tagCelebrities & Fan FictionTaylor's Toys Ch. 03

Taylor's Toys Ch. 03


Marissa couldn't think of any time in her life she had been this turned on from just watching something.

She didn't have that much experience with just watching, she was more of a doer than a watcher, but Marissa had definitely enjoyed watching her best friend Summer 69'ing with another girl.

That other girl was blackmailing them into sex but Marissa's body didn't care, it wanted in, and it seemed Marissa was about to get her chance.

"Did you like that Marissa?" Taylor asked, kneeling beside the chair Marissa was handcuffed too so she could talk to her toy directly, "Did you like watching Summer eating my pussy? Did you like watching me eating Summer's pussy?"

Marissa was silent.

"Because I think your nipples are saying you did." Taylor said, reaching over to cup one of Marissa's breasts as she talked, lazily tweaking one of her rock hard nipples as she continued, "Your nipples are saying you liked that a lot."

Losing her train of thought Taylor became momentarily infatuated with Marissa's tits, cupping the other breast with her free hand, her fingers gently rubbing those already fully erect nipples, squeezing soft little moans out of Marissa's mouth before one of her hands slowly slid south.

Marissa gasped out loud as Taylor's fingers gently slid over her horny pussy, the other girl smiling wickedly at the wetness she found there.

"Oh, you definitely liked watching didn't you?" Taylor gloated.

"Uh-huh." Marissa moaned as her pussy lips were gently teased.

"I thought so." Taylor chuckled, "But you don't want to watch any more do you?"

"No." Marissa panted, as Taylor's fingers positioned themselves at the entrance to her honey hole.

"Good, because it's your turn..." Taylor said, cruelly waiting a few seconds before removing her hands from Marissa's body and standing up, "To pleasure me."

Marissa groaned in frustration as Taylor removed her handcuffs and place them on a nearby table.

"Stand up." Taylor commanded.

With a reluctant sigh Marissa stood up and folded her arms, partly because she was annoyed but also to try and stop her hands from wandering down to her needy pussy.

Once Marissa was out of the seat Taylor sat down on it and smiled at her toy.

"You know Marissa, you may not be aware of this but you kind of made my life a living hell. I work harder than anyone else in Newport and yet people hate me. You barely make any effort at all and everybody loves you. You're the popular girl who everyone wants, the centre of attention, and while everyone's paying attention to you they ignore me..."

"That's not my fault." Marissa interrupted.

"YES IT IS!" Taylor snapped, before quickly calming herself and smiling, "But even if it wasn't, thanks to you I spent the whole of last year bending over backwards to try organising social events only for you to get all the credit because you were still Social Chair, even though you barely did anything. So, now I've finally got my chance believe me, I'm going to enjoy making you pay. But I'm going to give you the chance to make it easier on yourself. I really loved Summer's tongue in my pussy. It was the best feeling ever. I can't imagine anything better, but your tongue is more experienced, so how about this, if you can fuck me better with your tongue than Summer did with hers, maybe I'll go easy on you, deal?"

Marissa scowled at Taylor.

"Good, now get to work." Taylor said, leaning back, "Feel free to use your mouth and fingers too."

Marissa gritted her teeth, and then kneeled before Taylor and began lowering her head downwards towards the other girls pussy.

"What are you doing?" Taylor asked.

"You just told me to eat you." Marissa said.

"Yes, but I didn't think I needed to tell an experienced pussy licker like you that a girl needs a little foreplay first." Taylor said, "Maybe you're not that experienced after all, or maybe you're just stupid."

Taylor was so horny she definitely didn't need foreplay but why pass up such a perfectly good chance to torture a girl she hated?

As close as she was to the other girl's dripping wet pussy Marissa also knew that Taylor wasn't in need of any foreplay, but she was in no position to argue with her blackmailer.

"What do you want me to do?" Marissa asked, ignoring Taylor's insult.

"Kiss me like you're kissing your boyfriend... or your girlfriend." Taylor said with a smirk, "Make me believe you're in love with me."

Understanding the challenge Marissa leant forward and gently pressed her lips to Taylor's, starting the kiss as softly as she could before pressing her lips harder against the other girl's, eventually sliding her tongue over those lips, asking permission to enter Taylor's mouth. Taylor was eager to grant her access and soon the two girls tongues were gently massaging each other, their hands gently sliding over each other's bodies as they became lost in the kiss.

