tagNovels and NovellasThe Call Girl

The Call Girl

byPervosuxx Marina©

I was but a girl when I started out, penniless and poor. I had nothing more than a street corner on the other side of town to call home, where I begged for money every day in the cold rain. Such is not a life a child should live, but such is the life that I lived.

I was young, very young when I lost my virginity, out of despair and hunger I sold the only thing I had left, my body. It was easy at first, finding men who needed company, and for some time I managed to survive. I had food and I had shelter, but life has taught me that nothing is forever.

The sick and twisted ones caught up on me one night. I was beaten, brutally. Raped, savagely, and robbed of all that I had. My shelter was destroyed and the little money I had was taken, I had become nothing again. How I survived is to me still a mystery, all I remember was that I crawled. I crawled for a long, long time through the thick rain while my wounds left their trail of blood on the streets. No one would help me, no one cared.

Life was slowly leaving me; I had no more energy left. The light within me was flickering away. All I could see were the faces of those who did not dare help me, and all I could feel was pain. But one face remained, and did not walk away.

Theresa, her name was Theresa. She saved me that night, not for compassion but for profit. She saw in me a young girl, she saw an opportunity. "Domina Theresa," was what we called her - owner of the Call Girl establishment, "Beauty Never Lies."

She healed me, took me in to her sanctum, and protected me. And through the years my name changed, frequently. For years she groomed me to become a man-trap, a seducer, and a work-girl. I trained in the art of sex to appease men and women of all kinds, until I was ready.

She wanted to own me, to think I was her tool. She trained me for her benefits, so that I would become the best Call Girl she ever made. She used me as much as I used her, and thanks to that, I did become the best. Thanks to her I grew strong and was given a second chance, a chance to live again, and a chance for revenge.

Chapter 1


Eight years has passed since that day, and I have become the most sought out Call Girl amongst the high society. Good money, but not so much fun.

"Oh yeah Sarah, that's the spot! Keep sucking me dry!" The old rich judge, he always tasted more sour then sweet. "Shit! Yeah!" Every week Judge Keeler would make an appointment at the Haven hotel in central city, and every week we'd use room 435 for our encounter.

He always enjoyed a good foreplay, more than the actual penetration. Sometimes the night would just continue on with his dick in my mouth until he came and collapsed on the floor. He was one of the few clients of mine that I actually enjoyed being with, as much as he was a disaster in bed; he was always a gentleman - which is a virtue that is rare to find in this city.

His moans sounded more like bear noises; in fact he did resemble a bear. Though bald, except for the sides, his back was filled with hair. So was his ass for that matter, and his chubby form makes him closer to a bear then a man. Yet he was not as strong as a bear, though the sixty year old did have his few moments of glory - it was always somewhat impressive to see him lift me up during sex.

Unfortunately his penis was not impressive, except for the resilience it had. It was smaller than average, and the girth was a bit disappointing. I was able to fit it all in my mouth with hardly any gagging, and I could easily lick around it whilst sucking him off. "Ahh! God, Sarah!" Is he about to blow? I might as well help him then.

I squeezed his balls with my hand while sucking his penis all the way down to his crotch. His pubic hair tickled my nostrils, and smelled of dry semen. I could feel his sacks vibrating and soon a spur of hot cum shot out of his pee-slit, and hit the back of my throat. I swallowed the small amount he had fired, since he found it very satisfying to see. He held my head tight, something he'd usually do when he came, and huffed and moaned at the same time he was coming - until the last drop of sperm had left his body.

I could feel his penis turning flaccid as it exited my mouth. A single thread of cum and saliva attached itself between my mouth and his penis, forming a bridge, while it exited.

"I am sorry Sarah, I did it again. I could not help it, I had to come," he sat down on the bed sweating and breathing heavily, while I cleaned my mouth with a tissue.

"It's ok dear, it was fun as long as it lasted," I always liked it how he'd tell me he was sorry for coming early; it was strangely cute of him.

"Next time, next time I promise you won't be disappointed," he said to me while his breathing became more controlled.

