The Bus Ride

byAdam Kilmer©

The bus is full of passengers and I sit near the front so I can watch the driver. Her name tag says her name is "Jenny". We drive along for awhile before the bus comes to a halt. Jenny says, "Oh no" and gets off. We all watch her inspect the tires and frown. She comes back onto the bus and says, "We've got a flat. I'll have to call the repair truck."

I stand up and say, "Do you have a spare?"

"Yes, but..."

"I'll fix it for you."

We both get off the bus and I go to work replacing the tire while Jenny watches. I have to take off my shirt while I work and I notice her watching my upper body. The other passengers all watch from the bus windows too.

When I am done, I say, "Well, that's that fixed."

Jenny looks at me with her pretty eyes and says, "Thanks. How can I repay you?"

I look at her body...full and voluptuous, and I say, "No need." But my cock is now rock hard and I feel real horny.

Jenny notices it too and walks up to me. She presses her body against mine and presses a hand on the front of my jeans. I gasp at her touch. "I think you have a need for something," she says.

I smile. "So when do you finish? Maybe we could get to gether later."

She shakes her head. "Not later. Now."

I gesture to the bus. "What about the other passengers?"

Smiling, she leads me back onto the bus and says to everyone. "Adam has just helped us all a lot by changing that tire. Does anyone mind if I thank him here and now?"

There is a general murmur from everyone then one guy says, "What are you gonna do?"

Jenny smiles then turns to me and kisses me hard. We embrace and the people on the bus cheer. We stop and come up for air then a woman shouts, "Don't stop there. You two look hot together."

We kiss again and this time my hand wanders down the back of Jenny's blouse to her skirt. I stroke my hands over her round, plump ass. Her own hands fondle my chest. My cock is rock hard now and the other passengers are forgotten. The feel of Jenny's smooth ass beneath my hands drives me on. I let my hands drop down her legs, then back up, this time underneath her skirt.

She isn't wearing panties and my hands start to roam over her naked backside. She moans into my ear and says, "I want you."

"God, are they gonna stop?" someone asks.

"I don't know," a man replies excitedly. "I hope not."

Looking into each others eyes, Jenny and I smile. My hands still caress her bare ass and she starts to unbutton my shirt. It falls to the floor of the bus and she strokes her palms over my chest and stomach.

"Geez," a woman says, "Look at the hardon he's got under those jeans."

"Can you blame him?" a guy replies. "She is one hot babe."

I move a hand from beneath Jenny's skirt and unbutton her blouse. My other hand slides around her thigh and I feel the hairs of her pussy between my fingers. She groans aloud and I find her wet slit. I slide one finger inside her and she cries out, "Yes!"

"Oh Jesus!" Someone shouts out. "They're gonna fuck!"

Jenny looks into my eyes and says, "Yes, Adam, fuck me."

I open her blouse and see her tits straining against her bra. As I unhook it, my other hand slides in and out of her, brushing against her clit. Jenny puts her head on my shoulder and whimpers with pleasure.

Her bra comes undone and falls to the floor with the blouse. Her tits are magnificent: big and heavy with erect nipples. I lower my mouth to one and suck at the hard nipple.

Jenny groans, "Oh please! I need you inside me!"

"Yeah," Someone shouts out. "We want to see you fuck her"

"Come on, do it!"

An old lady sitting near the front of the bus says, "Come on, young man. Show us what you're made of."

My passion overtakes my senses and I rip Jenny's skirt down to her ankles. Her pussy is dark. I remove my finger and say, "Turn around."

She turns so that her plump ass faces me and leans against a seat. She looks at me over her shoulder as I remove my jeans.

My cock springs up, hard and thick, and I hear Jenny groan with delight. A guy near the back also groans and i think he is masturbating while he watches us. A woman next to the old lady slips a hand down the front of her own jeans and starts to masturbate. "Sorry," she says to the old lady, "I can't help myself."

The old lady smiles. "Don't apologize." She slips a hand down her own skirt.

I press the tip of my cock to Jenny's pussy and someone shouts, "Do it!"

"Fuck her!" The woman on the front seat moans.

I grab Jeny's hips and push my way into her body. She squeals as she feels my cock enter her. Her pussy clamps tightly around my cock and I gasp. Then I pull back, watching my shaft re-emerge from her wet slit. I push in again, back into the hot, tight wetness of her.

Everyone on the bus seems to be masturbating now. I can hear groans and moans from everyone and especially from Jenny, who cries out "Yes" repeatedly as my cock plunders her pussy. I grab her hips tightly and thrust faster into her, watching her lovely ass wobble each time I push into her.

The woman on the front seat cums violently, jerking her hips back and forth and crying out. The old lady does the same and I hear a guy near the back shout, "I'm cumming!"

I feel like cumming myself. Jenny's pussy is like tight velvet on my thick cock, coaxing it to release its load.

The woman in the front seat sighs then says, "Come on, Adam. We want to see you cum."

Jenny looks over her shoulder at me. "I want cum...inside me.." she says between gsps. "But we have to keep....the customers happy. Cum over my ass. Let them all see."

I nod and look down at her round bottom. I feel my balls tighten and ready to unload their cum.

"I'm gonna do it!" I shout.

Men and women from the back of the bus come forward to watch as I pull out of Jenny's pussy. My cock glistens with her juices. I start to jack off over her ass, feeling my cum ready to blow.

The passengers start urging me on. "Cum over her ass!" "Wow, look at that ass!" "Let's see you do it, baby!"

I groan and erupt. I jerk my hips and fire a wad of cum onto Jenny's left ass cheek, then I point my cock at her right one and pump out a load there as well. I still have more cum inside me waiting to erupt from me but I have given the passengers enough of a show. I press my cock into the crack of Jenny's bottom and cum there violently, crying out and releasing the rest of my hot load against her most intimate place.

She gasps with surprise and delight and moans as I finish cumming.

She rolls over to face me. "God, can ride for free anytime you like!"

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