The Bosses Princes


His tongue slid along the outer lips before pushing them apart as he slid it into her. He probed as far as he could inside her to taste her. His fingers moved to open her up to his insistent tongue. As he did he caught her scent wafting up, the musky scent of a woman fully aroused. It seemed to call him into her and he willingly buried his face in the wet folds of her flesh. His tongue licked as far in her as he could tasting her sweet young taste. He could feel her reacting to him, her breathing was shallow and she was moaning gently. Looking up he saw her hand cupping her breasts and her fingers gently rubbing her nipples. He licked up and down inside her wanting to taste as much of her sweetness as he could. Then his eyes were drawn to her clitoris.

The small nub of flesh was hard glistened with her juices. He flicked his tongue over it and felt her legs jump at the sharp sensation it caused. James focused on that small fleshy mound licking over it and around it. As he did he pushed two fingers deep into her pussy stretching them wide forcing her open as he pushed them in and out of her. She was gasping now her fingers probing and kneading at the flesh of her breasts. James guessed she was close to cumming as she rocked and writhed at the touch of his tongue on her clitoris. He increased the pressure licking almost mercilessly at her and pushing three fingers into her to stretch her more. Her moans grew into sharp cries of passion as he brought her right to the very brink of her orgasm. For a few seconds he held her there not quite doing enough to send her over. She was almost screaming now wanting that release. Then he pushed her over sending her into total rapture. He watched as she arched backward with a long husky moan of sexual passion. Then she sank down gasping for breath.

James moved up to lie on her kissing her lips and neck softly arousing her more. She moved up against him rubbing herself against his aroused cock. Her hands clung to him holding him on her. He could she her eyes pleading with him, wanting him inside her. Without a word he pushed himself against her offered pussy and slid easily into her. They both gasped at the feeling as his hard cock rammed deep into her soft warm pussy. For a second they lay just enjoying the feeling of him inside her. Then he pulled back and thrust deep again, and again.

He started slowly not sure how hard she could take it. From her own confession she'd only had sex once. But quickly he realised that she was so aroused that he could thrust harder. So he did, thrusting deep and hard into her. As he did she pushed back up at him wanting him as far into her as she could get him. They kissed repeatedly there mouths crushed against each other in hard lust filled passion. He thrust into her his one hand in her hair the other running down her side and over her buttock. Without knowing what he was doing he began to rub his finger against her anus. She gave a little gasp as he did. As soon as he realised what he had been doing James pulled his hand away.

"Sorry I didn't mean to I just.." James started but could not finish. He could not make himself ask.

"What?" She gasped as he thrust into her again.

"I, I want to fuck your ass. Have done for ages." He said quickly before he could stop himself. She looked up at him her eyes wide.

"Really? I've never done that before. You really want to do that?" James could only nod not trusting himself to speak. "Does it hurt?"

"At first yes and that's helped by and lubrication but I doubt if your folks have any around." Shafali giggled almost guiltily.

"Look in the bottom drawer," she said pointing at her dresser. James looked at her quizzically but pulled out and went to look. In the drawer was a small tube of lubrication sat next to a massive dildo. James looked over at her surprised.

"What have you got that for?" He asked.

"For when I get really horny fantasising about you. But some times I need the lub to start me off cos it's too big." James could only laugh as he moved back to the bed. He held the tube in his hand looked down at it then back up to Shafali.

"Do you want to?" She nodded softly chewing her bottom lip in a nervous way.

"Just be gentle until I'm used to it." He nodded and guided her onto her front. Carefully he squeezed some lub out onto his finger and began to rub at her anus. Then he pushed his finger into her. She hissed softly and he felt her tense a little.

"Relax I'll be careful but if you don't relax it does hurt." He told her she looked back at him and nodded. He continued to rub his finger just inside her anus. When he was satisfied that enough lub had been rubbing into her he squeezed more out onto his cock covering as much as he could. Only then did he roll onto her and guide himself to her. As gently as he could he began to push his cock into her anus. He looked down watching the small hole opening as he entered her. She gasped hard a sharp hiss of pain and he stopped.

