tagGay MaleTeam Physicals Ch. 01

Team Physicals Ch. 01


Greetings to all my voyeuristic readers.

My name is Trisha and like you, I have a special appreciation for the well formed male. Most of you, I am sure, also appreciate males who are physically excited by other males. I have come to share that appreciation even though I am female.

Let me tell you how I and my bisexual husband arrange encounters with usually young unsuspecting athletes. I am a 28 year old registered nurse employed at the well rated state university where I graduated from nursing school. My 31 year old husband is a very fit physician alumnus of the university medical school who has recently completed residency and is currently in training for specialties in proctology and urology. (So you can tell his special medical interests are where it really counts.) For most of the year, I work at the school dormitory. But for several semesters now, we have worked together in two week stints as a team to give obligatory physical exams to mostly male student athletes who have just been accepted into the school sports teams.

I actually perform most of the routine exam, the school physician reads the reports and gives the final approval. The school likes me because I joke and laugh with the young men and know how to keep them at ease, even if they have sustained serious injuries. During the physical weeks I wear my tightest C-cup bras and reveal as much cleavage as I dare. The guys have to be stripped to their briefs or boxers, in order that I can measure the depth of the arches of their feet and check their knees for reflexes. When I check their breathing from their backs with my stethoscope I know how to put them at ease by lightly stroking their shoulders and the bases of their necks.

I am very flirtatious when I check their mouths and eyes. I am not just checking their responses for myself but for my horny queer man hubby as well. I am almost always able to arouse a swell in their penis. I have developed a very good reputation with them because I am almost congratulatory if I induce them to full erection. "Nothing wrong with that. That is perfectly normal for a young guy your age and I appreciate the compliment" -- (followed by a big smile). "You have to understand, in medicine it can very stressful to constantly have to attend to ill and weak people. It is a professional delight for my husband and I to check out great healthy specimens like you guys.

I always steer the conversation back to my husband. "He has been gorgeous ever since I have known him. My best friend's boyfriend was on the diving team when I was still in High School and I joined her to watch him in a competition. Hughie was on the team and late for the event. As we were walking to the poolside stands, he suddenly sprinted from the locker room to join his team mates on the bench. My friend knew him and hurriedly introduced him to me. Well, when a girl is introduced to a hot guy in only his skimpy diving skivvies, it is as close as you can get to meeting a naked guy for the first time, without being nudist. When I saw the moves he made sprinting off the board, I knew he had to be mine. I nearly fainted the first time I caught sight of the beautiful snake he packed under those skivvies." Aside from furtively checking for any additional penile swelling or twitches out of the corner of my eye, I also have learned to check for facial expressions and shallow breathing that communicate clues of gay or bisexual interest. It is at this point that I check their pulse.

I try my best to retain their arousal to the conclusion of my participation in the examination. More than one in four are still rock hard. "OK, after I leave the room, the doctor will come in soon and conclude your physical with the most personal stuff. You will need to remove your undies and be birthday suited for the conclusion."

Sometimes the student examined protests. "But I may still be at least a little hard when he walks in."

"Sweetie, he's a doctor. Remember his specialty I spoke about. He's seen it all. A young guy with a healthy hard on is all part of a day's work for him."

After I leave the room, I just have to give my physician partner a knowing look for him to know that the student naked and waiting could be more receptive than just abide by the usual procedures. He is usually through the door less than a minute after I walked out. If the student is still discernibly in any arousal , he tries to put them at ease even before he introduces himself. "Wow, what a nice healthy whopper you got there. I am sure you will make some nice young lady very happy with it one day if you have not done so already."

About once every ten times, the examined student will respond something like, "how about if I made some nice young guy happy with it?"

"Nothing wrong with that. If that is how you are oriented, that is completely healthy. We all need physical intimacy. As my wife knows, I have been known to be intimate with other males from time-to-time", and generally, the session proceeds with conduct other than the usual "turn your head and cough" procedures and the prostate exam. The kind of conduct that the university would find objectionable if it knew. But it never does.

Usually, the sessions end in the normal procedural fashion even if the student exhibited at least partial arousal when first introduced. But when I signal to him that a student may be receptive, he will make further inquiries. "Joe, have you ever had sores on your penis, or about your genital area? In the last couple of years have you had experienced burning or discomfort when urinating? Have you ever had pain when or after having sex with anyone or when masturbating?" If these questions are replied to in the negative, the patient will be examined bent over the table, with the doctor 's fore finger wrapped in a surgical glove up the subject's rectum. Any prostate issues with men that age are extremely rare. But in my hot guy's lust, he will be induced to be deceptive. "Joe, I feel something a little unusual up there. It is probably nothing to be concerned about, but I want to be sure. Now I am going to have to continue examining you in very personal ways that will likely not hurt you, but if you just relax, could be very pleasurable. Now an energetic young horn dog like yourself has nothing to be embarrassed about or ashamed of, I'll do my best for you to enjoy it. OK!" Some of the students, totally naked and vulnerable, are enthralled by the circumstance and the penis starts to stiffen even before they answer in the affirmative. He knows how to stimulate the prostate digitally to arouse the patient and ultimately to induce orgasm without touching him anywhere else. Occasionally he does this, but usually he diverts to a more elaborate scheme.

