tagLesbian SexTeacher's Pet Ch. 6

Teacher's Pet Ch. 6


“Shannon, come in here!”

Ms. Langford called me into her office, rather sternly. I knew better, but I still put on a concerned face for anyone watching.

The closed behind me and I went to turn around and fall in her arms but her hand fell on my shoulder and guided me to a chair. I was surprised to see someone sitting in the other chair in front of her desk.

“Shannon, this is Donald, another of my special students.”

Special students? What the hell does that…oh, I know. And my face went red. But so did Donald’s. He turned his face down to his lap.

“Donald is going to come over to my apartment for special lessons tonight, and I want you to be there.”

I stared at her. “Are you serious?”

“Don’t use that tone with me! You will do exactly as I say.” She looked at me harshly but then she relaxed, came around to the front of the desk and sat on its edge. We had an excellent view of her long legs. ‘I just wanted you two meet, to see if there was an chemistry between us.”

I looked at Donald. He wasn’t handsome, but no where near ugly either. His hair was too long but clean. T-shirt and jeans, basic boy wear.

“I want you two to kiss for me.”

I stared at her again and then at Donald. “Go on, kiss him.”

I leaned over and Donald met me half way. We kissed quickly and then sat back.

“Jesus, I said kiss him! Get up out of those chairs. Now hold each other. Good. Now kiss.”

Donald was a little taller, and I could feel him tremble under my hands as I held him. We kissed. My eyes closed and I imagined us somewhere else, somewhere alone. That spell was soon broken.

“Very nice. Now touch each other, let your hands slide over each others body. Good”

I slid my hands down his arms, up again and over his chest. He did the same and I shivered as his gentle, shy touch passed over my breasts.

“Kiss some more. Use your tongues.”

I opened my lips for Donald and his tongue slid in. We softly wrestled but I could feel his touch become a little harder, firmer. And then I felt his firmness against my belly. I was starting to warm up to this. I wiggled my body against his.

“Oh very good Shannon, my little slut. Feel his cock against your belly, rub it with your body. Do you want Shannon?”

Donald mumbled yes.

“Touch him Shannon.” I knew what she meant and I slid a hand between us, turning my wrists and laying my fingers along his bulge in his jeans. Donald moaned in my mouth. Donald was grabbing my ass cheeks.

“Hurry.” Ms. Langford instructed, “ we don’t have much time. Take your clothes off.”

We struggled out of our clothes, Ms. Langford helping each of us but not getting undressed herself. Finally, we stood face to face, naked, and we began to touch each other again. Ms. Langford circled us, touching us. “Getting down on your knees Shannon and suck his cock, I know you want to.”

I fell down in front of him and devoured his cock, my hands sliding up and down and scratching his pubic hair. Ms. Langford knelt beside us and watched, her hand circling around behind my ass, sliding between my legs and trying to probe me. I moaned with the cock in my mouth. This was fantastic! I wonder what Mrs. Earle would say if she saw us?

“Donald, she is so wet for you. Do you want to fuck her?”

“Yes, I want to fuck her Mistress.”

Mistress? That was strange.

“Stand up Shannon.” I stood up but she didn’t. “Bend over my desk slut.” I bent over and I found out quick enough why she didn’t stand up with me. She stuck her face in my crack, licking and sucking my cunt lips from behind. I closed my eyes and whimpered. And just as I was coming close to an orgasm, she stopped. But I moaned again as Donald took her place. Well, sort of, because he was still standing and it was his hot, hard cock entering me.

He didn’t hesitate and began to hump my ass cheeks, burying himself at each stroke. Ms. Langford had told us to hurry. I opened my eyes and saw her reaching under her skirt, her panties pulled aside and her fingers going in and out as fast as Donald. I wanted to put my mouth down there but Donald had me pinned.

“Hurry, Donald, hurry.” She was panting. She was really turned on by this. Maybe she had an appointment soon and they could be barging in any moment. The thought of someone walking through that door and see my pressed down on the desk, a cock in my hungry cunt, drove me wild and I began to squirm and push back at Donald.

It was too much for Donald and he grunted loudly as he gripped my hips and held himself tightly in. I wiggled and pushed back, cumming just after him. I collapsed on the desk, breathing hard.

There was a cloth applied to me when Donald exited. I turned to find Ms. Langford wiping me off. “I’m going to smell this all afternoon.” She said, bringing the cloth close to her nose. Donald was getting dressed and I followed suit. I whispered to him that it was great. He smiled and thanked me, said I had a nice ass. Oh well, so much for compliments.

“Now don’t be late tonight. Hurry off to your class and try to keep your mind on the subject.” She laughed, gave us each a kiss and ushered us out.

“And don’t let me catch you two in the bleachers again!” she declared loudly for anyone that may be wondering why we were in the office together. That sentence was going to get me a reputation for something I didn’t do but then maybe it was time I shed this innocent girl image.

As we parted in the hall, I gave Donald’s ass a pinch which was not unnoticed and I smiled as I headed off to class.

(this is the last in this series; watch for new ones )

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