tagExhibitionist & VoyeurTeasing The Boys

Teasing The Boys


"Hey, babe" My husband of four years was calling.

"What's up?" I said. Hoping he was going to tell me he was taking me out to dinner.

"How about so fun tonight? I've got to go to a meeting about Ted's baseball team and then I thought we might meet at O'Charley's for dinner and then do something nasty."

"Nasty as in what?" I said with a grin on my face. I knew he wanted to go to a local adult shop to pick up some toys and a couple of movies. Our sex life had been one continuous party since we had gotten together and I, for one, hoped it never stopped.

"Let's do the book store thing and -" he said but I stopped him in mid sentence.

"You're a horny devil! I guess you want me to dress accordingly?" I already knew the answer. Tom loved for me to dress in short skirt, heels and a blouse than gave the maximum of exposure to my breasts.

"Gawd, yes! I'll call you back when the meeting is over."

Ted is Tom's son from a previous marriage, just turned eighteen and the apple of his eye. A good kid but one with genes straight from his father. I have caught him several times trying to catch me nude and probably if he wasn't his son, well, I knew that was too taboo.

I didn't have time for a shower so I went searching for the right outfit that would make me look less like a teacher and more like a, well, you can guess what a wanton woman might wear to an adult store. The looks in O'Charley's would only get the both of us hot for what was going to happen later. I found a short jean skirt, a white semi sheer blouse that would be left unbuttoned to various levels of exposure for the setting and my red four inch sandals. My tan from spring break in Florida I had maintained in tanning salons so I knew I would look hot.

Teaching in a neighboring community allowed me have a life at home that I couldn't allow if I taught in the same city. Thank goodness for that!

After getting dressed I touched up my makeup with a little more eye shadow and fixed me a glass of wine. Waiting, I decided to look at some of the more risque sites on the computer. I love doing so and it brings out the nasty in me.

I didn't realize the time that went by and was startled to hear the doors on a vehicle slam in our drive way. I turned off the computer and looked out to see Tom, Ted and two other young men walking up to the front door. Shit! Our computer room is in a spare bed room on the opposite end of the house from our master bedroom. There was no way I could get to the bed room in time to change without passing the four of them on the way.

I heard Tom saying "Hey we're home".

"Back here in the computer room", I said. Hoping the tension in my voice wasn't a give away.

Tom walked into the room and smiled. "Damn, you look hot!"

"I thought you were going to call" I said.

"Didn't have time and my cell's batteries are dead". He reached out and slipped his hand under my skirt to find me panty less. And wet.

"Seems like you're ready to have some fun" Tom said with a smile.

"Yeah, but what about the kids? I need to go change before they see me. Why did you bring them here?"

"Terri is one the way to pick them up. Don't worry." Then with a glint in his eye, he added, "maybe they'd like to see what a hot step mom Tom has".

"You've got to be kidding!" I'm not going to go out there dressed like this. What if they tell their parents and the next thing you know I'm the slut of the amateur baseball league!"

"Get real. They've seen a lot more. It might be hot to let them see Ted's got a hottie at his dad's house. I'm going to get them some Cokes and go out on the patio. I'm sure you can think of something. Or if you want just sneak into the bed room and change. It's up to you".

I heard him open the frig and then tell the boys to join him on the patio. I looked out the window of the computer room and could see the four of them sitting in chairs. They all were maturing nicely and I guess most of them had girlfriends by now.Tom was telling them some story and I heard all of them laugh.

Why not! I thought. It would be new territory but it was harmless enough. They've been to the beach and seen a lot more I'm sure. It would turn on Tom and I wanted him randy for the rest of the evening.

I checked myself in the guest bathroom and smiled. My breasts, braless, were outlined in the white blouse and my nipples hard. The skirt split the distance between my knees and pussy almost evenly. Well, may an inch or two shorter than that. I certainly had dressed to attract attention but this was the crowd I had been targeting.

I went to the kitchen and refilled my wine glass. I looked at the patio door and saw them. With a sip of the wine for courage I walked onto the patio.

"Guys, this is my wife. Sue, this is Ronnie and Phil".

"Hi, guys,. How as the meeting?" I said with a smile. They weren't looking at my face though. Both of the young men and my step son were eye locked onto my breasts. I was buttoned to the level the insides of my breasts were visible and showing an abundance of cleavage. I glanced a Tom. He winked and smiled. "Would you boys like a sandwich or anything?" I asked.

"No thanks" came from all three. I don't think their minds were on food at that time.

"Isn't it wonderful out her in the evening" I said to no one in particular. I moved to the lounge chair and sat down on the edge. Legs together. That didn't stop them from looking at my closed knees and hoping. I leaned over and placed the wine glass on the concrete, giving them a glance down my open blouse. Looking up I saw them watching. I slipped off one of my heels and rubbed my arch. Still allowing them a view. Not more than 10 feet away I was allowing these young men a look at breasts they wouldn't forget for a while.

To make sure they remembered me I slightly, well, OK, opened my legs to expose my bare pussy to the boys. After a period of time to make sure they weren't dreaming I stood. I walked over to a near by flower bed. I leaned over to snap off a dead bloom. I knew my skirt had slid up, Probably enough to allow them to see my butt cheeks. I turned and walked back to the patio.

I glanced at Tom. His smile was very telling. He definitely was approving of my behavior.

We all heard a car pull into the drive way. Tom's ex had arrived. The spell was broken.

Not wanting Terri to get a chance to past judgement on me I walked into the house and into our bedroom as the doorbell rang.

A few minutes later Tom came in. We laughed and he said I tore them up with the show on the patio. I could see his cock was hard.

"Did I do too much?" I asked.

"Not in their thinking. When I said something about a cookout next weekend, they were all for it".

I smiled. No, too young. Or are they?

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