tagRomanceThanksgiving Ch. 1

Thanksgiving Ch. 1


Every year Hayley would go to the cabin in mountains with her family and spend Thanksgiving. It was a ritual that began with her father and continued with her children. All her brothers and sisters and their families would go up and enjoy the first snowfall of the year. It was always a feeling of returning home after playing in the snow for the day. A hot fire, puzzles, drinking hot chocolate, popcorn and snuggling with each other watching movies or reading a book.

This year would be the first year without her husband. Just recently separated she felt the need to be there with her family. It had been a rough year in many ways, physically and emotionally. Since she made the decision to break away from this relationship it had taken it's toll on her. She was finally feeling back in the groove with life. Almost ready to begin dating, but not quite. This vacation with her family would rejuvenate her and give her back perspective again. Somehow her family always gave her back and feed her exactly what she needed.

She was the youngest in her family of ten and most of her brothers looked over her. Some she hadn't seen in years and it was the perfect time to catch up on each others lives. Her brother Peter had brought a friend up with him. Peter had divorced three years earlier and she was there for him. When she saw Peter she ran and hugged him so hard and began to cry. Letting loose some of her pain that she carried emotional baggage. Whenever she was with Peter, he made her feel so good about herself. After she let go, she apologized noticing a man behind him standing with a suitcase. Peter smiled and moved aside announcing that he had brought his buddy from work Trevor. Trevor was tall and dark and under the baseball cap on his head, he had very nice eyes. Trevor walked past Hayley and smiled. His smile just about melted her insides as she wiped her tears. His smile was captivating her, she was having a hard time tearing away as he brushed past her. Then she smelled him, oh, he smelled wonderful. Not too much cologne just enough and it was flattering to his scent. Peter grabbed a hold of Hayley's hand and pulled him toward her and wrapped his arms around her. "Sis, I missed you! Why don't you call me anymore? and where's Tim? She told him, "we'll have time to talk later. I'll have to tell you what's going on with me." She then whispered to Peter, "I've finally separated from Tim." Peter hugged her even harder and said, "Congratulations, I wondered when you'd be rid of him." Laughing he stood up and asked where he would be sleeping. Grabbing his gear and Trevor following behind looking out of place.

Hayley followed the men to the dorm room. That's what the family called it. They packed all the singles into one room and it worked. She had her stuff in the corner and told Peter to take the bed close to her so they could talk until they fell to sleep. Trevor set his stuff down where Hayley had said, as he walked into the room. Peter pressed Trevor, "Trevor, this is my sister Hayley, the one I've told you about." Trevor smiled and put his hand out to hers "nice to meet you, Hayley, Pete has told me a lot about you." She felt his electricity when she shook his hand. Feeling her mouth begin to hang, she noticed and smiled shaking her head agreeing with him. Unable to utter a word while their hands touched. Peter laughed and broke the ice, taking Hayley and pushed her on the bed and jumped on top of her, tickling her till she screamed "uncle." Standing up and running to the bathroom, telling Peter "I'll get you back, I almost pee'd my pants from laughing so hard."

Peter and Trevor sat their things down and Peter asked Trevor, "What do you think of her?" Peter responded "I love her laugh and smile." They continued to discuss how the family was and what would be expected of Trevor while he stayed with them. The entire family loved to laugh and also loved to cuddle and hug one another. Practical jokes were all part of the initiation of the family to see if the person that was staying with them was up to par. Peter was warning Trevor about the little things to look for and how to respond.

Hayley left the boys to talk and settle in and returned to the kitchen. Kitchen detail was her area for the evening meal, it was Mexican night and she was preparing chili verde, rice and beans. To drink they were having margaritas the families favorite. As the family was on their fifth picture of margaritas dinner was ready. Feeding the children first and getting them all set down. Then the adults began to get their plates, Peter and Trevor were the last ones out. They ended up making their plates of food with Hayley and sitting down to eat together. During dinner Trevor slowly began to open up talking to Hayley. Throughout the entire meal, Hayley couldn't tear her eyes from Trevor's listen intently to every word he uttered. Feeling as though she was becoming hypnotized by him, his voice was deep and luring. Making her insides flutter roll, she hardly ate a bite but did however drink plenty of margaritas.

