tagExhibitionist & VoyeurThe Accidental Nudist

The Accidental Nudist


It was a warm June Friday as the black Volvo S40 pulled in front of the stately house. School had let out early since the school year was almost over. "I'll see ya Monday" Shelly told her friend Brenda as she hopped out of her car. As Brenda drove off, Shelly trotted up the walkway of her rather nice house in one of those exclusive gated communities outside so many American cities. Shelly punched in the house's security code (no key necessary), and walked in. She was a very pretty redhead, 5' 7" with a perfect body, a high school senior and an honor student (three years running) to boot. Beauty and brains in one stunning 18-year-old package. She climbed the stairs, kicked off her shoes and dumped her knapsack on her bed. Surmising the situation, Shelly smiled to herself. She and Brenda skipped out after their last classes. They were supposed to stay after to help with the graduation ceremony, but blew that off, too. Not that anyone would notice, since there were enough students working on it already. They'd pitch in on Monday. Her folks would be going out to dinner with friends in the city, and they'd booked a hotel room, so they'd be home tomorrow. And her annoying little brother Mikey would be going to his friend Dooly's (actually Richie Doulard, but his buddies called him Dooly) house to sleepover. Which meant she had the house to herself.

"Now, what shall I do?" Shelly asked herself. She smiled as a naughty idea entered her head. "I don't think I'll be needing these," she said as she began to remove her clothes. Kicking of her shoes, she unzipped her jeans and pushed them down her long, smooth legs. Stepping out of them, she tossed them on the bed. A little too far, as they slipped off onto the floor. She pulled her shirt over her head and tossed that aside, too. Removing all her jewelry, than pulling off her socks, she admired herself in the mirror. She traced lazy circles around her small yet pert, firm and well-shaped breasts. Licking her lips, she reached around and opened her bra, allowing it to slip off her shoulders. Shelly stood there in just a little tiny pair of pale yellow panties. She continued massaging her breasts, and than let one hand slide down her flat belly to the waistband of her panties. Smiling to herself, she reached for a t-shirt, than thought "Oh what the hell, it's just me," With that, Shelly headed downstairs.

Shelly headed across the big living room into the open kitchen. Walking over to the refrigerator, she opened it and pulled out a bottle of grape juice. Shelly opened it and took a big swig. She let a little drip on her chin, than wiped it off with her finger. She put the cold bottle between her thighs and shivered at how the coolness tingled her pussy through her panties. Returning the bottle to the fridge, she slid her hand into her panties and ran a finger down the length of her damp lips. Lost in her fingering, she never heard the car door slam in the driveway, or the front door opening. Jarred into horrid realization she was no longer the only one home, Shelly looked in the direction of the living room just in time to hear her kid brother Mikey and his goofy friend Dooley walk in.

"So we'll wait here until Jason's mom picks us up. That'll be around 3:00. In the meantime, how about watching Star Wars 3 on the big screen. I just got the DVD," Mikey said to Dooley. "Cool," came Dooley's reply, "But first I'm takin' a leak." "You know where the can is," Mikey answered," I'll grab us a couple sodas." "Fucking shit!," Shelly mouthed. Her brother wasn't supposed to be here, and if he caught her, he'd know she skipped out of school and if he didn't tell their folks, he'd hang this over her head forever. Of course, that wasn't her biggest problem, as she was also in the kitchen wearing only a pair of panties. zthat would be a different matter. Dooley bought her some time when he yelled from the bathroom "Where's your sister?" Mikey stood right at the threshold of the kitchen and yelled back "She was going to hang out after her last class and do something with graduation, than grab a ride home with her dopey galpal Brenda. So we don't have to worry about her bothering us." Shelly's mind raced as she tried to figure out what to do. She snuck around the side of the refrigerator and pressed herself against the wall as Mikey walked in. He opened the fridge and pulled out two Cokes, clueless to the fact his big sister was standing there practically naked just a few inches away. "Thank God for idiot little brothers," Shelly thought. But that didn't help any, since she'd have to walk through the living room, and right past Mikey and Dooley, to get back upstairs. It was than that things went from bad to worse.

