tagGroup SexThe Barbers Chair

The Barbers Chair


This is the story of a wife's sexual fantasy and the unconventional route her husband took to fulfill it for her. MM-MMF-light bondage-bi.


Some events in this story are based upon events that actually took place in the life of a longtime friend of mine. Related to me sometime ago.


She was young and restless, and needed sex constantly, and I loved her. My name is John Vessparrio and I'm her husband. Vivian had expressed a desire to participate in a threesome with herself and two males, I of course being one of them.

The second part of her fantasy was to be fucked at the same time by both of us, one in her cunt, and the other in her ass. We had been married eight years now; she was twenty-seven and I twenty-eight and I guess we were both bored with our sex life. I knew Vivian still loved me; she just needed something new in her life to entertain her.

I contacted an old friend of mine whom I knew was bi sexual and explained my dilemma to him. He wouldn't have been my first choice as a partner but I thought he might be the most likely to agree.

He did agree after lengthily deliberation that he would help me in exchange for the chance to fuck my beautiful blonde wife. He confessed to me later in the middle of a beer bout that he had secretly lusted for her from the first time he'd met Vivian years ago.

I knew he was really interested by the growth of his cock as we explored the subject. He would intermittingly reach over as we talked and stroke my cock through my pants; the whole idea and topic were having their effect on me as well. While I was a bit apprehensive about it all, I was also titillated by the sheer intrigue of such a dark and forbidden taboo; as my erection clearly indicated.

We may as well practice he suggested at last and with that unzipped my pants and pulled at the largest hard-on I'd ever grown. Bending down he lightly teased me with his tongue at the underside of my cock. Then ventured down to my sack and teased me silly there as well; his hands were warm, strong, and surprisingly gentle.

Dan would keep making comments about how he couldn't wait to get his cock into my wife's wet pussy and fuck her silly as I watched. He continued wondering out load for my benefit, surmising if she would scream, moan, or shudder when she came creaming around his cock. His comments and very capable tongue had me hot enough to fry eggs on in short order.

I could see in my minds eye my beautiful Vivian, her legs wrapped around him with her ass bouncing up and down on his pumping shaft. I even began to imagine his cock dripping with her fluids driving itself deeply in and out of her tight opening and her begging for more, and the bastard's mouth on my cock only made my visualization all that much more pleasant.

He then engulfed me whole and started bobbing up and down on my cock in serious rapid-fire motion. In my minds eye again I could see his over sized cock fucking my gorgeous wife's cunt and got really turned on by the continued images. I reached down and started stroking Dan's larger than life cock as he moaned deeply around my dick.

His sucking then turned gentle and loving in nature his finger now softly teasing my balls, as he went his tongue was actually making love to my shaft with tenderness. I needed to cum badly and was so hot I let go of all my inhibitions and bent over then slid my mouth as far down on his shaft as I could go.

I had never sucked cock before but I instantly loved it, Dan tried his best to be gentle but couldn't control his urges. He slammed that big dick of his deep in my throat passing the tight constriction at the back and shoving the head of his mammoth cock all the way down my throat.

He all but raped me right there on the floor and I let him, because I was so in need myself I didn't want to do anything that might cause him to stop sucking me. He shot load after load of hot slimy cum into my belly, as I came myself screaming around his cock in my mouth. As my cock spasmed in his hot, soft mouth, he gently squeezed my balls as he sucked and drained every drop of fluid from my body.

He lovingly sucked me dry, as jet after jet, of my hot come shot into his hot clasping lips, he nursed me with his sweet tongue as I came sliding it along the underside of my anxious flinching dick. Ensuring that he got every single drop of my hot bitter come. It was the best eruption I had ever achieved and I was exhausted, I lay there shaking from the intense impact of my climax as he slowly suckled my shrinking cock.

We rested for what seemed only a minute and I noticed that Dan had not even shrunk after ejaculating. He pulled me up and placed my upper body face down on the sofa then moved behind me.

"Oh Dan...I," I never got to finish my protest. His huge cock opened me up with a searing pain deep inside my body as his rigid cock slid deep inside the softness of my ass.

"Your mine now bitch," I heard him growl behind me, "And next I'll make your lovely wife my personal bitch slave and you may borrow her when she isn't busy with me honey," he snickered.

