The African Affair

byMaggie Red Rose©

Smiling salaciously, Eng'ai reached over with her fingers to the top button on Kelly's kaki shirt that she wore outside her kaki shorts and began to unbutton it one button at a time until she was able to spread the two sides apart. When Eng'ai spread Kelly's shirt open, her black eyes, seeming even darker against the whites of her eyes, absolutely gleamed with immediate pleasure.

Without hesitating and before Kelly could say anything, Eng'ai quickly removed Kelly's shirt and dropped it onto the mat, leaving her breasts covered by just her sheer bra that allowed Eng'ai to see her soft, smooth, white flesh beneath it. She could also see Kelly's large, round, pink areolas and the ring of gooseflesh dotting the outer edge. Eng'ai also saw Kelly's darker, pink nipples that stood tall and erect from her playing with them.

Knowing Eng'ai could see her breasts beneath the sheer material of her white, silk bra, Kelly blushed, and she felt herself becoming warm inside, and despite her wanting to be in total control of her emotions, especially any sexual arousal because of Eng'ai's advances on her, Kelly couldn't help her body's natural response to Eng'ai's caressing her breasts.

While struggling within herself, Eng'ai pointed to Kelly's breasts and said something while at the same time making a gesture for her to take off her bra. That Kelly understood.

Kelly's first thought was to refuse to take off her bra, but the truth of her situation struck home, and she knew for certain she was at the mercy of Eng'ai and the other nine women whatever they had in mind or intended to do with her. Kelly was certain if she refused to remove her bra, Eng'ai could and would remove it by force either by herself or with the help of some of the other women.

Therefore, reluctantly Kelly reached around her back, unsnapped the three hooks, and timidly removed her bra, letting it drop to the mat next to her shirt.

Now, even though they wear their toga-like shukkas Maasai women unlike Western women wear no undergarment to support their breasts. Therefore, by their own weight, as the women get older, their breasts develop what is known as Cooper's Droop. It is only when Maasai girls are young and entering into their latter teenage years of about eighteen that their breasts are firm and pert.

In fact, their smooth, black breasts stand out proudly on their chests with their areolas a dark chocolate color, and their nipples are black.

It came as no surprise to Kelly that Eng'ai was taken with her beautiful, big, full, white breasts with their pink, large areolas that were now fully encircled with puckered gooseflesh and her darker pink, taut nipples that Eng'ai had pleasured to full erection.

Kelly could read Eng'ai's lustful pleasure in her ebon eyes and saw it on her smiling face as she stepped a little closer to her and placed her lighter colored palms in contrast to her black skin completely on her breasts and massaged them while emitting moans of wanton pleasure through her slightly parted, full lips.

Eng'ai said something to Kelly that sounded like a compliment, but, of course, she did not understand; however, she knew Eng'ai was enjoying not only seeing her white breasts, perhaps the first white breasts she had ever seen in her life, but feeling their warm fullness with her massaging hands.

Minutes passed while Eng'ai continued to play with Kelly's tits, causing Kelly to become sexually aroused despite her attempt to control her erotic nature, and she even felt herself becoming wet between her legs. However, Eng'ai stopped and dropped her long arms to her sides.

Eng'ai then looked down at Kelly and tried to talk to her with her eyes about her next intention, but she, too, knew it was hopeless. Realizing that this was the way it was going to be between them as well as among the other nine female warriors, Eng'ai decided that she would just do what she wanted to do with Kelly, knowing that Kelly really had no way of defending off her advances.

Therefore, Eng'ai reached out and unbuckled Kelly's cloth, military-type belt and slid the one end through the brass buckle, unbuttoned the top button, took hold of the zipper pull, and slid the zipper down all the way until she was able to spread Kelly's shorts open enough for her to take hold of both sides and begin to slide them over her hips. However, their size difference made it difficult for Eng'ai, so she motioned to Kelly to remove her kaki shorts, Kelly reluctantly complying with Eng'ai's wish. This left Kelly standing in front of Eng'ai in just her revealing white thong that showed off her beautiful, round ass cheeks and her auburn pubic hair that she wore up the center of her mons, the rest having been waxed off at a beauty salon so she'd have her bikini line. She also had her long socks and hiking boots on her small feet.

"Mmmmmmmmmmmmmmm," groaned Eng'ai, catching Kelly's immediate attention.

