tagGroup SexThe Bullpen Ch. 05

The Bullpen Ch. 05


Jamie watched her from the far side of the vegetable aisle, risking the occasional glance from behind the safety of the beefsteak tomatoes. Long, skinny fingers – devoid of rings of any kind - handled ripe cantaloupes, squeezing them and testing them for ripeness. Her eyes were hidden behind oversized sunglasses, the kind one would only see on supermodels and state troopers, and Jamie couldn't be sure of exactly which direction the woman's eyes were directed.

She was tall, probably close to six feet, with long, baby blonde hair that looked at once both perfect and casual. Enormous golden hoop earrings peeked through the strands of her hair, complementing the light golden tan of her skin. She was wearing a tight pink shirt, with sleeves that only went three-quarters of the way down her arms, matching the three-quarters length of torso it covered – leaving her pierced belly button exposed. Her short floral skirt - white with pink and red daisies – sat low on her hips, leaving four or five inches of her perfect body exposed. A hint of her panties sat exposed atop the left waistband, a whisper of pink lace rewarding anyone who dared to look.

Jamie couldn't get over the woman's nerve, the detached manner in which she continued to shop, even as her nipples poked through the thin pink material of her shirt, straining against the outlines of the bra beneath. She flashed the occasional smile at a male passer-by, perfect white teeth acknowledging their lustful stares flirtatiously. But they continued on with their shopping lists, as she continued on with hers, holding and touching each piece of fruit as she worked her way through the produce section.

Jamie Eggert had been watching this woman for over ten minutes. She was certainly attractive in her own right, with her shoulder-length dirty blonde hair, her gorgeous face, and her tight body. Ten years ago, in a similar outfit to the woman across the way, she would have drawn more than a few of the tall blonde's admirers away. Alone in the produce section, it probably would have been Jamie eliciting the attention. But with this blonde, no one could have competed.

Perfect hair. Perfect smile. Perfect breasts. Perfect hips. Perfect belly button.

Everything about the blonde was sexual, from her look to her walk to the way she handled her groceries.

And Jamie couldn't help but be turned on.

Not that she was gay – far from it. Jamie luxuriated in the sensation of her husband's cock inside of her. She fantasized about men and what they could do for her and to her. On occasion, she was known to drive to the Lion's Den in West Hartford with her sisters and cousins, to watch strange men strip to their skin on raucous Ladies' Nights Out.

But this woman, this blonde, stirred in Jamie pure carnal desire.

Her pussy was wet. Her skin was flushed. And her nipples, though not poking through her shirt like the woman a few fruit and vegetable groups away, were rock-hard.

From her vantage point behind the tomatoes, Jamie got lost in the blonde's belly button. She imagined herself kissing it, toying with the piece of jewelry with her tongue, tasting the skin of another woman. She imagined herself tugging at the front of the woman's skirt, pulling the waistband of both the skirt and the pink lace panties down just enough to kiss from her navel to the uppermost hints of her pubic hair. She imagined herself running her hand up the blonde's bare legs, beneath the skirt, and luxuriating in the silky feel of her inner thighs.

And that was when the blonde caught her.

Eyes indiscernible behind the dark glasses, the blonde's face pointed directly over the melons, past the legumes, and towards the tomatoes, where Jamie gasped in horror.

Maybe she hadn't caught me staring? Maybe she hadn't noticed? Jamie turned quickly, away from the tomatoes, and put her back to the blonde. Embarrassed beyond belief, she mindlessly fingered the romaine lettuce in front of her, willing the other woman to walk away.

Seconds hung in the air like an eternity, Jamie asking herself at what point she'd be allowed to turn back around. How long would she have to stand there, handling the lettuce, before she could continue on, red-faced, with her grocery list? Should she just leave? Should she turn, leave her cart behind, and just go home? Rush towards the exit, avoiding all eye contact with the blonde?

As it turned out, the blonde answered her questions for her.

Jamie didn't even hear her patter up. She didn't see her, given Jamie's intense attentiveness to the lettuce before her. She didn't even sense her until she felt hot breath on the nape of neck.

"Shhhh," the blonde whispered. It would be the only sound that the woman would make, as she instead let her body do all the talking that Jamie needed to understand.

