tagExhibitionist & VoyeurThe Beach House Ch. 07-08

The Beach House Ch. 07-08


Chapter Seven-- Pictures Found

Jack scurried back to his place very anxious to download these new pictures. He had more pictures than before, because he had photographed two couples this time. He was very pleased. Jack also knew he had a lot of work in front of him that would not be completed this day. He worked through dinner and into the night. He had made good progress, but needed to get a good night's sleep before he could complete this task. He wanted to make sure there were not any mistakes; wanting to make sure both of these couples could not come back and take him to court.

Early the next morning he was back at work on the pictures. They had become a labor of love, no way near being a chore. He decided that he would post two different sets of photos, one of each couple. He was hoping that his readership would be able to figure out the connection, but he was not going to make it easy.

By the afternoon both sets were viewable on the WEB. He typed up his note for Dan and walked out of his beach house to deliver the message to their secret mailbox.

***** ***** ***** *****

The sun was dropping in the west when Dan found the note. He had gone out for a late walk to pick up a few items from the local store down the beach and decided to swing past the bench. He found the note with his name clearly printed, picked it up and placed it in his pocket. About an hour later he had set up the laptop in the living room, to keep a watchful eye on his wife reading her book on the deck. He positioned the laptop so that only he could see the screen as he logged on.

In no time he was at the site and found the link that Jack had written down: 'Sex in the Dunes with my Wife'. The machine opened a new window and Dan was presented with twenty thumbnail shots of both his wife and himself that Jack had taken. He clicked on the link that would force the browser to display each of these pictures in a larger format.

The first shot showed Dee standing naked with one dune behind her blocking the ocean from view. She stood sideways to the camera displaying one breast, her buttocks, and the long hair flowing down her back. In the sunlight she looked like a sun goddess. Dan loved this shot. The next five shots were of Dee in the same location on the beach, but in different poses. In one shot she was pictured kneeling down with her ass facing the camera, her racing stripe clearly visible between her legs. It was a very erotic shot that was designed to have an effect on any male's penis including Dan's. There were a couple of full frontal shots that were altered to hide her face, but left nothing else to the imagination.

The next shot showed Dee walking towards the beach and Dan following with his camera and erection. A few shots of her posing, and finally Dan kneeling behind her, she was on her hands and knees, leaning against a sand dune, while Dan fucked her from behind. The last two shots showed Dan and Dee clearly making love in the dunes with their voyeurs visible in the distance behind them. Those last two shots were very erotic and told their own story.

Dan sat back in his chair and adjusted his pants to relieve the pressure that had built up while viewing the sexy pictures of his wife. He had always fantasized about sending her to a professional photographer for nude shots. Now he was living his fantasy for real. There was something special about being her voyeur and this excited him.

Dan decided to backup these pictures on his flash drive. Looked around and remembered it was still in the case in the bedroom. He moved the mouse up to the top of the screen, scrolled the page up, minimized the window, and stood up to make his way out of the living room and into the bedroom. He looked first in the backpack; the drive wasn't there! He thought it might be in his work attache, looked in that case and came up short. Dan stepped back, scratched his head, and tried to remember where he placed it last. He knew he brought it to the beach. He always has at least one flash drive with him at all times. It took much longer than he expected, but finally found it stuck deep in one of the pockets of his suitcase. Picking it up, he walked out of the room.

What he saw next surprised him. Sitting at the kitchen table was his wife; with mouse in hand she was working the laptop.

Dee looked up and smiled." You took some good pictures. I look good naked. When did you have time to load these on the machine?"

Dan at first was relieved with her comment, but realized that she must be looking at the earlier shots in the series. Now he was worried, and didn't know what to do next. "So you really like them?" He added hoping that he would be able to take control of the laptop before she saw all of them. "Let me show you what I took."

"I was wondering why you were spending so much time on this machine. Now I see why." She added as she continued to use the mouse. "No, I don't need your help, I'm doing fine."