There was no point in struggling, as Dan had always been much stronger than I. Beside the pain had subsided a great deal by now and was rapidly being replaced by some rather pleasant feelings. Every time Dan pumped into me he was shoving my cock hard into the cool leather coach and producing some marvelous sensations inside me. It wasn't long before I was sporting a brand new erection and randy again.

I felt my new lover reach under me and gently stroke my hard cock then felt his warm fingers sweetly caress my hard, hot balls. It was a wonderful sensation...his hot, stiff cock fucking into me that way, driving me toward another orgasm.

"Move that ass on my cock slut," I heard him order me.

I did, I pumped back on his over sized cock furiously unable to attain enough of that sweet sensation to satisfy myself. Dan slapped the cheek of my ass as he fucked my hot little hole savagely and I was already on the verge of coming.

"Do you like it baby," he asked me, as his fingertips caressed my nipples?

"Oh Danny I love the way you're fucking me," I replied.

I felt him speed up inside of me, his breath coming faster now washed my upper back with the warmth of his heated passion. With every stroke his balls swung forward to caress my own with their warmth.

"Oh god fuck me Danny, use me like the bitch I am, fill my hot ass with your come baby," I hissed at him attempting to hasten his climax.

I began to flex the muscles of my ass around his sweet driving cock as his balls slapped my own I was very close to climax and knew I couldn't hold out much longer.

"Fuck me you big gorilla fuck my pussy," I screamed.

That was the straw that broke the camel's back, as they say, I felt his hard cock flinch inside my body as he came and I began dumping come out the end of my own at the same time. He filled my ass with fire, I jetted, he jetted it was the most wonderful experience of my life and it left me weak.

When he finished using me Dan pulled me back flat out on the floor, he kissed me gently then moved his mouth to my cock to clean the remaining come off my body.

"That was the fuck of my life baby," he told me as I blushed and smiled at him. "Now when do you want to take care of your wife John," he asked me?

"How about as soon as we get there, I'll call ahead and have Vivian meet us at the barber shop, I'm closed today and we can have the place to ourselves," I told him.

"Sounds like a plan," he responded enthusiastically!

I just hoped that Vivian really wanted this because she was in for the ride of her life. I knew as I dialed my cell phone that we would use her until there was nothing left for her to give.

"Hello dear, remember that little fantasy of yours we discussed last night ... well how about you meet us at the barber shop in say ... oh twenty minutes. And dear, wear something sexy underneath, would you honey. Yes, I love you too baby ... chow."

I walked over and squeezed Dan's cock and ask, "Will you be able to service her after this, because she has an endless appetite for sex?"

"Between us we'll manage I think John," he said smiling.

We left soon after we cleaned up and Dan had bagged a couple of rolls of duct tape he had at his place. When we arrived Vivian was already there and in the shop. She seemed very pleased to see Dan as we stepped in.

"Hello Danny," she squealed, throwing herself against him with a big hug and obvious grind from her hips.

She stood there, the dream of my life with her perfect body and lovely face. She wore a thin very flimsy loose dress that buttoned all the way down the front and was way to short for her. She had on a black choker around her neck, black heels, and dark gray stockings that stopped just under the hem of her dress.

"How have you been Vivian," he asked her with a smile.

"Oh fine ... I'm glad you're the one Danny," she said softly.

"You'll be even happier a little later Vivian," he told her smiling.

"I want you to sit in your husbands barber chair at first Vivian, where you can watch us perform in front of you. Would that be ok honey," he asked her?

Without even answering she mounted the chair her arm extended out on its armrests. Dan began tapping one arm down, as I tapped the other one securely to the seat. She smiled when Dan reached down and slowly moved her dress obscenely high on her shapely thighs.

She didn't protest the intentional exposure but wiggled in the chair instead and gave Danny a big come on smile. Her puffy vulva pushed outward against her panties in an arousingly obscene manner and her long shapely thighs were outrageously beautiful in that position.

"Is the tape really necessary," she asked us?

"I'm afraid so dear, we don't want you erupting prematurely before we can all have fun now do we," he told her as he playfully teased one of her nipples to hard erection.

"Oh ... I see," she said warmly, thrusting her breast firmly against his exploring hand.

