tagMatureTeacher Training Time Ch. 02

Teacher Training Time Ch. 02


(Part one of this story dealt with how I cajoled my former teacher, a married woman 15 years my senior, into a sexual rendezvous in a no-tell motel. While it is not required you read that story before this one, it will help you understand the situation she found herself in.)

One week after getting my former teacher into a hotel room and having her reluctantly jerk me off, an idea on how to get her to suck my dick struck me.

The woman had never sucked a cock, in marriage nor in her extramarital affair I caught her in. She begged me not to make her do it, but that was the ultimate payback for the bitch that ruined my summer vacation more than a decade before.

I hated Mrs. Jennifer Sinkinson. These days she was a pillar of the community, hosting charity auctions and getting her photo taken with various local dignitaries at school openings and assorted other functions. But back in the day she was the teacher who ruined my summer by sending me to summer school and telling nasty stories to my then-girlfriend. That girl, Tiffany, was a blow job artist, a girl who could have been called Hoover for her sucking ability.

Yes, Mrs. Sinkinson made that summer a living hell. Now, some 15 years later, I had the goods on her, photos of her and her husband's business partner making nicey nice in a local no tell motel, or at least the expectation they were being naughty.

There were candid shots of her cavorting with a man not her beloved husband. Uh huh, I had the goods on the prim and proper socialite. And those goods had turned into a fine hand-job and promise of much, much more.

What I wanted, no, demanded, from the woman, was weeks of oral sex to make up for the summer lost. She nearly died on my demand, because she had never developed a like for blow jobs, admitting she had never really given one.

That was about to change.

It was Wednesday, and the social section of the local newspaper had a photo of Mr. and Mrs. Sinkinson unveiling a new portrait at the local senior citizen's center. It was quite nice.

I mentioned that to her when I saw her the next day at Starbucks.

"You looked very nice in the photo, Mrs. Sinkinson."

She looked at me with disgust. "Thanks, Jon. Now, can we discuss our arrangement? I've apologized, I did that other thing, and you got what you wanted. I'm humiliated. I'm sorry. Can we end this charade?"

I told the woman I appreciated her apology, but that I hadn't gotten what I wanted, that wonderful summer back. "You haven't blown me yet," I stage whispered, bringing heads of two middle aged men swiveling our way.

Mrs. Sinkinson stood and embarrassingly left the coffee shop as a smile crossed my face. I looked at the two guys, shook my head, and said: "women!" as they shook their heads in amazement at my outlandishness.

Catching up to my former teacher in the parking lot, I reminded her of our deal, and that I expected, no, demanded she perform in the manner she agreed. If so, the photos would disappear and she could go back to her perfect life.

"Look, I'm not going to hurt you. The other nice was great, and you weren't the worst for it. Come on, make the best of a bad situation Mrs. S," I quietly asked.

She shook her head yes, I think. At least she didn't say no.



She blanched, as if she ate something distasteful. Still, she shook her head yes. "I have about two hours. Is that okay? But we have to come to an understanding about all of this."

I reminder her of the photos, but agreed this wasn't going to last forever. This time she got into my car and we sped directly to the motel. Jake had conveniently kept "our" room vacant and I had a key. Once inside I asked the woman, nicely, to strip to her underwear.

Standing before be in her bra and panties, I reached into my knapsack and pulled out a strawberry flavored condom. I held it up to the woman as her eyes widened in shock. "We can screw, Mrs. Sinkinson, but I know you don't want to do that, so consider a blow job the lesser of two evils. And you can use a condom, a flavored condom, so you don't even have to touch my cock."

The woman grimaced when I said the word cock, but she didn't say know. I could tell her mind was exploring the alternatives: she could let me screw her, a fate worse than death, or suffer the torture of sucking my cock. The blow job won out.

"Okay, what do I do? Uh, let's make this quick," said the woman, all at once agreeable to sucking my condom-sheathed cock. Considering the bareback alternative, I had to surmise this was the lesser of two evils.

Assuring the woman it wouldn't take all that long, I asked her to unzip my pants and lower them. She did, then I told her to kiss my boxers...right near the bulge in them. This time she was slower to comply, but she eventually did. Watching her move her head toward me was quite exciting and my dick nearly extended to its full length and pulsated.

I gave her the condom packet, and told her to take it out. She did, holding it in her hand. I directed her to take her other hand and lower my boxers. This she also did, and recoiled back as my dick sprang out of its confines.

There I was, standing with cock fully extended. I sat down on the bed, and helped the woman kneel in front of me in only her flimsy bra and panties. The woman had quite a taste in underwear, as only the frilliest, sexiest garb from Nordstrom would suffice. Getting her to roll the condom on me was quite a feat, as she barely knew what to do from her lack of experience but I think she was attempting to prolong the time it took in hopes I might change my mind.

That wasn't going to happen, as I fully enjoyed the time it took for her to fumble her way around my cock.

Fully clothed my cock looked even bigger, and the woman begged to get out of her ordeal. "It's too big, I can't put it in my mouth, I'll gag, please stop!"

Okay, I have to admit I don't have the biggest cock in the land, it's barely over six inches in length and several inches around, but to the married woman kneeling in front of me it could have been a California Redwood. It had a mind of its own, bouncing around, and I enjoyed watching her watching it.

"Mrs. Sinkinson, we're running out of time, and I would hate for you to have to call your husband and tell him you will be late because you haven't finished sucking your former student's cock. I'd hate to have to send around those photos of you."

That sparked the woman to action. She opened her mouth and moved it onto my cock. I don't know how to describe it, but it was as if she thought she had to swallow it.

I cautioned her to go easy, pay attention to the tip, enjoy the strawberry taste and pretend it was a popsicle. I advised her to jerk the base of my cock like she had the prior week, but instead of moving her hand all the way to the top to just take it to where her mouth slipped down.

"Suck the tip, Mrs. S., and jerk the base...uh, yes, yes, now you're getting the hang of it."

She really was. No, she wasn't a natural born cocksucker, but she was getting better at it with each passing minute. I have to tell you that just the view of my former teacher going down on my pole was enough to send my loins a-pumping, but I held back to savor the sensations of her sucking mouth.

Working my dick up and down with her hand she did a nice job of sucking the tip. I asked her to hold my ass with her other hand and she quickly complied. Soon, my dick was pulsing and I felt the cum rushing from deep inside my ball sack.

I wanted the blow job to last but it was just too erotic a sight. I came in several powerful spurts as she took her mouth away from the cock and jerked it to completion. Once done, she started to pull away but I held her close and rubbed the flavored condom sheathed cock all over her milky white face, a reminder of what she had just done.

After a minute or so of further humiliation I allowed her to rise, and she headed right to the bathroom to rinse out her mouth. A few minutes later she emerged, none the worse for her fellating activity, and me greeting her with a mischievous smile.

"Mrs. Sinkinson, that was awesome. Are you sure you've never done that before?"

She quickly nodded her head no.

"Well it won't be the last time!" I reminded her.

Her face blanched.

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