The Burning for My Son-in-Law


With 4 tops in my arms, I searched out the changing rooms and found them in the area between the mens' section and the womans' section. As I was about to enter a changing room, I heard my name called. It was my son-in-law, Mike. Tall and handsome, he stood there with a nice and calm smile. My heart skipped and accelerated to overdrive. My pussy surged.

"Hi Mike," I tried to sound calm.

"Hi Mom, what are you up to?"

"Oh, just looking at a few outfits to try on."

"Yeah, I guess that's obvious. Sorry to be so dumb!" He laughed at himself and I smiled broadly.

"Care to be my judge and help me figure out which one to buy?"

He smiled, shook his head no but said "yes" as his eyes drifted down to my breasts but quickly returned to my face.

I rushed to the dressing room and stripped off my top and took off my bra. I was going to give him a show! I pinched my nipples making them thick, long and hard. I put on a sleeveless top with a low cut front. It was a little tight. I walked out.

"That looks great!" he smiled. "Red looks good on you."

I pressed my arms together to enhance my cleavage and I thought his eyes would pop out of his head.

"I'm going to try on just one more. The others just don't cut it. Now, make sure you remember this one!"

"How could I forget that?" he said as I walked back to the dressing room.

I put on the backless top. It tied around the back of the neck and the lines actually pulled my breasts together. It was too small too and my tits could be seen from the side. Shit. It exposed too much. Fuck it, I thought, I might not buy it but I'd at least get a rise out of Mike.

As I walked out my nipples pressed out of the front in excitement.

"Well Mom, you've done it!" He smiled.

I was thinking he was liking calling me Mom all the time.

"Done what?" I asked as I twirled around and lifted my arms so that he could get a good view of the sides of my hanging tits.

"Oh umm, well, I've completely forgotten about the other shirt."

I laughed and did a little dance for him which shook my tits from side to side. Then I leaned forward and put my hands on my knees and then I saw the bulge. It was there for a moment in his baggy pants. It was extending down his pants slowly and then he adjusted his pants and it was gone.

"So, you like this?"

He nodded. I bought it.

We walked from Macy's to a quick-eats restaurant. He called me Mom several times and I kinda liked it. We talked about nothing most of the time and both of us seemed to enjoy just looking at each other. It was a good idea leaving my bra off when I changed back into my own top. I had the feeling that I could have him if I wanted. I'm sure he felt the same way.

I thought of my husband Donald and then felt sad that I was teasing this young man and thinking of his long and thick cock driving into my sopping pussy. I thought of my daughter. What would she say if she found out? I felt guilty for even fantasizing about it. What had I been thinking?

"Mom, there is something we should talk about."

"What is that, Mike?"

"I think you know that I find you very attractive. I mean, you are one of the many reasons I married your daughter."


"Yes, I met you and saw how beautiful and sexy you were and realized that I'd be a lucky man to be married to someone who looked as exciting as you do, twenty years from now."

"Wow, Mike you are so sweet to say that."

He smiled.

"You want me, don't you." I blurted it out.

He nodded. "Please."

"We can't. 2 reasons ... my daughter is your wife and I have a husband."

"If we don't, we'll always wonder."

I felt hot flashes from my pussy all the way up my extended nipples.

"I'll never tell," he said calmly.

"You promise?"

"Absolutely guaranteed."

I thought for a moment. I wanted him. My daughter had teased me so much and now I really wanted him. I wanted to feel a young man penetrating me deep and hard. A young man with stamina. At least it would be with someone I know and I could be assured someone who wouldn't tell.

"Here is the deal," I started. "We can do this but you will never cheat on my daughter with anyone else. I don't want her heart broken. You do and I will cut your balls off and take your dick for a trophy."

"Easily done," he nodded. "You're the only one who has ever interested me."

I felt flattered even though I knew he was lying.

"We do this just once."

He nodded, "Just once," he smiled and paid the check.

