tagLesbian SexThe Adventures of Brooke Ch. 01

The Adventures of Brooke Ch. 01


This story is a request from a Literotica reader. It is one of four parts. She has given me the parameters with which she wants. Part 1 here has been approved by her. As soon as she approves each story to her liking I'll post the rest. It is long, but that's how she wanted each one.

So enjoy and remember, this is to her liking, so if you don't like then I am sorry.


My name is Brooke and I have a wild side to me. I know, looking at me you wouldn't think so, but I do. I love to show off my luscious body whenever and wherever I can, especially when it comes to teasing my mother and father's clients and co-workers. It's such a turn on and who wouldn't want this nineteen year old beauty with smooth dark skin and long dark hair? Not even my best friend can resist and she was as straight as one can be. Let me tell you about it.

I had just gotten my own apartment close to the campus I was going to college to. My best friend, Alena, had come over to help me unpack. I didn't need a lot of help since I only had a room full of stuff, but she didn't mind. We had been best friends since grade school and we did everything together, well almost everything.

The one thing I did do without her was go to lesbian sex parties. Now I'm not lesbian, but I'm not straight either. I'm what you would call a bi-sexual. I mean why not have both? You do only live once.

"Nice," Alena says pulling out the skimpiest outfit I owned from a box. "I've never seen this before."

"I've had it for a few months," I say. "Victoria's Secret had a sale and I picked it up."

"I bet it looks great on you," she says, holding it up.

"What to see it on me?" I ask hoping she would.

"Hell yeah."

"Alright," I giggle and snatch it from her hand before disappearing into the bathroom.

I quickly slip it on. The red fabric is easily see through, displaying my pussy juices to the world as the black accents turned into strings and ran up between my ass cheeks to connect above my ass. I push up on the matching red bra and my large breasts are immediately ballooning at the bottom of my throat.

I am running my fingers over my hidden ribs, lost in my reflection when Alena's voice brings me back to reality. "Are you done yet?"

I step out of the bathroom and Alena just stares at me. "Wow," she says. "Turn around."

I turn my back to her and show her my bare ass. Without thinking, I throw my hips off to the side and cross my arms.

"Ooohh, sexy girl," she coos.

I can feel a little bit of moisture dampening my slit as I stand in front of her. I turn back around and lean against the door frame. "Want to see me in action?"

"What?" Alena says, clearly confused.

I turn around, peeking over my shoulder. My bra strap falls off my shoulder as I gently kiss my skin. My other strap falls down before I rest my back against the door jamb. I reach behind to undo the hook; my chest automatically pushes out as my back curves. The roundness of my ass presses against the cool wood of the door as I feel the hook release. My hand holds the flimsy bra against my chest as I let my back straighten out again.

Alena is watching me aptly with her head tilted to the side. Her eyes dance back and forth as she watches each one of my movements. I know she has never been with another girl, but I've seen how she looks at me and I've wanted her since high school. I play off the shy sexiness as best as I can when I feel the leaking warmth of my wet pussy.

I let the bra fall to the floor, my arm hiding my hardening nipple from her view. I smile at her and drop my arm away, exposing my hard nipples to her. They are stretched out at least half an inch from my skin. The red tips top my round breasts, waiting to be sucked and nibbled on.

My hand slowly travels up my body, caressing the curve of my hip and sides. I look between her legs and up her skirt at her pink cotton panties, wanting to see her pussy. I leave the doorway and with a sexy little walk, swaying my hips swiftly, I approach Alena. I leaned against her, grinding my hips into hers.

I pull off her shirt to expose her braless breasts. I lean down further and take her nipple into my mouth. As I suck on it, she lets out a low moan, stretching out into silence as my teeth brush against the edges of her areola. She gasps and rocks her body against mine as I work my tongue over her nipple. Her hand strokes through my hair as I continue my work on her breasts. Then I feel her other hand traveling to my own chest.