The doorbell rang. Mikey opened the door, and Shelly heard the voice of his friend Scott. Scott was the most obnoxious little fuck Shelly had ever met (of course, that's why he and Mikey were friends), horny as hell for a kid his age. He'd make her skin crawl the way he leered at her and her girlfriends. And even if she could somehow convince Mikey and Dooley to keep their mouths shut, Scott would make it a point to tell eveyone, and make it sound worse than it currently was. Peering around the fridge into the living room, Shelly realized there was no way she could sneak past and up the stairs. She saw her only option, and if she didn't take it now, she'd get caught, she just knew it. While the boys hooted and whooped about the video game mayhem that awaited them at Jason's house that evening, Shelly slid over to the sliding doors, opened them ever so slightly, and slipped outside. Looking around for a place to hide, Shelly's situation wosened still. Evidently bored with the movie (after what, the opening credits!) she could hear Mikey telling his friends to meet him in the backyard and he's show them his radio-controlled helicopter. "Shit," Shelly screamed to herself, how much worse can this get! If only Shelly knew.

Now Shelly had to get out of the backyard, and fast. Forget about heading out to the front of the house. There was no way she was running out there like this. She took off running into the woods behind the house, where she could hide until her stupid brother and his stupid friends left. Than she'd punch in the security code and slip back in the house. Running across the backyard and almost falling on the wet grass, Shelly headed into the edge of the woods and hid behind a big tree. Peeking around the big trunk, she watched as Mikey, Dooley and Scott put Mikey's RC copter through it's paces. Her mind began to wander. "I'd love to see the look on Scott's face if I walked out of the woods in my underwear, or better yet, completely nude," Shelly thought to herself. "He'd probably bust a nut and keel over." She began to tingle at the thought. Could this be arousing her? As she watched, she heard Scott asking about her.

"She's back in school, helping out on graduation," Mikey answered.

"Too bad, cuz your sister's hot," Scott replied. Dooley quickly agreed.

"Your sister's hot, too," Mikey answered. "So you can stare at her when we're in my house, but we're not in my house!" Scott came back with, and they all laughed.

"Oh no Scotty," Shelly whispered to herself, "I'm right here, so close you can practically touch me." Her hand and slid into her panties, and she was cupping her moistening pussy. Her nipples were already hard. As she massaged her sex with one hand, the other began working her panties off with the other. While the thought of being stuck outside in just her panties was arousing enough, the thought of being nude was even more so. Shelly sexily wiggled her hips, causing her panties to slide further down. Working her long legs, her panties slid past her knees, finally puddling around her ankles. "Oops," she thought, "I've seemed to have dropped something." Stepping her left foot out, she raised her right foot, her panties dangling from her toes. Shelly reached behind herself and pulled her panties free. Pressing them between her legs, Shelly used her balled up undies to masturbate with. Than she reached behind her, bent at the knees and began to slide her panties along her soaked beaver. Finally she tossed them into the woods. The thought of her nudity was making Shelly hornier by the minute. Leaning against the tree's wide trunk, Shelly spread her legs and began to work one, than two fingers into her dripping snatch. Licking her lips, she stared at the three boys in the backyard while she masturbated. "Ooh, what if they saw, what if they caught me," Shelly fantasized as she feverishly worked her sex. "What if they heard me, what if...," her carnal thoughts were cut off as her twat clenched up and her orgasm hit her. Shelly couldn't believe how drenched her hand was from her girl cum. Sinking to her knees, she sat down against the tree to catch her breath. She wiped her hand on her breasts, than licked her fingers.

She was jolted back to reality when she heard Dooley yell, "Hey, let's hike in the woods." Tensing up, she realized that if they did, they'd walk right past her. If any of them turned around, they'd be treated to a bare-assed naked teenager with girl cum smeared on her breasts licking her fingers. The thought was arousing her, and she could feel her pussy quiver. The three boys were right on the other side of the tree when a car horn blared from the driveway. It was Jason's mom.

"Hike has to wait boys," Scott said as they turned and headed back across the yard and into the house. Shelly heard the sliding doors slam shut, than the crunch of tires on stone as Jason's mom's minivan backed out the driveway and drove away.

"OK, that was close," Shelly said aloud. "Arousing, but close." Looking around, she realized she couldn't find her panties. "I'll find them later." Leaving the cover of the woods, Shelly scurried across the backyard, one hand across her pert breasts, the other covering her trimmed pussy. Her sweet round ass cheeks, on the other hand, were exposed for all the world to see. Reaching the back doors, she punched in the security code, but nothing happened. "What the fuck." She tried again. Same result. Than she remembered, much to her horror, that the back keypad was busted, and had to be replaced. She'd have to go around front to get back in the house. And she was nude. Crawling on her hands and knees, Shelly worked her way around the side of her house. Peering around the corner, she could see the front steps, as well as the open expanse of front lawn leading to the street. And the rest of the neighborhood. Everything was quiet, nobody seemed to be home yet. Rising to her feet, Shelly knew it was now or never...