I reached over and unbuttoned Vivian's dress all the way up; affording the two of us a clear view of her beautifully shaped cunt and tits through the sheer back panties and bra she wore. She enjoyed our eyes on her as we surveyed the swelling rolls of her puffy cunt. It was obscenely sexy displayed before them this way and her cunt lips were already swelling beneath the scant fabric of her black panties.

Dan leaned over and kissed her on the mouth as his fingers passed lightly over her mound. She moaned against his lips as her hips rose up slightly seeking to prolong contact with those wicked fingers now giving her pleasure. He stoked her bulging cunt gently for a few moments as she writhed and moaned like a shameless whore under the power of his sweet touch.

Dan stepped back away from her taking note that she was already trembling and wet. Then he reached over slowly and caressed my cock through my pants right in front of her, Vivian's lips parted slightly and her eyes pitched bright as she cooed and her breasts rose and fell rapidly with her breath.

"Fuck him Dan, right here in front of me, take him and make him your bitch," Vivian hissed.

Vivian gasped as Dan took me in his arms and kissed me, while grinding that huge hard cock against my body. She squeezed her legs together tightly and squirmed in her seat as she continued to watch the spectacle in front of her.

"On your knees in front of me slut," Dan commanded as he looked me directly in the eye.

I could feel Vivian's hot eyes follow me as I knelt before him, mere inches from his hard, hot shaft. I knew what she wanted; she wanted to see my lips wrapped around his hard cock, wanted to see me nursing hungrily on his raging meat.

She wants to watch you suck cock...so suck my dick slut and give the girl a good show," he authoritatively asserted with a wicked grin.

I pulled his zipper down and out popped that ten inch monster cock of his; as big around as a mans wrist. I jacked him a few times and then ran my pink wet tongue around the head of it slowly. I suckled it lovingly; bit it gently, making all sorts of loud slurping sounds and moaning with each thrust. I could actually hear Vivian's respiration increase and knew her eyes would be focused intently on my lips.

Then I pulled off looking over at Vivian before I began to lap his cock like a dog cleaning his own dick, down the entire quaking shaft I went and all around his tight painful balls as well. She was mesmerized by the complete obscenity of my vivid display her legs locked together squirming against herself seeking some measure of relief.

"Oh John you really do enjoy doing that don't you baby" she whispered!

"Yeah Viv, I really get into it," I replied!

Her moans began again when Dan reached over and began to play with her inner thighs, which she immediately spread as far as possible showing her already wet sheer panties. Vivian's eyes were glued to the business being conducted by my mouth and tongue on Dan's cock and balls, as she drank in the vivid scene of my oral debauchery.

Her eyes ingested every lurid scrap of visual information chewing, digesting it in her minds eye. With every mental swallow an explosion of pure lust that exploded against the fires of heated need between her legs.

I held his cock flat up against his belly and tongued his tight hot balls moaning deeply, I gently bathed them with the wet heat of my soft tongue. I ran my wicked slick member up the underside of his shaft slowly and at the apex of his member I turned and lightly nibbled my way back down. I detected a shiver in his body as he moaned loudly.

"Oh god I need to touch myself," Vivian stated hoarsely. She was in the grip of bitch heat now and would do anything, or anyone, to get off at this point!

"You will not touch yourself slut, only myself or my bitch here will touch your cunt, tits, or ass, until we have left off using you. Do you understand me slave," he asked looking directly at her!!!!

Dan's voice was loud, his eyes hard blue steel that pierced Vivian to the center of her mind.

"Yes sir," she whimpered, shivering as she answered. She shivered again when Dan's hand crept forward and his fingers softly romanced the wet, hot folds, of her puffy vulva. Without shame, like an uncontrollable bitch in heat she ground her hot cunt against his probing hand and began to beg for her climax. His hand was like five gentle tongues against the unbearable heat of her folds, stroking and caressing her sensitive organ till she was nearly exasperated.

Smiling Dan slipped the saturated gusset panel of her panties to the side and whipped her clit with a finger, she cried out softly with the pleasure of his caress. He then inserted two fingers deep into the dampness of her body and fucked her savagely as I watched. She was a bitch without loyalty as the sweet sensation of his fingers drove her forward to release, then just as quickly as he began he left her there, her body smoldering, her need inflamed.

