tagRomanceTerry and David

Terry and David


At nineteen and within two weeks of high school graduation, David was a virgin. If truth be told, he'd never seen---let alone touched---a real live, bare female breast. He'd gotten his hand just above the knee with a girl he had dated for a few weeks but she had arrested his progress by slamming her knees together and slapping his hand.

He'd never gotten a blow job, hand job or any other kind of "job." He'd never had a girl touch his cock even through his jeans. The only things that kept him from going crazy were jerking off and the realization from locker room chats that he was not alone. At least he wasn't weird; misery loves company.

He was walking home from the local teen hangout in the small country town. He only lived a few blocks away. It was Friday night and the tiny main street was jammed with the parked cars of his high school classmates. He probably would have had to park so far away that it would have been a longer walk than from his home.

Walking a few yards behind him were the Lester sisters, Gayle and Terry. He'd never dated either of them. Terry was actually older than he was by a few weeks and in the same senior class. Gayle was a junior and had just turned eighteen.

David would be going off to college in the fall; no one seriously expected Gayle and Terry to do so. They'd graduate from high school, take a job at the local mill, probably marry some local loser who beat them up and have too many babies. They weren't unattractive; they wore their jeans a little too tight and often acted slutty or adopted a bad girl persona. He had gotten to know Terry a little bit during the senior play. As high school social circles go, David and the Lester sisters were not in the same clique.

He and his friends had certainly talked about them; the assumption was that they probably "put out" but, high school social status being what it was, none in his circle wanted to be "seen" on a date with one of the Lester girls. Their mother was a bit of a hag and too many nights anchored a prominent bar stool at the local hotel bar. Their father worked at the local abattoir, a nice word for slaughter house. He worked a late shift and would generally join his wife at the bar when he got off. They'd get drunk and have a public argument. There was no nice way of saying it: even in this poor, isolated farming community with few white collar employment opportunities, the Lesters were trash.

"David! Wait up!" Terry intoned. Terry had overlapped social circles a tiny bit thanks to her involvement in the senior play. David slowed, and then stopped. Their house was in the same direction as his albeit on the other side of the tracks. No one would think anything if they were seen walking together---the three of them.

Possibly it was the frustration of being a nineteen year old virgin or the fact that he hadn't jerked off yet that Friday. The two girls looked kind of cute; they both had that same nasty grin. If one didn't know better, one would have thought they were twins although their body styles were dissimilar. He felt his cock stir in his jeans. What the hell.

"Hi, Terry! What are you girls up to tonight?"

"We're bored; we're going to go home and listen to records. Our folks are down south at the state fair. Daddy's boss is showing some beef cattle down there. They won't be back until Sunday."

That certainly sounded like an invitation to him but he wasn't sure to what. His own father and mother were also at the state fair, chaperoning a group of kids from school who had homemaking and agriculture projects entered in competition. He'd already gotten a short call from them earlier; they were frugal people and wouldn't waste the money on another expensive long distance call. He was a good kid who never got in any trouble. They'd left him alone on numerous occasions and he had never given them any reason to be concerned.

He was pretty sure he didn't want to accompany the girls across the railroad tracks to what was the seedy side of town.

"My folks are down there too. My house is only a couple of blocks away. I've got records. Why don't you come to my house?"

The two sisters giggled, looked at each other conspiratorially, giggled some more and then agreed in unison. David's cock twitched again. In under five minutes, the three teens were plopped together on the sofa in his parents' small living room. David popped some TV Time and got them all sodas; few, if any teens of the era, drank alcoholic beverages and the girls showed no indication that they wished to do so.

"My records are up in my room; I'll go get them."

"Do you have a record player in your room?"


"Why don't we listen up there? We can all get comfortable."

David had never had a girl in his room with the door closed and only twice with the door open and even then his mother had hovered nearby. His cocked twitched again.

Up in his bedroom, David put a stack of records on the small record player; the sisters flopped down on his bed. He started to take the one chair in the room.

"There's plenty of room! You have a really big bed!"