After everyone had complimented Hayley on the delicious meal they had finished. The children all ran off to watch a movie while the adults turned up the music in the kitchen and dining room and began to sing and dance. As Hayley stood she found herself quite a bit loose and feeling rather giggly. Peter took her hand and placed a hand around her waste and began to four step with her. Around and around Hayley was still giggling from too many margaritas. Found herself dancing from Peter to Trevor. Once she was in his hands, she felt that energy surge through her body. What she had felt earlier when she shook his hand. It was a shock through her body. She stopped giggling and ran to the bathroom.

Scared from the feeling she felt from him, she stared into the mirror and looked at herself and thought. Why, would he be attracted to me? I'm so average. Then her thoughts moved to, What would it be like to actually have sex with another man. She looked at her medium frame and nice full breasts and cupped them into her hands. Turning sideways looking at herself. I am attractive, why do I let Tim's comments bother me like that. He always told her how average she was and not very beautiful. Just to strip her from her self esteem and keep her where he wanted her. At home having babies taking care of him. She had been a virgin when she was married and the thought of actually having sex with another man terrified her. It had to be because she had too much to drink, she had better eat something before she made a fool of herself. She headed back out into the dining area.

Peter walked up to her and asked if she was okay. She nodded yes and said, I better eat something. Peter replied, yes you didn't eat a bite during dinner did you? Why was that? Too busy looking into Trevor's eyes perhaps? He laughed and hugged her. As they walked into the kitchen she could feel Trevor's eyes watching her. Without looking she headed for the chips and began to eat. Peter asked, do you think an evening walk would help you my dear sister? I am beginning to feel a bit better, and yes a walk would be just what the doctor ordered.

Peter grabbed their coats and gloves walked over to Trevor and asked him to go with them handing his coat over. They began to walk along the street which had banks of snow pushed to the sides which was like a barricade sheltering them from the cabins surrounding theirs. The night was clear and all the stars were out you could see the moon out it was almost a full moon. So the night was bright bouncing off the snow made it even brighter. The air was crisp and smelled of pine. As the three of them walked down the street they huddled together holding hands. Hayley in the middle with her mitten couldn't feel that energy surge from Trevor. Good thing since her brother was there Trevor made her insides do flip flops. It had been such a long time since any man has made her feel like this. While they walked Hayley began to tell Peter about her break up with Tim. It was her voice the entire walk, both men listened not saying a word. They walked for quite a while and ended back up in front of the cabin. Peter stopped and gave Hayley a huge hug and said, Sis, I wish you would have called and told me this I hate to see you going through this alone. Hayley replied, I know, but I did have to do this on my own otherwise, Tim wouldn't have understood why. He always thought you and I were too close and was even jealous of our relationship. Sick eh? Thank you, Peter and she hugged him back. Peter then asked, "Anyone up for some coffee?" Trevor finally spoke and said he would love some, and Hayley nodded. Peter excused himself and said I'll go make the coffee while you too get to know each other.

Trevor smiled at Hayley as Peter walked back into the cabin. He asked her if he had done something to upset her earlier when they began to dance. Hayley replied, No, I'm sorry the margaritas just rushed too my head and I felt a little ill. Good, it felt good being close to you, he replied. Trevor said, may I be bold for a moment? Sure, please do, said Hayley. Every time I touch you I feel such energy illuminate into me. I know that's silly, he said. Hayley's mouth hung open. She said, I have to be honest with you if I may. I too felt that coming from you. Never have I ever felt anything like that from a man. It scared me and that's why I ran into the bathroom. Both smiling at one another they began to huddle it was very cold and they needed the warmth.