"Please, please don't leave me this way Dan," she sobbed pathetically.

"Patience my lovely, now watch me fuck your husbands mouth you hot little cum slut!"

Dan placed both hands at the sides of my head and began fucking my mouth in earnest then. In and out, faster and faster, his hard hips driving forward like a piston. I could smell my wife's scent on his fingers as he held my face and it only served to increase my need to release. His balls were slinging themselves against my chin; my own thick saliva ran down my face and all over his balls. Then, he once again buried it deep in my throat and paused.

I heard Vivian whine as his pelvis impacted my nose smashing it against my face, I knew she would be beside herself with need now.

Backing out, Dan asked for Vivian's benefit "Do you like having your mouth raped by my handsome boy John," he asked me?

"Yes lover, I really like the way you handle my mouth and ass, you make me feel so hot Danny," I whimpered before him.

Shall we tease your wife, bitch," he asked me?

"Yes Dan, lets torment that cunt of mine," I told him.

I rose and stepped toward my captive wife behind Dan, as I pulled out my cock.

We let Vivian squeeze both of them, mine in one hand Dan's in the other. Looking down I noticed a small pool of fluids on my chair and smiled. Dan grabbed her panties and shredded them in a single tug, then pulled her pussy to the very edge of the chair. Kneeling he took a slow swipe at her wet cunt with that awesome tongue of his and sent her into a semi delirious state of sexual shock.

Vivian cried out loudly and shoved her cunt upward on his face sharply, seeking the comforting warmth of his mouth and the fulfilling promise of his tongue. He attacked her clit for a short period as my own hands squeezed and massaged her firm round breasts. I teased her nipples achieving a state of perfect erection in the sweet strawberry colored flesh at the center of her areola.

Bending down I whispered near her ear, "we'll use you like a whore today Vivian!"

"Oh God I do hope so," she pleaded.

Dan stood directly in front of Vivian's face stroking his long thick rod and with mockery in his tone inquired, "Would you like to feel this inside that cunt of yours, fucking its way in and out of you my dear?"

"Yes, please fuck me ... please...right now," she begged him as she continued to squirm in her chair!!

He laughed at her, as reaching out he lightly pinched one of her swollen nipples and reveled with glee in her agonized writhing. Then he inserted the very tip of his cock between her lips and watched her desperately attempt to suckle the large mass into her mouth, as he teasingly backed away from her lips taunting her.

Your husband came screaming without aid while I fucked him earlier Vivian, he begged for it baby and then gushed like a river on my floor. Would you like to watch my cock in his ass slut? Her only response, as she sucked him, was a deep hot moan and a quick shake of her head in affirmation.

"Please fuck him and let me watch Dan, rape that tight hot ass of his and fill it with your come," she whimpered after releasing his cock. She was wiggling her ass against the seat attempting to get some stimulation but all she found in attempt was bitter frustration.

"I will my dear but I must tease him first," he told her as he moved his large cock away from her face, leaving her with deep feelings of isolation.

Vivian's eyes followed him feverously as he knelt before me his tongue slowly approaching my cock. It shot out and very slowly tickled the underside of my jerking mass sending a shock wave through my brain that made my hips jerk forward. He very slowly ran the hot tip of it up to the engorged head of my cock and then all around the heavily veined swell of my hood.

His thick lips suckled the head of it into his mouth and then teased me with short, slow strokes. Then he engulfed the whole cock and I nearly fainted, as my legs shivered he moaned deeply in his throat the vibration of his tone rising to stir the pit of my belly and tease my swollen nipples.

"Do you like what you've seen so far slut," he asked Vivian?

"Oh god, yes sir, your depravity has made me too hot to describe," she replied.

"Later Vivian, we will use all your openings until you beg us both to stop," he told her with a menacing chuckle.

"Oh god Dan ... I can't wait for it baby," she said with excitement in her voice!

As he turned his attention once again to my lonely cock, I could see a shiver run through my wife's body as the import of his statement completely impacted her lust clouded brain.

He gently sucked and nibbled my cock to the edge of climax, humming continually as he worked. When he sensed I was about to shoot my load into his hot, soft mouth, he stopped. Reaching up between Vivian's legs he brutally flicked her clit once very hard. She screamed as her body rolled upward seeking another blessing from his hand.

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