He had a double bed only because his folks had upgraded to a Queen size and he had inherited the hand-me-down but he had come to understand that most of his friends had a single bed or twins beds. Before he could join them, Gayle hopped up, turned on the small bed side lamp and turned off the bright overhead. The room grew quite dim; it was only a fifteen watt bulb not a reading lamp.

"Why don't you get in the middle, David?" Gayle said before flopping back down on the bed. He did so.

The three of them talked together as teens do. Gayle had surreptitiously moved over closer to the middle; her hip was touching his. Terry had placed her small hand on his arm. His dick was in full twitch mode. Both girls had allowed their normally modest skirts to slide up. He realized that Gayle's was so far up that he could just glimpse the bottom edge of her white cotton panties. Terry had unbuttoned at least one button on her white cotton blouse; he could see the swell of her full breasts and a hint of the brown circles which surrounded her nipples.

Gayle's hand slid over and rested on his thigh; Terry's hand was, in essence, on his hip, inches from his throbbing cock. Gayle rolled her body toward him; her hot breath on his neck excited him. She moved in closer and one of her legs slipped under his. Her other leg casually flopped over his leg. He felt her hot little mound on his thigh even through his jeans. Terry rolled toward him and in doing so advanced her hand directly over his throbbing pecker. He'd have loved to be cool, calm and collected but he almost jumped out of his skin. It had not been an accidental brush of the hand; she was now slowing rubbing his cock through his jeans.

"Terry...if you keep that up...I'm going to..."

"Cum in your pants? That would be very messy...wouldn't it?"

"Uh, huh..." he whispered.

"It feels really big, David...very hard."

Before he knew it, Gayle had reached over, unsnapped his Wranglers and unzipped his fly. He wasn't wearing a belt as was the fashion of the time. Terry's hand darted inside, initially cupping his hard balls and then stroking his rock hard organ. Gayle moved up and kissed him, nuzzling her hot little mouth up his chest and unbuttoning his blue work shirt as she progressed. She kissed his neck and then found his lips. Her tongue darted inside. He reciprocated. While not having gotten laid in his life, he had learned a lot about kissing so he was on solid ground in that department.

When Terry sat up and started to pull his jeans and briefs down, he didn't protest; he raised his butt off the bed to help her. She didn't stop until he was naked below the waist. Gayle's hand quickly replaced her sister's on his cock. Terry began to work her mouth across his face ending up at his lips and initiating her own probing. Breaking the kiss, she grinned at her sister.

"Hardly seems fair, sis. David's almost naked and we..."

Gayle began slowly removing her blouse and the bra beneath almost in strip tease fashion. David's eyes were so glued to her chest that he missed the fact that Terry had started below the waist. It was only when she grabbed his hand and pushed it against her hairy little muff that he realized that she had lost both the skirt and the undies. He ripped his gaze away from her sister's cute little boobies to find her puffy little pussy inches from his face and he was spellbound. Gayle grabbed his other hand a few seconds later and placed it at the place where her short legs joined. Her cunt was almost bare.

So here he was. Gayle and Terry were both kissing him; somehow his shirt had also gone by the wayside. Gayle was softly cupping his nuts and Terry was stroking his cock. He was in his own bed with two not unattractive and very naked teenage girls. Terry stopped kissing him and spoke.

"David...you're a virgin...aren't you?" He confessed. Whatever was going to happen, he didn't think it mattered if they knew the truth.

"Okay, well, as much as I'm sure you and some of your friends think otherwise---so are we. It doesn't mean we don't enjoy fooling around but we don't...'do it'."

David was confused; Gayle continued his education. "David, we don't intend to end up like Pam or Jeannie, knocked up and forced to marry some ass hole---or raise a baby ourselves without a father. Mom made that mistake; daddy is not exactly the cream of the crop. We may be white trash but we're not stupid."

Terry took over from her younger sister. "Rubbers are not only uncomfortable---they break! Ask Linda who is just going to graduate before she drops a kid. It's not like there is some magic pill out there that will keep you from getting knocked up!"

"There's something called a cap that women wear inside---fat chance old Doc Pete would write either of us a prescription for one---even if we could afford it, " Gayle injected.

