The Book Club

byL O Reins©

“Charlie, I am getting together with the girls tonight. Were thinking about starting some kind of club.”

It all started out innocently enough. Life in a small town can get pretty bucolic. It only made sense that my wife would want to have a regular night out with her friends.

“Sure Darlene, do you mean a book club, something like that?”

“Uh, we might be able to think up something more exciting than a book club, Charlie.” I should have known my wife and her crowd had more imagination than that. What I never could have guessed was how depraved Darlene and her friends could get.

>>> O <<<

That was last spring now its January here I am dressed in this cowgirl outfit preparing the house for her group. The deal is that when the meeting is at our house I am their exclusive ...waiter. The group is closed at eleven woman now and the meetings revolve from house to house. The girls like it this way. It means one party a month and the twelfth month is reserved for a wildcard party. Each of the women is responsible to supply all the accompaniments for her night and that includes a waiter.

Waiter. The job description would be a little longer if written out. But it isn’t written and there aren’t any rules and, as I quickly learned, no limits. The married women had to coerce their husbands into the job one way or another. The single ladies had to find a substitute..

The meetings evolved from their simple beginning that night back in the fall. They now happen on the first Tuesday of the month. Each has a distinct flavor as a result of the eleven women’s particular taste and predilections. The themes of these get togethers range from costumes to Tupperware, from sex toys to lingerie, and from western or jungle to futuristic science fiction. The sexual orientation of the group also covers a broad spectrum from raucous sex to loving domination to pain and humiliation. So a night’s gathering might be thematically arranged around a Roman setting, complete with elaborate white toga style gowns for the ladies and a loin cloth of fake olive leaves for the wait person. The waiter is expected to handle all the usual party details. He is also responsible for every woman’s comfort and must cater to all and any of her whims and requests. I will put the emphasis on the words every, all and any and leave the rest to your imagination at this point.

<<< O >>>

“Sweetheart The girls are getting here at eight. You might want to catch a movie or a game of cards.

“Of course Darlene. I might go out to the gym for a while. What time do you think it will break up?”

I have always gone to the gym sporadically but since this all began, and I’ll get to that in a minute because it is interesting, I have made exercise a daily activity. I’ve been working on my upper body and abs knowing that any visible change will bring attention and excitement to me. I ran a lot in college so my legs were pretty developed from the beginning and that brought on much fondling and compliments.

Well, back to that first night, the get together that my wife Darlene organized to get this rolling. There was no thought of waiters or services or themes. In the beginning they wanted to meet every week and all that developed over the first three or four parties. On that first night everything just happened. I know because my curiosity got the better of me and I decided to creep back into the basement and monitor the meeting with a pair of old baby monitors I found down there.

After hiding the sending monitor under the couch, I left the house an hour or so before Darlene’s girlfriends were to arrive. I parked my car down the road and crept back through the fields and lawns behind my neighbors houses. We have a bulkhead door to the basement that I had left unlocked and blocked open. By the time I got back most of the women had arrived but they were still waiting for Nicki and Monica. There were only five in the group then. Lois and Helen had already arrived and Darlene was opening the first bottle of wine. The monitor was working perfectly. I could hear everything as if I was in the room.

I remember thinking, This is going to be good. That night the girls covered everything from complaining about their partner’s snoring to bragging about penis size. They were comparing size like a bunch of men do carburetors or boat length.

“My stud muffin has the biggest salami I’ve ever seen” I think it was Lois talking about her husband Don. I knew this was true because I had seen Don in the locker room at the gym. We referred to him as Oh Donny Boy and Long Dong Don”

“I have nothing to complain about in that department,” Monica said .”Johnny’s schlong has got to be nine or ten inches if it’s an inch!”

Nikki said, “You know it is pretty fricken hard to take a wife’s word on how much horse power her hubby is packing under the hood. I could tell you Sal has a horse cock and there’s no way you will ever really know if I’m lying”

Shit where was Darlene when I needed her? Come on, Darr, say something about your man’s man meat. Tell them its a D9 bulldozer—anything damn it-- say something.

My wife did pipe up finally, “Charlie is hung well enough but what’s the point? Nikki is right. How can you take a woman’s word on the size of her husband’s cock?