Jamie was still facing the lettuce, her back to the rest of the produce section. But her interest in the vegetables in front of her dissipated as she felt the woman behind her – pressing up against Jamie's backside with the front of her hips, pressing up against Jamie's back with her sizable breasts.

The woman's lips – soft, warm, and moist – kissed the bare skin of Jamie's neck, sending a shiver up Mrs. Eggert's spine. The woman's left thumb, with the left hand on Jamie's left hip, slipped beneath the waist of Jamie's jeans. The woman's right hand, meanwhile, found the button at the top of Jamie's fly, unfastened it, and moved to the zipper. Before Jamie even remembered where she was, her black cotton panties were exposed from behind the open fly of jeans, and a strange woman's hand was beneath them, her fingers finding Jamie's throbbing clit with expertise.

Jamie shut her eyes and shuddered, the pleasure drowning out the fact that they were in a public place, that men and women alike were watching them from just a few feet away.

It was happening so fast, so unexpectedly, that Jamie hardly had time to fight it. Feelings of guilt fluttered into her consciousness as she pictured Colin. Feelings of shame fluttered in as she imagined her two little girls.

But Colin was at work. And the girls were with her sister. They wouldn't know. They wouldn't find out.

Not that Jamie could have fought off the blonde's advances had she tried. The woman continued to kiss her neck, all the while working Jamie's clit between her middle and ring fingers. Cheating on her husband or not, shaming her family or not, Jamie would have surrendered right there, in front of the lettuce, in a crowded supermarket. She would have called out in orgasm while cashiers, baggers, shelf-stockers, and customers looked on.

But the blonde wanted to take her some place more private.

The woman pulled away, but took Jamie's left hand in her right, and pulled her with her. The blonde's fingers were wet with Jamie's juices, and Jamie's fly was still open and her black panties still exposed, but she thought nothing of these things. Instead, she simply walked with the blonde, hand-in-hand, away from vegetables and towards the back of the grocery store. Behind them, they left the blonde's basket of fruits and vegetables, Jamie's entire shopping cart, and a small gathering of open-mouthed onlookers.

The blonde's eyes were still hidden behind her dark glasses, and she still hadn't said a word. But, as she pulled Jamie along the back of the store, towards the dairy section, it was clear to Jamie what she wanted.

They reached the milk, the eggs, and the yogurt, as well as the door beyond these items that led to the refrigerated area behind the milk, the eggs, and the yogurt, in the back corner of the store. It was frigid inside, as the two women slipped through the door, unnoticed by employees or fellow patrons. Both women were burning with desire, however, and the cold air was disregarded in favor of the dark, semi-privacy that the refrigerated room allowed.

The baby blonde finally removed her glasses, revealing a pair of intensely blue eyes that gave away the lust she felt for the dirty blonde. They locked lips, Jaime leaning into the other woman even as she wriggled out of her jeans. Their kiss was passionate, filled with an erotic desperation that Jamie hadn't felt in months. Neither woman wanted to linger, neither woman wanted to waste time with foreplay – it was clear that they both wanted to cum and to cum quickly.

As Jamie stepped out of her pants, she stumbled a bit, banging her back against the eggs behind her. In the aisle outside the refrigerated room, a crash sounded, and Jamie knew that she had broken more than a few cartons of eggs. A store employee was bound to come clean up the mess shortly, and bound to catch the two half-naked women who had caused it. It didn't faze Jamie, however, and it didn't seem to faze the blonde, either. Both continued to disrobe.

Jamie fumbled with the buttons on her blouse as the blonde unfastened the back of her floral skirt. They joined lips again as both items fell away, the blonde's pink lace, low-rise, bikini panties completely uncovered after teasing so many men earlier with their hint of exposure. Jamie's ivory-white bra, at odds with her own black panties, brushed the blonde's tight pink shirt at the two women embraced, their breasts pressing against each other's.

Even as they kissed, Jamie grabbed for the bottom of the blonde's shirt, lifting it up over the cups of her sheer pink bra. They broke for an instant, allowing the material to pass over the woman's head and drop to the floor, but their lips quickly met again, and the baby blonde probed her tongue even further into the dirty blonde's mouth.