"No don't stop I want you to keep going." She hissed back at him. James nodded and pushed deeper. Shafali buried her face in the bed sheets to hide her gasp as the head of his cock stretched her open. Then he was in her, James stopped for a second letting her recover. He waited until she looked back at him and gave a small nod before pushing any deeper. He pushed until he was fully in her then lent forwards to kiss her neck.

"I right in you," he whispered to her and she nodded back. "Tell me when you're ready for me to start. I'll go carefully until you get used to it." She took a deep breath and nodded.

"Do it, I said I wanted you to take me so do it." James kissed her hard before pulling out a bit and pushing back in. She gasped but nodded at him with a little smile. He thrust a second time and then a third. Each one just a little harder, and each one accompanied by a soft gasp. He kept going gently pushing into her ass waiting for her to get used to it. After a couple of minutes her gasps became less sharp so he thrust a bit harder. She hissed softly but not just in pain.

"God that's feels strange," She whispered, "good but strange." James took that as a sign to go harder and pushed a bit more. Shafali pulled his mouth down to her kissing him hard. "Do it, fuck it a bit more." She gasped to him. He thrust harder building up his speed. The movement had pushed them up the bed and Shafali reach up to hold onto the slats in her headboard. Each thrust pushed her further up the bed until she was climbing up the slats and gripping the top of the board. James reached round to squeeze her breasts feeling her hard nipples.

"You ready for me to go full on?" He asked, she looked round at him kissing him hard.

"Yes, fuck me yes I am." The last word came almost as a squeal as he thrust hard into her. She buck and gasped but did not try to pull away. He moved his one hand down to her pussy rubbing his fingers over her lips and clit as he fucked her ass.

"Fuck it, fuck my ass oh god yes baby." She gasped to him her fingers wrapped around the top of her headboard. James did as she asked fucking her as hard as he could. He rammed into her ass deeply pushing his cock hard into the tight hole. She hissed and squealed her hair fly wildly as she buck under each thrust. He realised she was using the headboard to push back against him as he thrust into her. This was no china doll she was what she had told him she was. A sexual woman who wanted him to take her with all his physical power. His fingers probe the soft flesh of her breast and pussy as he fucked her ass. She was gasping his name and squealing in pleasure. Suddenly without warning he felt her cum. Her whole body jerked at the power of the orgasm.

"God take me, fuck my ass. Rape it hard please." She screamed at him. He rammed into her as hard as he could gripping her waist to hold her still. The thrust pushed her forwards to rest against the wall. She reached up grabbing the wall digging her fingers into the wallpaper. "Yes, yes of god rape my ass fuck it hard." She squealed at him leaning back to kiss and bit at his neck. James let himself go ramming in wildly. This was his fantasy in the flesh wanting him to take her and take her he was going to.

"Take it," he snarled at her. "Take my cock in you tight ass."

"OH yes, baby yes do it. God do it harder take me ass. I want your cum in me, oh cum in me." As if her words were a command James felt his thighs tighten in a familiar welcomed manner. He rammed in once, twice, and on the third thrust he came. As he did he smash into her trying to pin her into the wall with his thrust. She gave a shuddering moan as she felt him cumming in her. James could only gasp hard at the strength of his orgasm. Both of them clung to the wall for a few minutes until finally they sank back onto the bed clinging to each other breathless and elated.

"That was fucking amazing." Shafali whispered. James nodded.

"Worth getting fired for." He whispered back. Shafali looked at him with sudden steel in her eyes.

"You are not going to get fired I won't let my daddy do it. I love you and want you if he doesn't like it tough. If he wants me to still be his princess he'll have to accept you. And trust me he does not want to lose his princess." James laughed breathlessly at the look in her eyes.

"You know I believe you, I really do."

"You better because I mean it. But changing the subject what are we going to do with the rest of the weekend?" James laughed harder.

"Um I think I could come up with a few ideas." He said as he laughed. Shafali started to giggle as well.

"I thought you might, after all we've both got a lot of fantasies to work through. And to start with you ever fuck on a four poster bed." James shook his head. "Want to? I've wanted to fuck in mommy and daddies bed for a while." James smiled and nodded. She got out of bed and quickly took off her skirt to stand naked before him. Then she reached out her hand to him. He took it and she guided him down the landing towards her parents bedroom,

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