The alcohol kept the conversation loose and fast and ratcheting up to newer and giddier planes. I almost missed the moment where it all began. I think it was Nikki who started the ball rolling.

“I’ve seen you naked at the gym, Darlene and it would take a kielbasa to satisfy that pussy of yours.”

“What are you talking about, Nikki, My pussy is perfect...” Darlene stopped either at a loss for where to go or because she saw the level that the conversation had reached. At that the girls broke into rowdy laughs and giggles.

And in the midst of the snickers and guffaws I heard Rebecca say quietly, “We could measure them”

Everything stopped as if she had loudly clapped her hands.

“What did you say?” asked Monica.

Darlene came right in then, “She said we could measure them and I think its a damn good idea.”

I imagine all eyes were on Rebecca now. There was a pause—a long pause and then she spoke, “ We could all swear to promise that we wouldn’t cheat and we could each measure our husbands’ dick. You know all in the same way so we could be sure no one did it differently or made a mistake.”

Great!” Lois said, “Now we are going to measure our husbands’dicks. And then what, Becca, are we going to take pictures of them? “

“yummm, I’d like that.” Someone said.

By now I had a boner at the turn this conversation had taken. I had to reach down into my waistband and rearrange things for comfort.

The ladies then proceeded to take the idea further. They talked about the specifics of cock measuring, how they would go about getting us to go along with it and about pictures and video. I was getting increasingly aroused but when the talk turned to comparing photos or videos I couldn’t take it anymore. I slipped off my loafers and dropped my trousers to my ankles. My dick was hard as could be at the intimacy of all this. It was like I was there in the room with the girls.

“You could get them naked and maybe have them lay on the bed. Get them as hard as you can, I leave that part up to your imaginations, Ladies and when that little happy fellow is all proud and at attention, Walla! you measure him.”

“And take a picture of that soldier before he goes at ease! “ Shouted Monica.

“Yeah! And then we compare at the next get together,” said Nikki. “It sounds like a ball to me.”

“ Well shut ma maouth! Ah just cain’t wait to see all those rigid cocks,” drawled Rebecca.

“You better shut your mouth girl. Because if ah know you, you’d be the first one to gobble em all down and not leave any for the rest of us girls. Wouldn’t you Dolly?” Lois said emitting the southern accent Rebecca had affected.

By now my cock was hotter than a hot water pipe. I had my dick in both hands and I was pumping it like I was climbing a pole.

“This sounds like so much fun,” said Monica, “I might just go home early tonight and get out the baby lotion. My Johnny just loves it when I lather him up in baby oil and slide a finger up his tight little asshole and stroke him off real slow. You should see the cum I can pull out of him like that.”

Now you’re talking girl. I’d love to see that look on your husband’s face—toes pointed, veins bulging. I love the way they lose it—all that ego squirting out of their cocks. They completely lose control. They’re so helpless.

That had me up on my toes pumping to the finish when I stumbled over the shovel leaning against the wall behind me. I lost my balance and crashed down knocking over the line of garden tools I still hadn’t put away for the winter. The rake handle snapped down and cracked me on the head.

“Arrrg!” I heard my own muffled voice and the crescendo of tools toppling over, coming right back at me through the monitor. And before I had a chance to recover I heard the comments and the thunder of footsteps across the kitchen floor and the door to the basement being pulled open.

“Is someone down there!” the fear in Darlene’s voice was evident. “If you are down there I want you to know we will call the police and ...”

“...And we have a gun, scumsucker and we know how to use it!” I knew that had to be Nikki the trashiest of the lot. And with that they all clomped down the steps to find me still on my ass in the pile of tools, my ankles tangled in my rumpled pants and stars spinning around my head.

First silence, then a few cleared throats and finally Darlene broke the frozen moment.

“Charles, you asshole! What the fuck are you doing? How long have you been down here? Are you hurt? A note of sympathy in her voice. Then spotting the monitor, “You fucking pervert! You’ve been down here listening to us all this time?”

“Why Ahhhh doooo believe the little boy was trying to help out by measuring himself for us. That’s all, Darlene.”

The laughs and teared eyes would have been contagious to me in any other circumstance but now I was so humiliated I almost cried.