Dan made his way quickly to the table; coming around the corner as the first picture of the two of them came into view.

"Now how did you get this shot? We are both in the picture." She asked and stopped moving her hand while the reality of what she was looking at started to sink in. "You didn't take this picture. You couldn't have taken this picture, because you are in this picture." Dee dropped both arms to her side, looked up at her husband and stared.

Dan didn't know what to say. He decided that this was not the time for him to talk. This was now completely out of his control. So he waited.

"Who the hell took these pictures and how did you get a hold of them?" She was now getting angry with her husband.

Dan still did not say a word.

Quickly she looked back to the screen, took control of the mouse again and started to click away. "Oh my God, this is a browser and these pictures are of me naked on-line." Now she started to yell.

"Calm down. Take a close look. Your face is not visible in any of the shots." He quickly added seeing that she was starting to lose control.

Dee did not say another word, rolled the screen back to the top and slowly scanned each shot as it scrolled up the window. She was breathing hard, but as the shot rolled by her breathing slowed. "Okay, I don't see my face, I know who is in these shots, and they are pictures of me naked! Right?"

"Right, but let me explain."

"Okay explain yourself." She moved her hand away from the mouse, turned and looked up again, locking eyes with her husband, "Talk!"

Dan stumbled a bit, but over the next half hour he told her the full story, starting with their voyeur that first night, finding the first pictures on-line, talking with Jack and then setting her up for these shots and others.

"You mean there are more pictures of me on-line naked?"


"Show me."

Dan leaned over still standing, took control of the mouse, and moved them into another part of the site. He showed her all the pictures that where there and explained how they were taken, and on which day. With each set he stressed the point that her identity was still protected by the masking of her face.

Dee listened, asked a few questions, letting her husband try to explain himself.

"Why didn't you ask me first? These are very personal and now they are blasted all over the NET. How could you do this to me?" She was almost crying now at the lack of trust she had in him for doing this behind her back.

"If you remember, I said the first set of pictures was done without either of our permission. I was very angry to receive that first note and find these shots on-line. I actually was planning to punch this guy in the face when I met him. Then he explained how he protected your identity and started to tell me how others reacted to your pictures. He said you were quite a hit with his readership. I read the comments and I saw how other men lusted after my wife, and that excited me. I have always wanted you to pose for another photographer, but I never had the nerve to ask you. Now, out of my control, my real-life fantasy was happening." Dan stopped talking.

Dee, thought for a few seconds, and then commanded, "Show me the comments."

He pulled the comment page up for each set and let her read each comment for herself."

Actually, Dee's verbal comments were more interesting than the comments he had read:

"Oh my, that was dirty... Really, he thinks I look like a twenty year old... He wants to do what with me? Yeah, that will only happen in his dreams... Oh, that was good... Really, this one wants me to shave everything off between my legs... I'm already naked as the day I was born, how can I get any more naked?"

The feedback to her was calming her down. She was starting to realize that this group of strange men looked upon her as a sex symbol that they wanted to fuck. They actually thought she was beautiful, which was NOT how she viewed herself. Between reading comments, she went back to the pictures to see what they were talking about. She did not understand the minds of all these men. She was starting to understand that she was sexy in their eyes, and this did not hurt her ego.

"I'm sorry. I should have asked you first. I made a mistake." Dan finally said.

Dee looked up, made sure the sexy thoughts that were running through her head were gone and any indication that she may be enjoying this was not showing. She did not answer him. Dan needed to be punished for not asking. She removed her hand from the mouse, pushed the chair back, stood up and walked away without saying a word. He would need to think about what he had done, and he would need to do this without her being around.

The last sound Dan heard was the slamming of the bedroom door, a clear indication to leave her alone.

***** ***** ***** *****

Not a word was exchanged over dinner. They ate silently that evening. After dinner, Dee got up from the table to take a walk out on the beach by herself. She needed to think. She was not sure what she would do next, but Dee needed time alone to clear her head.

