Temptation's Conquest


I wetted my throat and inhaled through my nose and re-doubled my efforts. My sweaty fingers found the hard nubs of her nipples and gripped them. I rubbed her tits ferociously and pulled her nipples toward me. She groaned her approval.

"You're...about to... feel it, daddy..." She whipped her blonde hair to the side and looked over her shoulder at me. "Your baby's cum on your balls."

I rubbed her tits up and down as gave her the full length of my pussy pleaser. From its tip to its root, I slammed into her. Once. Twice. Again and again.

"Your cock... oh daddy, it's... so big... so good... but I need..." She laughed and heaved, "...your baby's so... greedy... say you get it..."

I refused her a reply. I let my right hand move back, between her legs. Finding her clit, I rubbed it opposite of my cock, driving her over the edge. "...oh shit... I'm gonna fuck everyone... oh god... so many dicks... so much cum in my belly... and all you can do is... smile!"

Those last words were lost in her climax. I felt my baby convulsing against me and I heard my cock take on a renewed slurp as she wet herself against me.

As my own climaxed approached, I knew I would have to agree. Having Yvette was the single, hottest experience my life.

"Cum in me daddy... make a... secret in me..."

I let my cock explode so deep inside Yvette. Burst upon burst of semen screamed into her pussy. The head of my cock polished it against her cervix and I felt my baby cum again, collapsing to the floor. Her heavy tit slammed into my hand as I drooled on her neck.

Our chests sighed heavily, together.

"You... may have... just made your own grandson here," she sighed into the rug as she caught her breath. "But if not... you can always try again..." she slipped forward, letting my spent cock spill out. "As long as we have an understanding?"

I breathed and got onto my knees.

She turned and propped herself onto her elbows. Her full tits wet with her father's saliva. "Bring me a cigarette."

I got up naked and stumbled and looked for her purse.

"You should have one too," she said.

I got us both one. I hadn't lit two cigarettes in a long time and I stood naked before my daughter as I did just that. After I gave her the cigarette, she put it to her lips and looked up at me from the floor. "Just so we're clear, Kyle..." she leaned up and cupped my balls to my dick. I breathed in sharply. "...and this..." I heard the embers in her smoke crackle as she spread her legs for me. "...well... you'll never own me... like I own you."

I blinked and took a drag from the smoke I hadn't breathed in a little over ten years. I gave her a nod.

"Say it."

"You said..."

"No." She stood up, letting her hand move up and down my cock. "Just say the last part like you agree."

I swallowed. I knew what she wanted to hear.

But I wanted to say it:

"You own me."

She smiled and released my dick. "Pick this room up then."

I did as I was told.

I was a zombie right away. My mind was mostly a string of hiccups --I felt like every moment was skipping ahead. From the moment my daughter had laid down the deal for me to the moment she told me I could keep her torn bra to the moment I had laid down in bed. This evening had started with me wondering when Yvette would come home and was now ending with me next to my wife --knowing full well my cock smelled like my daughter's pussy. My wife raised her head up, half-awake.

"Did Yvette come home?" She asked through closed eyes.


My wife collapsed again. "We need to lay down the law with her..." she mused.

"Yeah." I agreed.

My wife's hand went to my crotch. She liked to fall asleep with her hand on it. I waited until she was sniffing the air from the sandman and gently scooted it from its resting place. I knew whose dick it was now. All vows aside.


* next: Temptation's Contempt

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