The sound of truck froze her in her tracks. "What the fuck," she muttered as the landscapers trucks pulled in front of the house across the street. The landscapers alighted and began to unload their equipment. Two headed towards her house. "This is so fucking bad. No fucking way am I going to let a bunch of dayworkers see me like this. No telling what they'd do." Shelly ran to the backyard. Leaning against the back of her house and pondering her dwindling options, she heard the two co-owners of the landscaping business talk about how they needed to get back to the edge of the woods to clear the underbrush back a few yards. "No way!," Shelly moaned. "They're coming back here!?" Peeking around the house, she saw a trio of landscapers (one would later find Shelly's panties and pocket them) with rakes and trimmers heading her way. With no other recourse, Shelly took off in the opposite direction, away from the workers, into the woods and further from her house.

Shelly ran through the woods completely nude until she felt she was safe. Her heart was racing, and she was breathing heavy, but the danger was feeding her arousal once more. The thought of being caught nude outside in broad daylight was turning her on. Bending over, she ran her hands up the inside of her legs, feeling her sweet cream dripping down them. She wiped her honey all over her breasts, her nipples so hard they ached. Leaning against a tree, she buried her fingers into her drenched twat. Finding her swollen clit, she stroked and rubbed it while licking her own cum off her tits and masturbated to orgasm. She pressed her hand into her cunt as her juices flowed out. Sinking to the ground, she started rubbing her pussy again, thrusting her hips upward as she pressed her hand down. Shelly was moaning uncontrollably as she reached around and started toying with her puckered hole. In a frenzy she finger fucked both her cunt and asshole until she came again. Physically spent, Shelly lay on the muddy ground. Than her bladder let go in a welcome and satisfying piss.

Shelly, covered in drying mud, cum and pee, got up and looked around. She wasn't sure where she was, but she knew where her house was, since she could hear the landscapers in the distance. She tried to wipe the mess off her body, but it wasn't working. Wandering through the woods, she came upon the backyard of another house. It looked empty, and there were no cars in the driveway. Plus there was a hose attached to the side of the detached garage. Working her way around the outer perimeter of the backyard, Shelly worked her way to the garage, and peered into the back window. Bingo, it was empty. That most likely meant nobody was home. A quick clean-up with the hose and Shelly would be out of there. Turning on the water, the nude teen began to wash herself off. The cold water felt good on this warm day. Her nipples began to stiffen as Shelly paid extra special attention to the spot nestled between her thighs. She bit her lip and began to moan quietly as her fingers worked their way past her swollen lips to her sensitive clit. She began to slowly rock her hips to the rhythm of her fingers when she heard someone in the backyard.

"Who's there!" the voice bellowed.

Shelly dropped the hose and scooted around to the front of the house, since her path to the backyard had been cut off. Where she was left her completely exposed for anyone to see, if anyone was there to see. But this time of day nobody was home, but the idea of being so vulnerable was kindling that risqué feeling again. Peering around the corner, she saw it was an old man. He was winding up the hose, muttering to himself. Shelly smiled wickedly. Coughing so as to get his attention, Shelly slowly and seductively extended first her foot, than her calf than her entire bare leg around the house. "What the fuck," came the old mans reply. With her back to the house and the old man, Shelly slowly revealed herself. The old man couldn't believe it. There was a teenage girl, dripping wet and completely nude from head to toe, not 10 feet in front of him. "Now what the fuck do you think you're doing you little slut, I should..."

Shelly cut him off by spreading her long legs and palming the smooth globes of her ass cheeks. Hands still on her butt, Shelly bent at the waist so her sweet ass stuck out. She could not believe how turned on she was by her blatant and lewd display. She knew she's cum quickly as she slowly ran her finger along the slit of her soaked and swollen sex. With a shudder she came, her juices drenched her hand.

The old man was in complete shock. He couldn't believe what this girl was doing, in broad daylight no less. He was old school, and outraged by such wanton lewdness.

Straightening out, she licked each of her fingers, when suddenly the old man grabbed her arm. Spinning her around, the old man reached around Shelly's thin waist and began to spank the naked teens bare ass. "This oughta teah ya'lesson, ya little trollop" the old man scolded. Shelly struggled and finally broke free, running across the front lawn, the road, and disappearing across the street, blowing the old man a kiss in the process. He just stood there flabbergasted.