Taylor was impressed by the passion Marissa showed while kissing her, Taylor herself using her hatred for Marissa to fuel her own desire and kiss the other girl back with the same hunger her toy was showing her.

Never one to hold back Marissa threw everything she could into this kiss, her hands finding Taylor's tits as she kissed the other girl and putting them through the same torturous teasing Taylor had put her through, her hands gently massaging the soft flesh of Taylor's boobs while her fingers tweaked her not surprisingly hard nipples. The difference was the torture came to an end as Marissa broke the kiss and slid her lips down Taylor's neck and upper chest on her way down to her nipples, one of which she took into her mouth upon reaching her destination.

There was a long moan from Taylor as Marissa's lips clamped down on her nipple and gently began sucking on it. More moans fell from the blackmailing bitch as Marissa moved her mouth back and forth between her tits, licking and sucking on each of her hard nipples, Marissa using one hand to cup those hard balls of flesh into her mouth while using the other to play with the free nipple.

After a few long minutes of this Marissa moved her mouth lower, kissing her way down Taylor's flat stomach before coming face-to-face with the other girl's pussy.

With neither girl in any mood to wait Marissa plunged her tongue as deep into Taylor as it would go, her mouth quickly wrapping around the other girl's pussy lips so she could suck on them in between sliding her tongue in and out of the girl who was blackmailing her.

Of course as she had made her way down Taylor's body Marissa began to care less and less about why she was doing what she was doing and just enjoyed playing with another girl's body. By the time she buried her face in Taylor's cunt Marissa barely cared about the blackmail at all, and forgot about it completely as soon as the sweet flavour of pussy hit her taste buds.

If there was one thing Marissa had learned from being with Summer it was that what she had with Alex wasn't a fluke. She loved the taste of pussy. She actually found herself physically craving it when she was trapped in school thinking about her best friend and that sweet tasting hole between her best friend's legs.

Marissa grew even more confident in her bisexuality as she tasted her third pussy. It was easily as yummy as the others had been in its own deliciously unique way that left Marissa craving more.

Pushing herself as deep in between Taylor's legs as possible Marissa began steadily tongue fucking the other girl, stopping every so often to take a big gulp of the sweet juice flooding her mouth so none of that precious liquid would be wasted.

For the most part Taylor's pussy juice flowed directly into Marissa's mouth and down her throat but there was so much of it Marissa was forced to pause her tongue fucking long enough to swallow the build up of cunt cream. Marissa hated having to pause the tongue fucking, but she didn't want to miss a drop of these delicious girl juices.

Taylor hated the pause in the tongue fucking too, but she was too overwhelmed by the feeling of having another girl going down on her to complain.

She had been so distracted eating her first pussy Taylor hadn't taken nearly enough time to appreciate the pleasure of a soft female mouth and tongue caressing her pussy during her wonderful 69 with Summer but now things were different. Now Taylor could just sit back and enjoy being the centre of attention for once.

Her entire life Taylor had been starved for attention, her parents always finding either work or shopping more interesting than her and the other kids at school either seem to hate her or barely know she existed. No one ever seemed to pay her the attention she deserved, but now she had made herself the centre of attention.

She was sitting on a chair with one girl tied up and waiting for her while another was kneeling in between her legs giving her head. Better still, she was sitting on a chair with Summer Roberts, one of the most popular and rich girls in Newport who had made her life hell, tied up and waiting for her while Marissa Cooper, formerly one of the most popular and rich girls in Newport who had made her life hell, was kneeling in between her legs giving her head.

The world seemed to revolve around Taylor Townsend right now, and that was exactly the way Taylor liked it.

Taylor was awoken from her ego trip when Marissa suddenly twirled her tongue to the right inside her pussy causing the seated girl to cry out in an extra loud moan of pleasure.

The entire time Marissa had been going down on her Taylor had been moaning uncontrollably but this moan was almost deafening. It was quickly followed by another, and another, and another, as Marissa began twirling her tongue around inside Taylor's pussy, driving the young blackmailer wild.

