The Blackmailed Forger


They rested for a few minutes in a tangle on the hood, both breathing heavily. "So, you like the car?" he teased her.

"More than you can ever know Sir," she brightly smiled back at him.

Chapter 4

Darrel awoke early the next morning and gently kissed Peggy's forehead before dragging himself out of bed. He quickly dressed and headed for the door. Getting to the garage he realized he would have to take Peggy's old clunker since he had left his own car at the bank. He made a few calls along the way to ensure he had the necessary details he needed to close the land deal.

Darrel spent the entire day making plans to buy the property that Peggy had tipped him on. Arranging the finances would be relatively easy and by the end of the day he was well prepared. He called the owner at 3pm and two hours later the two of them were meeting in a coffee shop. The man had been planning to sell and already finished the survey, making it a simple matter of negotiating the price.

An hour later, all the paperwork was finished, adding to Darrel's possession 68 acres of real estate he had never even seen. It was a $260,000 gamble he was hoping would pay off.

Heading home, he suddenly remembered that Peggy wouldn't be at the house that evening. He made her accept a date with Prescott for dinner and she would be arriving at his hotel soon. Turning the car toward downtown, he headed for the photography shop to do a little further research.

* * * * *

Prescott Manly was almost ready when he heard the soft knock at the door. He moved across the room to open it revealing the innocent young Peggy.

"Well, hello my dear," he smiled at her. Cute, blushing and prompt; how could he go wrong.

"Ready to go?"

"Yes Sir," Peggy stood uneasily in the doorway. Darrel had drilled into her the importance of pleasing this man. 'Everything depends on this,' he had said, 'how it goes will coincide with your willingness to do as he says.' She was not too keen on the idea of pleasing Prescott but the alternative of jail appealed even less. She knew that, even after last night, Darrel was fully capable of exposing her in an instant.

"Let's go then," said Prescott bringing her back to the present, "we have reservations for eight." Dinner went well, save the lack of information Darrel needed. She followed her instructions closely and didn't ask anything about Prescott's work for fear of making him suspicious.

Finally the part she had dreaded all evening came as she was invited into his suite. She accepted, trying her best to look enthused while brushing past him and into his rooms.

"Care for a drink?" he asked.

"No thanks, Sir," she replied," I don't drink alcohol."

He poured himself a stiff one before moving closer to her. "Do you like me Peggy?" There was something in his tone that scared her.

"I, uh.. yes Sir," she hesitated.

"Then I would like you to get comfortable," he smiled. Prescott moved closer and lightly kissed her on the lips. Putting down his empty glass he guided her into his bedroom. She did not resist his advances as he breathlessly kissed his way down her neck. He pulled at the hem of her dress, revealing more and more tender flesh as he went. Becoming bolder at her lack of resistance, he tugged the dress over her head before fumbling with the bra clasp.

She blushed profusely as her ample breasts sprang free, then gasped as Prescott viciously twisted one of her nipples. Peggy bit her lip and tried not to resist as he groped her entire body like a horny teenager. Her panties came off next as Prescott unceremoniously shoved her onto the bed.

Within seconds he was inside her, thrusting with wild abandon and grunting like an animal. Three minutes later he rolled off and fell asleep leaving her pussy dripping with his cum.

She got up slowly and walked to the bathroom to shower before lying back down beside him on the bed. It was hours later before she eventually fell asleep.

The alarm went off at six am waking Prescott. He looked over at Peggy and smiled as she lay there. She had not resisted anything, making him power hungry beyond anything he had ever felt.

He nudged her awake and on a whim said: "Peggy, go get me the paper from the hall."

She rubbed her eyes sleepily and slid out of bed, "Yes Sir." She looked around the room and, spotting a robe, headed in its direction.

"You don't need a robe dear," he grinned wickedly, "besides, you look mighty fine."

She stopped, but instead of saying anything, Peggy simply turned and headed for the front door. Prescott had not expected this and sat up amused while the naked girl made her way across the rooms and peeked out into the hall. Convinced no one was nearby; she opened the door and quickly grabbed the paper before coming back to the bed.

"Why thank you," he quipped. This was becoming more interesting by the second.

He was about to try more when the cell phone rang. "Yes? No, no I'm up already," He climbed out of bed and moved to the other room.

