tagLetters & TranscriptsTeri Learns The Convent Rules

Teri Learns The Convent Rules


This story concerns a conversation between two close friends, using MSN chat to turn each other on...

Harry71: Hey, how's it going?

Teri79: Hot!

Harry71: Yeah I know... wish we had air con'

Teri79: Yeah, me too. But I didn't mean just hot...

Harry71: Oh really? More like tu es chaude than tu as chaud... ;-)

Teri79: Mmm hmm ;-)

Harry71: And is there a cure?

Teri79: Could be...

Harry71: Like?

Teri79: I haven't come for four days!

Harry71: Héhé... noooo... ça je crois pas!

Teri79 : It's true! I've been so good!

Harry71: OK...

Teri79: and I was thinking...

Harry71: Yes...

Teri79: Could you write me one of your little stories?

Harry71: ...aha! A story for my Teri79...

Teri79: Yeah yeah please!

Harry71: Well... you know about the girl who was caught touching herself?

Teri79: Caught... who by?

Harry71: By whom...

Teri79: Grrrr!

Harry71: Sorry ;-)

Teri79: Who caught her?

Harry71: Her man. And she had promised to stay all... charged up... for that evening...

Teri79: Ooh, naughty girl. No, I don't know that one...

Harry71: Well, he was kind of cross...

Teri79: Mmm...

Harry71: ...and he said "get thee to a nunnery, you shameless girl!"

Teri79: Oh yes... I like them a bit literary...

Harry71: ...and she said "you want me to act like a nun?"

Teri79: uh huh...

Harry71: ...and he said "No... I don't want you to act like a nun... I want you to experience the stricter life of the convent, so that you'll behave better...

Teri79: Oooh, masterful!

Harry71: ...and he told her to come to him and look into his eyes...

Teri79: Sexy man!

Harry71: ... and he kissed her, and said "are you ready to learn how to be good?"

Teri79: oh yes oh yes... can I pretend to be her?

Harry71: uh, OK :-)

Teri79: and what did he do next?

Harry71: He asked her to lift up her dress.

Teri79: Mmm...

Harry71: And he saw what a small string she was wearing, and he said "tsk tsk... not a good start!"

Teri79: Mmm...

Harry71: And he gently cupped her soft pussy in his hand, feeling its warmth...

Teri79: MMMMM....

Harry71: And he said "Very good. You are fresh and dry like a well behaved girl:"

Teri79: Sounds like an advert for a deodorant...

Harry71: OK... And he said "This, that I hold in my hand... You must control it!"

Teri79: Yessss...

Harry71: "And you must pass three tests, which will ascertain your controlledness"

Teri79: Wow, literary AND weird!

Harry71: ;-)

Teri79: Yes, yes... what next?

Harry71: And she said to him: "I am quite capable of controlling myself."

Teri79: aha. Feisty heroine type...

Harry71: And he said to her: "Do you agree to the challenge of the convent rules?"

Teri79: oooh...

Harry71: And she replied "Yes. What is the first test?"

Teri79: Mmmm...

Harry71: And he said "In this test, the only thing you must do is make sure that your underwear stays dry. When you have taken the three parts of the test, we will know if you are truly a Sister of the Lord, or just a girl who can't resist her own desires..."

Teri79: Oh, OK, can I pretend to be her now?

Harry71: Héhé OK!

Teri79: And she has to jump in a pool without getting her pants wet?

Harry71: No! It's a nunnery. They don't have pools!

Teri79: OK, sorry...

Harry71: And so the man said to his girlfriend, "bend over this desk, and pull up your dress."

Teri79: bending!

Harry71: Very good. And he said to her: "I am going to put a small plug in your most private place, so that you will feel it, and it will remind you that you are taking a test, and must behave well".

Teri79: Mmmmmmmmmm!

Harry71: And he placed a few drops of oil on his fingers, and then, with his other hand, eased aside her string so that he could touch her bottom. He rubbed her very gently with his fingers, spreading the slippery oil around and into her little hole...

Teri79: Mmmmmmmmmmmmmmm!

