The Babysitter Ch. 03


Holly got down on her knees and started unbuckling John's belt, then undid his pants and they slid down to his ankles. His boxer-briefs did little to hide his obvious excitement. John kicked out of his socks and shoes and tossed his pants into a heap on top of Holly's clothes. Holly ran her fingernails very gently along John's lower back while making a light trail of kisses and touches along his inner thighs, leading up to, but not yet touching his fully erect cock. She hungered for it with a desire that almost had a mind of its own. Holly's fingers reached into the elastic of his briefs and pulled them down exposing his engorged member. As she did so, her eyes almost glazed over. In a heat of passion she pulled him down into his office chair, and rolled it close to her. She licked her lips and smiled up at him before slipping his swollen head into her mouth. John gasped as Holly pulled his shaft deeper into her mouth, inch by inch, until she had taken all of him in. She moaned and hummed around John's shaft creating almost a vibrating effect with her tongue and throat. Holly reluctantly let his length slip out a bit so she could lick and suck his sensitive head; she swirled her little tongue around the ridge of his cock-head and flicked it back and forth across the sensitive spot where the head meets the shaft. John moaned deeply as Holly continued her expert work on him. Holly reached up and gently fondled and played with his balls with her left hand, while she gripped the base of his cock with the other. Holly began bobbing her head up and down his shaft, using her right hand to assist her mouth in pumping his organ. "Mnnhhgnnnmmm, oh Holly," John moaned, as he began bucking his hips to match Holly's rhythm. John put his hands in Holly's hair and pulled her closer to him, and then began fucking her face faster, moaning more intensely. Holly loved everything about this. She loved being on her knees sucking John off in his corporate office, in front of a wall full of glass windows overlooking a street full of offices and apartment buildings. She began to suck him harder, while flicking her tongue around the pulsating shaft in her mouth. She knew he was close; she could feel it in her mouth, and in her hands; she could hear it in the quality of his groaning and heavy breathing. Holly kept sucking and pumping him until the second he finally let go and released spurt after spurt of hot, white cum deep into her throat and mouth. Holly drank it all down, and then lapped up every last drop from his softening member, balls, and even her own hands and mouth.

"Oh my god, Holly that was amazing," John said, relaxing farther into his cushy leather office chair, too spent to move.

"Mmmm, I'm glad you liked it," Holly purred.

Holly smiled; proud of herself for the affect she had had on John. John lay slumped in his office chair, his hips slid farther down the seat. His breathing slowly returned to a normal rate. Holly knew his resting period wouldn't last long. Because his eyes were closed, he didn't notice Holly slip out of her thong. Holly was finally naked, except for her long black boots. Holly sat herself down on John's lap, facing him and took his face in her hands and planted a hard, passionate, loving kiss on his lips, which he returned with fervor. He pulled Holly's naked body closer to him, pressing her breasts against him and Holly could feel his heart beating hard in his chest. John wrapped his arms around her waist and pulled her hips closer to his. She could feel his cock begin to twitch and stir again. Holly had already soaked through her panties and was still very wet and turned on. She moaned and gently rocked her hips, pushing her damp pussy against his swelling member. They continued making out heavily with hands and fingers gently exploring and caressing each others bodies. John couldn't believe how hot this young woman was for him, and it turned him on to no end. John gripped Holly's hips and lifted her body off of his lap and gently lowered her onto the head of his now fully erect cock. Holly moaned again and bit her lower lip in anticipation. John held her there, watching her wanting him to drop her down onto his rigid pole. Holly nearly ached with desire.

"You want this, don't you Holly? You want my cock?" John teased.

"Oh yeah, fuck me, John! Please! I need you!" Holly moaned.

John loved how much she wanted him. He couldn't bear to tease her anymore because he wanted her just as badly, if not more. He finally lowered Holly's body down onto his hard member. Holly moaned and arched her back as she felt his hardness slide against the slick walls of her pussy. John pumped his cock in and out of Holly's young snatch and Holly met his thrusts by rocking her hips into his until they were quickly gyrating rhythmically in John's office chair.

