tagMatureThe ABC Game Ch. 09

The ABC Game Ch. 09


We had been in Vegas for just over a month. Jennifer and I have been in our house in Henderson for about a week. Stephanie was preparing to graduate design school, and getting ready to start her career. Karen was just starting to get settled. She had been going back and forth trying to get all her things sold or shipped to Vegas.

I had also checked in on Gabby several times and she seemed to be doing well in rehab. I had learned that Jack had abused her far beyond what I originally thought. These were the times I wished I hadn't let him go, but so far he hadn't resurfaced anywhere near me or the people I cared about. Who knows, maybe Steve had done me a favor? He would never tell me. It would be left unspoken.

My daughter Becca was doing good. Her relationship with her mom was improving. I didn't know if it would ever get to a great relationship, but things were better between them. Becca had even been very supportive of Jennifer and me. Granted Becca didn't know about our life together, but she knew I was happy and that was all she cared about.

I was in my home office when Jennifer came down and plopped down in the chair in front of me. I laughed at her because there are times Jennifer is a perfect vision of a sexual woman, and there are times like this that she reminds me of the girl who played in my pool. "What's wrong Sweetie?"

"Well Stephanie is graduating and I'm having such a hard time planning something for her. I know her friends here and her family are planning something for her, but I want you and me to do something for her. I would love it if we could take her away for a weekend party. Just you, me, and Karen." Jennifer said with a grin and a wink.

"I tell you what. Get together with Karen and you two decide where we go. Where ever you decide we will go. Just remember to make it a weekend trip."

Jennifer hopped up and ran around the desk and sat in my lap and gave me a deep kiss. "Thank you, thank you, thank you." Jennifer said as she kissed me after each thank you. "I think you just like the idea of three hot ladies at your beck and call for a weekend." Then she kissed me again and ran off to call Karen. After she left I made a couple work related calls and then called Becca. I couldn't get in touch with her, but left a message, then I went and told Jennifer I was going into the city for lunch. I was meeting a friend who was running one of the bigger casinos.

I put on a coat for this meeting since he was one of those guys who liked his food fancy and expensive. I was just hoping a tie wouldn't be required. As I pulled in the front of the casino he was there to meet me and hopped into my car. I was thinking we were eating at his hotel, but he had other ideas. I didn't ask I just drove out from the front and we headed down the street. I looked over and asked him where to and he just pointed straight ahead. I knew then that this was more than lunch. We drove for a while as Tony kept checking the mirrors.

"If you want I can crank this car up. I have a top end of 190mph, and I have been wanting to wind it out." I said as he eyed the mirror on his side.

"You probably could go a little faster. Our lunch is at a diner outside of Death Valley. I would hate to be late."

The one good thing was once I was out of the city I could really open it up. I didn't think the traffic would be bad once out of Vegas, but you never knew. I set my radar detector up and once we cleared the city I quickly pushed the car to 100mph and had plenty more if needed. I looked over at Tony, but he still wasn't in a talking mood so I kept driving.

"My friends from back East said they have some information for you, and I can't have them coming into Vegas, so Death Valley was the choice. I didn't get the impression this was something they wanted to discuss over the phone." Tony said as he watched the mirror.

I didn't say anything but my foot on the accelerator said it all as the Porsche surged forward. As the speedometer hit 130mph I could see Tony looking a little nervous. I backed it down to 115 and he looked somewhat relieved. I didn't know what the information was but I had a bad feeling. I looked over at Tony and said "Can you do me a favor? How about have a couple of your guys go out to my house in Henderson and discretely keep an eye on the entrance gate."

He looked at me and got on his phone and sent four guys out there. Then after he got off his phone I called Karen and asked where she was. She said she was on her way to the house to talk with Jennifer about Stephanie. I also called Becca, and her voice mail picked up again. I left a message to call me ASAP. Once I got off the phone my foot went back down on the accelerator. As the speed climbed higher Tony didn't say anything. He understood this could be more serious than even he thought. He pulled out his phone again and called the casino and told them to have the helicopter head to Death Valley.

"Fuck it, they can pull my gaming license if they want to. If Becca is in any trouble all my sources are at your disposal."

