The morning was warm and muggy, uncomfortably so and as I stood at the bus stop I could feel my shirt beginning to stick to my skin. Hoping to pick up a breeze I stepped away from the glass and steel bus stop shelter and moved into the shade of a tree. Seeing the tender, light green foliage rustle a bit I then felt a slight cooling sensation pass over me like a faint wave. Once the air slipped past the leaves stilled and I felt the warmth cover me again. Fortunately I could see my bus approaching from down the block and I moved into the line behind two others waiting ahead of me.

The three of us stood silently staring at the bus as it squeaked to a stop and opened its doors. The initial rush of air that splashed over us was hot, smelling of oil and burning rubber, but as several people moved out of the bus, wisps of the air conditioning inside trickled around me encouraging me to shuffle quickly onto the bus. Closely following the two people in front of me I climbed up the steps and waded into the crowded aisle. The people ahead of me quickly found seats and settled in, leaving me standing with no other seats available.

I shuffled further back into the bus until I felt a cool breeze on my face. Spotting one of the cooling vents I moved to where I could feel a rush of air over me. Reaching up to grab one of the overhead safety rails I let the air conditioned air flow into the loose sleeve of my tee shirt as I felt the bus lurch forward. I braced my feet as the bus dove into the traffic.

Once I got situated in the cool air and braced against the stop and go movements of the bus I began looking around at the surroundings, first at the advertisements that seemed plastered over every open square inch of surface, then at the intriguing artwork and comments that defaced and in a few instances enhanced the advertising. Only after a few minutes of absorbing the ads and art did I begin to carefully glance at some of the other passengers.

Careful not to catch anyone's eye, I slowly scanned the diverse and very motley group of bus riders. While I had ridden the bus the same time probably twenty times in the last month it took some time before I finally recognized someone, a chubby... no a fat Hispanic woman holding a very dainty, elegant purse. Careful not to let her see me staring I noted the great care she seemed to have taken in her makeup, clothing and accessories and yet her hair was a disheveled mess. The term "bad hair day" came to mind except that I remembered that she seemed to look that way every day, perfectly made up and dressed with a shocking disheveled mop of a hairdo.

Seeing her head turn in my general direction I quickly looked away and spotted another passenger I had seen before. Though we'd only shared the bus perhaps three times that I can remember, this guy was not one I'd forget. He was huge, completely taking up a seat originally designed for two passengers. In spite of the comfortably cool temperature on the bus, sweat streamed down his shaved head, and his shirt was mottled with large, dark and wet stains. His arms were muscular, perhaps the size if my thighs and his hands, now resting on his knees, were huge. Wanting to avoid him noticing me I quickly looked away toward the front of the bus.

It was only then that I saw it, amid the all the backs of heads, the necks, the assorted shirt collars, odd hair styles and shoulders, muscular, fat, hidden, sensuous and just plain odd shoulders I saw it. Barely noticeable at first, as I looked closer at the woman's shoulder I could see it peeking out at the edge of her sleeveless blouse. Partially covered by a white bra strap I first noticed the color, a blue... no, many blues in subtle, various shades ranging from a faint sky blue to a deep turquoise. It was a wave, similar to one I had seen in a painting, a Japanese painting which had a huge wave and in the distant background Mt. Fuji. It seemed as if I was looking at the wave from that painting in miniature on this woman's shoulder.

The bus pulled to a stop and several people got up to get off. I worked my way forward and happily noticed that she was not getting off the bus at that stop. Moving closer to the front of the bus I was unable to grab a seat because several people got on and quickly grabbed the open seats. I did notice a couple of seats open way at the back of the bus, but I liked the view I had standing. By now I had moved much closer to the woman with the tattoo, so close that I could reach out and touch it if I dared.

I guess the bus started moving, but I was now oblivious to everything around me, focused only on the woman's tattoo. Well, not only on the woman's tattoo, I'd peek at the bra strap, notice how it firmly pressed against her skin, and the image infused into that skin. I wondered of her breasts, not noticeable from behind her but obviously there, supported by that bra and the strap that hid part of the beautiful wave.

