The Amazing Emma Stone


Her hands were on my chest and stroking at my shoulders as my hands slipped onto her body and then under her shirt. They drew idle circles on the small of her back as our lips broke contact and I quickly started to kiss my way from her face and to her delightful neck. Her sexy moans rang out into the room as we walked together and found the couch in the room. We collapsed onto it, making the both of us laugh a little before resuming our making out session. Her hands moved on top of mine and guided them up to her chest and then the back of her bra. As I tried to undo the bra, she giggled against my mouth. Her eyes slowly opened and locked on mine as she helped me undo the horrible piece of underwear.

"Having trouble?"

"Bras are evil. Designed purely to make men look silly in general." She giggled again and lifted her arms letting me slide the shirt up off of her and toss it aside. The bra came next and she simply dumped it aside, she blushed lightly as my eyes roamed over her chest. Her nipples stood out at attention as she helped me lift my shirt off too. Emma planted kisses on my neck and she made her way down my body, while she smooched my chest I couldn't help but think back to the news channel.

"Emma... As fun as this is going to be... Aren't you dating Andrew?" I asked, her kisses stopped and she looked up at me. She raised and eyebrow and smirked slightly.

"Cole. You don't believe everything you read on the internet do you?"

"It was the TV actually..."

Emma rolled her eyes and laughed.

"Does it matter? I'm offering you sex with no strings attached. Be smart here Cole!"

I couldn't really argue with that logic as Emma nodded her head and planted soft kisses and gentle licks along my stomach. Eventually, she found the top of my jeans and she quickly undid them before unzipping them and yanking them down. I helped by lifting my ass off of the couch and letting my jeans arrive in a pool around my feet. Emma quickly tugged my boxer shorts down as well, letting my dick fall into view. I was hard now and the red head on her knees in front of me seemed more than happy with it. She licked her lips slowly before taking my dick in her hand and stroking it lightly.

"Let's see if you taste as good as you feel."

Emma then pushed my cock up against my stomach and delivered a swift broad lick along the underside of my dick. I shivered with pleasure as her tongue met my cock, she brought it upwards in a broad uplifting stroke. Her tongue briefly flicked against the underside before letting it roll around the tip. She looked up at me, her big green eyes seemed to bore into my soul as she toyed with my dick's head. She beamed up at me before opening her mouth and taking my dick finally into her warm, wet mouth. Her lips closed around my cock and slowly she started to let me slide into her mouth.

I groaned and ran my hands through her hair as she closed her eyes and sucked my dick. She pushed me deeper and deeper into her warm mouth, back and forth she moved until I bumped against the back of her throat. She slowly pulled back before moving back, her tongue slipped up and cushioned each bob of her head. Her warm saliva pooled around the base of my cock as she slurped up and down, her eyes opened again slowly as she looked up at me. Her wet and warm spit had swiftly coated my cock, giving it extra lubrication as she moved her lips up and down.

Her tongue bathed my cock in saliva as her lips moved up to keeping just my dick's head in her mouth. She wrapped her right hand around my cock and she smiled while she pumped her hand up and down. I shivered with pleasure as she doubled the pleasure on me. Her other hand had slid down her seductive body and she had since undone her skirt and was going to town on herself. She hadn't taken the tights off but was simply rubbing herself through them. I couldn't really see exactly what she was doing but whatever it was it must have felt good since she was moaning heavily around my dick. She slowly withdrew off of my cock and slowly pumped me, she looked up and titled her head from side to side.

"I want you to fuck me now Cole." She leaned up and planted a kiss on my lips. Her tongue slipped inside my mouth, hers sought out mine as she straddled me and rubbed her wet lower lips against my hard and also equally if not more so wet cock. Her hands rubbed my chest but she soon moaned after my hands cupped her tits. I lightly squeezed her breasts, rubbing her nipples against my palm. She then moved her hands down to her tights and slipped them down her legs, wriggling out of them she was now naked as I was. I lifted her up and guided her to the large double bed that was planted against the wall. I fell forward and pinned her against the bed, she giggled against my lips and kissed me one more time.