I just spent my time concentrating on threading my way around the traffic we came across. As we turned off the main highway a small diner came into view. The parking lot only had a couple cars in it and we stirred up a dust cloud when we pulled into it. As we got out Tony tried to keep me calm reminding me that we didn't know what information they had. Once I was inside I knew it wasn't good. One of the people who came out here was a man I hadn't seen in ages. Not since I got his son out of a hell hole in the Middle East. We all shook hands and the guys with him left me with the old man.

He sat there for a time looking at me before he finally spoke. "My people came across some information that concerns you. It seems there is this young punk who has been bragging about how he was going to do something big. He even tried to recruit a couple of my people. He mentioned you by name, but the threat involves your daughter. I put the word out for my people to pick him up, but he seems to have left town."

I sat there and shook my head. "How long ago?"

"The last time anyone saw him was yesterday afternoon. You saved my son when you didn't have to. I will always owe you for that. I wouldn't put you in the position of asking what you want done, but rest assured, I have people looking for him and who will take care of it."

"Thank you sir. I appreciate any help you can offer. I didn't follow my gut with this person, and now he has become a threat to my family. I should have taken care of this when I had the chance."

The old man shook his head. "We all make mistakes. I find myself getting too soft at times, and that isn't a good thing in my line of business. People see that as a weakness and the younger ones see it as an opportunity. I guess old age brings wisdom, but it also softens us to the danger around us."

With that we shook hands and I thanked him for everything. Then me and Tony headed out to the car. About that time my phone rang, and it was Becca. I asked her where she had been and she said they were in the middle of exams. I didn't want to alarm her, so after I found out she would be in another exam for a couple hours I told her I was just missing her and she said she would call me later. Then I called Steve and told him what I knew and where Becca was. I wanted at least four people watching her, more if he could swing it. About that time a loud noise came over the diner as Tony's helicopter landed in the field next to the diner. I locked up the car and we got in the copter. Tony was calling for a truck for the car as we were taking off. We flew straight back to the airport where I was going to pick up one of the SUVs and drive back out to my house.

Once we landed Tony reminded me if I needed anything I could have it. After thanking him for everything I left the airport and drove as fast as I could to my house. Tony offered to fly me there in the helicopter, but I didn't want to scare the girls. I knew they would ask about the SUV, but I would give them a story about a noise and getting it serviced. I hated lying to them, but I also didn't want to scare them. I spotted Tony's guys when I was almost at my drive and pulled over to ask how things were. They assured me nothing suspicious had happened and I pulled down and turned in the driveway.

Once I was in the house I found Jennifer and Karen in the kitchen at the table talking over places to go. I grabbed a gatorade out of the fridge and sat with them. We talked back and forth about different places to go and I jokingly suggested the cabin at Karen's mom's place.

"Hey. That might not be a bad idea. Three naked women sharing one bed with you." Karen laughed as she looked at Jennifer and me.

"Wait a minute. That might be an idea. Not that cabin, but lets get a cabin in the Sierras. We can find one with a hot tub, and it will be cool. All of us together before Stephanie graduates and leaves." Jennifer said as she started typing away at her laptop.

I left them scrolling over internet pages with cabins for rent with instructions to pick the one they liked and reserve it. Then I went to my office and opened up the large safe that I had installed behind a closet door before we moved in. I went in and pulled out a couple handguns and started going through my other long weapons.

About that time I heard a soft voice behind me "Are you expecting a war or something?"

I turned around around and there was Karen standing in the door. I waved her in and asked her to close the door. After I put everything back in the safe and shut the closet door I sat down in the chair beside her. "You remember Jack? Well it seems he is heading back home. He made some threats about Becca, and me. I'm not worried about myself, but Becca is another story. I don't want Jennifer to worry so I'm hoping not to have to say anything. I have people watching Becca, and I would like to get everyone here out just in case. I don't expect anything to happen, but I have to be prepared."

"What about me? Am I in any danger?"

"Sweetie, that was why I called you earlier to come to the house. I want you to stay here until they find him." I could tell Karen was nervous. So I reached over and held her hand.