I glanced over at her neck, at the way a few errant strands of hair dangled from the elastic bands holding her hair up curling over the delicate flesh. Returning my gaze to the tattoo, I then noticed she had moved a bit, exposing a bit more of the wave, the deep blue at the base... almost indigo that emphasized the white foam from the splash at the head of the wave. Feeling myself drawn into the image I could almost feel the cold splash of the water as I began to drown in her.

"You like the wave?" she suddenly asked me.

Feeling dizzy, I shook my head and moved my attention from the tattoo. I looked up and noticed the faintly brown skin of a woman's cheek and then looked into the deep, black eyes of a beautiful Asian woman. Speechless, all I could do was look at her face.

"The wave, do you like it?"

It was a woman's voice. Realizing she was talking to me I shook my head again and said, "Excuse me?"

"Oh, I'm sorry, I thought you were looking at the tattoo," the attractive Asian woman said.

"Yes, I'm sorry, yes I was looking at it. It is very intricate, such detail."

"Thanks, it was tough getting them to do this so small. It's from 'Mt. Fuji from the Offing in Kanagawa, by Hokusai.' It's only a small part of the piece."

"I thought I had seen it before, from a painting," I replied.

"Not a painting a print, a block print to be exact. Part of Hokusai's 36 Views of Fuji," she replied, smiling as she turned in her seat to look at me better. "You like tattoos?"

"I've always been fascinated by them. Not all of them, but the ones that are, ah... artistic I guess."

"Do you have any?"

"No, I thought about it, but always backed out."

"Yeah, that first one is the hardest to do."

"You have more?" I asked, very curiously.

"Well, I don't know if I know you that well?"

"Oh yes, I'm sorry. I didn't mean to..."

Suddenly she turned a bit further and facing me, pulled her blouse a bit to one side, exposing her upper chest and a hint of her bra. There just at the edge of the bra, slightly hidden, was another part of the Hokusai's print, Mt. Fuji. Once again the small tattoo was intricately detailed, that, though partially hidden showed wonderfully distinct variations in coloring. The white capped peak edged itself underneath her bra and when I tilted my head a bit to perhaps see a bit more of it she reached down and pulled off the blouse.

Gasping, I quickly glanced around, but strangely we were alone. I hadn't remembered getting off the bus, but we were oddly alone. Before I could think any more about it she stood up and turned her back to me, pulling the bra strap down her shoulder onto her upper arm, giving me a complete and unobstructed view of the wave. I moved closer, looking at the detailed curving white and blue of the breaking wave.

"Can you get the clasp?" I heard her say.


"On the bra, so you can get a better view of Mt. Fuji."

Forcing my attention from the wave, I moved my hands up to her bra and fumbled with the clasp, finally, after an embarrassingly long time, I unhooked it. She slowly turned to face me, her arms crossed and her hands covering her breasts except for the area with the tattoo. Now I studied the tattoo of Mt. Fuji, the snow capped peak and then the dark blue and faint brown where it was covered by the base of another wave. It was detailed, but not as much as the wave.

Only after I had spent several minutes staring at the tattoo did she move her hands, exposing two small, but beautifully formed breasts. The round and gently curve of her skin sloped up to two dark areolas and two erect nipples. Unsure what to do, I gazed at the breasts like I did her tattoo, appreciating the enticing form of her peaks. I longed to reach out and grab them, run my lips and tongue over them, feel the firm nipples rub over my face.

At the moment I had built up the courage to reach out and touch her, her hand moved seductively down her side and following the motion I caught the glimpse of something on her hip. Focusing my eyes I could see another tattoo just barely exposed over the top of her shorts. It looked like another wave, this time smaller than the one on her shoulder, one not about to break, but still foaming in its detail, a single peak of water looking slightly similar to the mountain I remember seeing in the background of the art work.

