"This is important to us!" I said to my wife Jane.

"I know it is but do you really have to go this far to make them happy?" She asked not happy with what I had just told her.

"They are a bunch of crazy Aussie Guys who are into drinking beer and chasing women. They like going to titty bars and lord only knows what else so I want to make sure they have a good time while they are here. It is a big deal for our company." I tried to explain again.

She stood there looking at me and then said, "I understand that but hiring a stripper to cook your barbeque topless and serve your beers is a little overboard don't you think?"

"Maybe! But they will love it and it might get us the biggest contract our small company has ever seen." I replied trying to appeal to her business side.

"Men!" She said and turned around and walked off.

She then suddenly stopped and turned around and asked, "And what am I supposed to do while you guys are gawking at a big tittied stripper in MY backyard?"

"You can go next door to Sue's house and peek through the fence once in awhile to make sure everything stays above board like I'm saying it will be." I said proud of myself for coming up with that one.

"Humph!" She turned again and walked down the hallway toward the bedroom.

That went about the way I had expected it to and had put it off as long as possible and too long to change plans. The barbeque was tomorrow and the guys arrived in town first thing in the morning. I had a limo picking them up at the airport bringing them to the house at about eleven thirty just in time for lunch.

The rest of the evening was pretty quiet around our house if you know what I mean.

The next morning came and I was busy in the backyard getting everything ready and looking nice and neat when Jane came through the backdoor.

"When is your stripper supposed to get here?" She sarcastically asked

"She is supposed to get here just before the guys get here so about eleven fifteen or eleven twenty." I answered politely.

I looked at my watch, it was now ten fifteen, and I still needed a shower so I headed in. I passed Jane and gave her a kiss on the cheek as I walked past her.

I was out of the shower and dressed when my cell phone rang at eleven, "Hello?"

"Oh NO!" I exclaimed and Jane walked around the corner to see what I was so upset about.

"Do you know anyone who can take your place?"

"I understand."

"Okay, thanks, bye." I hung up the phone.

"Son of a bitch!" I exclaimed.

"What?" Jane asked.

"Emily the girl that was coming can't make it. Her Dad was rushed to the hospital." I told her.

"She didn't know another girl that could come?" Jane asked.

"Not on such short notice."

"What are you going to do?" Jane asked.

"I guess we will just have a traditional backyard barbeque." I shrugged and turned to walk outside to finish getting everything ready.

I had just fired up the grill and looked at my watch to see it was eleven twenty five and knew the guys would be here any minute when Jane came out the back door.

"What the fuck are you doing?" I asked her as she was wearing a pair of skintight spandex shorts that barely covered her ass and a tiny tube top that barely covered her tits.

I have forgotten to say in the course of my story that Jane is a knockout. She is five foot ten with black hair hanging to her shoulders. Her face has high beautiful cheekbones and her eyes can give a sparkling come fuck me look that will melt any man. Her lips are full and pouty and are what we guys call blowjob lips. Her tits are a full thirty-six double d that taper to a waist that is small and a stomach that is tight from doing sit-ups. Her legs are long, lean and tanned. In short, she looked fantastic.

"This meeting is important to us and the company! I'm not going to go topless though!" She emphasized!

"But my gawd Hon you might as well! Shit there isn't much left to the imagination!" I exclaimed not sure about this.

"It will be okay." She said.

"I'm not sure I want them to see my wife like this!" I said back.

"Okay! I'm not your wife then. I mean I will never see these guys again will I?" She said.

"No probably not." I replied.

"Problem solved! I'm a girl you hired to cook and serve drinks today." She said.

Then I heard the honk of the limo horn. They were here.

"Decision time." Jane looked at me and said.

"Okay." I said and headed for the front door.

Then remembered and turned to her, "Get the wedding pictures in the living room quick!"

She got that shocked look on her face and came jogging in behind me with her big tits bouncing in her tube top.

I went out the front door as the guys were getting out of the limo.

"How was the flight guys?" I said as I approached them trying not to seem as flustered, as I was inside my head right then.

Ben, Dan, Will and Seth were all in their mid thirties as I was and we had always got along well on previous meetings.