When she looked up into Eng'ai's sexually glazed eyes, she saw nothing but lust, lust for her as she saw her staring at her nearly naked body.

"Hmmmm," sounded Eng'ai as she motioned to Kelly to take off her thong, shoes, and socks.

Having gone this far, Kelly once again willingly gave into Eng'ai's command. She bent over, untied her hiking boots, spread the laces, and removed both shoes. She then rolled down her white socks and slid them off her feet and dropped them onto her shoes. When she looked up at Eng'ai, she saw her lust-crazed eyes, and she timidly slipped her fingers inside the waistband of her thong and slowly slid them down over her round hips, past her molded thighs and shapely calves, and let them drop around her bare feet, kicking them off to the side next to her kaki shirt and shorts and hiking boots and socks.

Now Kelly was standing in front of Eng'ai completely naked, and once more she blushed with embarrassment even though she knew she had no choice but to obey Eng'ai's commands. She knew her life was in her hands and that she'd have to do whatever was asked of her whether she wanted it or not or whether she liked it or not. This for the present was her fate.

After admiring Kelly's nakedness and the complete whiteness of her Caucasian flesh in contrast to her total black self, Eng'ai motioned for Kelly to stay just where she was.

As Kelly did so, aware of every movement Eng'ai made, she watched in total amazement—and she had to admit with some interest, too—as she began to remove her beaded jewelry from around her long, slender neck, dropping them onto Kelly's mat. The bronze wire bands around her neck and arms Eng'ai kept on as signs of her rank and authority.

Eng'ai slid her feet out of her sandals and then slipped her red toga-like shukka from her right shoulder and worked it off her long body. She did the same with the thinner, gold garment beneath it, leaving her completely naked in front of Kelly.

"Gawd," Kelly thought, "Eng'ai's absolutely beautiful. Her skin. Her ebon skin so smooth and velvety looking, and her breasts tipped with her black areolas and blacker nipples hard and erect."

However, what captured Kelly's close attention was Eng'ai's pussy. Her mons was not covered with long pubic hair as hers, but like the hair on her head her pubic hair was naturally tight and curly, and her now swollen labia due to her sexual arousal that came as a result of playing with Kelly's big breasts and seeing her strip completely naked before her were quite visible despite the space between them.

"Oh, my," Kelly breathed deeply, "Eng'ai is like a black goddess, so tall and statuesque and with such distinct facial features with her natural, black hair; her dark, ebon eyes; her broad nose; her full, sensual lips; her long, slender neck; her breasts the color of coal; her slim but well-formed hips; and, of course, her long, long legs down to her bare feet that were black on top but faded to a lighter color around the bottom. She is absolutely lovely."

Eng'ai saw Kelly staring at her naked body now and smiled, pleased with the positive way in which she looked at her.

Moving her right arm from Kelly to her and back again, Eng'ai made a sound of comparison and smiled brightly at her, nodding her head in the affirmative as if to ask, "Yes?"

Kelly needed no interpreter to understand what Eng'ai meant. Instead, she returned Eng'ai's smile and nodded her head in the affirmative, too. Both then smiled at one another, and that shared smile eased some of Kelly's fear, but little did she know what was to come next.

Kelly's thinking right then was that Eng'ai just wanted to see the nakedness of one another so she could allow both Kelly and her to see the stark contrast in their nakedness, Kelly's whiteness and Eng'ai's blackness. Like the difference between day and night.

However, Kelly was about to find out otherwise just what Eng'ai had in store for her for the long hours to come, not only between them but also with the other nine women of the tribe. It would be a day Kelly would or could never forget.

Eng'ai came to Kelly, took her by the arm and led her out of her hut into the compound where she saw the other nine women standing in a semi-circle, all of them naked as were they. The woman on the far left was standing next to a large cow, holding on to a twisted, twine rope around its neck. Kelly saw the cow's udder was full and swollen with milk, it not having been milked yet. While Eng'ai, their leader, had Kelly inside her hut, the other nine women had things to do to prepare for a special ceremony with Kelly as the main attraction.

While this ninth woman had been caring for the cow, the other eight women cut and brought back ten thin branches from an acacia tree just outside the kraal. Carefully and painstakingly they cut off all the thorns but left small nubs at the places from which the thorns had been cut away from the thin branches.