Harry71: Then he picked up a small plug made of clear latex, about the length of his middle finger, but twice as thick at its widest point.

Teri79: Oh yessss...

Harry71: ...and he pushed it, slowly but firmly, up against her most private place.

Teri79: Yes, yes, yessss...

Harry71: And, with a slight twisting motion, he felt her muscles relax, allowing him to push the little plug in by a few centimeters. Then he withdrew it slightly, and added a little more oil to it. Then he pushed, very patiently, very gently, and yet quite firmly, until the thickest part of the plug had disappeared into her little hole, leaving only the widely flared base nuzzling against her bottom cheeks.

Teri79: Eeeeee...

Harry71: Then he very slowly, very gently, twisted the base round, so that its front and back nestled comfortably between her cheeks. And with that, he pulled up her string and told her to turn around and stand up straight.

Teri79: yes yes type faster goddamit

Harry71: "This is the first test" he said, looking into her eyes. She smiled back at him, confident that she would succeed. "You must now go to have a pee. You may take down your string, but you must not let the plug fall out. Do you understand?"

Teri79: I understand! She understood!

Harry71: And he said "Good – now do it". And she walked, very carefully, a little more slowly than usual, to the loo. She thought he would come and watch to make sure she wasn't cheating, but he didn't. She hastily pulled the string right down to her ankles, and then, gripping tightly with her bottom muscles, she tried to relax her peeing muscles... This was not as easy as she'd thought! If she relaxed her front muscles too much, the back muscles seemed to relax too, threatening to let the plug drop with a splash into the loo. But finally, after much concentration, she was able to find the right balance, and did a little pee... just enough for him to hear. Then she wiped herself quite carefully with loo paper, and pulled up her string.

Teri79: pfff, silly girl! Did she drip?

Harry71: No! She walked... slowly... back to where he was standing. "Lift up your skirt" he demanded. She lifted it up, and he placed the plam of his hand against her pubis.

Teri79: Don't you mean palm?

Harry71: OK, touché!

Teri79: I know, sorry sorry, and the string was slightly damp?

Harry71: No! "You have passed the first test. Very good. It seems you are not so wanton or careless after all. So we proceed to test 2. As a nun, or at least as a good girl, you should not get excited by exhibiting yourself, wouldn't you agree?" he said.

Teri79: Oh, absolutely. I am a good, shy girl. A good Catholic, I am sure!

Harry71: Haha... That's exactly what she said. And he responded: "Now you must walk through the lounge and onto the balcony. Be careful – I watered the plants just about an hour ago... And you must turn around, and show you bottom to the flowers."

Teri79: Mmmmm...

Harry71: And she went onto the balcony, and it was dark outside, and the lights in the lounge were off. But she feared that the light from the kitchen would show off her antics to the world. Nonetheless, she thought, I can do this. And she lifted up her short dress, and bent forwards, head towards the balcony door, and showed her cute bottom to the world.

Teri79: Oh Harry... You just know...

Harry71: And, upon returning to the study, she told him that she had complied with his request.

Teri79: YES?!

Harry71: And he held out his hand, palm upwards. By now she had a pretty good idea of what he was going to do, so she pulled up her dress. "Very good" he said, and placed his palm against the outside of her string, just over her pussy lips.

Harry71: <<
Teri79: I can't type very fast with 1 hanbdm, carry onn!!!!

Teri79: oh yess

Harry71: Now for the third test. A modest girl would not react to feelings in parts of her body that are only intended for the nourishment of her children.

Teri79: oh no!

Harry71: And he said: "Turn around and stand with your thighs against the desk." She did, and he took one of her breasts in each of his hands, and very very gently started to rub her nipples through her dress and her bra with his strong fingers. Then, taking no heed of her stifled moans, he rubbed more firmly, all around each nipple, and flicking back and forth over the top of each nipple.

Teri79: flrrrrhhzzzzzzz

Harry71: And finally he took both nipples firmly between the thumb and forefinger of each hand, and squeezed hard, until she unclenched her mouth and let out a tiny "aaaaah".