Dan knew she needed her space and stayed back to clean the dishes.

She walked back into the rental about an hour later, grabbed a book and made her way out onto the deck alone. She had decided what she would do the next morning. While Dan took his early morning walk she would put her own plan into motion.

***** ***** ***** *****

The next morning, after Dan left for his walk, Dee went into the bedroom to retrieve the laptop. She powered it up and got her coffee while it completed its boot cycle. She looked in the history file and had no problems finding the link from yesterday. Pasting the URL into the browser she found her pictures. This time she was looking for a special link and in no time found what she was searching for. She clicked on the "Contact Us" link and located the Webmaster link. The response was what she was hoping to get: a real-time conversation with the Webmaster. She didn't know it yet, but she was communicating with Jack.

Dee typed that she was Dan's wife and did not appreciate the fact that both of them had posted nude pictures of her on the WEB. She was thinking about suing him and used these words to get his attention. It did.

Jack introduced himself to her, gave her a little more information, confirming most of what Dan had told her, including that he was a business man, a professional photographer, and he did not need for her to become a problem for his business. Jack told her where he lived down the beach and invited her over for a face-to-face talk.

Dee accepted his offer to meet in thirty minutes. She logged off the machine, and then went in to change into shorts and a tube-top. Placed her feet into sandals, grabbed her sunhat, sunglasses and strolled out of the house.

Dan returned a short time after she left to find the house empty, with no indication on where his wife might be. He was worried.

Chapter Eight -- One Final Session

Dee had plenty of time to think over the last twenty-four hours of her life and put it all into perspective. She was still angry with her husband for violating her trust. But reading those comments had shown her a different side of her life that she did not truly understand until now. Yes, Dan had constantly told her that she was beautiful. She knew she had lost her twenty year-old figure two children back, but here were all these comments from other men that thought she was very appealing. It pleased her to think about those comments and realize that she was still a very sexy, desirable woman. It excited her to think that these men were masturbating to her pictures. They said as much in their comments.

Jack met her at the front door. He recognized her immediately having seen a lot of her lately through the lens of his camera. He opened the door and smiled.

Dee did not return the smile, nor did she accept his hand as he held his out. She did however enter the house and followed him to the family room in the back. This house was similar to her rental. It looked like most of the homes on this beach. Though each house was different, having its own character and this one was no exception.

Jack suggested that she sit on the far side of the room with the best view of the beach and then asked, "I know it is early, but would you join me in a glass of wine?"

Dee looked up, saw that he held a glass half full of wine and said, "Why not. I think I need a glass of something over this topic."

Jack rushed off into the kitchen, found a large wine glass, and poured out a full glass of the same red wine he was drinking; he did not ask her what kind of wine she might like.

Dee took the glass from where she sat, raised it to her lips and smelled the wine as she took a sip. The taste said expensive and she recognized it as a Merlot. She took another larger sip this time, and let the wine warm her blood. Dee moved the glass down and placed it on the table beside her. Looking up she found Jack sitting on the other side of the living room sipping his wine. "Okay, let's talk about those pictures. Who gave you permission to publish nude pictures of me on the WEB?"

"Your husband."

"Did he sign a release form?"

"No. He just gave me a verbal and asked that I make sure your face was not showing in any pictures."

"That's what I thought! The problem you have is he didn't ask me!"

"Would you have said yes?"

"Probably not, but I'm not sure now."

"Oh, you had a change of heart. What changed your mind?" Jack was now curious.

"All those comments on-line."

Jack had seen this happen before. A shy wife secretly dreams of being a Playboy model, but does not believe she has the figure. Her husband takes pictures, which she believes will be privately held. Then her pictures are published and the comments start to flow. At first she is angry with him posting the pictures. Then she reads the feedback and suddenly her alter ego takes over.

"So you enjoyed the men's comments about your body?"

"Yes. But I also want to get back at my husband for doing this without asking me."

"And what are you planning to do."