Shelly ran as fast as her bare feet would take her until she felt she was home free. Her ass cheeks still stung a little, but even getting spanked stark naked outside had aroused her. This was turning her on and turning out to be fun, but she should start working her way back home. Slipping from one backyard to another, Shelly suddenly came upon a dream come true. In the middle of the grass, catching the last of the days sunshine, lay a beautiful brunette, about Shelly's age, clad only in a tiny bikini bottom. But what really got Shelly's attention was the long two-headed dildo and the vibrator lying next to her. The brunette reached over and grabbed the dildo and began to hungrily suck on it. She untied her bikini bottoms, lifted up her butt and pulled it away, revealing her luscious derrière. Shelly began to finger herself at the sight. The brunette stopped sucking on the dildo, rolled onto her back and spread her legs. Shelly whimpered at what was coming next. The brunette slid the dildo into her begging cunt while sliding the vibrator into her puckered hole.

"Holy shit," Shelly breathed, "She's fucking herself in the ass and cunt. This is so hot." It was enough for Shelly to keep from joining her, for she wanted so much for her needy pussy to be impaled on the other end of that huge dildo. She pictured the two of them riding the dildo as she began to finger her own ass. The brunette moaned and the vibrator buzzed as the tempo continued to pick up until she slid out the dildo and vibrator, lifted her ass in the air and finished herself off with her hand. Shelly stared in amazement as the brunette let go in a spurting orgasm. Shelly came a split second later. She watched as the object of her affection got up and headed back into the house. As she disappeared inside, Shelly snuck across the backyard. Hornier than she'd been the entire day, she had to do what she was thinking. Peeking into the back door, Shelly saw the brunette place her bikini bottoms, the dildo and vibrator on the kitchen counter and head upstairs. A few minutes later she heard the shower go on.

Shelly figured the tawdry display meant the brunette was the only one home. That she was about Shelly's age meant she was definitely the only one home. What Shelly had just witnessed was not something a teenage girl wanted her family to see. Going for broke Shelly slipped inside the house. As the shower ran, Shelly padded into the kitchen. "So far so good," she thought as her breathing picked up and her heart began to race. Walking over to the counter, she picked up the discarded bikini bottoms and smelled the brunettes sex on them. The dildo still glistened from her juices. Picking it up, Shelly seductively licked the sweetness off its rubber shaft, her own quim begging for it. Leaning against the counter and spreading her legs, Shelly slid the dildo into her honey pot. In and out she worked it, rocking her ass back and forth. The shower continued upstairs. Driven by her lust, Shelly climbed on top of the counter, resting her cheek against its cool surface as she continued to fuck herself to the sound of the upstairs shower. She imagined herself entering the bathroom and joining the brunette in the shower, the two embracing in a deep kiss as their fingers played with the others quim. She imagined the brunette stepping out of the bathroom and finding Shelly masturbating. Shelly whimpered as she dreamed of the brunette replacing the dildo with her tongue. She imagined the two of them stark naked and tribbing outside in broad daylight. Her desire kept building until her muff erupted in the most intense orgasm Shelly ever had. She could actually hear and feel her girl cum squeezing past the rubber shaft of the dildo. Shelly put the side of her hand in her mouth to keep from screaming out loud. Thank God for the sound of the shower.

Shelly gently slid the dildo out of her still dripping pussy and licked it clean. She noticed a small puddle of her sweetness on the counter, which she lapped up like a sexy little kitten. Spying the leather couch in the living room, she hopped off the counter and straddled it's wide arm. Shelly stretched her long, lithe body as she pressed her still sensitive clit into its soft, cool surface, riding it like a mechanical bull. She came again as she imagined herself bare-assed naked in a crowded honky-tonk, her clothes nowhere to be found, riding and fucking the mechanical bull in front of everyone, leaving a dark spot on its surface. "Another little surprise," she giggled to herself as she dismounted the sofa. Rentering the kitchen, Shelly opend the refrigerator and pulled out a bottle of Pepsi. She took a drink, than pressed it's cool surface between her legs. "Mmmm," she cooed, "This feels so good." She returned the Pepsi right where she had found it, just in time to hear the shower turn off. Shelly slipped back out the sliding doors and peered into the window, waiting for the brunette to come downstairs.

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