"Oh my God, more, give me more, please Marissa give me more." Taylor babbled, quickly trying to take a more forceful tone so it didn't sound like she was begging the other girl, "Give your Mistress more. I'm your Mistress now Marissa, I'm your Mistress and you're my toy. I'm your Mistress and you're my little lesbian sex toy for the rest of this weekend. Or at least I am if you don't want your boyfriend to know how much you love eating pussy, and you don't want that do you? You don't want your boyfriend to know what a cunt loving little dyke you really are! Well eat my pussy Marissa, eat my pussy good and I promise it will be our little secret. Give me more of that tongue and your boyfriend will never know you like to eat pussy behind his back. Fuck me with your tongue Marissa, fuck your Mistress with your tongue! Oh my God, that's it, just like that, fuck me, fuck me my little toy, fuck my pussy with your tongue you beautiful little sex toy!"

Words continued to tumble out of Taylor's mouth but Marissa did her best to ignore them.

Marissa didn't like being insulted, or being reminded she was now trapped in a twisted sex game with a sadistic bitch, but there wasn't much she could do about it except try to ignore it. She also didn't like being reminded of her boyfriend while eating pussy.

Whenever she had gone down on Summer over the past week Marissa had pushed any thought of Ryan out of her head because just thinking about him made her feel guilty. She knew she was technically cheating but Summer was a girl so it shouldn't really count. That sounded like a lame excuse even in her head but she had to go with it because this week had reminded Marissa how much she loved being with a girl. Soft skin, supple lips, firm breasts, and sweet, sweet pussy, Marissa loved it all. She craved it all. She needed a female lover, and she wanted her best friend Summer to be that female lover. Ryan would never understand it but this was something she needed. But as long as he didn't know he wouldn't get hurt and Marissa could deal with any lingering guilt so she could enjoy the best of both worlds.

Blocking out Taylor's words and any other thoughts that hadn't anything to do with eating pussy Marissa concentrate completely on licking and sucking Taylor's cunt, the most experienced girl in the room using all the tricks she knew about going down on another girl.

Over the past week Marissa had been able to remember all the little tricks Alex had taught her about pleasing a girl and had used all of them to make her best friend cum countless times and now Marissa used them on her blackmailer.

The twirling of her tongue was a trick Alex had taught her during their first time and over the course of their short but passionate relationship Marissa like to believe she had perfected the art of tongue twirling. From the moans coming from Taylor it certainly sounded like she had.

At first the twirling was mostly at random intervals, Marissa twirling her tongue as she pushed it into Taylor's pussy a few times, then stopping altogether, then twirling her tongue as she was pulling it out of her, then twirling it on both the inward and outward thrusts, then going for a long time without a twirl, then a sudden series of them either on the inward or the outward thrust of her tongue, then a couple of thrusts with a always twirling tongue, and then Marissa repeated the process to her liking.

When she had been just thrusting her tongue in and out Marissa had paid close attention to Taylor's moans as she thrust, constantly changing the angles of which she pushed her tongue in and out, sliding against different parts of the other girl's inner walls to see what kind of reaction she would get. By doing this Marissa had found enough sweet spots inside Taylor's pussy that she was able to attack them at will when she began twirling her tongue around inside the other girl, sometimes hitting a couple of them, sometimes hitting one of them, and sometimes hitting all of them, all so she could drive Taylor crazy.

From the sounds Taylor was making and from the way she was writhing on the chair Marissa knew she was succeeding. It was quite a rush. Because of those photographs Taylor could make Marissa and Summer do whatever she wanted, but right now it was Marissa who was in control and it was Taylor who was helpless against Marissa and her skilled mouth and tongue.

As much as a rush as this was for Marissa it really couldn't compare to the rush Taylor was feeling. In fact a rush didn't even begin to describe what Taylor was feeling. It was beyond a rush, practically redefining Taylor's understanding of the word pleasure.

Taylor hadn't a lot of sexual experience. She had been with the couple of guys her own age which had left her mostly unsatisfied and one older guy, Dean Hess, who had definitely satisfied her but none of those experiences compared to what Marissa was doing to her. This could have more to do with Taylor's former lovers being less skilled than the girl currently between her legs than providing any kind of prove that she preferred girls, but right now Taylor really didn't care. She could obsess about her own sexuality later. For now Taylor just wanted to concentrate on the feelings Marissa's talented tongue were giving her.