"Have you take more pictures of me without his knowledge and post them."

"I have already posted a number of pictures of you that he had requested. How would this be any different?"

"This time you will be showing everything. Not hiding my face. He won't be expecting that!"

Jack smiled; this was exactly what he was hoping to hear. His readership would be exploding with this change of venue. Not wanting this opportunity to slip away he said, "Wonderful, when do you want to do this?"

"Tomorrow late afternoon, say around five. But there will be rules. I get to pick the clothing, the locations, the poses, and have final say on the pictures you post. You are just the photographer. Do we have an agreement?"

Jack didn't need to be asked twice, "Yes we do." Jack got up with the bottle of wine. Poured her glass full, and toasted their agreement with a click of two glasses.

Dee raised her glass and smiled. This was the first time she took a hard look at Jack and realized that he was a sexy guy in his own way. Tall, thin, good mop of curly hair, sporting a nice tan. I bet he has no problems getting his model to pose naked for him, she thought to herself. This might be fun.

***** ***** ***** *****

There was little to no conversation between Dan and Dee at dinner time. Dan was smart enough to give her space, knowing she would cool down in her own time. Though he was a bit curious, she seemed to be very busy lately away from the rental. Late that afternoon she stood before him dressed to go out on the beach with a large sports bag hanging from her shoulder. Dee announced that she was leaving for a couple of hours and that he might want to fix his own dinner and not wait for her. He was concerned with this statement, but realized that this was not the time to ask her where she was going.

In a flash she was out of the house walking down the path towards the beach. Once she had walked past the last dune, Dan lost sight of her and went back to reading his book. But he could not concentrate on the book and turned on the TV instead.

Ten minutes later Dee was making her way off the beach and up to Jack's place. With camera in hand he smiled when he saw her approaching from the beach.

The first thing Dee saw was the camera. "A little bit anxious aren't we?" She teased.

"Did I tell you that I was a Boy Scout, and my motto is to always be prepared?" He thought he had made a cute joke; she only pushed out her lips in disagreement.

"Where can I change?" Dee asked as she walked in from the deck.

"Any room you would like. There is no one here but you and me."

Dee looked around; found the hallway and then a vacant room. She stepped in and closed the door.

Twenty minutes later she stepped out in a sheer black nightie, no panties. Her hair flowed around her head, having combed it out. She had applied a light amount of makeup around her eyes, cheeks, and lips. "Where is your bedroom?" She asked.

"Upstairs, why do you ask? I thought you were here for pictures."

"I am here ONLY for pictures, but the shots I want you to take will be designed to make my husband wonder."

Dee made her way up the stairs and Jack followed. She easily found his room, and the king size bed. Turning back towards Jack, "I just need to make a few changes with your permission."

"That was one of your rules, go ahead."

"Though the bed was neatly made, she tore the bedding back and made it look like a lusty session of sex had just been completed. She searched and found a pair of underwear, socks, shirt, and pants from his chest of drawers, and tossed them about the bed to give the impression that they had been thrown there. Stepping back she surveyed her work.

Jack knew exactly what she was doing, thinking to himself that this was going to be even better than he thought.

Dee moved over to the bed, climbed on to face Jack in a kneeling position, raised her arms placed her hands under her hair and behind her head. "Okay, photographer, take your pictures."

Jack did not need to be told twice. He raised his camera and started to shoot away. He did suggest a few changes in her pose, which she figured he had the experience to decide. In a matter of minutes she was lying completely naked on the bed, legs spread, one hand between her legs, with a look of satisfaction painted across her face. He had suggested that she apply a small amount of red blush to her cheeks, which she understood why, and complied with his request for the final shots.

"Nice, very nice; I couldn't have done any better myself. "Jack said out loud as she slithered across the bed. Naked pictures of this beauty in another man's bed will certainly be a concern to any husband. It will also make a wonderful story; that in turn, will make a lot of his readers very, very horny. Life is good!

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