Jamie shrugged her bra straps down her arms, not bothering to find the clasps on her back. She pulled her arms free, and then tugged her bra downwards, exposing her tits to the frigid air and leaving the undergarment wrapped around her midsection. The blonde responded to this invitation by breaking the kiss and sucking Jamie's left nipple into her mouth. She bit down on it – hard – and Jamie yelped in a mixture of pleasure and pain, causing both girls to giggle slightly as they met eyes.

A table sat behind the blonde, cold metal that looked uninviting to either woman's bare skin. Nevertheless, Jamie was spun around and pushed on to it, the thin material of her panties all that stood between her ass and the cold metal. But it didn't last long, as the blonde grabbed Jamie's waistband and quickly removed her last piece of covering.

It wasn't enough, however. Her eyes alive with mischief, the blonde stared into Jamie's gaze even as she slipped her wedding band and engagement ring from Jamie's finger. What they were doing was wrong, and Jamie knew that wholeheartedly. But she allowed the symbols of her marriage to Colin to be temporarily discarded – for now, her fidelity was brushed aside and her carnality given free rein.

Jamie shimmied from the edge and lay back on the table, which was still covered in a handful of egg cartons and boxes of yogurt cups, and smelled slightly of stale milk. Her bra was still on, fastened around her abdomen and covering absolutely nothing, but the blonde – who crawled onto the table after her - was still clad in her pink panties and bra.

Through the cracks between the cartons of eggs and gallons of milk into the grocery store, Jamie saw that someone had noticed that something was going on behind. Clad in an orange apron, he was obviously one of the myriad of teenage boys that worked in the store. Jamie hadn't heard a storewide announcement calling for clean-up, so she imagined her peeping tom had simply noticed the mess and come to investigate on his own.

But, as the blonde's mouth found Jamie's pussy, she wasn't about to stop her exhibition, and she wasn't about warn her partner that they had an audience. She wanted to get off more than she'd wanted to get off for months, and the thought of a witness only intensified the animal lust she felt. She was in heat. She was going to cum. And she didn't care who knew it.

The blonde's face was buried in Jamie's crotch, and her tongue was buried deep inside Jamie's pink folds. Jamie grabbed the edge of the table behind her, holding on for dear life as her entire body pulsated in vaginal pleasure. She squealed in delight, her vocal chords tightening and each exhalation a high-pitched groan of bliss.

The blonde was relentless. Whereas Colin tended to take his time when it came to cunnilingus, the blonde moved quickly and powerfully, the muscles of her tongue meeting the muscles of Jamie's cunt with force. Though she wanted this encounter to last longer, Jamie realized that the intensity of her building orgasm was going to more than make up for her lack of endurance. Besides, she told herself, she was going to completely surrender to her body, completely allow herself to be swept away by her own pussy. As she reached her climax, she first met eyes with the blonde, and then with the stock boy through the eggs, and then with the blonde again.

The sight of a strange blonde woman between her legs, the sight of a teenager's eyes peering in at her, and the sight of her rings carelessly tossed aside on top of her discarded blouse were all such intense images that Jamie was forced to shut her eyes and give into only her sense of touch. The heat from her body, the cold metal surface of the table against her skin, and the combined dripping wetness of her pussy and the blonde's mouth all came together at one time, and Jamie could feel the launch of the fireworks that were about to explode in her cunt.

Her orgasm was coming. Just a second longer. Just a few more laps of the blonde's tongue against her clit. Here....it....was....

And then the sprinklers came on.

Cold water rained down from above, splashing upon Jamie's face and awakening her from her fantasy. It was only a light mist, but it was enough to moisten Jamie's blouse as much as it had been intended to moisten the lettuce stacked before her. She was still in the produce section. Her clothes were still on. Her rings were still on. And – turning to glance over her shoulder towards the melons – the blonde was no longer there.

The fantasy had been intense, vivid, and so real. Jamie turned back to her shopping cart, wiping the water droplets from her blouse, and wishing that she could do something about the dampness that had enveloped her pussy.


It wasn't Jamie who was friends with Erica, but Colin. For the most part, Jamie found Erica nice enough, someone with whom the occasional get-together or night out with was enjoyable enough. They'd never done anything just the two of them, preferring instead to have "double dates" – Erica and Tom; Colin and Jamie.