Trevor opened his jacket and took her under his wing. Instantly, Hayley felt such comfort in him. The two found the bench and sat looking up into the night sky. Watching the stars and moon light the night. Neither saying a word, it was very romantic Hayley thought. Just feeling so warm and secure with another man she was eased by being in his arms she wanted to feel his lips pressed into hers. Trevor just sat and held her though, no passes nothing but warmth and comfort from him. Hayley asked Trevor his age and he was younger than she was, which was okay but surprised her a bit. Trevor was an engineer for a aero tech company. It was the same company her brother worked and not far from where she lived. Trevor began to open up to her telling her about his past marriages. That his divorce had just been finalize about 3 months earlier. The first marriage was he got married for all the wrong reasons and it wasn't good. The second he was married for 10 years before he found his wife had an affair with her boss. He admitted to her, that when he first saw her jump into Peter's arms he was taken by her and then couldn't tear his eyes from her. Hayley was so flattered, she giggled and didn't know quite what to reply to him. Trevor then continued not allowing her to say anything at that moment. Trevor admitted that he had seen picture of her and thought she was very attractive from her smile and asked Peter to bring him just to meet you. Trevor's confessions didn't stop there, he said, ever since I saw the pictures of you I've been fantasizing about you. Hayley was dumbfounded unable to utter a word.

Peter walked out with a thermos of coffee and two cups and a blanket. He saw them huddled on the bench and said, what, no room for me? Seeing the blanket in hand, they both said, over here over here. Laughing Peter walked over and handed them the blanket and set the coffee on the bench. Sorry you two, I'm not going to stay I nephew and niece duty.

The two watched him walk back inside the cabin. Trevor took the blanket and spread it over their laps. He leaned over and took the thermos and opened it and poured two cups. He handed a cup to Hayley and as the two sipped the coffee and watching the heat from the coffee rise. Hayley spoke, "Trevor, you make me feel so comfortable and secure. Good, replied Trevor. It's been a while since I've trusted a woman and I trust you Hayley.

Hayley began to wondered if Trevor was going to kiss her like she imagined earlier. Finally, she asked Trevor will you kiss me? Astonished the words just flowed from her brain out her mouth. Trevor smiled and said, would you like me to kiss you Hayley? Yes, I do, said Hayley. Still with coffee cups in their hands, Trevor leaned toward Hayley's full lips and gently kissed once then again and again. The first time his soft lips touch hers it melted her insides. No longer did she feel the bite of the cold outside. It was everything and more than she had imagined. How was that? Trevor asked. She was floating in another world and felt the urgency to return. Ah ah ah was all she could utter.

Trevor took the coffee cup from her hands and placed it on the bench with his. Took off his gloves and placed his warm strong hands on her face and turned his head and kissed her once again, this time with every peck he began to suck her lips, then her tongue preying for her to open wide for him. The kisses began very softly and gentle and began to build with such intensity and passion.

Hayley had been living the past 10 years with no passion in her life. Trevor's passionate kisses stirred not only her insides but she couldn't help but feel her body building and releasing heat. No longer were the two of them huddled to stay warm. They were huddled as one trying to get inside one another. The last time she had kissed anyone in this way was her husband when she was still a virgin. All those terrified thoughts of being with another man just flew out into the night sky. It was so romantic outside kissing under the moon lit sky, she whispered to Trevor. I know we just met, but I want you to make love to me. Those were the words he longed to hear his fantasy was happening and he was going fulfill it. He opened up her jacket and she did his at the same time. Exposing her full soft breasts to the cold air instantly made her nipples erect. He took one look and leaned over and cupped them and kissed each with his mouth. As he did each one he flicked his tongue over them. His touches were very delicate and yet so powerful because of his energy. He moved his mouth down her stomach and unbuttoned her pants and unzipped them kneeling down in front of her pulling them down to her ankles. He spread her legs apart kissing her legs and then feeling with his fingertips finding her golden pot filled with her nectar. Flicking his tongue over her clit while he spread open her lips wide with his fingers on one hand taking the other hand and dipping them into the golden pot and spreading her juices all over up and down. Repetitively he continued his dance with his tongue and dipping his two fingers in and out. He was doing everything as she was thinking it inside her head. All that came out of her were moans.

