tagGay MaleThe Booth Ch.

The Booth Ch.


The one major drawback of fulfilling my bisexual fantasies of sucking cocks in a porno store was that I always had no idea what sort of guys I was sucking, or where their cocks had been. I really wanted to taste another man's cum in my mouth, to feel him shoot his celestial seminal load right past my lips while I was sucking him. To lick it up and feel its warmth (I also wondered what this whole "Don't cum in my mouth" thing was that so many girls had! Surely it couldn't be all THAT bad, could it?)

But you have to be careful, I couldn't just go letting a complete stranger give me his load in a city of swingers. It might not be clean, or maybe worse than that.

It was some months after my original foray, and I was far away, on a job. I found myself in another city, and soon another porno store. I'd left my girl at home and wouldn't see her, or any action for a few weeks. So the porno stores once again beckoned. I wasn't going to actively look for some head this time, but I had to get off somehow while I was without her. Porn was all I was after.

I saw this kid in a porno store. He was pretty gorgeous for a guy. I can appreciate beauty in men even though mainly I notice it in only in women. It wasn't a big theatre, maybe 12 seats.

I sat in the row behind him, soon we got talking. He was a virgin, shy, and liked to watch movies here because nothing ever happened in this city, then go home and whack off. To think that a tall, lean, tanned good looker like this athletic little fellow had to whack off to porno's to get off! If I had his looks, I reasoned I'd have been fucking like crazy from 14 onwards!

The movie was pretty crappy - bad '70s flick with cheesy music and unattractive protagonists. They were performing a painfully badly rehearsed and edited '69'. I asked him what he thought about eating pussy. He said the thought of it was pretty disgusting, but that he'd like to try it.

I sat next to him to tell him all about it - what it was like, what to do, stuff like that. He was relieved and interested when I told him it wasn't all that bad, unless your lover hadn't washed recently! That made him laugh. I told him its OK and that all pussies are different, most taste nice, and some are just DIVINE.

We talked about blonde pussy, brunette pussy, getting hair stuck in your teeth and having a sticky face. We laughed and I told him that one girl I'd fucked actually SQUIRTS when she cums and he didn't believe me. Shock to me too ... I've never met a girl like her since either. It was amazing and I'd love to suck her muff again.

On the roll of the laugh I told him that I reckoned a cock squirting in your mouth would be less of a surprise and he sort of laughed a bit more nervously. I told him that I've sucked cocks too, and that its really nice. He was a little scared but understood when I explained that although I LOVE women, I've come to ENJOY sex in more forms than just man on woman.

Turned out he was 19 (looked about 16 - very boyish good looks), and like almost anyone that age in the presence of a complete stranger, he felt he could let a secret on. He thought about sex with men too. He'd read some of the "Men in Lace" series of books and found some of the more baser sexual happenings a bit more exciting than he thought he should've done.

Nervous, virginal, confessional, bi/horny too perhaps. Maybe an opportunity to taste clean cock! So I decided to make a move. There was no one else in the theatre and the on-screen action had moved onto some lesbianism between a couple of lovely young teens, white Little Miss Prom Queen and her Chinese lover, both in sexy, skimpy white lingerie. They were kissing each other open mouthed and caressing each other's breasts, thighs, buttocks. It really was quite an improvement and very lovely.

So I made my move. I put my hand pretty far up on his thigh, and said something along the lines of men and women, women and women, men and men, and the pleasures they can all bring each other. Must've sounded stupid and corny. I told him I had sucked cocks before, because I couldn't remain curious without trying it. I liked it, but hadn't sucked one for a while, and asked him if he had ever had a blow job, would he like one.

He hadn't, and he was hard, I could tell through his jeans. He was hard and he wanted it but didn't want to say it out loud. I explained that I was leaving town next week to go back home, and would he like it as no one would ever know.

Before he could say he wasn't sure, I bent over to his crutch and undid his zip for him ... he had a lovely dick, about 5" half-hard ... I released it for him and took a warm hold of his shaft. I licked out with my tongue, around, under and inside the foreskin and then took him in my mouth and felt that wonderful sensation I have come to lust after, a lovely big clean horny dick hardening and growing in my mouth ... and boy was he growing.

