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Terry didn't know how long he could last, the girls were amazing. Scratch that – ONE was amazing, two were SUPERB. His cock was buried deep in Tessa's pussy and he liked the way she was moving on it. It was a nice change from the way he and Jessa fucked. His girlfriend was cumming, he knew her signals by now. She moved from his face and got behind her sister, fondling Tessa's tits. "I told you that you'd see it later," Jessa sighed as her lips joined Tessa's in a sensual kiss. "God, I've already cum and I think I could cum all night," she said to her sister. "What do you think baby, did I exaggerate?"

"Not one bit," Tessa said, shaking her head as her body twisted and thrust against Terry. "He is a wonderful lover, you bitch, you're so lucky you got to him first." Terry could sense it, her signals were similar to her twin's. She was coming and her cunt clutched his cock as she did. The girls raced to his cock and just as he started to spurt, they swallowed his load and shared it.

"Let's give him a little show to help him recover," Tessa suggested. Jessa nodded and the two gorgeous siblings entwined, high heels and stockings making their loving all the more erotic. Two gorgeous Amazons were having lesbian sex in front of him and Terry had a front-row seat for all of the action. Now they truly were oblivious to his presence. Jessa and Tessa were writhing all over the bed, their bodies seeking satisfaction. Straining and hunching together, gasping and moaning as their lips kissed and their hands fondled. Terry recuperated in record time. Their sisterly sex was the hottest thing that he had ever witnessed.

It was obvious to anyone with eyes that the girls had made each other cum again. He waited for one of them to speak and let him know what they wanted to do next.

"Fuck me the way you know I like best," Jessa said to her boyfriend. "You've got to let him fuck you doggy-style babe, he really gets in deep," she told Tessa.

"Maybe later, it'll give me a chance to eat your pussy," Tessa smiled.

"Oh, you mean like how I'm going to eat yours?" Jessa teased as her sister got into position. Sensibly, Terry just followed along until he felt confident enough to make his own suggestions. Everything was working out fine so far, why rock the boat?

"Oh damn, oh fuck, I never get tired of this!" Jessa groaned as her lover's cock entered her pussy. He began fucking her and she muffled her screams in her sister's pussy. Tessa was absolutely floored by Terry's stamina. None of her previous boyfriends could hold a candle to Jessa's handsome lover. She allowed herself to luxuriate in the sensations of a talented tongue lapping at her pussy while keeping one eye on the fucking couple. She wouldn't have minded a few more evenings like this, she wouldn't have minded them one bit!

Jessa found herself on the precipice of climax, so very close! Terry had done right by her as she knew he would. He had pleasured her sister while not neglecting him. From the day they met, her intuition had told her they'd be good together. How right she had been about that.

She came. In great, glorious waves, Jessa came. Her sister followed and the two of them returned to sucking Terry. They weren't going to be selfish and ignore him. The twins put him through the wringer over the next several hours.

"I could get used to that," Tessa sighed over a late morning coffee. "Terry, you're one in a million."

"So? Feel free to borrow him again," Jessa said, astonishing them both. "Look kids, we're all adults. Terry, I'm going to continue having sex with my sister, so why shouldn't you? All I ask is that you not be sneaky. If you want to fuck, you fuck. I'm sure we'll all want to do this again, so let's no one screw up a good thing, okay?"

They both agreed and the "again" became several occasions over the next number of months. Terry knew a good thing when he saw it. He wanted Jessa in his life as a permanent fixture and he knew he would get on well with his sister-in-law. Now he stood before Jessa, still holding the ring.

"So, what are these conditions?" Terry asked. If it involved traveling to the moon, he'd begin building a rocket tonight.

"Find a nice guy for Tessa," Jessa said to him. "I don't want her to be lonely when we get married, I want her to have someone as nice as you." She smiled and put the ring on her finger.

"There aren't too many guys as nice as me, but let me see," Terry joked. "How about Ray? We're from the same family and he's commented a few times that he thinks Tessa is hot."

"Go for it."

At their engagement party the following weekend, Tessa managed to get a minute alone with her sister and future brother-in-law. "Thanks for trying to set me up with Ray," she told them both. "It isn't going to work though. He's just not as imaginative as Terry and he flinched at the first suggestion of anything kinky. If it's all the same to you, I'll just stick to having my fun with the two of you for now," she smiled, kissing them both before anyone saw.

Jessa and Terry looked at each other and back over at Tessa, resplendent in a silver cocktail gown. They laughed, shrugged their shoulders and hugged Tessa. There were certainly worse fates in life.

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