We drove to a motel in the next town. He got a room with a queen sized bed. I started to shake as he opened the door for me. I heard the door close and felt his warm hands on my back. He brushed my shoulder length hair to the side and kissed my neck softly. I was close to backing out and leaving when those kisses landed on my neck and shoulders. I felt his big hands reach around under my arms and heft my tits. His hands were big but my bra less tits easily spilled out of his fingers. I'm still pretty firm and full and I could tell from the feel of his bulge in my backside that he liked what was going on.

He pinched my nipples making them extend and then he moaned into my ear as I leaned my head back onto his chest. He squeezed my tits some more and my pussy was squirting like a juicer. I turned around and knelt down. As he ripped off his shirt, I unzipped his pants and pulled them and his boxers down to his ankles. He deftly stepped from them and his cock gently bobbed up and down. My daughter wasn't exaggerating. The big plum like head was purple and full. I reached up from my kneeling position with both hands and gripped one in front of the other and there still was plenty of cock to suck. I opened wide and pulled his cock to my lips. I licked and sucked it looking up into his piercing blue eyes and dark complexion. My tongue found that sensitive area under the head and I began to flick it as my hands squeezed and pulled his massive member. He groaned as I enjoyed myself with his marvel of nature. There were thick veins that curled their way along the sides. They all seemed to pulsate as I pulled and licked.

He was getting very excited. I could feel his balls getting tighter and tighter. I didn't want him to cum, yet. I wanted him in me. I stopped and smiled at him. I pulled off my top releasing my big tits.

As if reading my mind, "Don't worry, Mom. I'll cum at least two or three times with you," he smiled broadly. "You are so sexy!"

I reached up and grabbed his cock again and began sucking and pulling. I knew he could see my tits sway back and forth. I knew what I was doing to him and I was enjoying being in control or at least I thought I was in control. My lips barely encircled his cock head as I pulled and pulled. I reached back and played with his sack for a bit. He was close. His face was getting screwed up as he tried to hold back. I pressed my finger into his ass and felt a powerful spurt slam the back of my throat. I swallowed and swallowed as fast as I possibly could. It went down quickly but a bunch of his cum came off my chin, rolled down across my tits and landed on the rug.

Gasping for breath, he helped me up and then took down my pants and my panties. His big hands eased me onto the bed. We didn't even take down the covers. His strong arms parted my legs. "Shaved smooth! I like that, Mom. I like that a lot."

He kissed my knees where I had a sudden rug burn and kissed up my thighs. He smiled as his tongue found my soaked and parted pussy lips. He got down to business and lapped my pussy. His thick tongue darted all around my lips and then up to my hooded clit where he closed his lips around and sucked lightly. I felt his fingers enter my pussy and tickle my g-spot. My god, he was an accomplished lover! It seemed like his tongue was everywhere, my clit, my pussy lips, inside my pussy, and then I began to cum. I screamed out from the amazing sensations of his fingers and tongue. Gasping, I grabbed my tits and held them up for his view. My pink nipples and my huge aureoles excited him. I could tell as the monster between his legs got thick and hard again.

He sat next to me on the bed and I kissed his pussy soaked chin finally landing on his lips. His tired tongue entered my mouth and we sucked tongues for several minutes. My hand seemed to have a mind of its own and I gripped his cock and stroked it. It was just so big. I thought of my daughter's description that it was as thick as her wrist. If that was the case, then she had a very large wrist!

"How do you want me?" I asked somewhat submissively.

"It's safer if you ride me, Mom. At least the first time."

"Why is that?"

He reached down and lifted my tit to his lips and kissed and sucked. Then he kissed my lips. "That way you can ease yourself down at your own pace."

"Very kind of you." I smiled broadly and pushed him onto his back. Why wait, I thought.

His cock was so long that I had to straddle his waist and work my way back to his cock. Happily for my handsome son-in-law, this had the effect of my tits swaying and slapping his face. He reached around my thigh and held his cock for my initial entry. His hand parted my soaked lips and the head of his cock pressed past my lips. I thought I was going to pass out. The cucumber was small compared to this!