The cow-tending woman had also brought her small bow and several short arrows out from her hut as well as having gone into the communal hut to fetch two medium-sized hollow gourds that are used like bottles. In these gourds the Maasai keep the rich milk from their cows as well as collect blood for rites and ceremonies. The blood comes from shooting a small arrow into a cow's jugular vein so that when it is removed, with each pumping of the cow's heart blood squirts from the temporary wound. This does not kill the cow. The Maasai hold their cattle with great pride and esteem, believing the gods gave them both grass and cows as gifts.

When Eng'ai led Kelly out of her hut, all of the tribal women looked at the pair with great wonderment, each one marveling at the stark contrast between their bodies' skin color, ebon black and pale white except for Kelly's mild tan on the exposed parts of her gorgeous, curvy body.

As they advanced toward the group of women, Eng'ai spoke commands, and each one stood at the ready for what was to take place.

Maathi, the one holding the grey colored cow, led it into the center of the group and stood beside its head. Oibor and Sinyati came over to Kelly and each took an arm, sliding a thin, twisted, vine rope with a slipknot woven into the end around her wrists and pulled it snugly. This frightened Kelly, and she struggled to get away, but the harder she struggled the tighter the rope on her wrists became, actually causing some pain from its rubbing around her delicate skin.

Therefore, once again Kelly had to give in to whatever the women were going to do with her. She had no other choice, so she finally stood still and waited.

Maathi turned her head towards Oibor and told her to take the bow and shoot the arrow into the cow's neck, pull it out of the jugular vein, and fill one of the empty gourds that was lying on the ground. This she did.

When Kelly saw this being done, her stomach churned in disgust, and she turned her head so she couldn't see what Oibor was doing; however, Eng'ai put her large hand onto Kelly's head and forced it around since for them what was being done in the letting of the cow's blood was a sacred ceremony with which she was not only involved but the reason for the ceremony in the first place.

So, Kelly was forced to watch the cow's red blood squirt out from the small hole in its neck until the gourd was full. After that gourd was filled with the cow's blood, Oibor got the other empty gourd, went to the other end of the cow, knelt down, took hold of its teats and squeezed and pulled on them until she had squirted enough milk to fill the second gourd. Now, the tribe of lesbian women had their two elements, blood and thick, rich milk, the two elements of their ceremony just as bread and wine are the two elements in the Christian Eucharist, symbolizing the body and blood of Christ. Some of the cow's rich, red blood they would use by itself, and the rest they would mix together into a blood-milk concoction.

When all of this had been accomplished, Eng'ai gave a command, and Sinyati and Oibor put their hands on Kelly's shoulders and pushed her to the ground until she was kneeling at the feet of Eng'ai. Once in that submissive position Eng'ai asked for the gourd filled with the warm blood that Oibor brought to her.

With the blood-filled gourd in her right hand, Eng'ai put her left hand onto Kelly's forehead and bent her head back, bringing the edge of the gourd to her lips.

Eng'ai opened her mouth wide and nodded for Kelly to open her mouth, too, but Kelly shook her head "NO," thrashing her head from side to side to avoid what she knew Eng'ai wanted her to do. However, Eng'ai, loosing her patience, pressed the lip of the gourd hard against Kelly's mouth, forcing her to open wide, and once Kelly's mouth was open Eng'ai poured a steady stream of the red, hot blood into Kelly's mouth who was forced to swallow or gag from having her mouth so full of the rich fluid.

Kelly tasted the metallic flavor of the cow's blood filling her mouth, passing over her tongue, coating her taste buds on the bottom of her tongue, and flowing down her throat into her stomach. She gagged a little, but Kelly found that the taste of the cow's blood was not much different from sucking her own blood from a paper cut or having stuck herself with a pin that drew blood to the surface. The cow's blood was just stronger to her taste, thicker in viscosity, and greater quantity.

Seeing Kelly's throat move up and down as she drank three or four mouthfuls of the cow's blood, Eng'ai titled the gourd and withdrew it from Kelly's mouth, leaving her lips covered with the cow's warm blood that she instinctively licked clean with her tongue.

Eng'ai smiled well pleased with this, and she allowed Kelly to raise her head.

"At least the worst is over," Kelly thought. "What could be worse than drinking cow's blood?"

