The Bound Life


Leena seemed almost ecstatic of my presence "You look magnificent, almost like you were molded into that piece of latex" she told me, I almost blushed from the compliment.

I was no longer the gentleman I once was, I was like a teenager again, filled with sexual frustrations, but only this time, the frustration had a constant release, a way of showing it good side.

Leena showed me around the room, opened some doors for me, letting me take a sneak peak of what that was to come and boy was I in for a treat. Some rooms had just tables with some form of straps, one had a bed just like you would have at a gynecologist (I was kind of hoping to give that one a try to see what more my ass had to offer me), one room had a girl suspended in midair, legs spread wide with a machine giving her a good fuck. Underneath the machine was a counter, it said "37".

"What's the number for?" I asked Leena while I adjusted my freshly inserted butt plug. "That's the number of orgasms the person on the machine has had this round, we have one for you to try as well if you wish to, and I made sure it was ready for you and my slave in training just in case you wanted to give it a go?"

"How could I say no?" I all of a sudden said.

What had gotten into me, where did this sudden interest of getting fucked in the ass come from?

None the less I liked it, and I kept going with it.

"Let's get you ready then. Slave, come here, prepare the Sir for a ride on the toy I told you about, you are accompanying him on this one."

The slave in training that I had met earlier today appeared out of the last room, walking towards me with her heels. She was no longer wearing a hood like I was, but she had a corset that covered almost everything except her breasts, it even made her neck unmovable. On her legs were latex stockings that went all the way up to her inner thigh, as high as they could possibly go. Her heels were almost like a ballerina, standing with her toes in the ground and heels far up. Her hands were tied behind her back and as she approached me she turned around and grabbed by balls, to then let go and turn around to kiss me. I grabbed her crotch and gave it a good feel, she was wearing nothing between her legs, and she was completely exposed. Everything except her crotch, breasts and face was covered in this wonderful black latex.

The girl led me into a room, it was dark, but she seemed to know where she was going, and I was put down in a chair, bound in place, my legs where spread apart and somehow, the girl was able to remove the dildo from my underwear without taking the entire pair off, it was switchable somehow. Still not able to see, I could hear some sort of humming notice, almost like a drill. I felt a new dildo coming close to my exposed hole, but it was not quite in yet, the humming stopped and the girl said loudly; we are ready.

The lights came on and it all became clear, the humming sounds were the slave being hoisted up into a crane, and then lowered on top of me, just above my cock, still raging hard. The dildo I felt was a machine dildo that was on standby, waiting for something to start it.

Leena came into the room and said "Let's begin!" And with a press of a button, the slave was lowered slightly more so I penetrated her pussy and another of those sweat moans came out.

With a pulley on a wheel that had a hook on it, her ropes were tightened and she was swaying up and down my shaft, just like the movement you would normally do during any kind of sex, but this was engine driven. But the machine between my legs was still standing still. Leena came over and oiled the dildo in properly before she pushed the tip of it into my bare ass. Then once more she pressed the same button, and the machine began to make sounds. As the girl was lifted up from my shaft, the dildo went all the way into my ass, unable to control myself; I too began to moan as the girl was hoisted up and down in the same rhythm as the dildo was being forced in and out.

Completely unable to move, I was there, face up, looking at the girl, so beautiful that almost no words could describe it.

Leena was on the move again, as she moved over to me and let one of her nails slide up my latex covered body. She leaned in towards me and uttered a few words, I did not quite hear as my own moaning grew more and more intense, until suddenly I had to stop, I was forced to stop.

My mouth was shut closed with a ball gag, and on the outside of it was a dildo, and it didn't take long before I realized, Leena wanted something to enjoy as well. She removed her gown and revealed what she was wearing. A catsuit, so tight I could see every detail of her body, with an opening between her legs. She put some sort of leather cuffs on her wrist and feet and stepped on top of my, before she hooked these cuffs onto another set of ropes that were moving in the same paste as the machine I was hooked up to.

I was now looking at a lady's crotch, directly in front of me, nothing to hide, getting penetrated by something that came out of my mouth, the same thing that hindered me from speaking.

Further down was a girl, being hoisted up and down on my dick, and just past that was a dildo fucking the hell out of my ass, letting only the pleasures remain.

Before I came to this place, I had imagined many things, so many things, but my fantasies were not even close, this was something completely new, and I loved how it kept going and going, time passed, it flew by as I was unable to move.

The pleasure got more and more intense as the machine kicked into high gear, Leena was moved in a more rapid paste. The slave was moving in a more rapid paste up and down on my rock solid cock. The dildo between my cheeks felt like it was going faster than the speed of sound at least!

Unable to hold back any longer, I left a cumload, bigger than what I had ever before released, it was only a shame that Neither Leena or the slave would see it as it went inside the latex underwear that sheeted my cock perfectly, almost like a condom.

The slave screamed as both she and Leena climaxed all over me. The machine stopped and hoisted the girls off me, not that I wished for it, but it felt nice to have some kind of freedom as the dildo between my ass cheeks was removed.

The current fairytale was over, out of breath, I was released and led into the changing room without talking to anyone, and the same beautiful girl who had helped me get dressed was standing there, waiting for me.

-May I clean you up, Sir? She said to me

-You may, my darling. The gentleman within me was back, for now.

She did just what she said, but with her mouth, and I was still exhausted from it all, so I stood there, doing absolutely nothing as she swiftly cleaned my cock, my ass, and gave me a great kiss before putting my clothes back on.

Nobody said anything as I was led to the door, and showed the streets of London once again.

Would I hear from them again?

I wish.

I wish.

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