"There's supposed to be a 'safe' time of the month---but it only works if the curse comes regular---and our periods aren't remotely regular!" Terry explained.

"So, David, the rules are simple; we can have fun and play but don't you even think about putting that big pecker of yours in my pussy or my sister's---if you do, I'll scratch your eyes out and the fun will end and we will leave. Any questions?" Gayle inquired.

"No...I guess not. I've read about 'doing it'...watched some porno movies up at Bill's dad's cabin..."

"Don't worry, David...you're a smart boy...you strike me as a fast learner. Poor baby! You need to cum or your balls are going to explode. Let's take care of that problem first and then we need to cum too...and you are going to help make that happen. Do you want to do the honors, sis?"

"Age before beauty...go ahead, Terry."

"You're going to enjoy this, David...more than you ever dreamed."

And with that the lusty nineteen year old engulfed young David's cock and he came a few seconds later. To his utter shock, she swallowed it all. An older boy who had since graduated had once thrilled his younger locker room companions with tales of the blow jobs that his steady gave him each day after school and before sports practice. She would spit his cum out into a tissue and toss it out the car window. Terry had swallowed...she was a swallower, not a spitter...wow. And then she grinned at him.

"Kiss me, David...you're always supposed to kiss a girl after she lets you cum in her mouth." He obeyed and found the taste a bit disconcerting. Like every boy, he had tasted his own jiz before and not found it that appealing. Then again tasting its remains in Terry's hot little mouth was a different thing altogether.

"You've never gone down on a girl...have you, David?" Terry inquired and he shook his head in answer. "Okay, well, it's time for a short anatomy lesson." With those words Terry moved her fluffy little muff close to his face and spread her folds open with her fingers.

"That little nub there is my love button...my clit. That's where a girl is most sensitive---very sensitive. Kiss it, tongue it, suck on it, run your tongue around it---carefully! You're not trying to remove paint...be gentle. A finger inside here---clean finger---no nails for Christ's sake. Touch my breasts...they are very sensitive...don't pinch...don't squeeze! Any questions? I think you need a visual aid, as Coach Snook calls it."

Terry hopped out of the bed and went around to her sister's side. As if on cue Gayle spread her pleasantly plump young thighs obscenely. To his surprise, Terry quickly moved her head in and began to eat her little sister's pussy.

"Get over here, David! What good is a visual aid if you don't have a good seat at the front of the class?" Terry extolled.

Gayle started to move, moan and whimper. She began caressing her own pert breasts; he could see the beads of sweat breaking out on her face.

"Come on over to this side, David...it's your turn."

David took Terry's place between her sister's thighs with no hesitation. When the musky aroma of her nearly bare little eighteen year old cunt hit him, instinct seemed to take over. He tackled his assigned duties with diligence. Terry moved back to the bed and began mouthing her little sister's small tits. Gayle came, clamping his head between her thighs. He looked up expectantly as if expecting a grade.

"Not bad for your first time, David," Gayle said. "Not quite up to Terry's level but a solid 'B'."

The two sisters ended up staying in David's bed for the rest of the night. They were a little afraid to walk home after midnight in view of the rumor that there were some unsavory characters on the other side of the tracks. He offered to drive them home but told them they could stay if they wanted to.

At some point during the night, David got as close to actually fucking Terry as he figured he'd ever get. She was so afraid of pregnancy that she inserted a tampon, made him wrap the head of his dick with a piece of Saran Wrap---she was brand conscious---and let him rub his thus-sheathed cock around her opening and just slightly inside. On another occasion, Gayle pushed her plump thighs tightly together and let him fuck her between her thighs with his cum splashing harmlessly on his sheets beneath her. Just before dawn as an exhausted Gayle snored, Terry had one more titillating surprise for him.

Terry's ass had always fascinated David and most of his male friends. She really didn't have the distinct breeder hips her sister displayed but she had a delightful bump to her butt that no clothing completely hid.

"David, rub your pecker between the cheeks of my butt; I really like that and I'm sure you will too."