He loved it, and I loved the fact that I had virgin dick in my hands, it meant I had nothing to worry about. He had a great cock, and it was good that he was a bit nervous because it took a while of me fondling his balls and licking and sucking on his head and teasing his hole to get him fully hard.

It became about 8.5", maybe 9" all told, WOW, one of the biggest I've seen, this youngster will break a few hearts (pussies, assholes ...) later on in life OH YEAH.

To ensure that I got the good stuff, I used all the cock sucking skills I learned through the wall in the porno store back home, and beat and sucked this guy to get what I'd started this for ... CUM IN MY MOUTH. It was so good having a bona fide clean untainted dick at last. I used my tongue to lick all around his head, up and down his shaft, to kiss and licked first one and then his other ball and explore in and out and all around his hole. When his pre-cum began to seep, I relished it, and licked harder, sucking and slurping and coaxing on his head and a couple of inches of shaft. Kissing and sucking and caressing and licking, oh how I love COCK.

If anyone else HAD walked in, I don't think I would've noticed, much less actually cared, I had what I'd been waiting for.

It was great when at last with his balls in my hand and just the top of his helmet in my mouth he suddenly without warning let fly his lot. I think that he both wanted to cum in my mouth and felt bad about it, little did he know this was exactly what I wanted!

It was WONDERFUL, so warm, and SO MUCH too, not at all tart, not as much taste as I expected really, but I let it swell over my tongue as more gushed - he spurted 4 or 5 times and I really had a proper mouthful. WOW, nearly 9" of beautiful virgin boy-prick SHOOTING ITS LOAD RIGHT INTO MY HUNGRY WAITING MOUTH.

At last. At long last.

I swallowed his stuff too, but a little escaped, and he looked embarrassed at seeing or feeling some of it dribble past my lips and down his shaft. It felt and tasted amazing, lovely hot spunk slipping down my throat even as more found its way onto my still working tongue or to escape just past my pursed lips.

Mmmmm ... yummy, tasted like mine but a bit sweeter, and I licked my lips and thanked him, still with a hand on the base of his shaft, using a finger and a thumb to toy with his sac for another minute or so while he slowly jerked himself semi-consciously.

Afterwards, when he'd recovered from his fluster, I asked him if he wanted to suck me off and promised that I wouldn't shoot off into his mouth unless he wanted me to. I took my dick out, 6.5" already hard and started to beat myself slowly. I assured him that it was really nice and he shouldn't be scared to try it, if only once, and if only out of curiosity.

He had a bit of a go but wasn't very confident with it, he licked and touched tentatively, and sucked on it a little, but I really liked that, and groaned in pleasure, and ecstasy shot through my body. When he felt my cock twitch in his hot little mouth I think he got a bit worried, or maybe it just felt too weird and he said thanks but he didn't really like it.

He did, however, enjoy with interest watching me beat off - my attention had been caught again by the screen - the 2 young sweeties really kissing and sucking on each other HARD, it was fantastic lesbian love if ever I saw it. The little Asian girl was so sweet making the most horn-inducing little squeals as her pleasure centres were hit time and again. GOD, I wanted to fuck her! Better yet, join in and fuck them both! Soon, I was ready to cum and he took over from me with his hands when he saw me getting close. I think he got quite a kick from beating off for me as I came with a satisfied groan.

And did I! What with the taste of spunk still in my mouth, the satisfaction of fantasy fulfilled, his tender hands, and those 2 beautiful girls performing so erotically on-screen, it was a great orgasm, and I shot a fair amount of stuff pretty far a number of times. The kind of climax where you shudder and sigh and find yourself suddenly sweating out of every pore.

I felt good.

I hope I helped him satisfy some curiosity too. And sure enough, I left town without seeing him again. I hope I made him more curious ... its such an exciting sexual orientation!

* * * * *

I hope you enjoyed this as much as the prequel. This, too, is a true story. I hope I'll have more to tell soon ...

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