Hayley, had never had a man just dive into her like Trevor was doing. It was his first touch that made her almost scream out into the cold night air, but withheld it as he continued his ritual on her. Her husband was not good at it and didn't like doing it, this was obvious by the touches of Trevor'aholds tongue. It wasn't long before she grabbed a hold of his head and told him and told him, Trevor oh I can't hold back, I'm going to cum. Trevor continued with his executed movements and slowed his pace. He could feel her body begin to shake and wanted this to last a long time for him. It was a huge wave that hit her she let out a small yelp. He slowed his pace on her but didn't stop. Her body shook making the orgasm last longer than ever before. Five minutes passed by and he was only touching her clit with his tongue barely not flicking it, but kissing it ever so gently. It was the loving feeling that warmed her all over his energy of warmth and love was filling her. Finally, the orgasm had somewhat stopped, but it left her craving more of him. Just what he wanted too.

Both had forgotten that they were even outside in the snow. The heat from them was warming one another. Trevor lifted his head and looked into Hayley's eyes and told her, "I want to make love to you Hayley." I want it to be right though. My urges are telling me to jump on you right now, but my heart wants you.

Hayley understood what he meant and told him, that she too wanted that. She asked, will you please kiss me again? Trevor moved back up to her mouth and kissed her the same as he had the first time soft small kisses leaving her wanting more. She could taste her juices inside his mouth and kept pressing further. Feeling her hands guiding him and pulling him back up onto the bench. She stood up and pulled up her pants, then moved onto his pants taking the belt loose, unbuttoning them, unzipping and moving them down far enough to extract his rather large engorged penis. She was very impressed at his size, she had only ever seen picture of men's penis's and she looked at it and told him, It's so beautiful. The way the moonlight hit it as it stood up straight, almost as if it was a staff made just for her. Trevor never had a woman ever tell him his cock was beautiful. He knew he wanted her more than ever now.

Hayley was impressed at the beauty of his stance of his cock. It was full and perfectly round and just the right size to give her splendor when inserted inside her. All she could think was to watch her hand stroke up and down on his shaft and keeping it warm in the cold night air. She quickly moved her lips over as she saw the precum glistening on top of her fingers. Licking in small fast licks, progressing to her entire mouth surrounding it. Taking in bit by bit trying to engulf his entire sexual shaft. As she stroke him further inside her mouth, she began to flick her tongue around the head. Continuing to guide him in a straight path of filling her throat with his hot love. It had been only since this morning since he masturbated dreaming of her doing this very thing to him. He grabbed her hair just to make sure she was really there and when he did he let go and exploded inside her mouth. Moaning with his thrusts deep into her throat one then again and again and again. He never knew he had so much in him. It was so built up in his fantasy of her that finally able to release it was more beautiful and satisfying than he could have imagined. She swallowed every drop and continued to play with his cock moving her head up and down feeling the last little shutters of ecstasy.

Trevor took her head in his hands and guided her back up to meet his lips once again. She still had the flavor of his cum in her mouth as he began to suck her tongue with another long passionate kiss. When the kiss ended she gazed down and still saw his cock standing at attention. At the same time he too saw his erection still full even in the bitter cold. He took it and put it back into his pants. Hayley thought as he did it, why did he do that? Would he make love to her in the dorm that night? Her body ached for him, and wanting him made her desires only teasing haunting for the remaining part of the evening. He kissed her once again and said "I want you but only when the time is right."

The walked back inside the cabin everyone turned and looked see. Hayley laughed and said to her family, yes, I'm much better no more margarita's for me. I'll now bow out and say goodnight, so goodnight everyone. Trevor took a chair beside Pete, she could see a smirk on Pete's face as she walked by.

As she moved into the dorm room she jumped on her bed her head began to fill with Trevor what he had said to her wanting her for so long. How come this was the first time she knew about it. Peter should have said something to her, but then again she had not been available to him either. She had not been attracted like this to any man not even with Tim the only man she'd ever had sexually. All those feelings of Trevor began to float in her stomach like butterflies. Oh, how could I have done that she began to think. Her head was unbalanced like he put her under a trance. She was so glad it didn't go that far with him, she would have regretted it. As she fell to sleep the words of Trevor's haunted her "I want you only when the time is right." When would that time ever be right? She thought before she fell into a deep sleep.

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