She spun me around and let me rest my back against the plush sheets as she laughed and took hold of me by the wrists. She planted a soft kiss on my lips and licked her own lips.

"I'm in charge now. Got it?" She teased me as I smirked and nodded my head. "Good." She said with a smile, her pussy lips were rubbing against the upper side of my cock. She let out a low groan with a big smile as she teased the both of us. Despite it being her actions, her hips rolled around my dick at her teasing. She rubbed up and down one more time before bringing her hips up and letting my dick enter her. Her warm, wet pussy lips enveloped my cock making the both of us groan out loud. She slid her hips downwards and her lips curled into a grin as she took all of my cock inside her.

Emma let go of my wrists and made sure I'd behave by staring at my slowly. Seeming satisfied, she started to get into the swing of things. She started off by putting on a show for me. She reached up and started to run her hands through her red hot red hair as she started to rock her hips back and forth all the while she lifted her hips up and down. She smoothly lifted and dropped herself onto my hard cock, becoming a fast expert she repeated the motion with an impressive ease. My eyes watched her bounce and writhe on me happily. My eyes focused on her tits that moved up and down with each bounce she performed on me.

When she came down on my cock, her pussy moved all the way down to the base of my shaft making the both of us groan out loud. Her pale skin matched mine as she slammed herself down. Other than the sounds of our moans in the room, I could hear her sweet ass cheeks smack into my thighs. It was impressive to watch Emma work on my dick as easily as she could do. She had always been portrayed as very innocent, she had said it herself when she was jerking me off earlier, but the way she moved made me wonder if that was entirely true. My hands came up off of the bed and held her by the waist for support as my gaze started switching between her beautiful, moaning face, her soft but sweet bouncing breasts and down between her legs to watch my cock vanish and reappear from her wet snatch. She was still tight which only added further to the pleasure that we were both feeling.

Letting go of her hair now, the now red headed stunner gripped onto my shoulders. She was getting short of breath as she bounced up and down on my cock. Maybe she was struggling to keep the pace up to satisfy the both of us? With a grunt, she switched things up with an occasional sharper drop downwards than her usual rate. The smack of her soft ass connecting with my thighs got louder filled the room and neatly mixed with her as she groaned out loud. I couldn't help but smile as she palmed her tits and threw her head backwards, while I was enjoying it I wasn't moaning as loudly as she was. I had had some stimulation earlier not to mention the hand job from her in the harness. My hands moved up and down on her bare thighs as she lifted herself up and down.

Emma's eyes opened as she was surprised by my new tactic, I lifted my hips up off of the bed and drove myself into her very wet and snugly tight pussy. My balls slapped against her ass as I sent my pole inside her. With this new style of fucking, it allowed me to get myself even deeper inside the movie star and red head. As I did this, it only made her move even higher on my cock. She had been raising and lowering herself by the mid point but now she lifted herself up to the head of my cock and then slammed herself down with closed eyes. The sweat was now pouring off of her forehead as her wet snatch slid up and down nearly all the entire way. As if she was running on instincts, she kept on riding my dick that was now soaked from her own juices.

Emma had been getting hotter and hotter as this had begun, I had only just started to sweat. Remarkable isn't it? Thins beads of perspiration ran down my forehead as I thrust my cock up inside the snug cunt of the actress who was playing Gwen Stacy in the new summer blockbuster. Watching and hearing her moan while bouncing on my cock seemed to give me an extra source of fuel to me as I kept giving it to her hard and fast like she seemed like it. Emma gasped and clung to me as her head fell backwards and started to pant. She was going to cum soon, so I ran my hand down to her clit and started to rub the hard button making her cry out in glee at my touch. With my free hand, I lifted her up and held her vertically, giving me all the time I needed to thrust up into her and get her to the orgasm she needed.

