The Bar


Allie was ready for a girl's night out. It was the first time in a couple months that she could get her parents to baby sit her daughter over night so that she could go out. She got ready in her blue jeans, white tank top with lace around the top edge, jean jacket and her sexy boots, she liked to call them. The girls had agreed to meet at the bar at 7 so that everyone had time to get the kids situated with babysitters and such.

Allie was the third to arrive, with Jade, wearing a low v neck tank and a black mini shirt and stilettos and Alex, wearing jeans and a cute lace top over top of a white tank and heals as well; already waiting at a table, drink in hand. The D.J. didn't start until 8 so they were listening to the juke box to kill time while the others arrived. After the first 2 drinks, the girls were ordering their third drinks and then heading to the dance floor.

The D.J. had just started while they were in line for drinks. This guy is the best in town and this bar was the best in town for all the younger groups. The average age in here was probably 25 or 26. The girls head out to a small crowd. They danced somewhat apart since there was plenty of room. Within the next 20 minutes the place would be packed. The girls danced without any interruption from people bumping into them or anything else. After the first song, the girls went and sat for a minute until another great song came on. They were now on drink 4 and starting to have fun. Everyone had loosened up now and was ready to hit the floor again.

By now, the floor was starting to get crowded a little so the girls had gotten a little closer. The place was so loud you couldn't even hear yourself sing, let alone anyone else talk. The girls danced with each other and their guy friends who would stop over to say hi, dance on them a second, then be on there way. The girls had to take a break after that song because it was naturally potty break time for a few of them. The alcohol was going down smooth tonight. After the mass potty break, the girls stopped back at the bar for another drink. This time they head straight to the dance floor to find it nearly to capacity. The only way to dance anymore was extremely close. The girls didn't care. They were feeling pretty good by now and were dancing right up on each other.

Allie was dancing alone when Jade came up to her and started grinding her ass right up on Allie's front. Allie instinctively put her hands on Jade's hips. Jade was grinding her as hard on Allie as she'd bend over, revealing the top of her thong out of the back of her pants. Allie was getting hotter by the minute. Jade stood up straight and leaned back on Allie's chest and dropped her head backwards onto Allie's shoulder. Allie, feeling frisky playfully bit Jade's neck. Jade, also feeling really good by now, turned right into Allie's lips and kissed Allie. Allie was a little taken back by this, but then she quickly got over it. Who cares, she thought, it's my night out and I'm gonna have fun! She returned the kiss.

The girls soon turned facing each other, dancing up on each other, sharing kisses here and there along the way. Allie would lean up next to Jade and say, "You are so fucking hot girl, the things I'd love to do to you!" Jade would just smile, almost like saying, the feelings mutual. Hands would slip to the others sweaty breasts here and there for a quick tease. The floor was packed and the place was hot. The girls decided to slide back to their table in the corner, which happened to be extremely dark. The dance floor is where all the lights were so the tables weren't really paid much attention to at this point.

The girls slipped back to the table together, where they sat on the same side drinking their new cold drinks. Jade leaned over to Allie's ear and softly whispered, "Well, show me what that mouth has been asking for all night." The girls embraced in a steamy kiss. Allie was so horny from the teasing that Jade's body has been giving her all night. She could barely control herself. She grabbed Jade's hair in her fist and pulled her neck to the side, letting Jade first feel her breath on her neck and then she gently bite her again. She'd kiss and bite Jade and then run her tongue up Jade's neck to her ear. She'd nibble Jade's ear lob as Jade was still accepting everything Allie was giving her.

Allie had her right hand holding back Jade's hair while her left hand traveled down Jade's neck to her chest. She grabbed tight, Jade's nearly exposed breast. Jade threw her head back again trying to catch her breath. She was breathing heavily from the dancing and wasn't able to catch it now that she was being seduced by Allie. Allie had her fill of Jade's chest and wanting to feel Jade's pussy on her fingers. Jade directed Allie's eyes to her and mouthed, "I'm not wearing any panties!" with a devilish grin. Allie slid her hand down Jade's stomach and down the top on her thigh. She reached her knee and slid her hand to the inside of Jade's thigh, then slowly slid her hand up Jade's leg under her skirt. Jade opened her legs a little to invite Allie's hand in further. Jade pulled her skirt up with a clinched fist around the bottom of her skirt. She needed something to grab and hard. She was ready to come unglued any second.