I smiled to him and said, "I am not disappointed," it was important to me that my clients believed themselves the best, so I often lied. I kissed him on the forehead and walked towards the bathroom, readying myself to leave.

"Do feel free to sleep here tonight," he said before I entered the toilet. He knew well I wouldn't, not because he hadn't paid me to, but because I just never did sleep over. I only had two rules I never broke, don't sleep until morning with clients, and don't kiss them on the lips.

Closing the bathroom door behind me I began to inspect myself on the mirror, checking to see what make-up needed to be refreshed. My eyelashes remained mostly untouched except for a small curve on the one of my right eye, which I fixed immediately. My dark-red lips had lost some of its colour, so I used my lipstick to renovate the colour a bit. Though my makeup usually got a bit damaged during sex, it was always my hair that suffered the most. The length of my hair did not help me either, as it made it easier for my clients to grab it during intercourse, thus leaving me to fix it again at the end of it all.

I used a comb to carefully brush my black hair back into place, which was not entirely easy. I then washed my mouth with water and some mouth refresher, which I had brought along; cleaning out the semen that had remained inside of me. Finally I began dressing myself, putting on my underwear first, then the long sleeved black stockings. My bra came third, with the white shirt coming after. I slipped in my grey office skirt and lastly began buttoning the jacket I had brought along.

Every client of mine were fixated on how I dressed, or how I acted, they wanted me to resemble either somebody they knew, or someone they wished to meet. Judge Keeler had an obsession with secretaries, thus I would dress up as one. It was like this we met

Four months ago he paid Theresa to send one of her call girls to meet him at his office dressed as a secretary, and to pretend that she was being interviewed for a work place at his establishment. The judge had then instructed Theresa that the call girl was to flirt with him during the interview and pretend to be interested in him, which would then make the Judge invite her for dinner and finally to a one night intercourse with him at the end of the day - thus fulfilling his sexual fantasy.

Theresa, who was being paid a large amount of money, accepted this by sending one of her girls to play out the Judge's fantasy. Unfortunately she did not act well enough for the Judge, and was therefore sent home to Theresa in a cab the same day. Theresa, then afraid she would lose one of her best clients, decided to send me instead to appease the Judge.

Normally I would've never accepted such a job, but the Judge's role-playing intrigued me - as well as the money being good. I shopped for some good-looking office dress, and then provided myself with some fake glasses and a handbag, so to hype the authenticity of looking like a secretary. Afterwards I dyed my hair completely black and wore a ponytail, this way I looked more like an ambitious woman. Finally I took up the name of Sarah Harper, as I never used my real name during jobs.

I met him in his office a day in November and I knew I had made a good first impression to him as he constantly kept admiring my cleavage through my half opened shirt - which I had left so on purpose. We discussed my fake job application as well as what future I was looking for; I was so good at acting it out that he'd sometimes wonder if I truly was the call girl he had asked for. But I would always reassure him with a wink or a sudden compliment whenever he doubted, which made him more confident.

The role-play he had created flowed perfectly: I flirted with him, and he invited me for dinner. We then spent the evening eating and drinking, playing out his fantasy to the letter, and finally we had sex together in a room at Haven Hotel that he had booked – fulfilling the final act of his play.

Since that day the Judge has asked for my services every week, and made me act as Sarah Harper. At first we would act out his play again, but then as time went by he'd become more open about our relationship – even if there was none. I would still be Sarah Harper to him, but I would now be treated as a lover, he'd buy me presents and invite me out on dinner, concerts and even opera.

Sometimes he'd just ask Theresa to send me over to him without any instructions, almost as if he had no intention for me to act as a secretary. But I would still dress up as one, just so to keep the play he had created going. Sometimes he'd even pay me more than usual, not for anything extra, but just because he wanted me to know that he liked me.

I finished buttoning my shirt, and ponytailed my hair. I then placed my mouth refresher into my handbag and walked out of the bathroom. Keeler was fast asleep, I could hear his hard breathing as he was laid down on the bed with the sheet covering him – well almost covering him, as I could still see his ass.

I silently walked towards the door and picked up my shoes on the way out, so to not wake him up. When I had closed the door behind me I put my shoes back on and walked towards the elevator, I was finally going home.