Well, what happened next might not have been worse, but Eng'ai took the gourd from which Kelly had just drunk, and slowly poured a thin stream of blood onto the middle of her forehead that then ran down over her eyes that she closed so the blood would not get into her eyes, down the bridge and over the nostrils of her slender nose, over her mouth, and down her chin until it dripped onto her breasts that ran over the fullness of her buxom orbs until the blood dripped off the tips of her hard nipples and onto the tops of her thighs.

Eng'ai then poured some of the blood between Kelly's breasts' deep cleavage so that it ran down the middle of her body, filled her dimpled bellybutton, and continued onto her mons where it mingled with her auburn pubic hair. After the blood slowly weaved its way through Kelly's pubic hair, it trickled onto her clit that despite her own rejection of becoming sexually aroused had become hard and erect, poking its rounded head beyond its protective hood.

From her swollen clit the blood ran down between her puffy pussy lips, past her pee hole and vaginal slit that was covered with her own pussy cream, along her perineum between the crack of her ass cheeks until it just stopped before it dropped onto the dirt ground.

Eng'ai drank of the cow's blood herself and then handed the blood gourd over to Oibor to drink and then pass it around for all the women to drink in their turn. When the gourd returned to Oibor, she mixed some of the cow's rich milk from the second gourd in with the blood that remained and swirled it around to make it one, single drink of blood-milk.

Oibor handed the gourd back to Eng'ai who immediately made Kelly drink the concoction of blood-milk in successive mouthfuls, about four. Kelly once more instinctively licked her lips clean, thinking to herself that the mixture of blood and rich milk was rather tasty.

Once Kelly had drunk of the blood-milk concoction, Eng'ai put the gourd to her full lips and took several full draughts of the precious liquid. She handed the gourd to Oibor who once more drank in turn and then it on to each of the women so they, too, could savor the rich taste of the blood mixed with cow's milk.

Kelly just knelt before Eng'ai and stared upon the ground as she wondered what else was in store for her for which she had absolutely no idea.

However, by now Kelly had made up her mind to go along willingly with whatever was to happen. She knew she had no other choice than to go along with the will of Eng'ai and the other nine tribal women.

Little did she know, however, what lay in store for her. Not in her wildest imagination was Kelly ready for what was about to happen.

Eng'ai barked out some orders, and immediately Oibor and Sinyati reached down, took Kelly by her hands, and helped her to her feet. They then turned her around so that she was facing the large ass of the cow with its swishing tail going back and forth to help keep the flies off her private parts.

Oibor and Sinyati walked Kelly right up to the cow's big ass and because of the difference in their size compared with Kelly's petite five feet one inches, they lifted her off the ground with ease and put her front-side down onto the back of the cow, her legs spreading wide over the cow's bony hips, her arms dangling down the cow's sides, and her head resting sideways on the cow's neck.

Kelly's big, full breasts flattened on the cow's back with each tit resting on one side of her vertebrate. Without so much as a pause, Oibor and Sinyati took hold of the vine rope that was on Kelly's wrists and slid their hands along it until they were raising Kelly's arms upwards towards the cow's head. In that stretched-out position Oibor and Sinyati took the ends of the rope and tied each strand around one of the lyre-shaped horns, pulling them tightly so that Kelly was secure lying on the back of the cow with her arms outstretched and her legs spread wide just from the size of the cow's ass, leaving Kelly's pussy splayed wide that exposed her asshole and vaginal slit that was agape, showing the coral color inside of her vagina.

Eng'ai, of course, was in the perfect position behind the cow and Kelly to have an un-obstructive view of Kelly's full womanhood, her feminine "V" in an upside down position with her lovely, full, round ass cheeks rising upwards like two round ridges of a mountain meeting to form a valley that was the crease down the middle of her butt.

"Ungh!" groaned Kelly as she was hoisted into this most awkward position on top of the cow's back, not having the faintest idea why.

"What earthly reason are these women doing this to me, slinging me on top of the cow's back?" Kelly questioned herself.

What Kelly didn't see was each of the women coming towards her with a long, thin acacia branch from which they had cut off all the thorns but let the nubs where they cut still exposed on the pliable branches.

When the women had formed a tight semi-circle around the rear of the cow as well as around Kelly's rear with Eng'ai standing directly behind the cow and Kelly with her acacia stick in hand, she raised it high above her head and with the snap of her wrist brought it down hard against Kelly's right ass cheek, causing a stinging pain to shoot through Kelly's body.

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