But Jamie Eggert was a very different person from the shy, reserved Erica Rivers. She was outgoing, she was bold, she was risk-taking. She would openly flirt with Tom, trying to get a rise out of his girlfriend on nights out as a foursome. She made sexual jokes, and openly pointed out attractive women for her husband to gawk at – all the while critiquing a woman's choice of attire, or their aptitude in applying make-up, or the curves of their bodies. It was clear that Jamie Halladay, long before she had become Jamie Eggert, had run in much different - much more care-free, open, and popular – circles than Erica Rivers.

She had two sisters, along with two cousins, for real friendship. The five women did everything together, from backyard barbecues to Ladies' Nights Out at the Lion's Den. She had been skinny-dipping with them off Cape Cod, gambling with them down at Mohegan Sun, and drinking and singing with them at karaoke nights at their favorite local bar.

Erica, by contrast, blushed at the mere suggestion of impropriety. Beneath her layers of clothes and otherwise conservative wardrobe, she had a body – Jamie had to give the girl that – but Jamie never worried about Colin working late nights with her. The girl was uncomfortable with herself, uncomfortable in her own skin, and uncomfortable with the more outgoing aspects of Jamie's personality that Jamie considered "fun."

Even knowing what she now knew about Colin's work situation the past few weeks, about Erica's experiment and her captive nudity, Jamie didn't feel threatened by the scientist. Instead, she felt bad for the poor girl, who was no doubt feeling the absolute and utter humiliation in subjecting herself to the stringent conditions of Colin's Bullpen, and was probably far worse off than another woman might be in her shoes. This experiment would have been better served with an exhibitionist as a guinea pig, or at the very least a woman even moderately comfortable with her own body. Erica Rivers, in Jamie's opinion, was neither of these things.

Another woman probably would have been upset about her husband keeping secret the goings-on of his current role in this experiment. Maybe Jamie would have been, had it been a stranger, or even just someone else inside the Bullpen. But Jamie was glad that her husband was there for his friend, providing Erica with a crutch that she might have needed to make it through five weeks of hell.

In the end, Colin had guiltily confessed almost all the details of Erica's captivity to his wife himself on Monday night, but explained that Erica wanted to talk to Jamie face-to-face, to explain that everything was controlled, everything was kosher. The dirty blonde trusted her husband, but she still agreed to drop by ConnPharm that Tuesday afternoon, partially to provide comfort to a friend, but also partially because of nothing more than morbid curiosity.

As Jamie turned her Explorer into the parking lot outside, a tow truck was just departing with a silver Jetta being pulled along behind it. The girl thanked her timing, and snuck right into the recently vacated spot. Tossing her keys into her purse, she locked up and began her expedition in ConnPharm.

She had changed her shirt after the incident at the grocery store earlier that afternoon, soaked by the sprinklers while fantasizing about another woman. Instead of her white, button-down blouse, she was now clad in a yellow boat-necked t-shirt, casual and dressed-down. The memory of the blonde, combined with the feeling of her still less-than-dry cotton panties, sent the fantasies flooding back, and Jamie's face flushed.

She wasn't quite sure how she'd lost herself that completely, how she'd been completely overcome by the sight of another person, and a woman at that. Jamie had never been with another woman, and it had been since high school that she'd been with anyone other than Colin. He had been a second-year graduate student when they'd met; she, just a freshman. He was her only partner in fourteen years, and lately, Jamie was beginning to feel slightly depressed about that fact.

Jamie was thirty-two years old, and already beginning to question herself about whether her marital sex bored her, or bored her husband. She fantasized about other men, other women, and other situations. In the bedroom, she wore lingerie for her husband, experimenting whenever she could with a new position or a new personality. She had joked with her sister Kelly, while out with Colin and Kelly's husband Patrick, about the possibility of swinging; and, though the suggestion had been in jest, Jamie found herself fantasizing about fucking Patrick in Kelly and Patrick's bedroom – while Colin watched - for weeks afterwards.

If the blonde had really come on to her that afternoon, Jamie wouldn't have stopped her. If she had pulled her into the dairy refrigerator and ate her out, Jamie would have submitted. Jamie wouldn't have actively sought out an opportunity to cheat on Colin, but if her fantasy woman that afternoon had pursued her, Jamie was sure that she wouldn't have been able to turn her down.

As she passed by security, and descended into the ConnPharm complex's lower regions, Jamie was once again fantasizing about the blonde, about being eaten out while someone else watched, about being naked in a public place.

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