tagNonConsent/ReluctanceTerror Island Ch. 6

Terror Island Ch. 6


It was sometime during the late afternoon when the women came to prepare us for the "guests". We were taken down to a large room with showers and makeup tables. There were four women assigned to each of us and they preceded to give us a long hot shower. I was last into the shower and with washcloths they washed the dried cum off of my face and thighs and scrubbed my back, stomach, and breasts clean. I didn't like the idea of four women bathing me, but it felt great with the dried cum gone and the warm water cascading over me.

When they brought me out I was stunned by the transformation they had worked with Susan who was first in the shower. Her shoulder length blonde hair was beautiful and the dress she had on was as sexy as I had ever seen my friend. The dress was a red; off the shoulder number that fit like a glove from the waist up. The bottom part was straight and came down to her knees with a small slit in the front that would make any man wonder what the rest of her legs looked like. She had smoke gray colored stockings on and red shoes with 4" heels. The only thing that wasn't quite right was the heavy, bright red lipstick on her lips.

The women working on me sat me down at a dressing table and started to brush my hair and lightly apply makeup to my face. In the mirror I saw Sandy being dressed in a tight, backless, floor length black dress. With her silver, blonde hair she was stunning and I admired her beauty.

After they applied my makeup I was given a white, backless gown similar to the black one Sandy was wearing. As I grasped the dress I realized that there was no underwear and I started to protest when one of the women hushed me up. "Put the dress on Bitch and be glad you're covered." The menace in her voice told me that to protest would be foolish and probably cause me grief, so I slipped into the dress. The women brushed my brunette hair and then showed me a mirror. I looked and thought, "Wow." The white dress clung to my body. Tight like Sandy's, it showed every curve of my body and when I moved it highlighted the parts that moved. My brunette hair was devastating against the whiteness of the material and the dress showed the swell of my breasts against the fabric.

We stood there for several minutes until the door opened and several black men came in including the travel agent whose name I had learned was Reggie. Almost as one we gasped when we saw our husbands led in with a neck chain like the one that pulled us to the clearing and our gang rapes. They were naked, their hands manacled behind their backs as they were led in front of us.

One of the blacks said, "We thought that your husbands might enjoy watching what our guests have in store for you."

Reggie laughed and said, "Maybe they might even be part of the show. By the way, Ladies, I think you should cooperate with any requests you may get from here on. If you don't, certain tapes will be placed in the mail to certain people in your life that would find them extremely thought provoking"

The sudden shock of realization that we were at his mercy and being blackmailed into white slavery left us speechless. I could feel the tears well up in my eyes as two of the women grabbed me and walked me down the steps to the path that goes to the dock. Susan and Sandy were behind me followed by our chained together husbands. When we reached the dock there was a huge yacht tied off and we were helped aboard.

We were then taken below deck into a huge room devoid of any furniture except a lounge and several straight chairs. Our husbands were led to the far wall where the wrist manacles were attached to steel rings in the wall.

We didn't have to wait long. A few minutes later the door at the far end of the room opened and maybe ten men came in. They were all of mid-east decent and all wore the robes and headpieces we became accustomed to seeing Arabs wear. The obvious leader was an older man, perhaps 65 or so that walked a little hunched over. His beard and hair were dark with touches of gray, his skin olive. I watched as he walked slowly over to the lounge and sat down.

Long periods of silence followed until he nodded his head and I was pushed in front of him. I blushed as he looked me over, obviously interested in my body. In broken English he told me to turn around, but I hesitated. The lash across my naked back brought tears to my eyes and I hastened to turn. I heard his voice tell me to slow down and finally to stop when my back was to him. I stood there, my body trembling and my back still stinging, waiting for the next command.

I almost jumped away when I felt his hands on my rear, molding the cheeks and running up my back. I closed my eyes as his hands slipped under the dress and reached around, cupping my breasts, his fingers rolling my nipples. Several seconds later he removed his hands and ordered me back to the others.