"It was not too bad just way too long!" Ben replied as he came toward me to shake hands.

I greeted each of the guys, shook their hands, and invited them in.

As they walked in Seth said, "Really nice home Mate."

"Thanks, come on out back and let's get a cold beer," I said as they followed behind me.

As I stepped through the backdoor my heart was racing a hundred miles an hour as my wife was standing at the grill and although clothed still looked about half naked with what she had on and the fact four men were ready to see her dressed like that.

"Charlie! Is this your wife?" Dan asked.

"Oh no. She is here today to cook our food and get our drinks. Her name is Emily." I answered in my best lie and hope it went over.

"Well then Emily very nice to meet you," Dan said taking her hand, Seth, and Will immediately crowded next to her as well.

At that point, I was wondering if I should have said she was my wife then it might have called off the dogs. Now they thought she was free game.

Ben was talking to me but I was half listening as I watched the guys and tried to hear what they were saying to Jane. She was laughing and flipping the meat and they were scanning every inch of her body.

"Charlie? You okay?" Ben asked.

"Sure Ben I'm sorry. Just preoccupied with making sure Emily does not burn the food."

"Anyone like a cold beer?" I yelled out hoping to get them off my wife.

"Oh let me get them," Jane said setting down the tongs.

She turned and walked past me rolling her eyes as she headed for the kitchen.

The guys walked over to where Ben and I were standing and Seth said, "Holy shit mate where did you find that fine piece of ass? She is gorgeous."

"I just knew a guy who knew a guy kind of deal." I answered shrugging.

Dan threw in his opinion with, "I'd bend her over the couch in a heartbeat and fuck her till she screamed."

Jane came back out the door with six beers on her tray and each of the guys grabbed one. She set the tray down and took one for herself.

She walked back over to the grill to check on the meat.

All of us stood there and watched her walk. Her shorts had crept up between her ass cheeks, which highlighted her tight globes of flesh as they moved back and forth, as she walked.

"Fuck me that is one fine ass!" Will softly said to the group.

In my mind I was thinking, "This was a bad idea! Come out with the truth!"

Jane was watching the steaks as we all watched her.

I then tried taking the conversation to business as they guzzled down their beers and kept watching my wife. She was doing a good job of downing her beer as well over the hot fire.

I then said, "Why don't we sit down guys over in the shade. It is starting to get warm out here."

"It is and I could use another beer if you don't mind Mate," Will said loud enough that Jane could hear. After all, that is, what he wanted anyway was to see her moving again.

"Sorry guys." She said turning in our direction smiling.

She set down her tongs again and headed inside. She was perspiring now from the heat and her white halter was beginning to get moist. I was getting a slight hint of her areola showing through the damp fabric.

Her big tits moved back and forth in her top as she walked which always mesmerized me when she was sans bra but the guys were really enjoying it.

After she went inside Dan said, "Damn she has a fine set of tits too."

Jane came back out with six more beers and bent over at the table to set them down and then I hated having suggested sitting down. Even my eyes gravitated to her tits which when bent over revealed a large amount of cleavage and left them hanging free inside her tube top.

She sat them down, then took one for herself, and walked back over to the grill.

"Son of a bitch! Charlie I can't believe your wife is allowing you to have this hot little bitch in her house while she is not here." Seth said.

"My gawd boys if she does that again I'm going to get a woody and have to get up and fuck her right here in front of all of you." Will added.

"Too late now" I said to myself. How could I say anything now and they think I had deceived them? Any deals would be off for sure. I was going to just have to suffer through this.

I looked out at my wife as she continued to suck down her beer. I took a long drink of mine as well. It was going to take some alcohol to get through the day for sure.

I tried turning our conversation to business again and all they could discuss was my wife's tits and ass and what they wanted to do to her.

Jane started pulling the steaks off the grill onto a platter and then headed toward us carrying them.

"SHIT!" I screamed in my mind. Her white top was so damp now that it was nearly transparent.

She says as she walks by, "Foods ready boys."

All of them immediately stand and follow her into the house like dogs following a bitch in heat.