I rested my hands on his chiseled chest. My red nails were a stark contrast to his hairless chest. I pushed back some more and felt it go in a bit more.

"How much is in me?" I asked.

He smiled, "Don't worry about it."

"No, I really want to know."

"About two inches, Mom."

"Oh shit! I was afraid of that," I laughed and he joined me laughing.

Then he grabbed my hips and pushed me back. I took another two inches in and felt myself orgasming. It struck like a low voltage shocks all up my spine and kept going. My pussy quivered and shook and he calmly sucked my nipples into his mouth with a slight smile.

"That's it Mom. You're doing fine. Feel good?"

"Fantastic ... ohhhh fuck!" I grunted and another orgasm, much more powerful than the first ones hit me hard and I fell onto his chest. He pushed me further back and I came again. Tears of joy filled my eyes and spilled onto his chest as I began to rock back and forth on his dick. My pussy stretched to accommodate his thickness. I could feel each nerve tingling and teasing. The muscles of my inner thighs vibrated out of control. With each press back I let out a gasp as he went deeper and deeper. My head shook my hair into my face and I looked into those blue eyes as I quivered like jello as each climax fractured my insides. He just smiled as he kneaded my pillow-like tits.

I could feel a growl growing inside me. I wanted more of it but I was afraid to go too deep. I kept working and got 8 of his inches into me and I told myself that it was enough. Yes, it was enough for me.

I was frazzled and fatigued. I had cum more in the hour we had been together than any week in my life. My nipples scraped his chest and he loved it. He was getting ready to cum and I wanted it. I needed to feel his hot cum fire into my pussy. My body seemed to be on a mission to make him cum. Give it to me!

His face was screwing up. He was almost ready. His breathing was ragged and mine was gasping as I drove his spike into my sopping and stretched pussy. "Give it to me!"

He smiled as he tried to hold back.

"Am I as good as she is?" It just blurted out of my mouth after a particularly hard slam and bending his cock.

"Ohhh Mom ... you're fantastic!"

I kept riding and driving more and more into me. I had lost control. "I have much bigger tits and I bet you like my big tits, don't you!"

"Yes, Mom," he grunted. "Oh fuck, I'm getting close!"

All the pain of that monster in me was gone. I was a demanding whore taking my daughter's mate and fucking him. I was fucking that big stick of his and I didn't care about anything anymore. Like a woman of the wild, I just had to have it. I pushed it far deeper than anything ever before. It was like I was a virgin again as my pussy just vibrated orgasm after orgasm; quivering and quaking throughout my body.

He cried out and shot his hot load deep inside me.

The feeling was electric as bolts shot through my veins with each shot of cum fired into my hot cunt. My pussy gripped his cock and held on as my hips milked his slowly deflating cock.

He lay with his arms outstretched and I licked his nipple and he played with my hair for a moment.

"Does she do this?" I asked as I grabbed his cock and sucked and licked all the cum from every inch of his fantastic cock.

"No, she doesn't do that."

"Maybe you should ask her to," as I played with his big balls.

He got up. His cock was getting hard again and it swung lewdly between his legs. He got behind me, lifted me by my hips, spread my legs and pressed the purple head to my pussy and pushed. Soon the vein laden cock was 8 inches deep inside me and he was driving it into my cervix and I was cumming again.

"Does HE do THIS?" he grunted.

"NO!" I groaned.

He pushed deeper and somehow got more in me. "How about this?"

"NO!" I gasped.

Grabbing my hips tighter he kept pounding and the orgasms began ringing like a winning one-armed-bandit in Las Vegas. I was losing consciousness. I could feel it. I was on the edge of insanity as he fucked me harder and harder pounding my pussy like none had ever done before.