Sandy was then pushed forward and the man repeated his inspection of her as he had me. Sandy's face was red as she came back to where I was standing and our eyes met as Susan was taken before him. He spent a great deal more time looking her over, but he never touched her. Finally, he said, "Is this the one?" When one of the black men nodded in the affirmative, he smiled and returned to the lounge where he sat down. In a little louder voice he asked, "Is everything ready?" Again the black said yes and the man once again nodded.

Nervously we watched the door open and an extremely attractive woman entered. She was small and couldn't have been more than twenty. Her face was delicate and her figure was slim, but the most striking feature was her face. I've never seen a woman as beautiful as her. She wore a white gown that brought out her olive skin. Her small breasts were plainly visible through the sheer gown, her nipples clearly outlined by the material.

Our attention was shifted to a voice from the group of men that gather to the side of the lounge. "The woman is the Sheik's newest wife and you ladies are to prepare the couple for their first union. Susan, you will prepare him and you two women", nodding toward Sandy and I, "will prepare her. Be gentle for she is still a virgin." He smiled at us as several of the men help the girl take her gown off. She stood there, head down and waited for us to "prepare" her.

Shocked by the realization of what was expected from us, both Sandy and I stared at the men and didn't move. "Teach them a lesson" I heard someone say and before we could react hands grabbed us. Our hands were tied to an overhead hook, which was raised until we were both fully erect, our bound hands high over our heads and our bodies very close together facing each other. A strap was run around our hips and pulled tight pushing us together. Another strap was cinched around our waists and the last one ran around our bodies just under the armpits squishing our breasts against each other.

I heard the first blow on Sandy's naked back and felt her body push into mine as she tried to get away from the lash. I braced myself for the blow I knew was coming, but it landed again on Sandy. Again her body jerked and I saw tears in her eyes as she tossed her head and begged them to stop. Her head snapped back as one of the men said, "Are you ready to do what we tell you Bitch?"

"Yes, yes, anything, anything" Sandy whispered, tears now running down her cheeks.

I started to say something to her when, "OHHHHHH" I screamed as the fist blow landed on my bare back and I ground my body into Sandy's as I tried to escape the stinging. "No, plea---OHHHHHHH" I begged as the next blow struck my back. I frantically begged them not to hit me again and told them that I would do anything.

Satisfied, they took us down and pushed us toward the young woman. A mattress had appeared while they whipped us and the woman lay on her back and waited. Sandy and I looked at one another and the look in her eyes told me that her will was broken as she knelt beside the woman. She ran her hand over the new wife's stomach causing the woman to suck in a deep breath of air. It was obvious to me that she was already sexually excited, because a moan came from her mouth as Sandy lowered her head to the woman's breast and gentle sucked the nipple into her mouth.

I started to kneel beside her when one of the men grabbed my hair and pushed my head down to between the woman's legs. I tried to raise my head back up but the blow landed across my upper back and I winched in pain as I quickly lower my head to her body.

I had never made love to another woman and it really didn't appeal to me much, but having experienced the whip I took a deep breath and pushed my tongue against the cunt hairs. To my surprise the women moaned and I felt her hands grasp my hair and pull my head into her. I pushed my tongue through her hair and touched her lips. They were damp with her excitement and as I ran the tip up her slit I felt her tense and then moan as my tongue reached her clitoris. My hand went to her opening and I drew my head back several inches as I inserted two fingers into her vagina. I pushed them in until I reached her hymen and stopped.

Out of the corner of my eye I saw Susan on her knees in front of the old man. I could see the reason for the heavy lipstick as she kissed and licked the tip of his cock. The man's cock had lipstick around the tip when she had sucked and kissed it. He was slowly moving his hips as Susan took the entire cock in her mouth and hollowed her cheeks as she sucked on him.