"Oh! Oh! Oh! Awwwww fuck!!" Emma screamed out, gasping for air as her pussy hugged my cock tightly and she exploded on me. Her warm, wet girl cum ran down my shaft and leaked out onto my balls. I grinned and held her tightly before I gave her a few more thrusts upwards letting her know I was serious.

"Needed that Emma?" I teased with a smirk as I let my body go limp and fell on top of her, pinning her to the bed. My hands were on either side of her head, her pretty red curls had spread out on the bed sheets as she bit on her lip and nodded her head.

"Oh fuck yes! Been thinking about this big dick all day!" She admitted, rolling her hips around me as I held myself steady for her to get some more teasing for her tight pussy. Satisfied, I started to slide myself in and out of her again. A low groan escaped the both of our lips as I went back to work pumping in and out of her.

A series of sharp and sudden pumps, soon got me back to being balls deep inside her. My chest had a certain sheen to it due to our sexy exercise, new sounds filled the room as my hips smacked against hers with each deep, penetrating thrust. As I thrust inside her, it was more than enough to make her jolt forward. The newly appointed Spider-man star moaned outwards again in a less than lady-like manner with her eyes shut tightly. Her hands ran up my body and gripped against my back as she was getting railed in a missionary position. She lifted her sweet, sexy hips up off of the bed to meet my upcoming thrusts.

Now, I'm not trying to get you guys jealous or anything but I was here pounding away at one of Hollywood's soon to be beloved actresses and that's more than enough to get a red blooded male going. But, it's even more intense when you had barely met her like I had. So, naturally I'm doing everything I can to savour the moment. I grunted and shut my eyes as I buried every one of my inches inside her tightness. My balls started to slap against her tight, toned ass as I drove myself forward. There was an erotic and lusty 'SMACK' of flesh hitting flesh as I drove myself inside her.

With her head hanging down against the bed sheets, it was wide open for the steady stream of grunts, groans, moans and panting to pour out. I pushed my lips against hers and were briefly French kissed before she dug her nails into my back and cried out again as her pussy tightened around me again.

"Oh fuck! Cole! I'm going to cum again baby!" An orgasm ripped through her lovely body as it reacted to my shaft that working in and out of her pussy. I grunted my acknowledgement as I stuffed her pussy with my cock. It felt incredible, unlike any pussy I had fucked before. Her fingernails clawed at my sweaty back as the rocking motion of our fucking caused her tits to bounce and slap against her as I drove my entire tool inside her soaking wet, tight hole.

Only a few more deep, sudden pumps are needed as Emma exploded on my cock. I grunted and shut my eyes tightly, I was close to blowing too. Her juices flooded out onto my shaft and some even spilled out onto the sheets as I carried on fucking her. Her pussy tightened around me and hugged my member tightly, all the while I carried on ploughing in and out of her. I kept control and carried on going, but my own thrusts started to get more and more erratic. My arms gave way and I fell forward, my head resting against the bed sheets as Emma's legs wrapped themselves around me and hugged me tightly all the while I carried on fucking into her. I shivered and knew I wasn't far off from cumming.

"Emma! I'm going to cum..." I sighed contently. I looked up at her and saw she still had her eyes closed but was nodding her head.

"Just... Just... Fuck me... Just cum into me." She sighed, I nodded my head.

"Sure. Okay." I gave a few more deep pumps and then exploded into her. Several ropes shot from my cock and splattered against her insides. We both groaned as her hands roamed over my back. I propped myself up with my elbows and stared down at her as she smiled up at me.

"Fuck... Fuck me that was good." Emma breath lightly, stroking my face as she licked her lips. I removed myself from her and laughed lightly when she rolled me over again and lay on top of me. My own lips had gone hard from the physical activity but as she pressed hers against mine, she soon softened them up and we were kissing again. We were interrupted by the sound of a knock on the door.

Emma squealed and jumped up off of the bed.

"Who is it?" She called out, looking at me with a big grin on her face.

"Room service." A husky female voice replied, Emma giggled and opened the door. Well, who was on the other side shocked me a whole lot.


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