“Charles, you pervert! Girls, I am so embarrassed.”

“What’s there to be embarrassed about? He’s the one sitting there in a pile of shovels and rakes with his dick still red and oozing pre-cum. Hell! you didn’t do anything...” Nikki said.

“Except present us with the surprise of the night, Darlene! The opportunity to begin our measuring and picture record for our club. Come on Darlene? What do you think? ladies?”

Next thing I knew, my pants and underwear were stripped the rest of the way off and I was ushered up stairs to the kitchen I stood surrounded by my wife and her friends. Arms folded they all smirked at me standing there exposed and humiliated in front of them.

Then the chiding started up. Nikki said, “ Darlene, you might not be a winner in our new contest judging by the size of that little shriveling thingy of his.”

“Really,” Rebecca said only to be echoed by jabs at my ego from the others.

Darlene looked at Nikki with daggers. She was furious and humiliated.

Then her expression cracked and she burst out laughing. “Jesus! Charlie, look at you! That thing looks like a little mushroom in a basket. Couldn’t you at least have stayed hard for my girlfriends?

The effects of the alcohol crept back and in a matter of seconds the girls were all laughing and having trouble catching their breath. Then Darlene recomposed herself and spoke in a voice that only I knew held many emotions.

“ Well, I guess this is just too convenient not to take advantage of. What do you know Charlie you are our lucky first hubby to get measured. . Let’s take this off. At least you can give the ladies the full show.” With that she grabbed the tail of my Pullover and whipped it up over my arms and head, leaving me totally naked in front of her friends. She took me by my ear and led me into the living room with all the girls following.

“That a boy Charlie, right there in the middle of the room for us all to see you. Better yet, Nikki, Monica, can you drag that big coffee table over here for Charlie”?

“Darlene, you can’t make me do this. Please. I am sorry. I’ll do anything but ... but this is too much.”

Darlene was unrelenting, “Charlie, Why I would think a pervy guy like you would love to expose himself to all my girlfriends. Hop up on the table, Charlie. We’ll be gentle with you besides we have a job to do and it is so fitting that you are our first. subject.”

“Ahem! Darlene, it looks like his indicator is showing signs of excitement. This is going to work out just fine. girl. You just might still have a chance at the record.”

“Nice Charlie. That’s better. Now come on step up on the table. It’ll be your little stage. Nikki take over I’ll be right back ”

“Eye Eye Captain.” She said with a salute. “Do I have permission to touch? ”

“Sure, Nikki. Anything you want.” Nikki took me by the cock, holding it like a stiff leash. She centered me on the table and held my balls in her other hand. “ Charlie, you were a bad boy snooping on us weren’t you?” Her brassy voice had dropped to a cooing and she gently pulled my cock while tickling me under my balls with her finger nails as she cradled them in her other hand. I shuffled closer to her no thought of protest.

“ Dance for us Charlie. Come on,” Someone cooed. My dick was pulsing. I saw Darlene had come back with our video camera and the Polaroid.

The girls closed in around the table and someone turned up the music. I shut my eyes and started to sway to the beat of the music. I felt hands on my pelvis. “like this Charlie, we want to see it swing back and forth with the music don’t we girls?” The hands were on me now too many to count. I was humiliated and sooo aroused. My dick got harder and it made me feel better dancing for them. Hands caressed my balls. Some one parted my legs by spreading my feet wider giving them better access to my dick and my ass and everything in between. I felt a hand snake in from behind and take my dick and my balls. Another around from the side to caress my ass. Someone touched my anis. My dick jerked up another notch. Then I felt something wet. I shut my eyes and in the blackness I saw hot orange as I felt my dick slide into something warm—hot. The tongue slathered around the head to finish in a trill of fluttering licks- another mouth and then another. Another mouth, teeth gentle as a caress.

“I think he’s as big as he’s going to get.” I heard someone say”.

“Lets have him lay down so we can get a good measurement.” Someone else said.

“Put one of the couch cushions under him,” Darlene said.

Someone else half whispered in my ear, ”Lay down on the coffee table Charlie. That’s a boy now spread your legs open and ...stroke yourself for us. Remember you’re the first and we want to get the best measure we can out of you.”