Teri79: putnnnnn

Harry71: Then, he massaged her breasts again, as ever, gently, but in a way that ensured that his fingers brushed repeatedly against her sensitive nipples. "Now, turn round!" he commanded. She turned to face him, her face glowing red with the effort of suppressing her feelings...

Teri79: mmmmmmmmmmf

Harry71: < did you fall asleep on the keyboard, Teri79?

Teri79: No! Type!!

Harry71: And he held out his palm, and placed it against her pubis. "What's this?!!" he demanded. "Your knickers are not dry! In fact, at the front here, low down," he said, feeling more firmly with his fingers, "right between your thighs, they are very hot and damp!!"

Teri79: yez yez yez

Harry71: "This will not do!" he said. "The day-to-day brushing of cloth against your skin should not excite a pure mind!!"

Teri79: ffffffffffffffff

Harry71: You have failed the test. You will be sent home to your unpleasant Victorian step-father immediately, and you will certainly feel the lash of his belt, I should imagine!" said the man.

Teri79: I thought we were in 20th century, 21st you know what I mean...

Harry71: Yes, but he was role-playing and kinda making it up on the spot

Teri79: OK, go on!!!

Harry71: And she said to him "Oh no! Anything but that!! Is there nothing I can do to redeem myself?!"

Teri79: oh good!

Harry71: And he said "Yes, you must take the punishment of the Christmas Turkey."

Teri79: quoi? T'es fou!

Harry71: ...and she replied "I will do anything to avoid being sent away from this Holy place." "Good," he said. "In that case, take off your underwear, and roll it into a little ball."

Teri79: eh?

Harry71: And then he said "Very good. Now feed that little ball of cotton into your wet pussy, slowly and gently. That will absorb this unwanted moisture. Go on, yes, very good. Push it right in. Just leave a little bit showing. Excellent! You have done very well. Now, put back your dress as it should be, walk to the balcony, wait 15 seconds there, and then come back."

Teri79: dqqewd...

Harry71: And she walked, even more slowly than before, her cheeks red with embarrassment, but her body tingling in every place, and stood on the balcony with her panties pushed into her pussy, and the intrusive plug firmly fixed in her bottom, and counted slowly to fifteen. Then, walking just as slowly, she returned to the office, head down, pink face covered by her long dark hair, and stood before him. "Excellent!" he exclaimed. "You have certainly taken your punishment like a good convent trainee. You may now remove your underwear!"

Teri79: eeeee! Does she get fucked?

Harry71: Please! This is erotica, not porn! And the girl pulled gently on the exposed loop of her panties, and removed the very wet cotton slip from her pussy. "Very very good!" the man said. And now bend over my desk again. She did, and he very gently began to remove the clear plastic plug from her most private little hole. "Ooooooaaa" she said as he pulled it out to about half its length. "That was not a very pure sound!" he exclaimed. "Um, I'm sorry, but it just feels so... so... um..." she replied. "I don't expect any sounds while I finish the Test of the Virtuous Adept", he explained. "You have come so far, and yet you are about to fall at the last hurdle!"

Teri79: oh my goodness...

Harry71: "Do you want to succeed, or do you want to go back to your belt-wielding Victorian step-father?" he enquired.

Teri79: "I want to succeed" she said ;-)

Harry71: exactly. "I want to succeed" she said. "So you must not make a sound as you finish the test." And with that, he took the damp ball of cotton from her hand and pushed it, very delicately, into her mouth. "Now close your mouth; that should help you" he said. And, tasting the heady scent of her own moisture on her knickers, she obeyed him and turned round, allowing him to remove the butt plug without a further sound.

Teri79: oui oui oui oui oui!!!!!!!!!

Harry71 : And then he led her out of the office and up to the bedroom, and made long, passionate love to her, during which she came twice because she was so turned on.

Teri79: bbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbb... I bet she did...

Harry71: and you?

Teri79: I came once ;-)!!!

Harry71: But! You bad girl! Get thee to a nunnery...! ;-)

Teri79: oooooooHhh

Harry71: or better still, come over here right this minute, and lift up your dress!

Teri79: --This user is offline. Any unsent chat messages will be delivered once you are both online again--

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