"Well, find who bought it and buy it from them! It's not like the property is gone, just get it done!" now he was pacing while listening to the other person. "I've already told you to go to 1.3, if that's not enough call me and I'll decide!"

He hung up suddenly and headed for the bathroom, surprised to see the naked girl still on the bed. "Oh, um, Peggy I want to see you tonight at seven," then firmly closed the bathroom door behind him before she could even answer.

Chapter 5

Darrel swung his gloved fist as hard as he could and was rewarded with the sound of a sickening thud. The fist contacted directly with the man's chin, knocking him unconscious to the sidewalk. Darrel picked up the briefcase the fallen man had been carrying, then strolled nonchalantly to his car and drove away.

Darrel had followed the photographer the entire night. She had gone to the hotel across the street from Prescott's and spent a lot of time taking pictures from the balcony. She then returned to the studio and left promptly at 6am. He trailed her to a small restaurant where she met up with a man in a smart business suit. He watched through the window as the two exchanged envelopes, then the woman got up abruptly and walked out.

Knowing he could find her easily, he had opted to follow the man with the briefcase and obtain the contents. Darrel had gotten ahead of the man as he walked down a mostly deserted street. He timed his attack behind a bus stop that covered his actions.

Darrel now drove across town to his bank and parked in his space before he opened the briefcase. He assumed the pictures were the prize and a quick look into the case confirmed it. The most interesting contents though, were financial documents that he recognized as foreign bank accounts.

Prescott's name was all over the information, making Darrel realize he had actually discovered a gold mine. He had stumbled onto a blackmail scheme that would, no doubt, put Prescott in a very vulnerable position. Darrel sat back and pondered -- The question was how he could use this information to his advantage.

He then drove to the photography studio and boldly walked up to the front door. It was locked so he simply drove his shoulder against it and knocked it open. Proceeding to the back of the building, he pushed aside a curtain and found the photographer standing next to a small bed, groggily trying to pull a robe on. She swung at him but he dodged the punch easily and backhanded her across the mouth. She fell heavily to the floor and looked up at him in wide-eyed fear.

"What is your name?" he asked firmly.

"Donna," she was slowly regaining her composure, "what the fuck do you want?!"

Darrel immediately slapped her again causing her lip to bleed. "I'm not in the mood for this shit," he mumbled to himself. "What is your last name, damn it!"

"Culpit" she quickly said, hoping to avoid another blow.

"I'm exhausted, so I'm going to tell you straight. I have the briefcase of the man that paid you today. I know all about your pictures and the blackmail scam. He's going to drop you like a bad habit." Darrel let it sink in before continuing. "He told me you set the whole thing up and considering his position, who do you think the police will believe?" He was guessing, but from the horrified look on her face he knew it was true.

"What do you want?" She understood her problem, but she knew men as well. Donna was no virgin and if all this guy wanted was a piece of ass, that was fine with her. It would be a lot better than going back to jail.

"I want you to do as I say, whenever I say it," Darrel stated simply.

"For how long?" she shot back.

"Until you're off parole." He was really taking a big chance here, but he had a hunch.

"Fuck! That's four years, asshole!" She was now beginning to get really worried at the amount of info he had on her.

Darrel smiled inwardly, another good guess. "It's your choice. You can do the time in or out." He laughed as she nervously shifted, he had her now.

"Take that robe off." He didn't want to give her time to think about it.

She stripped down, revealing a tight, hard body that could only have come from years of working out. "Now get over here and suck my cock."

She moved to him and dropped to her knees pulling at his belt on the way down. Donna began blowing him with a practiced ease, making him squirm with delight. She was obviously very experienced and he wouldn't last long at this rate, so he pushed her away. "Bend over the desk," he ordered.

"OK," she said but was rewarded with a vicious kick to her thigh. "Damn it, I said OK."

"When you speak to me you say: 'Yes Sir'."

"Fuck that." she quipped but Darrel had his belt out now, making her regret the remark. She could handle a lot, but pain was not one of them. The belt whistled through the air and landed with a loud smack on her ass.

"AHHHHHH!!" she screamed, but the belt was already landing again. She tried to crawl away but he kicked her again.

"Get on the desk, bitch." He growled.

"YES SIR!" she screamed and scrambled to get up and into position. She stayed very still and hoped the belt would not hit her again.