Glancing up at her face I watched a smile emerge as she said, "Oops, there's another one. I guess you'd like to see that one too."

Feeling my face heat up, I figured it was flush with a mixture of embarrassment and excitement as all I could do was nod in response to her question. I stood motionless as she slowly reached her hands to the elastic of her shorts and pulled them down just enough to show the other wave.

"Yes, I remember now," I whispered, recognizing the wave from the print. Somehow she had the tattoo artist break the print out into slight glimpses of the entire piece and placed them on her body. Once again, the tattoo was stunning, showing the dark blue contrasted against the white foam of the wave. I found myself so enthralled with the second wave that I never noticed when she pulled off her shorts completely. Only after a few moments of staring did I back up and look at her again, finally noticing that all she had on was some very tiny panties.

"I must say you are intense," she sighed, waiting for me to take her in completely.

She was very beautiful with a slender body, small breasts and a slight, but still very feminine curve from her waist onto her hips. I glanced at her navel but then noticed another tattoo, this time just peeking out of her panties. It was a light brown, perhaps tan color and curved up to a sharp point. I looked up at her face and saw she had a devilish look in her eyes. Looking down, I watched as she slowly exposed the tattoo of the sleek but fragile looking vessels from the print.

The front of the boat made up the point that peeked out of her panties and as the silken fabric slid downwards I saw the boat widen out until you could just see the head of one of the boats occupants, then the tattoo disappeared into her pubic hair...

Suddenly I felt a lurch as the bus pulled to a stop. While I was still trying to gather my wits I looked down noticing my erection poking straight, creating a tent in my pants. I also saw the fat Hispanic woman staring at me, obviously shocked. The seat in front of me was strangely empty so I immediately sat down and got myself adjusted. The bus was just beginning to start up again when I realized the lady with the tattoos had gotten off.

"Wait," I shouted, jumping up and rushing toward the door.

Luckily the driver was startled enough to stop and after giving me a look, he opened the door, letting me out. I dashed down the steps and onto the sidewalk, looking up the street and then back down the street, searching for the woman. Down the street I noticed a woman disappear down a side street so I quickly walked that way. Reaching the street she turned at, I made the turn into a very narrow alleyway, but I saw her not too far in front of me. She looked back at me and began to run

I started to run also following her back into the alleyway making several turns until I finally came around a corner and couldn't see her. Stopping I looked around, the alleyway dead ended into a brick wall some two stories tall. On my right was a dumpster with some garbage bags tossed about. There were two doorways in the brick building on my right and one into an old concrete building.

Looking around the dumpster I didn't find any place she could be hiding, so I moved over to the brick building, trying both doors but they were locked tight. I then crossed the alley and noticed that the doorway into the concrete building didn't have a door so I walked into the building. Suddenly I saw some motion to my right but I turned in time and was able to catch the woman as she tried to rush past me.

Holding her steady I leaned her against the wall and looked around. We were in the building, but there were only two rooms we could get into. There used to be another door leading deeper into the building but it had been boarded up. The floors in the rooms were a mess with trash, needles, old mattresses and boxes strewn about. I had considered sitting down and trying to calm the woman down but considering the mess I changed my mind.

"Now calm down, no one is going to hurt you, I just want to ask about your tattoos."

"Tattoos? I have only one," she said as a tear trickled down her face.

"I know, the wave on your shoulder, but what about the one on your breast," I asked nodding down at her blouse.

"I have no tattoo there, just on my shoulder."

"But I saw them, you showed it to me," I said getting annoyed.

"I didn't show you anything and I only have just the one on my shoulder. I got it done at Fifth Street Ink if you must know," she said.

"I saw it, it was right here," I said, grabbing her breast.

She tried to turn and wrench herself free but I leaned onto her pushing my body against hers. My cock was hard now and it felt good pushing against her thigh. I wrapped my fingers around the edge of her blouse and pulled, the buttons then bounced on the floor, I heard them. Grabbing her bra I pulled it aside and put my mouth on her tattoo, sucking hard and then biting her there.