Terry was an athletic girl; David had to believe that the intense pressure she exerted on his raging cock with her pert little butt cheeks was as tight as her pussy might be. When she reached back and spread her globes with her hands he saw her tight little ass hole and without thinking or asking rubbed the head of his cock around it and over it.

David knew older kids who had talked about having anal sex with a girl...'rural teenage birth control' it had been called in a major national news magazine article. It certainly had not sounded that appealing. His explorations were stopped when Terry rolled over and looked at him. He assumed he had strayed over the line.

"I know you beat off...where is it?"


"Where's your petroleum jelly...isn't that what you use?"

"Uh, huh. It's under the mattress."

"Get it." He did as he had been asked.

"I've never done it before, David...a finger...sure...if you want to...you're not too grossed out...you can put it in there...but for Christ's sake use a lot of that stuff...inside me...and on your dick."

David found the process of shoving ample fingers full of petrolatum up inside Terry's tight little rectum extremely dirty but not unappealing. When he sensed that he had completed the task, he slathered an ample portion on his cock just as he did when he jerked off.

As he positioned his bulbous cock head at her tiny opening he could see no way in the world how it was going to fit.

"Go very slowly...if I say stop...stop...do you understand?" He didn't answer but heeded her warning. She gasped when his fat cock head broke through her anal ring. He was shocked at the way it had opened and then clamped down on his cock. She put her hand back to signal when he could advance and when he needed to stop to allow her to adjust.

It was furnace hot and far tighter than either girl's willing little mouths or clamped thighs. As Terry seemed to get more comfortable, she moved with him. He was actually fucking a girl...albeit in the wrong hole but beggars can't be choosy.

He came sooner than he wanted to but lasted longer than he had thought he would. Terry came thanks to a little help from her adroit fingers. At that moment, David felt a genuine affection and tenderness for the young woman who had just let him cum in her sweet little ass. He kissed her neck and nuzzled her back. She broke away and dashed to the bathroom in the hall. She returned quickly and they just held each other until both drifted off to sleep.

He drove the sisters home the next morning; they had chores to do before their parents returned home the following day. He had hoped Saturday night would be a repeat of his amazing Friday experience but evidently their folks came home a day early since her dad's boss's cattle had not advanced to the final competition.

David and the Lester sisters did not get a chance to get together again in the two weeks before he graduated. He hugged them at graduation and they exchanged a quick kiss. Three days later he left the area for a summer job before college. He lost touch with most of the people there pretty quickly.

A few years later he called a farmer who was the father of a kid who had been his best friend in high school. Much to his surprise, his old friend was going to college in Atlanta and David would be there around Christmas. His college was on a different schedule so his high school pal would still be there. They embraced warmly and walked over to the Varsity for some chili dogs and onion rings.

His friend had for his first couple of years of college gone home regularly. It was obvious that his father wanted him to come back and take over the farm since his oldest son was somewhat irresponsible. Herb was studying to be an engineer, not to be a farmer. He never ended up going back home to live and visited less often as the years went on. Still, he was far more up on the happenings back home than David was and brought him up to date on all the gossip. At some point, David asked him about the Lester sisters.

"Kind of a sad story and it happened not that long after we left. You know their parents used to get drunk and fight---in public. I guess daddy was fooling around with some fat little bitch at the slaughter house. He came in the hotel bar one night; she was already there and drunk. Before anyone knew what happened, she pulled out a gun and shot him at close range through the heart. Then she stuck the damn thing in her mouth and blew the back of her head off. The girls were over eighteen so social services---I think that's what they call it now---really didn't give a shit. They didn't even own the house and they had debts.

"Gayle ended up marrying one of the Abrams boys---Seth---just a few months back. Much to everyone's surprise, he actually has amounted to something. He got a two year degree at vocational school and got a good job when the new paper mill opened up. I'm pretty sure Gayle works there too. He's working on his BS at night and word has it that he's got a promising career there. They were smarter than we might have guessed; she got on the pill and they're waiting to have kids until they can buy their own place. She turned into a very pretty girl."

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