"Reach back and spread your ass," he demanded. He wanted to see if she was faking or if she really had a low pain tolerance. She immediately pulled her cheeks apart to reveal her small crack. It appeared she would be quite easy to control.

He stepped in behind her and began forcing his cock into her tight ass. She was trembling now, making sobbing noises as he pressed the head of his cock against her. He gave one hard push and the end of his dick disappeared into her ass, making her moan painfully.

"Please don't do this," she cried. He stopped moving for a few seconds.

"No problem," he said, "let's call the police and see what they say."

"No, wait!" she cried, "I'll do it! I can't go back to prison. I will do it, just go slow."

"Tell you what," he grinned, "make it good and I won't fuck you in the ass again." She moaned loudly and increased her efforts allowing his cock to slowly disappear into her ass.

"Beg for it bitch," he taunted her, "tell me how much you like being my pet."

"Ohhhhhhh, Sir, please fuck my ass," Donna was sobbing loudly, "Ahhhhh, pl.. please fuck your pet. Cum in my tight ass Sir, please cum!"

Darrel had a look of ecstasy on his face as he impaled her completely and then he began to pound relentlessly into her. Finally he felt his balls tighten and he picked up the tempo before he shot his cum deep into her. He fell forward pushing her flat against the desk with his cock still embedded deeply in her ass.

"You will do exactly as I say or you will end up in jail for a very long time.." he hissed into her ear.

Chapter 6

Peggy shivered as she stood with her hands at her sides. She was totally naked in Prescott's suite and he was circling her like a ravenous wolf.

"I have something for you," he smiled, revealing a small gift box. He moved in front of Peggy and opened it for her to see. Inside the box were two gold bracelets, neither was large enough to slip over her wrists, making her wonder about their purpose.

"Don't worry," he said, seeing her confusion, "they'll fit."

"There is a skirt on the bed. Put it on and your heels," Prescott was practically drooling as she went to the other room. When she returned a few minutes later, she had on the tight black skirt, but it barely covered her ass.

"Put your hands behind your back Peggy," he pulled a tiny lock from his pocket and connected the two bracelets with it. He then inserted a small tool in the slot and opened each bracelet. She stood motionless as he slipped them over each wrist and snapped them shut. They were still loose fitting, just not big enough to come off.

"Now we're ready to go out," he laughed as she turned a bright red. He moved over to the door and grabbed a long jacket to drape over her shoulders. He buttoned the top button before practically dragging the terrified girl out the door.

Once in the limo, Prescott undid the top button on the jacket. He unceremoniously groped her the entire way to the club but left the jacket open as he helped her struggle out of the car. Every step she took revealed one breast or the other and the skin from her throat to her navel was exposed at all times. They found a booth at the back of the large dance club and he yelled their drink orders over the blaring music.

By the time the drinks came, the jacket had slipped off and she was trying to hide her bare breasts behind the table. The waitress gave her a nasty look and stomped away while Prescott just laughed. As the night wore on he got more and more drunk, swilling both their drinks since she could not even move her hands.

The waitress seemed intrigued by Peggy's predicament. She even 'accidentally' spilled a drink on Peggy, making her shiver as the ice-cold liquid splashed across her naked breasts, causing her nipples to harden. Prescott, finding this hilarious, slapped the table in drunken abandon, bellowing at her helpless plight.

"May I go to the bathroom Sir," she yelled to him over the music.

"Sure," he smiled lecherously, "right after you blow me." Peggy was already dying of embarrassment but to blow him now would totally humiliate her. She sat quietly for a few minutes but the desire to pee, and clean off the spilled alcohol, finally swayed her.

"Sir, please undo the lock so I can suck your dick," she mumbled pathetically. If she were to lie across the booth she may be able to hide her actions from the other patrons.

"No need for that," he cackled, "I'll pull it out for you." He unzipped his fly and produced his semi-hard cock. She sighed before leaning over the booth, only to be stopped by his hand. "Get on your knees Peggy."

She stopped short and a gasp escaped her lips. She couldn't do this, not in public! After a hesitating moment Peggy gathered her courage and slid to the floor between his legs. She gathered his cock in her mouth and began to suck the best she could with her hands tightly secured, knowing anyone in the club could see her. As she worked, the waitress reappeared.