Her soft hand cups my breast and massages it gently. I moan onto her nipple and she squeezes my breast in retaliation. My nipples are squeezed and pinched as she massages my breasts. I suck her harder t be rewarded with one of her deep moans.

By now I can feel her wet pussy soaking through her panties. I moan at the thought of having my tongue slipping up into her pussy and I feel her body shudder against mine. My hips begin to work in overtime. Our panties rub between us with delicious sensations between our folds.

As my pussy lips saturate in out juices, I pull my nipple from her mouth and rub if against her breast. Alena stares as my thick nipple rubs and teases her small, hard one. I feel her hard clit against mine once more and moan. I feel her spasming pussy through the thin material of her panties. I picture how her stretched pussy would look wrapped around my fingers and her juices running down my wrist and onto the sheets as I thrust mu fingers in and out of her.

Thinking of it, my fingers find their way to her crotch. Alena moans as my fingers toy with her pussy through the panties. They are sticking to her skin perfectly as my fingers dig into her slit with ease, feeling the bump of her aroused clit. I slip my fingers into the side of her panties and peel the material away. The heel of my palm grinds into her clit as my fingers massage her pussy lips.

Alena's hips buck against my hand and I let my fingers slip into her wet lips. I work my fingers into her entrance and massage her inner walls. It isn't long before Alena begins to bounce against my fingers. I can feel her hard nipples bump against mine and I force more of my hand into her depths.

Once more, her body is shaking. My thumb works on her clit as I finger her hungry pussy. I work my fingers in her harder, working my hand faster as she gets closer to her climax. Sweat appears on our skin as I work my hand for her.

"Fuck yes!" she screams as my four fingers jam into her pussy, completely filling her.

Her full pussy triggers her orgasm. Pussy juice squirts all over my hand and soaks her crotch. I rip her panties off her waist and throw them over my shoulder. I slip down between her legs until I am just inches away from her beautiful pussy. My tongue darts out and swipes along her slit, playfully teasing her clit. Another spasm shakes her pussy as I feel my nipples clamp between her fingertips. I let my tongue bath her clit, massaging the spot mercilessly before sucking her clit into my mouth. Her moans get louder when my tongue darts into her depths. I am lapping at her juices as she plays with my nipples and I stop myself before I make her cum again.

Alena's hands reach for my underwear, pulling them off my hips. She shoves me onto the bed and climbs down between my legs. Her hands push my legs apart as she gazes at my smooth pussy. She dives in and I feel her tongue glide over my wet lips. My fingers tangle in her hair as I arch my back for her. She slips her tongue between my lips and I gasp. Her tongue moves up to caress my harden clit before sliding back down against my moist slit.

It isn't long before my hips are bucking my pussy further into her face. Her mouth clamps on my pussy. Without notice I feel her jamming three fingers into my pussy. Cum gushes out like never before as my quaking body shakes on the bed.

As I lay panting on my back, I say pointing, "Go look in that box."

I hear her shifting through the box and she gasps. "My god, you use this thing?" She giggles as her hand wraps around the rubber of my double-ended dildo.

She walks back over to the bed with it. I take it from her hand and say, "Lay down."

She does as I say and I shove it into the wet and inviting pussy, eliciting a long moan from her. I crawl on top of her and guide the opposite end of the dildo into my own pussy. I let the dildo sink into my depths until our pussy lips touch. My hips rock, making the dildo presses against my tender cervix. Alena's eyes roll to the back of her head.

We moan together as the dildo slide in and out of our pussies. Alena drowns the mattress with her juices, her breasts jiggle as her body is racked with pleasure. Seeing her pussy flex and mil the dildo makes my pussy release its own torrent of cum. I cry out as my juices coat her pussy.

I land next to my best friend, panting as hard as she is. Once I am able to catch my breath, I look over to her and ask, "How was your first time?"

She smiles at me, "I don't think I'm ever going to want a man again."

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