I'm the last in the house but immediately notice what the cool air-conditioned air has done to Jane's damp tits. Her nipples were also now hard as rocks.

She was setting out more beers as the guys were getting their food and eyeing her tits rather unabashedly.

She looked at me and I nodded toward her tits. She inadvertently glanced down to see her hard nipples and looked back at me and with a shocked looked on her face shrugged and grinned.

I knew then that the three beers were having an affect and she was on her fourth.

The guys were getting their food and heading outside when Dan said, "Emily get a plate and join us. Get off your feet for a while. We need the company anyway."

"Thanks, I am kind of hungry and the steaks look good even if I do say so myself."

They all went outside to the table on the veranda and left Jane and me inside.

"I think this is going well," She said as she was fixing her food.

"Well? Well?" I asked unbelievingly. "You have not heard all the comments of what they want to do to you and how." I continued.

"Oh, I've heard some of them," She said grinning.

"I think you better lay off the beer." I said as I walked outside with my food.

Jane shortly followed me with her food and another beer.

Will stood up and pulled up a chair next to him and Seth, "Come over here Emily and have a seat."

"Thank you but first let me go get you guys another beer. Looks like you have nearly finished those already." She said bending to put her food on the table.

All eyes were on her tits and as she turned to walk away all eyes were on her ass.

"I know what I want for dessert." Seth growled. That brought a laugh from the table.

"A little cream pie? After I get done with her that is." Ben chimed in.

That brought another laugh from the group with exception of me.

Jane was headed back out and again everyone stopped eating to watch her tits.

"Here you go. I'll just set the tray in the center of the table and you can get one as you need it." Jane said leaning across.

This caused me to have a bird's eye view of her tits hanging inside her shirt as well as Ben who was sitting next to me. Seth and Dan could not decide whether to look at her tits or her ass and Will was sitting next to where she was bent over so he leaned back and took in her ass. He made a distressed face and bit his lip then drew back his hand as if he was going to spank her ass and then pulled it down as she stood back up.

Jane looked over at me and grinned. The tit show was for me and now I know she was drunk and was having fun with me and the guys.

The problem is that I was extremely worried about her and did not like hearing them talk about my wife the way they were but when she bent over my cock got immediately hard.

I took another big swig from my beer and said to myself, "It's the beer thinking and causing that so just fucking calm down."

Jane sat down, took another drink of her beer, and then began eating her steak.

"So Emily, Charlie says you are a stripper. How do you like that work?" Will asked.

Jane batted her eyes and swallowed hard and then smiled looking at me and replied, "I enjoy it. The money is good."

She took another long drink of her beer after that.

Seth then said, "Emily, I've got fifty bucks here if you will eat with us topless."

I then swallowed hard and nearly choked on my steak and looked at Jane who smiled and looked at Seth saying, "Honey fifty doesn't get you a look at these babies this up close and personal."

Will then added, "I've got another fifty. Surely a hundred gets us a topless diner?"

"Guys I don't think Emily came with the intention of stripping today." I spoke up as Jane looked over at me.

Ben then said, "Well maybe not but a hundred and fifty should get her juices flowing enough to want to eat topless."

Dan then said, "Make it an even two hundred. Any stripper should go topless for two hundred dollars."

Jane downed the rest of her beer and was looking at me past the bottle with a wild look in her eye. She sat the bottle down and said, "I haven't seen anything but talk yet."

No sooner had she said that than all of them reached for their billfolds and pulled out the money setting it on the table in front of her.

"SHIT!" I was screaming at myself. This just keeps getting deeper and deeper by the minute. No matter what happens it gets worse.

Jane reached for another beer and I knew it had to be her fifth or sixth and knew she was going to actually be thinking about doing it just as a dare if nothing else. She has always had a wild streak in her and especially after drinking.

She took a long drink from her beer and sat it down. Grabbed the money, stuck it apparently in the waistband of her shorts, and reached for the hem of the top.

With one quick pull over her head came the tube top and her big tits bound into sight.

"Wow! Very nice," Ben said.

"Sweet mother of gawd those are beautiful Emily," Dan said.