He reached around and grabbed my tits as he pounded and it hurt as as he pulled them hard. I loved it and began begging him. I was meeting his every thrust and screaming as each orgasm ripped at my soul. My legs like vibrated.

"Am I better than HIM?" his voice rough and edgy.

"Yes," I whispered.


"YES!" I tried to shake the cobwebs from my mind.

"You'll do anything for me? You'll do anything for my cock!"


He kept thrusting. This young man was overpowering as he pounded his powerful cock deep inside me. My mind was swimming.

"I want to fuck both of you."

"No! I couldn't do that with my daughter!"

"Yes, you can and you will! Say it!"

"Yes," I croaked as another orgasm ripped through me.

"You'll eat her out as I fuck you just like this! Right Mom?"

I nodded dumbstruck. "Whatever you want," I mumbled and came again.

I lay on the bed as he got dressed just slowly becoming aware of what was going on. He put on his pants and nodded to me.

"So, you are awake!"

"Yes," I said softly.

"I really enjoyed this. You are a wonderful woman and fantastic in bed." He was finished dressing.

I smiled. "Bring it over here to the bed, please."

I sat up on the edge of the bed naked and used. My pussy was sore and my nipples red from his earlier sucking and pinching. He stood in front of me. I unzipped his pants and pulled them down a bit to pull out his cock. I immediately sucked it into my mouth. I just had to have it. Just a little more. My eyes looked to his and begged as I tugged roughly with both hands on his cock.

"Just put it in me one more time?" I asked pleading as I lay back on the bed.

He knelt between my legs and pushed the head in and my eyes rolled back with pleasure and pain. He shoved it in again and again as my rag-doll body welcomed him.

Then he took it out. "I have to go, Mom."

"Ok, what can I do?"

"To have it again?"


"I thought you wanted this to be a one time thing."

"I was wrong. What can I do?"

"Don't wear a bra tomorrow and we'll see what happens," he left and I fell asleep.

So, I didn't wear a bra the next day. I showed him my tits all day long. By the time they left I had changed my panties twice. I looked into my husband's eyes and stripped him naked in seconds. I sucked him dry and then I got him hard again by sticking my finger up his ass. He was surprised and so was I. He lay on his back in the living room while I straddled him. I shook my tits in his face and watched him suck my long, pink nipples. My fingernails scratched his chest as I came twice while riding him. Then he shot his load into me. I knew I was going to do this more often just to satisfy my lustful urges. It wasn't the same but it would have to do.

She called on Monday and said that things had gotten worse. He fucked her all night long after our visit on Sunday and he stayed home from work on Monday and insisted that she do so also. They had been fucking literally off and on for 4 hours. She was worried about him because at one point he called her "Mom."

I told her not to worry about it as slips like that were understandable. My pussy quivered as I thought of him inside me. His strong young muscle pounding my pussy. At least I wasn't the only one who was crazed with being horny.

So, I want him again. I don't know if he was serious about having both my daughter and me at the same time. I look at her differently and I feel like she is looking at me differently too. We've always been close but what would she do if she knew I had fucked her husband? What would she do if she found out? Would she hate me forever? Would I risk that for a cock?

I looked at my husband and wondered similar things. He's just so oblivious that I can flirt all day with my son-in-law and my husband doesn't even notice.

I met her at Starbucks on Tuesday. I watched her smile. I watched her hips as she walked. Could I really lick her pussy? What would it taste like. Her breasts were full and swayed and I could feel a gush between my legs as the image of him deep inside me from behind and me licking her pussy. Suddenly, I wanted to see him entering her. Suddenly, I wanted to see him entering her, too. I wanted to watch as I imagined the lust filling my daughter's face. I wanted to watch her nipples harden and her eyes roll back as her orgasm face formed.

I found myself becoming consumed with the ways in which my son-in-law could push that big cock of his into my pussy.

So, I have issues. I want him again. He said it would be with me and her but I am afraid to tell her. I also wonder if that was just sex talk. I am not sure how to deal with this.

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