tagFetishTell Me You Love Me

Tell Me You Love Me

bykinda I want to©

Pull me to you roughly. Kiss me hard. Wrap your fingers in my hair and pull my head back slowly as you lick and kiss my throat. Use your other hand to capture my wrist behind my back. Draw me to the big leather couch and sit down on it holding my wrist and keep me standing there as you look me up and down. Lift my skirt and then slowly hook your fingers in my panties and drag them down to just my thighs. Leave them there. Lean in and kiss my tummy softly once, then sit back and order me over your lap.

When I hesitate, pull me to you and help me into position. Tell me to arch my back, and to lift my ass higher for you. Spread me open with your big hands, tell me you can see how wet I already am. Stroke my pussy with one fingertip; tease me, dip inside only shallowly before lightly pressing against my clit. Tell me you love this, love having me at your mercy.

Tell me you're going to spank me, you know I've always fantasized about this but I've never done it and that I'm afraid of the discomfort. Explain that you will only slap my gorgeous ass 20 times, and that you're going to start out lightly, but that before you reach 20 it's going to be real spanks and we'll see how I like it.

Make the first tap so light that I laugh and some tension is released, and then make the next one on my other cheek and a little bit more serious. It doesn't hurt, but the sound makes me jump and something deep in my pussy clenches as you swat me again a little harder. Spank me slowly, getting harder each time so I feel the sting. Space out the blows so that my whole ass begins to turn pink. Caress my back with your free hand, the tender touch reminding me that this is something I wanted to explore.

Get to seven and tell me how hot my skin feels and how sexy I look as my ass wiggles over your legs. Spank me harder and speed up a fraction. Now tell me you know it is hurting a bit but that it's making you so excited. Tell me we're at 13 and tell me what you're going to do to me as soon as we're done. Distract me from the pain with promises of intense pleasure. Keep your hand on my back now as I writhe and clench through the final three slaps. Give me a few seconds to catch my breath, but don't ask me how I liked it yet.

Help me stand up, and lead me behind the couch and bend me over the back of it. Kneel down and gently stroke my tender ass before you use your thumbs to delicately spread my pussy open to your gaze. Hold me open a moment before you make your tongue flat and lick me in one long, slow motion. Use just the tip of your tongue to explore the folds of my pussy lips, nibble on me as if I were an exquisite treat. Let me hear your excitement as you delve deeper, pressing your tongue inside me in a soft, slow rhythm.

Tell me I taste fantastic as you pull your mouth away and use your fingers to expose my clit. Blow a cool breath onto that hot, swollen little bundle and then kiss me there before sucking me into your mouth. Slowly wet one finger and slide it deep inside my pussy as you continue to lick and suck my clit. Feel how the slick heat grips just that one finger and imagine how incredible it will feel wrapped around your cock. Listen to me moan and cry out your name as I get closer and closer to coming. Stop before I climax even though I cry and beg for more. Tell me you need to be inside me.

Stand up now and let me feel your cock sliding up and down the outer edges of my pussy. Lightly stroke the skin of my ass. It's only a light pink but there is one mark that looks distinctly like your handprint. Spread my cream all over your cock and then wait with just the head pressed against me until I start moaning and wriggling back against you to get your cock inside me.

Lean forward and kiss the back of my neck, stroke my hair. Tell me you want to hear me beg for it. Don't give in when I don't, instead reach around and slowly stroke my clit again as you tease my pussy with just the head of your cock. Tell me what to say. Whisper what you want to hear menacingly in my ear. As I moan out the words plunge into me in one hard stroke. Keep your fingertips against my clit and grab my hip with your other hand while you drive in as far as you can. Hold yourself in place inside me. Notice how the soft flesh of my ass is still hot against your stomach as you concentrate on the feeling of my pussy clenching around your cock even though you haven't moved yet.

Slowly draw yourself back until your cock is almost completely out of that tight, wet grip and then press back into me just as slowly. This time don't stop; keep thrusting slowly in and out, feeling every silken inch of my pussy stroking the long, hard length of you. Keep that gentle pressure on my clit as you stroke me up and down and in tiny circles with your fingertip. You'll know it's driving me toward the edge when you hear me panting and murmuring in a constant stream, "Yes, yes, oh, please, oh oh oh, yes, just like that… faster, love, faster, please please please…" Speed up for me. Feel my legs tensing as I toss my head from side to side. You know I'm about to come. You're getting close now too, and you know when I come it will force your own climax.

Tell me, "Come for me now, baby." Keep thrusting as a groan starts deep in my throat and I spasm hard around your cock. Shove me hard against the couch with each thrust as my pussy grows even wetter and seems to pull your cock deeper into me. Let yourself go, use both hands on my hips to hold me in place. Fuck me hard until you come. Whimper my name. Collapse against my back and kiss my neck over and over. Hold me tightly. Tell me you love me.

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by RoJaroo07/05/17

I loved it.

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