Cullings Park, I would always take this rout home. Though most people preferred to take the long way, rather than traverse it. It was well known for being one of the most dangerous parks in the city; a lot of muggers lurked here for a prey. Luckily for me and unfortunately for them I am not really a prey.

The silent cold night made it easier for me to hear my surroundings: crickets were playing their violin, and the wind made the trees hiss like serpents, but there was one sound that did not belong here: a sound of a twig breaking, a footstep cracking the small stones on the ground, and the sound of someone breathing. I was not alone, someone was following me.

I was not afraid; the only thing that really concerned me was whether the person was alone. I could not hear more than one pair of footsteps, so I had to assume he was. All I had to wonder now was whether the person behind me was a mugger, rapist or just someone walking the same direction as I.

I could hear him walk faster towards me, he was either going to act or just pass me by. I clenched my handbag just to make sure. His steps were close now, too close.

"Hey lady!" he yelled, I turned around and saw a young man wearing a bandana around his face. I knew he was young because of his stature and the clear light voice of his suggested that he was still a teenager. He was wearing black pants and a hooded jacket. He walked up to me and brandished a knife to my throat and said, "Give me all your money bitch!"

Although his knife was but a few centimetres away from me, I felt no fear – mostly because I had something bigger. He heard the clicking of a cocked gun coming from below, and as he looked down he could see that I had a 38 aiming at his valuables, "What now, bitch?" I asked him.

The kid shivered out of fear for what he might lose if I pulled the trigger and began to slowly move away from me, keeping his hands in the air so that I could see them. I aimed the gun at his face and told him, "Go home kid," he did not hesitate. The moment he realised I was letting him go he sprang, putting as much distance as he could from me.


I arrived home at about fifteen minutes later. My body was tired and I felt that the night could have gone better. Keeler is a fun client but he never really is anything special in bed, so sometimes I just feel bored being with him. It's not the sex I miss, but just the thrill. His role-play has just become old lately, so somehow I feel desperate for something more challenging.

I poured a glass of wine and sat down on the sofa, relaxing myself. I closed my eyes for a minute trying to remember the mugger who had attacked me, but somehow my mind went back to another night.

That night, the night that had changed me. I remember the pain and the howling laughter of the men and women whom were beating me. The smell, the pain and the sound were the only things I remember of that night, no faces, just intense pain. The strong odour of Clide perfume while he was over me and penetrating me with his dick. The hissing laughter of a young girl while she saw me getting beat up, enjoying it. And the hard fist of a man hitting my face and stomach, marking me for life.

These were the things I remembered. For years I wondered who did that to me, I still do, but no one seemed to know anything. Theresa told me that she found me in the back alley of Sundon Street, completely bruised up and half naked. I did not even know how many there were that night, but I was sure that that there were at least three.

Some nights I would just visit the alley Theresa mentioned, just so that I could regain some memory of that night. I would stand at the exact spot I was attacked and try to remember, but nothing would enter my mind. There would be no reminiscing; it was almost as if my body had completely blocked it out of existence.

A loud annoying sound snapped me out of my thoughts, my phone was ringing. The display said Mina, "Hello?"

"Oh thank god, I thought I was out of luck," her voice was sweet and innocent. Mina was known for being the unluckiest call girl Theresa had. She'd always mess up the orders, or even get dragged into a conflict. She was without a doubt the most beautiful girl Theresa had picked up, and was considered a gem – though flawed.

"What do you need?" I asked, knowing she would need my help again.

"Eh well, I kind of need your help again big sis."

"Ok don't call me that, and what do you need?" I asked again.

"You know that client I was meeting today."


"Well she sort of tied me up."

"Ok be calm tell me where you are, I am coming to get you."

"What? Oh no, I am not in danger big sis," I felt relieved when she said that.

"God don't scare me like that, and why are you tied up?"

"Client's fetish I guess, she's kind of nice actually," my eyes rolled back at how calm Mina sounded, " No the reason I called is because I actually had another appointment, and - well -I."

"Can't get to it," I finished her sentence.