"Damn girl those are the nicest tits I have ever seen," said the young Seth

Will leaned around and said, "Sweet!"

I sat there in disbelief that my wife was sitting there with four strangers eying her tits and commenting on them.

"Okay, can we finish our meal now?" Jane said reaching for her knife and fork with a red face.

The table was quiet as everyone kept eating but also kept watching and eying my wife's tits. Jane was apparently enjoying it, as her nipples were hard from excitement.

The beers were gone and Seth was shaking bottles to see if all were empty.

"Here I'm sorry I'll get some more," Jane said standing.

As she stood, everyone watched and as she reached across the table to gather empties, her tits were hanging in front of everyone. She got all of them, held them against her chest, and walked to the house.

"Fuck man those are the sweetest tits. I would love to titty fuck them and cum on her face." Seth said.

"How much do you think it will take to get her naked?" Ben asked.

I had to step in then because I knew Jane and knew if they even dared her at this point she would do it, "Guys I don't think she was planning on getting naked today. Just flirt and cook a little dinner and serve some beers." "FLIRT!" My mind yelled. Wrong choice of words!

"Charlie, she is a fucking stripper! For enough money she will suck all of our cocks!" Ben said.

I could feel the blood rush from my face and my heart racing in my chest just at the words that he had just uttered.

Jane was on her way back out with another tray of beers.

"Look at those beauties sway," Will said as she walked toward us.

She smiled as she walked toward us and said, "You guys act as if you have never seen a topless woman carrying a tray of beers before."

"Never one as beautiful as you," Dan quickly replied.

"Aren't you sweet," Jane said as she handed Dan a beer and bent over to kiss him on the cheek.

She then passed out the rest of the beers, sat back down, and took a drink of her own beer.

Ben got up from the table and walked over to where the stereo was and turned it on and found a station he liked which was some sort of dance music. He then said, "Emily we have four hundred dollars more for you if we can get a strip tease going and see you lose those little shorts."

Jane had just started to take a drink, nearly choked, and spit it back out when she heard Ben. She wiped her lips and looked intently at me as if you are the one who got me into this. I wanted to yell back you're the one who volunteered yourself.

Will piped in, "Six hundred for getting naked is a pretty good day plus whatever Charlie is paying you for the day."

"Guys I don't know I mean we are in a backyard in broad daylight. Someone might be watching and call the police." Jane replied.

"What Charlie does in the privacy of his backyard is his business. At least that is the way it is in Australia. I bet it is the same in the States." Seth replied.

Dan then said, "Okay Emily, six hundred more. I really want to see you naked."

Jane downed her beer as the money was being sat in front of her. She stood up and the guys started slapping high fives as she stepped away from the table.

I was in shock that she was going to do this but knew she was drunk at this point and in the past had seen her do some pretty wild stuff. Tales for other stories for sure.

She started swaying to the music as the guys turned their chairs to face her and my heart was beating out of my chest.

She ran her hands down her body across her tits, to her hips and down her legs until she was at her ankles bent over and letting her tits hang.

She began getting into it now and moving quicker and her tits were undulating on her chest and her nipples were rock hard from excitement. She knew she was turning on these four guys.

She hitched her thumbs in her waistband and pulled it down some teasing as it reached the top of her pussy and then pulled it back up and turned around only to pull it down back there to reveal half her ass and then she bent over at the waist. Her pussy was pressed hard against the thin fabric of her shorts and the outline of her lips was visible.

It was warm outside and she was beginning to sweat.

Seth stood up and when he did, he could not hide the fact that his cock was hard and acted as though he did not care. He headed to the hydrant where the hose was coiled up. He turned on the water and drug the hose back to his seat.

"Are you hot Emily?" He asked pointing the nozzle at Jane.

She simply nodded at him and he began slowly but let a shower of water escape from the hose toward her.

Her white shorts immediately became soaked and sheer.

"Great idea Seth!" Ben yelled out. "I can see her through the shorts now."

Jane looked down to see her pussy clearly visible through her tight white shorts and decided to simply peel them off at that point.

Down they went to her thighs where they rolled up and she had to roll them on down to her ankles and then step out of them.

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