tagErotic CouplingsThai Spices Ch. 01

Thai Spices Ch. 01


While I enjoy a wide variety of cuisines, I must continually remind myself that I am getting older and the things my iron clad stomach once handled easily, now can be dangerous extravagances. The man who would face habaneras with but a single bead of sweat on his forehead, who would munch jalapeños with glee, and happily consume the thai peppers his friends picked out of their food found himself asking the question, "Just how spicy is it?" more and more. I couldn't help but wonder when I'd be settling for cream of wheat and warm milk.

Ah, but that time has not yet arrived and with just a touch of common sense I had been able to maintain my eclectic taste with very few sleepless nights. It all came down to moderation, in quantity but also in the spice. This was easy to do when visiting my regular haunts but, when I venture out down the dark alleyways, on dirt roads and or into deep forests in search of that perfect "authentic" taste I have to be careful.

Like so many things in life, spice is a relative thing and hot and spicy for one person is mild and boring for another, so I found myself consistently searching for some scale of gradation for spices. You've seen them in some menus, the one, two or three spices drawn next to a menu item. Unfortunately a two in one restaurant is the equivalent to a one in another and a three, or four in a third restaurant, like I said, it's all relative.

I was apprehensive as I went out in search of a restaurant recommended by a friend of mine, who, in spite of the fact he walks on a prosthetic leg and is missing an arm from the elbow down, I've found his restaurant suggestions to be quite astute. Although I do believe I would think twice before trying any Cajun place he might suggest, especially one anywhere near a swamp or bayou. This particular restaurant was a Thai restaurant located close to the center of the city.

It took some searching but I finally found the narrow alley he described in his directions and I turned in. With my mirrors inches from scraping the buildings on both sides, I crept down until I saw a door with a single light bulb hanging from above. The name of the place was written in what I assumed was the Thai language in magic marker on the door. Holding up the sketch of the letters my friend had given me, I confirmed this was the place, so I pulled forward to where the alley opened up just wide enough for about three parking places.

I parked in the only open space and stepped out of my car, pressing the lock button three different times before I was fully satisfied that the doors were locked. Heading to the door I took my keys and tapped lightly three times. The door immediately opened and I whispered, "Mr. Quaylong sent me."

The reception person, a tall oriental man looking to weigh about 350 pounds of pure muscle said politely, "Please follow me Mr...."

"Jannett, John Jannet," I replied.

"Please follow me Mr. John-Jannet," he said.

I followed him as he lumbered down the long corridor and came to an ornately carved red door. The handle to open the door was actually a carved dragon head. Once the door opened a lady in a silk gown welcomed me and I followed her into the restaurant. She was so graceful that instead of walking, she simply seemed to glide in front of me.

Once I was seated, a waiter seemed to appear out of the woodwork and said, "Good evening Mr. John-Jannet..."

"It's Jannet, Mr. Jannet. My first name is John."

"Yes sir Mr. John-Jannet, Mr. Quaylong has made arrangements for you. We have a special dinner prepared, we just need to have you select the spices you prefer."

"Okay," I said, giving up on the name distinction, "how do I do that?"

"Well, first is the appetizer, if you so desire."

Figuring I might as well go for the full experience I replied, "Yes, please."

He nodded, took one step backward and then seemed to disappear into the woodwork. Some very twangy oriental music played softly in the background as I studied the paneling on the wall, looking very closely where the waiter would appear and disappear from. By staring long enough I was able to discern a slight wavering in the wood and figured it must be a holographic image that he could simply walk through.

Sure enough, the image seemed to vibrate and then the waiter was standing in front of him holding a platter of several different types of meat. He placed the platter in front of me and then arranged three bowls to the side, each on containing a spicy looking sauce. The first was almost a light pink color, the second a darker nearly olive tone and the last nearly black.

"We have a grilled selection for you, this is cormorant, here is lean goose, here is chicken, and here we have the pork."

"Thank you," I replied.

I grabbed a fork and speared one of the pieces of meat and was about to dip it in the sauce when the waiter said, "No, no, no, Mr. John-Jannet, I must tell you of the sauces."

"Sorry," I said, shrugging.

"The sauces range from a mild hot to a very spicy hot, but what you have in the bowls is not finished, we are missing one ingredient, which you must add according to your taste," he stepped back and clapped his hands.

Three young women stepped through the wall. They all wore what appeared to be very colorful sweat pants but nothing above their waists. All three must have been in the kitchen or something because they all were sweating profusely. The first was a petite woman with small, pointed breasts with light colored areola and nipples, the second woman was a bit taller with larger breasts and a darker skin tone. Her areola and nipples seemed to be a deep olive color. The last woman was even taller with very large breasts, though oriental, her skin tone was very dark and her nipples we almost an ebony color.

Glancing down at the sauces I noticed how the color of the sauces seemed to match the color of the areola and nipples on each of the three women. Glancing up at their faces, all three had their hair tied up and their faces were covered in sweat too. All three were very beautiful and I couldn't help but notice the earthy sweet aroma coming from their bodies. I could feel my cock getting hard from just looking at and smelling the women.

"If I may demonstrate," the waiter said to me grabbing a brush from the table. He ran the brush over the first woman's breast letting the bristles absorb the sweat from her and then he dipped it into the light pink sauce and painted it on one of the pieces of cormorant. Nodding to me he pointed to my fork.

I stuck the fork into the meat and raised it to my mouth. The meat was tasty, but the sauce was delicious, just slightly salty with an odd sweetness to the taste. It was, quite frankly, the most unique and satisfying taste I have experienced eating in my life. Anxious to try some more, I reached for a brush but the waiter held up his hand.

"Please notice these women may taste differently in different parts of the body," he said, pointing to the armpit of the middle woman and then reaching over and lifting the breast of the large woman and pointing underneath. "However, you must not use your brush above their neck or below their pantaloons. We also request that you do not mix the women and sauces, in other words the light sauce is for the woman with the light, how you say it, nipples? Yes, nipples. The middle sauce for the woman with the slightly darker nipples and so on. This is important because some of the women are allergic to some of the spices. Now please enjoy."

I simply lost myself in the dining experience, savoring the sweat flavored sauces on the meat, discerning the slightest in variation in taste between the delicate sweat dripping from a nipple, to the more heady sweat under her arms, and the briny taste from beneath the large woman's breasts. Of course my cock was achingly hard as I ate the appetizers and when I finished the last piece of meat each woman leaned forward and let me suckle their breasts for a few moments.

When I finished suckling their breasts and nipples, they walked back through the wall and disappeared. My waiter then stepped in and said, "I hope the appetizers were to your liking."

"Oh yes, the best I have ever experienced."

"Very good, now we will take you to another table for the main course."

As I stood up I could feel my erection pressing awkwardly against my pants and quickly reached down to adjust myself. Glancing back at the waiter I noticed that he spotted my adjustment.

"Ah, you found the women exciting. Do not worry about that," he said, nodding down to the bulge still apparent in my pants, "it will be taken care of when we prepare dessert. Now please follow me."

Adjusting myself again I followed the man through the wall wondering just what I was about to taste as the main course. And then, of course, comes dessert.

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