Allie played with Jade's wet pussy lips, teasing her pussy hole with each swift motion of her fingers near the hole but then going around it. Jade would thrust her hips forward slightly as Allie would get so close but never go in. Allie was still massaging Jade's ears and neck with her tongue and occasionally Jade's lips as she'd turn to Allie's lips with her own. Allie slid waited until it seemed Jade could no longer take the torture of those fingers skipping over her hole and Allie slid them in, deep. Jade moaned loud enough that Allie heard her over the music and felt the vibration on her lips, which were on Jade's neck at the time. Jade wanted her so bad. She wanted Allie to fuck her right here, right now. Allie could tell.

Allie slipped under the table, unnoticed by the rest of the bar crowd. She was still gliding her fingers in and out of Jade's wet pussy. Jade was enjoying every minute of it. Allie slid Jade's legs wider. Jade loved not being able to see what Allie was doing. It was such a welcomed surprise when we'd change up what she was doing and Jade didn't know ahead of time. Allie pulled her fingers from Jade's pussy and licked them clean. She grabbed Jade's legs with both her hands, squeezed gently and shoved her face into Jade's waiting pussy. Jade couldn't hold back her moans.

Thank goodness the music was so loud and the corner was dark or they'd have an audience for sure. Allie had her face so far into Jade's pussy she'd have to stop to breathe every once in a while, just before ramming her face back into Jade's pussy. In the seconds it took her to breathe, she's slide her fingers back into Jade's sweet hole. Jade was getting fucked just as she'd begged for just a few minutes earlier. Allie tended to every need of Jade's pussy. She'd fucker as hard and deep as she could with her tongue and then slide her tongue out and up Jade's lips, separating them just enough to reach Jade's clit. She'd flick her tongue all over Jade's clit. Then she'd latch onto her clit and suck hard and thrust her fingers into Jade's pussy. Jade was getting closer and closer to cumming ever thrust of Allie's fingers. Allie released Jade's clit stuck her tongue out and shook her head violently from side to side catching jade's clit with every pass. Allie would then put her wide tongue out as far as she could and lick Jade's wet pussy from the back to the front.

Over and over again she'd repeat these patterns. Jade couldn't stand it anymore, she was ready to cum. It was like an eruption inside of her that was building up and she couldn't wait to explode. She screamed at the top of her lungs as Allie sucked her clit hard inside her mouth and fucked her hard and fast with her fingers. Allie could feel Jade's pussy contract around her fingers. She didn't want to stop until Jade was satisfied. She sucked harder and harder still as Jade was thrusting forward with pleasure. Allie fucked harder and harder through Jade's immense orgasm.

Allie's hands were now full of Jade's juice and her mouth trying to capture every drop. Jade tasted amazing on her lips. She had relaxed her body to the back of her chair as Allie pulled her hand out of Jade's content pussy. Allie licked through every crease of Jade's pussy and then she cleaned her hand with her own tongue. She kissed Jade's clit one last time before returning to her seat next to Jade.

Jade was sitting there recovering from her intense orgasm, smiling waiting for Allie. She grabbed Allie and kissed her, licking any juices off that Allie may have missed on her face and lips. "You are fucking amazing!" she insisted to Allie.

"Thanks!" Allie smiled. "So, you're staying at my house later, right?"

"Oh, hell yeah! This isn't over by a long shot." Jade said. The girls smiled and regained their composure before returning to the dance floor with the rest of the girls.

"Where did you two go?" Asked Alex. "And you didn't even bring beers back with you? What the hell?" Alex asked laughing but yet a little confused as to where the girls had gone. Alex rubbed past them and went to the bar for more drinks. The girl just stood there smiling, not saying a word, like they had no clue what Alex was talking about. Needless to say, the night didn't end there.

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