"You're hurting me, please stop," she screamed.

I unfastened her pants and jerked them down along with her panties. I put my mouth at the edge of her pubic hair again sucking hard and then biting her again. Smelling the distinct odor of sweat mingled with pussy I stood up and unzipped my pants. Holding her by the arms I stepped on a box, flattening it and the pushed her down on top of it. I pulled her pants all the way off, then her panties.

It suddenly seemed brighter then, I couldn't see the trash and garbage, it was more like a beach. Looking down on her I saw the tattoo on her breast, a purplish shape like the one by her pubic hair. She smiled and opened her legs for me so I kneeled down letting her guide my cock into her pussy. Moaning she began to move as I thrust my cock deep inside her. I pushed several times and I could hear her moaning with the pleasure. As I came, I kissed her on the lips, while my cock spurted my cum into her pussy. I then kissed the beautiful tattoo on her breast.

I eased my cock out of her as she watched me, so happy, so contented...

My face suddenly stung and looking at her I saw she held a board in her hand. Grabbing it from her I tossed it aside and then noticed she was crying hysterically. But she was happy and now...

I looked at her breast but where I saw the tattoo before there was only a circular bruise and indentations that looked like teeth marks, looking down I saw another bruise by her pubic hair. There was no tattoo either.

"No tattoos," I said.

"I told you I only had the one," she sobbed.

"But you showed them to me, first on the bus and then just a minute ago before we made love," I replied.

"Made love? You tore my clothes and then you... you..." she just kept crying then.

"Look don't cry, we can go get you more tattoos if you want."

"Tattoos, I don't want any more, I want you to leave me alone," she screamed, sliding away from me.

I zipped up my pants and the moved to help her when I saw something dark come at me and fell to the floor. The room began spinning and though I tried to get back up to help her, grabbed her blouse and ran out of the building. Looking around it seemed darker and all the trash was back. Sitting up I saw she left her pants and panties there for me, so I grabbed the panties and pushed them in my pocket. I then slid over to a wall and leaning against it I stood up.

Grabbing her pants and shoes? Yes her shoes. I grabbed her pants and shoes and walked out of the building, following her so I could give her back her clothes. The alleyway near the door was empty to I started walking the way I came in but when I got near the street a crowd of people were gathered about. They took her pants and shoes, but wouldn't let me go. Some of them were pushing me and I guess I passed out or something because the next thing I knew I heard sirens and saw a red light flashing on the brick buildings.


"Okay, you've read over your statement again, did you write it down correctly?" the police officer sitting across from the table asked me.

"Yes officer, that's exactly how it happened, she showed me her tattoos on the bus and then later showed them to me again, just before we made love."

"Just before you raped her," he replied sternly.

"Raped? Did someone rape her?"

"It's all right here in your statement," he said handing me a pen.

"What it this for? I mean I tried to write everything, just like it happened. I want to be a writer you know."

"Oh yeah, one day you'll be famous writing like that. All we need is a book contract. I just need you to sign here, and initial here," he said pointing to the check marks on the paper.

"When I sign I can leave?"

"Yes, just as soon as you sign we will get out of here."

I signed the paper and handed him the pen. Grabbing the pen he said, "Thank you," looking at another police officer he said, "Okay, book him for rape, I'll get this copied."

"Rape? Do I need a lawyer?' I asked.

"Whenever you want one, all you need to do is ask," the other officer said, holding my arm and leading me out of the room. We went just a short distance and he opened the door and asked me to sit down. "This is a holding cell, we'll move you somewhere else a bit later."

"Ah, officer," I said before he could close the door, "I think I need to talk to a lawyer."

He nodded and then seemed to laugh as he closed the door. I closed my eyes and in the darkness I could see the tattoos, a wave, then Mt. Fuji and then the boat disappearing beneath her panties. I reached in my pocket but her panties were gone.

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