"Ahh! Big sis is so smart!" I had to retract the horn away from my ear for a second for how loud and enthusiastic she sounded.

"Don't call me big sis."

"I tried to reach Sophie, or even Brenda, but they didn't answer me. And I know you're busy and so full of work, but Theresa was specific about me seeing this other client, and -."

"Tell me where?" I said.


"Tell me where I have to go to meet this client?"

"You're going to do it! Ahh, I am so happy, you're always there for me. I promise I'll make it up for you."

"Just tell me where please."

"Right right, ehm you have to – ehh, go to Forsythe Canyon number 9. And they are waiting for a girl named Fiona."

I wrote down the address on a piece of paper, "And the client's name is Theodore Crawford," she said.

"Crawford? Lord Crawford's son?" I thought.

"Ahh got to go, she's bringing a big dildo! Thanks big sis."

"Don't -" Before I could tell her not to call me big sis again, she hung up.

"Big sis," I thought. Mina had always been attached to me ever since Theresa found her two years ago, calling me big sis no matter how many times I told her not to. I could still remember how scared she was of Theresa, and I think she still is, but she'd always smile to me no matter how scary I made her think I was.

She's always so enthusiastic and cheerful, one of the few of us to be. And sometime she'd even make me smile, not a fake smile but a real one – and she is so beautiful. Everyone would fall for her beauty, her thick shiny red hair which felt soft and light. The perfectly flawless face of her would make even the most hetero of women fall at her feet. Her body was like a supermodel, curved and well shaped, making men dream every night about her. And her bosom was the perfect size, not too big and not too small – bigger then mines to be honest.

But she was always in trouble. Clients would sometimes stalk her for days after their encounter, and they'd even bankrupt themselves for her – which she always felt sorry for. But the worst part was the jealous counterparts. They'd pay contract killers to kill Mina, which would leave Theresa paying up a larger sum to call off the hit – after all she'd never let her most precious of girls get killed. Theresa would often scold her for being too careless, but in the end she'd still be Mina. My stupid, sweet, adorable little sister – I guess.


I arrived at Forsythe Canyon Street half an hour later, as I had only time to take a shower and but some revealing clothes.

Theodore Crawford, the name was not new to me. Lord Baxter Crawford, the biggest enterprise magnet in the country. I knew he had two sons: Theodore Crawford, and Eric Crawford. I have had lawyers, judges, mayors, business magnets and even bishops as my clients, but never have I had a Crawford. Mind you their not saints, especially his kids. But somehow I never got around them.

I had heard rumours of his sons naughty habits, especially Theodore's. It was said that he'd pay a call girl to act out some sick twisted rape game, as well as being terribly rough in bed. I've handled worse, so I knew what to do.

I walked up the street looking for door number 9, until I arrived to what seemed like an apartment. I ringed the doorbell, twice. No response came, until I ringed again. The door opened and a man standing at least 6 feet tall stood in the doorway, "Yes?" said he.

"Hey my name is Fiona," I smiled, hoping that Mina had not given me the wrong address.

"Oh, you're a little late," he said.

"I am sorry honey, but you see a girl must not be rushed," I caressed his chest making sure he'd know what he would miss if he'd let me go.

Grabbing my hand, he looked at me and smiled, "Come on in then."

I walked into his home, it was full of expensive work of art and furniture. His living room had two large sofas, one on each side. Between them was a short mahogany table, pretty expensive I would guess. To the left of the sofas I caught a glimpse of the TV, with a set up that would make the cinema look out dated. The walls were bright yellow, and had paintings of various settings hanging on them.

I turned around to get a better look on my client, I could only see his back as he was locking the front door. But he had blonde hair and was quite buffed, "Mr Crawford, why don't you tell me your desire," I walked towards him as he was about to turn around and caressed his back, getting him into the mood. But when I saw his face something inside of me woke up and felt scared, it was almost as if I had seen a ghost.

I backed up a bit as if by reflex, "Are you alright?" he asked, looking at me with his deep blue eyes.

"Yes – of course, I just almost slipped," I did not know what that sudden fear was, but I kept my game face on.

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