The woman pulled my head back to her cunt as I moved my fingers in and out of her dripping hole, careful not to break her cherry. My tongue lashed her clitoris as my fingers fucked her. I heard her gasp and begin to buck her hips as the stimulation centered on her sex. Glancing up, I could see that Sandy had moved a hand to her other nipple and was rolling the nub between her fingers. The woman continued to moan and move at a faster and faster pace. I knew that she was about to cum when Sandy and I were pushed aside.

Two men picked the woman up and carried her to the man. Susan moved aside as they spread the young woman's legs and placed her cunt over the man's erection. Slowly they lowered her down, impaling her on the man's cock. She let out a load moan when the cock deflowered her, completely filling her passage. The men lifted her part way and let her down again, causing the man cock to fuck her as he sat there. After several minutes of this movement both the woman and the old man were close to orgasm. The last time the men lifted her up they hesitated for a second and then pushed her hard when she went back down, triggering a massive orgasm in both of them.

Susan had been brought over to where Sandy and I were seated on the mattress and the three of us watched as the woman moaned loudly and clung to the old man as his sperm entered her belly. After several more small moves of the man's hips, the two younger men lifted her off the old man's cock and set her down between his legs. She apparently knew what was expected, because she immediately told his limp cock in her hand and started to lick the tip. The old man smiled down at the young woman servicing his cock and nodded.

Three of the Arab men took our arms and moved us off the mattress. Others moved the mattress to right in front of our chained husbands and we were forced to our hands and knees, facing them. One of the black men said, "Looks like your men folk enjoy watching others being fucked. Wonder if it's as exciting as watching their wife being fucked? Based on what I see, I think they like the idea of watching you"

I looked up and was horrified to see that my husband had a huge erection. "That bastard", I thought, "He's excited. The bastard is watching me being raped and he's excited." I felt tears form in the corner of my eyes as the man behind me tugged at my dress. To my left I heard a sharp intake of breath followed by a low moan.

I looked over and one of the men had pulled Susan's short dress skirt up to her waist, exposing her garter belt and stockings. With out any foreplay he had lined up his cock and forced it into my friend's vagina. I looked at Al, barely inches from his wife's raped body, his cock fully erect as the man plunged deep into Susan's dry channel. One of the blacks grabbed her hair and jerked her head up as he whispered something in her ear. Slowly she nodded as she closed her eyes and opened her mouth. The man fucking her pushed her forward until she could reach her husband's cock. With one hand she grasped it and brought it to her lips. Al was frantic as Susan stroked his cock several time before she took the tip in her mouth and sucked on it. He flexed his hips pushing his cock further into his wife's mouth as the man behind her savagely fucked her now wet pussy. The man gripped Susan's hips, brutally thrusting into her, forcing her husband's cock deeper into her mouth with each hard thrust.

The man behind me had paused to watch Susan's ordeal. I could tell that Al was close as he humped his hips, driving his cock deep in her throat, his mouth open, gasping as he reached his limit. I saw Susan's eyes open as Al bellowed out his climax and filled his wife's mouth full of his cum. The man behind Susan sped up his fucking and in a few seconds, he too came and filled Susan's pussy with his thick cum. She had to swallow her husband's cum to keep from choking and when she turned her head to cough his cock withdrew, leaving strings of white cum running from the cock tip to her lower lip. Quickly the man pulled out of her battered pussy only to be replaced by another man. Susan's bound husband watched, his spent dick hanging limp as the man penetrated his wife's cum filled pussy and began a slow, steady movement in and out of her.

Suddenly I heard a scream on the other side of me and turned to see Sandy, on her hands and knees, squirming to get away from several men holding her. One man was on his back and Sandy was forced to sit on him as he fucked into her pussy. The man put his arms around her and pulled her forward, exposing her ass as the other man attempted to drive his cock into her anus.

She fought the men until her husband, bound to the wall screamed in pain as one of the other men grabbed and squeezed his balls. He warned her, "If you want your husband to be a soprano, keep fighting." Sandy pleaded with them as she stopped struggling and the second man positioned his cock tip at her hole and pushed forward.

