The Cabin


He lifts her and carries her to the bed, he drops her and she giggles as he does this. He closes in on her and starts to kiss her again, their cocks touching each other as they do this. He gets off, grabs her legs and lifts her bottom slightly showing her ass again, lubed by his own cum. Now facing her he starts to fuck her ass again, seeing her face is sexual ecstasy, he looks wild with lust and he fucks her again, again and again till night fall. As they sleep in each other's arms the room no longer smells of perfume, but of their own spunk.

* * *

Mike's father is standing in front of a mirror, he looks and feels furious. He is reading through a spell book till he finds what he needs. He reads it aloud. "Evelena, witch rescued by the Harrison's, I summon you here to face me."

He turns back to the mirror to see a ghostly figure of a dark haired woman in a long green dress looking at him. "You called?" She asks.

"What the fuck did you do?" He asks furiously.

Evelena smiles at him. "I fulfilled your son's Sexual fantasy. As instructed."

"No, you changed his friend, a male."

"That's who he brought, it's not my fault he brought the wrong tools for the job."

Mike's dad feels more anger and he sees her smile, she is toying with him. "You bitch, you did it on purpose, even though you knew he wanted a girl."

"Bingo." She says mockingly.


"Why?" She repeats angrily. "I have been turning girls into sex toys for your perverted male line for 200 years and you ask why? Well, every generation has had a male heir, it's been frustrating. I have waited and waited for no males to appear. Thank god you all only had the one son each other wise I would be working non fucking stop. Then Mike came with his buddy. I knew, if I could get them together then there would be no children, no male heir as Shemales can't get pregnant. So I would be free of this duty and be free of your stupid family."

"How dare you." Mike's dad screams. "We saved your life, you owe our family a debt."

"Wrong, wrong. Your son sealed the deal; he ejaculated into the French maid I created for him."

Mike's dad looks crestfallen. "What?" He asks quietly.

"Yes, your son loves a Shemale now. So I'm free."

"We saved your life."

"No, wrong. William Harrison saved my life, and I did my duty when he picked me to be his sex toy slave, then he ordered me to continue doing it beyond the grave. I had to create a sex toy for my son and grandson, do you know how fucking awkward that is?" She asks angrily.

"What?" Mike's dad asks shocked, he never knew Evelena was the Girl William had a crush on. That explains why he rescued her in the first place. Instead of working out a way to get her to fall in love with him, he made her when he learned she was an actual witch.

"Yes, that's right and since I died I have been stuck in limbo in that dirty old Cabin servicing our family and I'm sick of it. But don't threat, when you wake up in the morning you won't care. The spell will affect you and you will accept your son's decision and you will not care. Goodbye."

Mike's Dad watches as she vanishes from the mirror.

True to her word, Mike's dad ends up loving Giselle and congratulates his son's decision, no one remembered the man Jake, not even his parents who now think they were childless. No new male heir was ever created. And Evelena? Well that would be spoiling it.

The End?

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by HellCat_Sundry04/29/18

I definitely lol'd. Clever Evelena 👏👏👏

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