"Another drink Sir?" she asked as she kicked at Peggy's heel.

"That would be fine," he groaned as his cock throbbed in the girl's mouth.

"And another for the, um, Miss Tits?" she mocked the helpless woman.

Prescott rolled with laughter, "No, Miss Tits is working at getting her own special drink." They both laughed loudly, making Peggy feel even more ashamed of her situation. Practically naked and sucking cock in a public club she felt like a common street whore.

The waitress left and Prescott began to shudder, jerking at her hair, then spewing his cum down her throat. He pulled out so the last few shots hit her squarely in the face.

She was allowed to get back up on the seat after a few minutes, "Now may I go to the bathroom?" she asked.

He glanced at her face that was covered with cum, "Sure, go ahead," and chuckled at her predicament.

"Sir, will you please undo the lock so I can go?"

"Nooooooppppe," he slurred, "but I'll put the jacket back on ya so we don't get kicked out." He pushed the jacket over her shoulder as she stood quietly, waiting for him to button it. After a few minutes she realized he wasn't going to close the coat. She turned slowly and headed across the dance floor, silently praying the jacket would stay in place.

The bathroom was overrun with women as she entered. Many had seen her lurid activities and they gave her disgusting looks as she entered. Finding an empty stall she had to push the door open with her breasts. She managed to hike up her skirt and sat on the toilet to relieve herself.

She sat there a long time hoping to avoid any further humiliation. She finally struggled to her feet and tried to pull her skirt back down. The door opened inwards so she hooked her foot under it and swung it open. As she tried to get out, the door closed on the jacket causing it to fall to the floor.

Peggy stood motionless as all eyes turned to her. Her nipples were erect from the cold and her face blushed hotly in shame as many of the women grumbled disapproval.

Others spoke out in shock, "Slut," said one as Peggy tried to kneel down and pick up the coat with her bound hands. She was struggling to get hold of it when a pair of heels appeared in front of her.

Looking up she found herself under the wicked stare of the waitress.

"Having problems Miss Tits?" she taunted the poor girl.

"Please, can you help me get this back on?" Peggy begged. Many of the women had left and no one else seemed eager to talk to the practically naked girl.

"Sure." the waitress grinned evilly. She helped Peggy up and grabbed the jacket before forcing her back into the stall. She reached under the short skirt and slowly felt her way up until her hand rested against Peggy's bald pussy.

"Ah," she mused, "a Serious Slut."

She started rubbing in small circles before parting the folds of the girl's pussy and deftly running a wet finger across the now swollen clit. Peggy was shocked at the way her body responded to the touch. Suddenly her knees went weak and she leaned heavily against the waitress while her tender bud was expertly probed. She moaned in passion as she neared her climax but the woman quickly pulled away.

"Not yet," she smiled, "do me first and then I'll finish you."

Peggy didn't understand how she could stroke the woman's pussy with her hands tied. The waitress had better things on her mind.

"Get on your knees," she ordered as she began to pull up her skirt. Peggy slid to the floor and her head was firmly pulled into the other woman's crotch. She had never been with another woman but the excitement of earlier being pushed to the edge of climax had her eager to try anything. She tentatively licked at the pussy in front of her but quickly intensified her efforts.

"Ohh yesss!" moaned the horny waitress, "lick that cunt, bitch!" She began to buck wildly as she neared her climax, tugging Peggy's hair as she writhed in ecstasy.

Finally, the waitress came in loud sobbing gasps. As her breathing returned to normal, she released the girl and helped her to her feet. She giggled at Peggy's cum-covered face before kissing her gently. She reached down and strummed the bound girl's clit until Peggy began to orgasm from her expert efforts. She shook violently at the release and collapsed into the waitress's arms.

After a few more minutes Peggy was fully cleaned up and the jacket draped back over her shoulders by the very content employee. Peggy steadied herself and slowly made her way back across the dance floor to Prescott.

"Took fucking long enough," he growled, "its time to go." He stood up and grabbed her arm roughly as he staggered toward the door. Once outside he ripped the jacket off, revealing her nudity to anyone passing by. Pushing her forward he left the jacket on the ground and they proceeded to the car. Reaching the door he opened it before the driver could get there, then slung her inside.

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