He has them climb on to the examination table and lie on their backs with the torso raised slightly. He proceeds to examine the penis and testicles with great intensity. With an above round magnified mirror facing right over the subject, he cannot help but watch the doctor do this. He feels all about the scrotum and gently fingers each orb. With firm pressure he rubs along the perineum under the scrotum. More about that later. With the other gloved hand, he brushes through the pubic tuft of the youthful patient, testing for thickness and texture. He examines everything about the penis itself. How big is the glans relative to the remainder of the organ? If the subject is uncircumcised, he manipulates the foreskin up and down, on and off the glans for elasticity and moves in to sniff for the presence of any distinct odor of smegma. He feels all about the sulcus below the glans for the extent of partition from the shaft. If the subject has been flaccid, he is fully erect by now. He gently pinches the glans and corona. With a little lubricant, he dabs his thumb against the slitted meatus at the tip to see how much dilation he can stimulate. How much does the erection respond if he gently rubs the sensitive frenulum on the underside of the glans with his wet latex covered thumb? He starts to stroke the throbbing erect shaft in an experienced way with just the right pressure for optimum pleasure.

After seeking consent from the subject that everything feels just wonderful, he instructs, "now Joe, I want you to keep your yourself erect and lightly masturbate with strokes that will not be so intense to stimulate yourself to orgasm yet, while I continue with the procedure. Do you think you can do that? "

The response is usually enthusiastic and breathy. "Definitely!"

"Great buddy! We'll have you on cloud nine and busting your nut with more moxie than you ever thought possible." Unbeknownst to the subject, the examining table has hidden stirrups like those used in gynecology. He silently sets up the stirrups, and without a word shifts the naked self-pleasuring subject a few inches down the table and slips each bare foot into the stirrups so that his glutes are raised and spread enough to expose his anus. The subject usually moans softly throughout. The doctor changes his surgical gloves and dabs all his fingers and thumbs and lubricants. He adjusts the mirror again so the subject can see all the manipulations. First he massages the perineum between the scrotum and anus with just that right touch that provokes those appreciative "ooos and ahhs". He pokes at the subject's anal opening with his forefinger and waits for the tightness to subside, occasionally massaging his perineum again. The doctor knows he can eventually induce the subject to involuntarily flex his bowels and relax the sphincter such that his finger will easily breach and slide right in like some open invitation. When he is in, he knows how to writhe his finger to caress an already stimulated prostate to generate even greater pleasure for the subject.

"How is that Joe? Even if you feel any cramping, does that feel good?"

Moaning even louder, the subject usually responds something like, "That is fantastic, Doc!. I always thought this part of the physical was the worst. Now I know it is the best."

"Now don't stroke yourself to climax yet. When I say so, you can go for it. Got that?"

"You're the doctor, man. You know what you are doing." My hubby is totally erect by now and leaking Cowper's semen fluid into his shorts as much as the subject is leaking it on to his glistening glans. He crams his middle finger and often a third finger into the rectum and knows how to stretch that very personal orifice with two fingers thrusting and third still fondling the prostate.

"Oh, aahhhh! Yeah!, OOOO!"

"That's not hurting you Joe? That still feels pretty amazing, huh?"

"Oh Doc! It hurts so great, ugh! ugh!"

Fortunately the medical center has good soundproofing. I can just barely make out the noises of passion as I am attending to a student in the next room. My charge is too intent on my ministrations to hear anything.

"Alright stud , so far so good. Do your thing. Knock yourself out and shoot that hot load out for me."

"Aaaaaahhhh!!!" The naked subject in completely lewd supine position with fingers pumping away in his rectum, he franticly strokes his reddened erection with a tight fist. Endorphins have flooded his brain as my hubby feels the climactic spasms of the prostate flinch on his fingers and generally squirts of thinly congealed semen jettison from the meatus about all the firm well-toned flesh of the young athlete: his chest, abs, and even his neck and chin. Usually feeling many spasms, my husband withdraws his fingers and the subject is left panting.

"Your prostate works like a charm, champ. There is nothing wrong with you." He tosses some tissues at him to clean away the fluid of a very substantial emission. "I told you you would have a good time. Now grab your clothes and get dressed in the room down the hall, it is time for me to see my next patient. Don't worry it is just us guys here. My wife is with one of your team mates behind closed doors in the next examination room." All depending on how the naked student responds next, depends on how the doctor frames his proposition.

"Now before you leave, I want you to take my business card and call me at home if you have any issues at all this semester. Remember, you can call me or my wife about anything, if you catch my meaning." He gives a friendly wink. "Now get out of here and have a bang up season. And don't forget about me and the wife."

If the subject is uninhibited and verbally mentions something about how great the sex was, the doctor usually replies, "you think you had a good time, look what happened here." My husband steps back so the subject can see his erection bulging against fairly tight jeans. He wears those same jeans to all his physicals because it flatters the length of his awesome thick 9" inch aroused penis that gives me so much joy in my married life. The subject is still uncovered and unable to conceal his appreciation, so often the doctor can see the male organ swell and stiffen to new life in the stimulation of the moment. "Thanks sport, but you will have to peek a good look some other time. Hell, we can make a date and do this gig over again at my place. Next time, you won't be the only one bare assed. My wife and I will join you that way, ourselves. "

Needless to say, my hubby and I have enjoyed many great parties with a lot of talented buff young athletes. Those parties may be cause for another story. But next time, I want to tell you about the doctor's hottest exam.

You and your hottie want to play doctor? Go ahead and try this at home. It 's great.

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