By now I didn’t even think not to do as instructed. Then I heard Darlene after what seemed like a while since I had heard her speak, “ Maybe this will help get that last fraction of an inch out of him.”

“Baby oil! I love to do it with baby oil. Give it to me.” Squealed Nikki. “It always makes my Johnny as hard as a rail”

I felt the splash of cold then the grasp of hands, I think more than two, rubbing my pelvis and stroking my shaft, massaging my balls. I couldn’t take this much more. But just when I thought they might end it all I heard Helen ask how are we going to keep it hard while we measure him.

“I have that covered.” Darlene said. “Anyone like to sample Charlie’s oral talents?”

“Hmmm, What a nice offer.” And before I had a chance to place the voice I felt her heat near my face. “That a boy Charlie. Don’t disappoint her.” And I felt the kiss of those lips on mine. And just when I thought it was time for dinner they pulled away. Then they engulfed my face again. I could feel the weight against my teeth. And I rolled my head to make better contact. I felt her clitoris, hard against my tongue. She began to undulate slowly.

I felt the hands on my cock again. They held it up and stroked it some. Then I felt the end of the twelve inch ruler laying against the upper side of my cock. It was cold the tip felt sharp at the very bottom of the shaft. They applied some pressure to give me every benefit of doubt.

That’s it. Now hold tight, Charlie” Monica said and I felt a slippery finger enter my anis again. There was a chorus of hoots and howls as my dick must have climbed another half inch up the ruler.

“Wow, that looks like a good solid seven and three quarter inches, We are going to use inches aren’t we? Or do you want to go with the metric system,” asked Monika.

“Now Charlie, before The girls leave they want to see you jerk yourself off and cum all over your tummy.” Darlene said.

“Jesus! Darlene you ‘re all crazy. I am not going to....

“Yes Charlie, That’s what we all want. Nikki cooed as she and Monica took hold of my ankles. They opened me up like they were going to make a wish. Rebecca slid her oiled thumb into my anis with one deft thrust. Do you like my finger in here? Charlie?”

Unnnnhhhh,” I gasped as her thumb turned and probed my asshole.

“That’s a good boy give us a nice big load of your sweet cum.”

“Yessss! Come on stud muffin make it shoot for us. Were all watching you, Charlie.”

They were all on their knees around the coffee table. Their faces were just a foot or two from my pulsing cock. My resolve began to weaken. Once I felt that splash of oil dribbling down over my cock I was a goner. I slid my hands down my belly and wrapped them around my rigid cock like I was up at the plate gripping a bat. I began to pump my cock lewdly with slow exaggerated strokes. It felt so good to be jerking off like this for my wife’s friends.

The thumb or was it two fingers now probed deeper into my ass and I began to feel that subtle first pulsing deep in my loins. I wailed, “I think I’m cumming.”

Stop Him! Darlene said and someone smacked my cock so sharply that it went from genuine Norwegian wood to rubber soul. The fingers was pulled so quickly out of my ass that I thought I heard one of those plopping pops you hear when you lever your finger against your cheek.

“Maybe we should tie that cock and balls up so he can’t cum so quickly.”

“Ummm Then he’ll build up a super size load for us,” Nikki said. I just can’t wait.”

Rebecca volunteered her nylons. One was used as a gag and the other was wound so tightly around the root of my cock and balls that it turned instantly red and then purple.

“Now lets start this all over. But it’s my turn to bareback ride this pony.”

Nikki slipped out of her dress and stripped off her panties. She climbed on my face and really nestled down over my nose and mouth.

I would have been smothered if I didn’t quickly get the rhythm of gasping for a breath as she rocked forward and back on my face. My proboscis was buried in her pussy and she rubbed her clit savagely against the bone.

“Use that tongue, Charlie. Work it right in there you perverted ass hole muncher,” Darlene hissed. Nikki reached back and began smacking my thigh sharply and I lapped feverishly at her asshole each time she rocked back. She must have looked like a jockey on her mount pounding down the home stretch. I could hardly breathe and only managed to do so by using my head to lift her at just the right point in her stride so I could snatch a breath.

“OK, lets cut him loose! shouted Monika. And someone grabbed my cock and released the turns of nylon. OK Charlie boy grab that saddle horn for us and lets see your gallop.”

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