"Ohhhhh, please, please. It hurts," she moaned as the cock entered her bowels. Her husband watched helplessly as the obscene double rape continued on Sandy's body. Her head hung down, tears running down her cheeks as the two men pushed in and out of her.

My vision was blocked as another man stepped between my head and my bound husband. He held my shoulders as the man behind me cut the dress off of me. I braced myself when I felt the tip of his cock push against my slit and sharply drew in my breath as he cock was forced deep into me. He held the cock there as the man in front of me grabbed my hair and forced my head up. He ran the tip of his cock over my lips as he commanded me to open my mouth. My body and spirit broken, I parted my lips and he pushed the cock passed my teeth into my mouth. Grasping my hair he started to work his dick in and out as he stepped a little bit aside. The hands in my hair forced my head to follow, his cock still slowly fucking my face. I realized that my husband could see the cock entering my mouth and the movement of the man raping my vagina. I also saw that John had a raging hard on as he watched his wife being forced to submit to the lust of these two men.

Apparently the man raping my mouth was very excited at the thought of having a white American woman suck him off in front of her husband because, with out warning, I could feel the cum enter my mouth as he came. He held my head on his cock forcing me to swallow his seed in order to breath. I couldn't believe how much cum he put in me, some ran out the side of my mouth and dripped down on my chin.

The guy behind me began to push me forward as the other man withdrew from my sticky mouth. I was pushed to where my husbands raging cock was close to my head and I knew what they wanted me to do. I opened my mouth and drew my husband completely in me as the man between my legs continued to pound his cock deep into my vagina.

My body was pushed forward each time the man thrust his hips and drove his cock deep into my pussy. My husband's cock was leaking precum as he watched his wife, submissively on my hands and knees while a complete stranger fucked me. I could taste the salty fluid as he tried to hold back.

I felt a hand run under my stomach and the fingers find my clitoris. The fingers felt lower and gathered my lubrication as the cock moved in and out of me. They returned to the nub and rolled it with the lubrication. The effect was electric and I felt the first sparks of pleasure as the clit was rubbed in the smooth lotion. I gasp around my husband's cock as the pleasure built in my loins and spread to my nipples. I knew that they were about to make me cum in front of my husband, but the pleasure had become such that I didn't care.

The man fucking into me sped up and with a loud grunt came in my vagina. I bucked frantically against him, trying to reach my own orgasm, but he started to withdraw and violently I jerked my head around and screamed, "NO, NO, YOU BASTARD, DON'T STOP, DON"T STOPPPPPPPPPPPP." I pushed my hips back as he withdrew, trying to maintain contact, but to no avail. I almost sobbed as the need for sexual release over powered my reasoning.

It was too much for my husband and I felt the first jet of his ejaculation hit my cheek. The next jet went into my hair and hands guided my mouth back to the spurting tip as the rest of his load emptied into me.

I felt another man mount me and push his cock deep in my soaked passage and to my relief, the hand return to my clitoris. I continued sucking on John's cock when suddenly, my eyes flew open as I felt suction on my nipples and saw two of the men, on their backs with their heads under my breasts. They had raised their heads and the mouths and tongues teased my nipples causing me to groan in passion.

The men drove me to and beyond the edge and I screamed as the orgasm overwhelmed me. It was also too much for the cock in me because I felt the jet of his cum even as my orgasm caused the contraction of my vagina around the spurting cock. On and on it went until I was a wasted cum soaked heap on the floor. I glanced at my husband's cock and it was still rigid. I was too spent to be mad so I just lay there as Susan was brought over and forced to knee in front of John.

I could see from the flush of her face and upper chest that she must have had an orgasm too. Fascinated, I watched as she reached out with her hand and grasped my husband's cock. Stroking him gently, she smiled as she looked up into his eyes and slowly moved her mouth to the tip. I heard him moan as she moved the leaking tip over her lips, making them glisten with his cum.

To be continued...

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