John wrapped his arms around her waist and slowly stood up. Holly wrapped her legs around John's waist and they stood there, locked together kissing passionately, still pumping steadily. John swept the papers in the middle of his desk to the side with his arm and then set Holly down on top of it.

Holly broke their kiss, pecked her soft lips against his in a quick kiss and then she lay down against the cold, hard surface of John's mahogany desk. John cupped Holly's firm ass cheeks in his hands and held her as he slowly pulled his cock out of Holly's pussy, inch by inch, leaving just his swollen head inside and then plunged it back deep inside of her. The deep penetration made Holly groan in pleasure. John repeated his deep in-and-out thrusting, leaving Holly panting, and bucking her hips wildly. The imagery he was receiving by watching his hard cock, shiny with Holly's pussy juices, ram in and out of Holly's hot young cunt was unbelievably erotic. Holly was moaning every time John slammed his cock against her cervix, and loved the sound of his balls slapping her ass cheeks. John slowed his tempo down, afraid he would blow too soon if he kept up this pace.

Holly still had her legs wrapped around his waist, and he began to rock his hips into hers and they met at a steady even pace, meeting each other thrust for thrust. John reached forward and began fondling Holly's breasts and pinching her hard nipples between her fingers. Holly found herself moaning again; putty in his hands. John leaned forward and used his elbows to brace himself on either side of Holly on his desk and again began to kiss Holly vigorously. John massaged Holly's tongue with his and still slowly propelled himself into her methodically. As John continued thrusting into Holly's wanton womanhood, his pubic bone was rubbing against Holly's engorged clitoris. Holly responded by moving her hips to reflect their previous quick, fast strokes that increased the friction on her clit. Holly moaned and swirled her tongue passionately against John's. Then she broke their kiss to moan, "Mmmm..ooohhh, John." Then she removed her legs from their locked position around his waist and positioned them with the heels of her boots on the edge of his desk, knees in the air, spread as wide as they could. She pulled her ass closer to him and lifted it off of the desk, opening herself up for him to enter deeper into her. John was still lying on top of Holly, with his weight rubbing against her pleasure centre. Holly wrapped her arms around him, pulling him closer, panting heavily as he pumped deeper and deeper into her young twat. Holly was close. She could feel herself creeping closer and closer towards a massive orgasm. Within seconds she was there. As she was deep in the throes of her orgasm, her vagina muscles convulsed and tightened even more around John's rigid cock, bringing him to the brink with her. His ecstasy built up slowly, and began to pulsate through his body. It began deep inside his groin as a deep pressure and quickly escalated to warmth and tingles spreading through his entire body searching out his limbs. John shot his load deep into Holly's youthful hole. Holly dug her fingernails deep into the skin of John's back and bit her lower lip as her orgasm continued to wash over her, wave by wave. John loved the feeling of her nails in his back; he loved knowing she was enjoying this as much as he was. They kept their sweaty bodies locked in their tight embrace while they recovered from their intense orgasms. They savored every lingering feeling from their passionate sex, and just lay there together. Minutes later, John opened his eyes and kissed Holly gently on the lips.

"Baby that was so good for me," John uttered and kissed her on the forehead.

"Mmmm, for me too," Holly said.

Holly slowly sat up and stretched her toes and arms before looking around the office to see where her clothes had fallen. She passed John his shirt while she shimmied back into her panties and pants. They didn't talk much while they were dressing, but the air was heavy with the scent and tension of their sex.

"I have been longing to do that to you again, Holly," John said as he enveloped her in a warm embrace.

"You know I always want you John, so don't let it be so long next time," she replied.

"I won't. I promise... Now you should probably get the kids back home to bed, let me help you carry them back down to the car. I will be home shortly, I just have to straighten up my office," he said with a wink and a kiss on her cheek. Holly picked up Sarah and John picked up Mark and they carried them down to Holly's car and strapped them in.

"I'll see you at home, kiddo," John said to Holly with a playful smack on her ass as she climbed into the front seat of her car.

She kissed him gently on the lips through her open window, and then backed out of the parking lot. She reminisced about their steamy office sex the whole way home.

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