep thinking someone is going to walk in on me and find me doing 'that' and I get jumpy. I know that sounds funny. And I get self-conscious when I'm with a guy because, even though I know it would feel good, I think it would make him feel that he isn't fucking me right, or something like that."

"O.K., Julie. We're going to cure that- -right now!" Tanya had a plan in mind and needed to be assertive. "Show me!"

"Show you what? I'm not sure I get it." Again, Julie was confused.

"Julie, show me how you masturbate. That's pretty simple, isn't it?" Tanya tried to remain calm and clinical. "Look, if you can get yourself to masturbate in front of me, then you shouldn't have any trouble doing it alone or with somebody, right?"

"Well, I suppose so....but...." Julie looked as if she had something on her mind that was stopping her, "I'm just kinda not sure....."

Tanya thought she knew what the problem was. "Julie, is it that you're worried because I'm a guy? Or, is it that I'm just another person, man or woman, that would see you?"

"Well, kinda both, you know...." Julie was really blushing now.

"Sweetie, let me explain something." Tanya took her arm from around Julie's shoulders and took both of Julie's hands in hers. "In fact, I don't think I've ever explained this to anyone before like this. I feel like a woman. I know you know that I'm a boy underneath everything but, let me assure you, I have a woman's feelings about things- - and about you. I want you to experience the best of everything, especially sex. There have been people who helped me out with these things and I think I can help you our too.

"Just to share some things about me with you so you won't feel strange: I have had sex with women and I have had sex with men and I have had sex with myself. All of those feel wonderful but each has its own unique sensations. Someone urged me once not to judge something until I had experienced it. I took them at their word and it has made all of the difference to me. My only desire is for you to feel fulfilled- -not frustrated, like it seems you are now. If I can help with that, I'd love to...So, trust me. I won't do anything you don't want to do. You can go at your own pace. You can relax. I'm not on the make."

That last statement was not entirely true. It had been many weeks since Tanya had sex with a partner. After her change, the guys who knew she was really a guy avoided her and those that didn't soon got clued in by their friends. The girls considered Tanya to be a girl and sex was not on the agenda with them, mainly because they didn't want to get into a convoluted gender-bending lesbian situation. Tanya's own sex life had consisted mainly of masturbation and--well let's face it- -she found Julie attractive. But she also considered Julie a friend and didn't want to alienate her.

It looked, though, like Tanya had convinced Julie to be adventuresome because she looked at Tanya, still with misty eyes, and said, "O.K. I'd like to try. What do I need to do?"

Tanya instructed Julie to lie back with her legs up on the couch and with her head on the pillow that was against the armrest. Tanya then unbuttoned the waist of Julie's jeans, undid the fly, inched them down over her hips, and finally, as Julie lifted her legs straight in the air, pulled them off completely. Julie was wearing a canary yellow thong that revealed her creamy smooth thighs and barely covered her pubic area. Tanya teased those off of her too. Julie was a honey blonde and her pubic hair was the same color. It was lush and curly but not so thick that Tanya couldn't see Julie's labia underneath. On top of that, as Julie's thong came off, Tanya became aware of a luscious scent emanating from Julie's pubic area. It was hard to describe but, if Tanya had to name it, she would have called it crushed roses.

"O.K., Julie. It's time to play now." Tanya said soothingly. "Go ahead and start."

"But....I.....I'm not sure." Julie was hesitant. "I don't know."

"That's all right, honey. Just close your eyes and let your hands find their way. You know what to do. Just think of yourself alone in your bedroom, no one at home, a quiet house......" Tanya made her voice soft and hypnotic. "That's right.....That's good...."

Julie's fingers began to comb through her pubic hair and work their way down between her legs. She spread her legs apart. Tanya could see that she had small, neat lips and, as Julie's fingers separated them, Tanya saw that Julie's pussy was delicately pink. Her clitoris small and nestled up under a fold of rosy skin. Her fingers played up and down her slot, penetrating her vagina only slightly, and became moist from the natural lubrication there. They moved up to her clitoris and rubbed the hood back and forth, around and around, and then back down to the opening to her pussy. Julie's hips began to undulate as she probed her pussy with her middle finger and her legs moved apart as she penetrated further. For a few minutes, she finger fucked herself each time forcing her finger deeper an deeper into her vagina.. Her fingers began to glisten with the moisture from inside her and, as she became more lubricated, she inserted two fingers even deeper inside herself. She was beginning to breathe heavily now, in rhythm with the thrusting of her hand. Her thumb made passes at her clitoris as she worked her hand and fingers more vigorously into herself. Her hips bucked more and her legs opened and closed in time with her finger banging.

By this time, Tanya had sat herself down on the floor beside the couch and stroked Julie's forehead and cheek while she masturbated. Julie sighed at this and, as she became more involved in her activity, the sigh became a low intermittent moan. At this, Tanya began to kiss Julie's cheek while she stroked her hair. There was more response from Julie. Her body tensed and relaxed and her moaning became more guttural and rhythmic. She was beginning to work herself into a frenzy of masturbation.

Tanya got up on her knees next to the couch, leaned over, and kissed Julie on the lips. At the same time, Tanya used her right hand to massage Julie's left breast through her t-shirt (she was wearing no bra) and pinch Julie's nipple, which by this time had become erect and sensitive. This seemed to drive Julie wild. Her whole body began to convulse and she redoubled her efforts fucking herself with her fingers. Her moans resonated through Tanya's lips as she pressed them firmly against Julie's.

All at once, it seemed that Julie was going to lift herself off of the couch. Her body stiffened, she arched her back, her heels dug into the couch lifting her hips up, and she went into a spasm of ecstasy. Her moaning became more guttural and it seemed as if she were trying to force something out of her, almost like giving birth. Tanya was having a hard time trying to keep herself in contact with Julie, so violent were her movements. Julie held herself taut but still for a moment, emitted one loud cry of joy, settled back on the couch, and lay there panting.

Julie began to cry softly, the tears ran down the side of her face. Tanya kissed them away, savoring their salty flavor, as she stroked Julie's brow. She kissed Julie's cheeks, lips, and forehead until Julie's breathing returned to nothing more than a sigh.

Tanya whispered in Julie's ear, "There, there, my sweet. That was wonderful, wasn't it?"

Julie merely nodded, too spent to speak.

Julie moved her hand away from her pussy and up to her tummy. She was about to use her t-shirt to wipe away the wetness when Tanya put her hand over Julie's. Tanya bent down and teasingly licked the moisture off Julie's fingers. It tasted delicious, as Tanya had suspected it would- -tangy but sweet. Tanya wound up licking Julie's hand clean.

Tanya moved her lips back up to Julie's and playfully nipped at them. In between pecks, Tanya cooed, "You see, Julie? You see how good it can be?"

Julie murmured inarticulately. Something like, "Mmmmmm....yesss....Oh! Mmmmmmm...." She couldn't help that because Tanya's kisses kept her from forming words.

Once the afterglow of her orgasm subsided, Julie got up, slipped on her thong and jeans, and sat back down on the couch next to Tanya.

There were still stars in Julie's eyes as she looked at Tanya and said, "Tanya. How could that have been so good? I don't understand. I've masturbated before but never, never had that happen like that. How in the world?"

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