Taste of True Friendship Ch. 21


Martin (Pusella) stood between Mary's legs, bent forward, and commenced to go down on Mary's wide open vagina. His cunnilingus technique was superb. He used his tongue to part Mary's bush and separate her pussy lips. Then he used his mouth sucking on her moistening slot, probing more with his tongue until he found her clitoris. He placed his lips over it and gently sucked it into his mouth, released the pressure, and repeated the suction again- -and again- -and again.

Mary (Fr. Erectus) was squirming on her back, emitting muffled squeals of pleasure. Germond (Sr. Minutia) and Norma (Dick) each used their free hand to unbutton Mary's clerical vest and freed up her soft, white breasts. In tandem, they massaged and tweaked her boobs, and then- -as if receiving a signal to do so- -simultaneously each leaned down and took one of Mary's nipples into their respective mouths. As they sucked away, Martin (Pusella) worked Mary's pussy even more vigorously until it seemed that she was going to squirm herself off of the desk. But the held her down until she let go a long, low moan that culminated in a guttural cry- -a cry of orgasm.

But they didn't stop. Norma (Dick) pulled her mouth off of Mary's breast and at the same time so did Germond (Sr. Minutia). Norma opened her shirt front to free up her large, round breasts and then leaned forward offering a nipple to Mary's mouth. Mary grasped onto it with her lips and immediately began to vigorously suck on it. Norma began to coo with pleasure at this.

Meanwhile, Martin (Pusella) had shed his pinafore and was standing there stark naked- -except for his mask- -massaging his white penis into an erection. He put his hands under Mary's hips and scooted her toward him to the edge of the desk and then thrust his cock into her slick vagina. Mary moaned again at this and her moaning increased in frequency and intensity as Martin worked his cock in and out of Mary's pussy.

Germond (Sr. Minutia) not to be left out, pulled up his habit over his head and cast it aside on the floor. He stood there also naked- -except for his mask- -stroking his cock until it got stiff. He then went behind Martin (Pusella) and spread Martin's butt cheeks apart, lubricated Martin's ass hole with some saliva, and unceremoniously plunged his cock directly in to Martin's rectum. This caused Martin to start which caused him to ram his cock even deeper into Mary's pussy. Mary moaned, Martin grunted, and Germond sighed a loud "AHHHH".

The four off them were doing a stationary dance: Mary had Norma's breast in her hands forcing it against her lips; Norma was masturbating her own pussy; Martin was fucking Mary, and Germond was reaming Martin's ass hole with his cock. The foursome undulated in time to some unheard music. Tanya couldn't help but think of the old Sam Cooke song, "Working on the Chain Gang"- -the rhythm and tempo were about right.

While all of this was going on, Tanya knew that the four stationary cameras were taking in the basic action but she was making liberal use of her hand-held video camera getting all sorts of angled and close-up shots- -zoom in, zoom out, pan up, pan down, pan across- -she didn't miss anything.

Finally, after what seemed to be an almost endless time, Germond pulled his cock out of Martin's (Pusella's) rear-end and shot his load all over Martin's white ass. Martin then (Pusella) pulled his cock out of Mary's (Fr. Erectus') pussy and shot his load all over her soft white tummy. Mary let go of Norma's (Dick's) breast as Norma moved down to lick Martin's cum off of Mary's abdomen while at the same time Germond licked his own cum off of Martin's butt.

"This is a Grand Slam!" Tanya thought "I couldn't have planned this any better."

Then happened an ad-lib that Tanya hadn't anticipated. All four "actors" got completely naked. They left their masks on but were otherwise without a stitch. Tanya captured this maneuver on the hand-held but then captured something else. The foursome descended on Tanya en masse'. It looked strange in the lens, these four figures getting larger and larger until the filled the entire picture. There was a wobbling of the video and then it went blank.

Leaving Tanya's mask in place, they stripped Tanya's clothes off of her and laid her out on the desk. Norma got up on the desk and knelt astride Tanya's face and lowered her pussy onto Tanya's mouth. Tanya obliged by immediately commencing cunnilingus on Norma. Martin assumed the same relative position with Tanya that he had with Mary, that is, between Tanya's legs, and enthusiastically started going down on Tanya's now stiff penis. Martin swallowed Tanya's cock all of the way down his throat and worked the shaft in and out using both his hands his lips, and his tongue.

Tanya hadn't planned on this bonus activity but she thoroughly enjoyed it. Norma had a soft, sensitive pussy which, despite its "coin slot" appearance was ample in size. It accommodated Tany's tongue with room to spare. On top of this, Norma's vagina was more than moist, it was absolutely dripping with tasty, warm female liquids. Tanya took them in eagerly, actually slurping them into her mouth. The hotter Norma got, the hornier Tanya got. Finally, Norma let loose a gush of fluid that filled Tanya's mouth and ran over her cheeks onto the desk. This was accompanied by Norma's yummy orgasmic sounds. Tanya knew that it was time for her to come too. She let loose her load into Martin's waiting mouth. Not a drop escaped Martin's lips as he gobbled down every last bit of Tanya's cum. He licked Tanya's cock like a popsicle stick.

While all of this was going on, Mary and Germond had found a nice spot on the floor using the discarded costumes as a makeshift futon. They were engaged in a "sixty-nine", Mary on the bottom and Germond on the top, eagerly consuming each other's sex organs. Mary was having a continuation of her earlier orgasm and Germond was getting ready to shoot his second load of the night into Mary's mouth.

Tanya quickly retrieved the hand-held camera to record this finale'. Her timing was perfect. She got Mary arching her back off of the floor and thrusting her hips against Germond's face and got Germond's cock as it oozed semen into Mary's mouth and onto her chin.

Everyone then composed themselves and began to head back to their dressing rooms to clean up and get dressed. As they all walked out of the makeshift classroom, Tanya brought up the rear taking the last shots of four naked backsides. Again, a classic shot!

The whole session had lasted only a couple of hours but it delivered a memorable experience for all of them- -one that would be remembered, especially since Tanya had gotten it all on videotape!

About two weeks later, they all got together again at Tanya's apartment. They got naked and sat around on the floor watching the videotape of their performances that Tanya had edited from the raw footage from the four stationary cameras and the one hand-held camera.

The replay was interspersed with sex play. Norma duplicated her cunnilingus with Tanya, for which Tanya was grateful - -she loved Norma's flavors. Germond sucked Martin's cock while Martin ate Mary's pussy. All of them shared a little in sucking Tanya's cock. There was some cum sharing between Mary and Norma when Tanya finally came in Mary's mouth.

They joked that they wished that session was on camera too. Little did they know but Tanya did record it on the hidden video cameras that were now a fixture in her apartment. One could never know when something like that could be useful- -for pleasure, if nothing else- -or .....otherwise.

Tanya pitched the idea that they try to market the staged sex session as an adult video. After all, the footage was certainly sexy enough and, with the masks being worn, nobody was really identifiable. They took a vote: Germond and Mary were against the idea and Tanya, Norma, and Martin were for it. They looked at the tape again and that satisfied Germond and Mary that their identities couldn't be guessed so they changed their votes. It was settled: the Tanya would see what she could do to get the tape on the market.

Tanya had added a new notch to her professional belt- -Porn Star/Producer.


To Be Continued


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