Each little twirl of Marissa's tongue sent little sparks of sexual electricity from Taylor's pussy to her brain, making her body go numb and mind melt in ecstasy.

Marissa seemed to play Taylor's pussy like a musical instrument, bringing the seated girl to the very highest highs of pleasure as Marissa used that wicked tongue to stimulate all of Taylor's sensitive spots in quick succession before taking her back down again by ignoring those sweet spots only to attack them again once Taylor had calmed down.

As an effective this Taylor found herself being driven towards several orgasms, only to be denied by the girl who was supposed to be her bitch this weekend. Taylor had blackmailed Marissa and now that stuck up bitch had to do anything she wanted, which meant she should be in control, but she wasn't right now, and while it annoyed her the pleasure she was feeling from Marissa's tongue was so good she was having problems bringing herself to complain. Hell, Taylor was so overwhelmed with pleasure she was having problems speaking.

For a while Taylor had been verbally reasserting her dominance but her insults and gloatings had quickly dissolved into moans of 'so good, it feels so good' and 'more, please more' and then eventually Taylor was just moaning in incoherent jargon.

In a last small effort to show she was still the one in charge Taylor reached out and tangled her fingers into Marissa's hair, pulling the other girls face deeper into her pussy. As she did this Taylor began grinding herself against the kneeling girl, rubbing her cunt on Marissa's face which gave her more stimulation while making it harder for Marissa to tongue fuck her. This actually worked pretty well as Taylor was able to feel more dominant while giving herself more pleasure at the same time and better still Marissa soon adjusted to this new technique and angled her tongue just right so that she was able to continue to twirl it inside the other girl.

Because she was in such a horny state it didn't take long for Taylor to grind herself to the edge of her orgasm and whether Marissa decided to take pity on her or whether it would be too difficult to deny her climax again Taylor didn't know, but for whatever reason Marissa's tongue went into overdrive, hitting each and every sweet spot she had on both the inward and outward thrusts of her constantly twirling tongue.

After being so frustrated about not being allowed to orgasm for so long Taylor found herself trying to postpone the inevitable so she could enjoy this assault from Marissa's tongue but the feelings were all just so overwhelming and with a deafening scream she experienced one of the hardest orgasms of her life. It was so powerful Taylor was forced to stop grinding on Marissa's face as she felt her body go limp, all the energy being suddenly drained from her by the massive climax. Her mind became cloudy and then more explosions started happening, orgasms just as powerful as the last washing over her body one after the other with what felt like only seconds in between them. Taylor was vaguely aware of something entering her pussy but she was on such a high she didn't know or care what they were but was glad for the added pleasure they gave her which sent her to even higher heights of paradise.

Marissa had been looking forward to tasting Taylor's cum. She knew from experience if there was one thing tastier than a girl's pussy juice then it would be her cum. That had definitely been true for Alex, and it definitely was true for Summer, so Marissa was sure Taylor's cum was going to be just as yummy and she was right, she was so, so right. Taylor's cum was delicious and Marissa couldn't get enough of it. Once she had swallowed the first offering she used her tongue to get more, ruthlessly attacking Taylor's now extra sensitive sweet spots until the other girl gave her what she craved, another helping of girl cum only for Marissa's greedy tongue to demand more. Once her tongue finally began to grow tired Marissa reluctantly removed her mouth from Taylor's cunt for a little while, replacing it with two of her fingers as her mouth and tongue attacked the other girl's clit. Marissa bullied that clit and finger fucked Taylor to a couple more orgasms before shoving her tongue back into the other girl's pussy so she could help herself to some more of the delicious orgasm juice, the now almost deliriously cunt hungry Marissa pushing a finger past the tight ring of Taylor's ass hole and into her rectum so she could finger her back passage and squeeze yet more orgasms out of the other girl.

The feeling of her ass hole being invaded by Marissa's finger awoke Taylor from her pleasure filled daze long enough to reluctantly realise she had to end this wonderful pussy eating. Part of Taylor would have very much liked to lay back and just let Marissa eat her pussy for the rest of the night but as fantastic as that would have been Taylor had too many other things she wanted to do to her toys for her to just forsake her plans and if Taylor didn't stop this soon she would probably faint from pleasure.

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