"It has been a long time, but my father taught me to shoot when I was younger. Maybe we could go to a range, and you could give me a refresher? I'll even let you brush against my ass as you show me how to hold a pistol." Karen said, but I could tell her joke was hiding her nerves.

"I think that would be a great idea. I need to get out to the range myself, so lets make a date for the gun range for tomorrow? We can go during lunch if you want to."

I could see the concern in Karen's eyes, but she agreed to it. I convinced her to go back and help Jennifer find a cabin that was very private. Later I went into the kitchen and Jennifer seemed to be very happy about a cabin she had found. Karen looked at me and nodded letting me know it met what I was looking for. I looked at it and it looked to be a great fit. It was large enough for all of us. Was private, as it included just over 20 acres. And the photos showed that while it set back in the trees, there was a large clearing around it. I told Jennifer to reserve it, and book it for a month if she could. I gave her the excuse that we could go up there several times during the month.

Later that day I was standing in the kitchen looking out the window watching Jennifer and Stephanie play in the pool. Stephanie had came over about an hour ago after I had suggested that Jennifer call her and ask if she would like to stay with us for a few days since she would be leaving for Los Angeles after graduation. Just then I felt a soft pair of hands on my back and circle around me to pull me against a very nice pair of tits.

"MMMM, that feels nice." I said as I slid my hand over Karen's."

"It sure does. Why don't we sneak off to the bedroom while they enjoy the pool? Or maybe you want to just fuck me on the counter while we watch them?" Karen said as she eased around to my front and I saw she was only wearing a towel.

I pulled her into my arms and kissed her and slid my hands under her towel to her bare backside. When I pulled back, Karen's towel came loose and fell to the floor. "I think I would rather take you to a bedroom and make love to you."

Karen smiled at my words and she took my hand into her soft hand and we walked through the house to my bedroom. Once in the bedroom her fingers made quick work of my clothes and soon I was as naked as her. Looking into my eyes she reached down and took my cock in her hand and led me to the bed. Once on the bed we were locked in another open mouth kiss. Our hands exploring each other's body. Mine finding her breasts and sliding over it before her nipple was between my fingers. Meanwhile her hands had ended up on my hard cock and she had wrapped her fingers around it. She would slowly stroke it, but mostly she just held it.

Before long Karen eased me onto my back and straddled me. She took my cock in one hand and raised up before settling down on it. As she sunk down on me she rubbed my chest with her fingers, concentrating on my nipples. "You really love that, I can tell. I love how your body responds to my touch. Not to mention I love how we fit together."

Karen kept stroking my chest as she slid up and down my shaft. Every stroke left behind a trail of her juices. I reached to hold onto one of her breasts when she moved my hand aside. "No, just lay there and let me do this for you. I want to control every second of this. How deep I let you go. How fast we go. Even when you cum." Then Karen stopped moving entirely. She just sat astride me with my hard cock buried in her pussy. With a wink and a wicked smile Karen slowly rose up until just the head of my cock was inside her. Then she slowly lowered herself. She kept up her slow motion movements as she stared into my eyes. With her hands firmly planted firmly on my chest she kept up her insanely slow up and down motion on my cock. Every time she would slide up my cock she always knew when to stop. Sometimes she wouldn't slide back down on me right away. Instead she would rotate her hips just ever so slightly, but enough that I would feel it.

"Don't move Ken. Just concentrate on how my pussy feels as I slowly ride you. Feel how warm and wet my pussy is. Think about how your cock feels as it slides along my slick tunnel." I smiled up at her and didn't say anything. "Yeah, that's right Ken. You can almost feel me sliding completely off you, but that big bulbous head just hangs on, and then I slowly slide back down. God, I don't know how it feels to you, but your cock touches me in places no other man has."

With a lick of her lips Karen leans over and kisses me as she sinks down on my cock again. Her tits pressing into my chest as she lays on top of me. Then she begins moving her hips in an up and down motion. Gaining speed with every movement. Her lips still sealed to mine as our kisses grow more intense. I want to fill this woman with every drop of cum in my body. I want it to be dripping and running down her thighs when she gets up.

I move my hands to her ass and grab a firm cheek in each hand and help her drive me deeper into her pussy. Karen started to groan into my mouth as she was getting closer and closer to her orgasm. I slipped one of my hands holding her ass lower and just started teasing her tight backside opening with a fingertip. This sent her over the edge and she started shaking on top of me. She began spasming around my cock and this sent me over the edge. All of a sudden Karen let out a loud groan that quickly turned into a high pitched cry as she collapsed on top of me. My cock was still in it's last spasms sending more cum deep within Karen. Finally I felt the last spasm and as the last of my cum was deposited within Karen I gently rolled her off me.

"That was fucking awesome!" Came from over by the door.

I looked up and Jennifer and Stephanie were standing there wrapped in towels. I noticed that Stephanie was still staring at my spent cock, while Jennifer had her usual grin on her face. "That is what I want for my graduation present." Stephanie said in a low whisper that everyone could hear.

Jennifer looked at me and winked behind Stephanie's shoulder and then she said "We were going to order pizza if that is alright with you. Although I might order two after watching you two work up an appetite."

I agreed on the pizza being a great idea and told them I would be down in a few minutes. I left a very relaxed and worn out Karen in bed and headed down to them. Once in the kitchen Jennifer pulled me aside and whispered "Lets give Stephanie what she wants." I give her a puzzled look. "Remember what she said upstairs. I want to give her you for the weekend."

I had to think fast because I didn't want to leave Jennifer for the weekend. "Jennifer, I want us all to go on the weekend trip. I don't want to go without you and Karen."

"I know, we'll go, but the master bedroom is Stephanie's territory. Only she and you can share it. Trust me, we will have plenty of other places for group fun."

With a sigh of relief I agreed to that and told Jennifer to let me know when the pizza got here and headed off to my office. I called Steve and he said Becca was safe at her apartment, and two teams were outside watching the place. Then I called the rehab center to check on Gabby and her doctor said that she was doing well. I didn't know how to approach the subject so I just told him as much as I could about Jack coming back into town. He assured me they had very good security and they would keep an eye out for him. Before I hung up with him I told him I would have a friend fax him Jack's photo to give to his security people.

As the doctor hung up the phone he looked across the desk at Jack and said "He knows you're back in town."

"I don't care dad. I'm going to make him pay, and you're going to help me. Unless you want everyone to know where I got my pills from, and how I used them to get you all those fresh faced 18 year old girls you and your friends like so much." Then Jack got up to head back to a very drugged out Gabby, but before he shut the door behind him he turned back to his father "Remember, I showed you a photo of his daughter, and she is all your's when we get her daddy."

After getting off the phone with the doctor something was bothering me. Why didn't he ask for a description? Maybe he wasn't taking it that serious? I decided to call Steve back and have him send a couple guys over to check on Gabby and the security at the center.

I dialed Steve up and when he answered I said. "Hey man, I hate to do this, but is there anyway you can send some people over to the rehab center to check on Gabby and also to have them check on the security? I just talked to her doctor and asked him to be on the look out for this Jack character, but I'm not sure how serious he thinks it is."

"Sure man, we can have a couple guys over there in about half an hour. What is this doctor's name?"

"Thanks man. His name is Spitzer, DR. Spitzer."

"Hold on, not Henry Spitzer?

I looked at the note pad on my desk and said "Yeah, Do you know him?"

"Shit!!" That was followed by Steve yelling at people and the sound of Steve and others running. "Ken, that is Jack's stepfather. He never adopted him, but I'm betting he knows something."

"What the hell?!"

"I know. We are on the road and will be there in about fifteen minutes. I'll call you when we get there."

I sat in my chair beyond pissed off. I wasn't mad at Steve or anyone. I was mad at myself. I had been operating half blind this entire time. My conversation with the old man was playing in my mind. I had been far too soft and this street punk saw it as a weakness. I had to change that now. I picked up the phone and called Tony and asked for some people to watch over the girls tonight. We agreed that it would be easier if they were at the hotel, but that meant I would have to tell them everything. I would wait until Steve called me back and decide then what I needed to do.

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