tagFetishThe CareGiver

The CareGiver

bySensuous Storyteller©

"You are too beautiful!" Martin snarled from his bed.

The way he frowned as he spat out the words, Chloe knew for certain that this was not intended to be a compliment. Sitting primly in her chair opposite the hospital bed that Martin was confined to, she let her eyes roam over the room. Above the bed was a bar suspended from the ceiling that enabled him to sit up when necessary. On the other side of the room was a mobile tray, and on it was a plate of congealed egg and crusts from his white toast.

I will have to do something about his diet, she thought as her eyes continued to scan the room. The night tables on either side were large and high with cupboard doors on the front. If she looked inside, she was sure she would find a portable urinal and bedpan discreetly tucked away.

Chloe was almost an RPN, a registered nurse practitioner. The almost is because she ran out of money and had to drop out before she finished the course and graduated. The advertisement in the paper asked for someone with some nursing skills but light housekeeping and preparing small meals were a part of the job too. Well, she fit the bill, all right, she certainly had 'some' nursing skills and she knew how to cook and clean. And most importantly, she needed this job! Now, she wasn't sure it was going to happen because this handsome if not rude older gentleman was spouting off about her looks!

"What does my being beautiful have to do with anything?" Chloe flung back at him. Not a good start in a job interview but she was not going to lose this job over something as stupid as being beautiful.

"Do you realize what this job entails?" he asked her, his tone still abrupt. "I have a male nurse who comes in to help me with my bath and other heavy jobs but you would have to assist me with some delicate things."

"Mr. Greer, I may not have graduated to get my nursing certificate but I only missed it by a few months. I did complete most of the course and I do know how to assist with, as you put it, 'delicate' matters. I assume most of the work would be cooking and cleaning and if I was ugly it would not mean I would do a better job. In fact, I don't see that how I look should even be an issue. That is just narrow mindedness, not to mention plain old fashioned, discrimination."

"Are you finished your speech there, girl?" He asked

Chloe, startled by his abrupt question and his nasty tone, looked over to him and simply nodded.

"Good, I don't like to hear a lot of spouting off from the help. I think you should just do your job and keep your mouth shut. Do you think you can manage that, girl?" Martin asked while still glaring at her.

"You mean I got the job?" She asked, a smile threatening as she realized what he had just said.

"Yeah, you got the job and you start now. How about taking those dishes out of here, they are making it stink and clean this place up. The last one couldn't even bring me a drink of water in a clean glass if her life depended on it. If you think you can manage at least that much, I will give you a try."

"Oh thank you, Mr. Greer, thank you. You won't be disappointed, I promise."

"Stop your God damned gushing, I hate gushing. Just do your job and we'll get along ok." He snarled. "And another thing, stop calling me, Mr. Greer. It is Martin. Not Marty, Martin! You got that, girl?"

"Yes, Martin, I got it." She retorted stiffly and as she got up to leave the room she turned to say, "And by the way, Martin, my name is Chloe, not girl, Chloe!"

With that, she left the room quickly because she just realized what she had just said to her new boss and she didn't want to face the repercussions of her boldness. But if she had stayed she would have been shocked to know that he had chuckled quietly and whispered, "She's a spunky lil thing, I'll give her that!"

Chloe had just reloaded the dishwasher and tidied up the messy kitchen. She sat down to make a small grocery list of some things she wanted to pick up at the market so she could start feeding him better.

"Girl, get in here, will ya?"

She heard her new boss shout from his room. Sighing heavily at the tone and the use of 'girl' she realized she might have just gotten herself 'the job from hell'. But job from hell or not, she needed it so she got up and went to see her new boss.

"What can I do for you, Marty?" She daringly asked?

"I told you it was Martin, not Marty, girl!" he snarled.

"And I believe I told you, it was Chloe and not girl, Marty" She said with a not so sincere smile.

"I am going to regret hiring you, aren't I, gi..errr Chloe?" He corrected himself in time but without any smile, sincere or not.

"No, Martin, you are going to be very pleased at my efficiency and how well I can do my job." She countered. "What can I do for you, Martin?"

"This is one of those delicate jobs I mentioned. I need to pee and that damn Joe keeps putting the urinal away as if I can just hop out of bed and get it myself! It's in there." He said pointing to one of the white cabinets next to his bed.

Without a word, Chloe went over and retrieved what he needed and put it on the night table. Turning toward the bed, she started to pull the sheets down and lift his pajama shirt and untie the pajama bottoms.

"What the hell are you doing?" Martin shouted.

"I am helping you with your 'delicate' job. What do you think I am doing?"

"I can do that, girl. (He had slipped into the use of girl because of his embarrassment)

Chloe understood when she saw the pink stain his pale cheeks and decided to let it go this time.

"I can do it myself. I just needed you to get it for me."

"Ok, I will leave you to it then." And with that, abruptly left the room.

Martin did usually get a little help but he was damned if he was going to have one of her first duties be that.

"Where was Joe any way." He thought. "I am going to fire him, he never shows up on time. Now I have me this nurse, I am sure it is going to get worse too."

Grumpily, Martin took care of business and was just about to call for Chloe to come and retrieve everything when he felt a warm flow run down his side. He saw that he had moved his upper body in such a way that the container emptied in his bed.

"Fuck!" He shouted loud enough for Chloe to hear and come running.

"What's wrong?" She asked from the doorway not sure he wanted her to come all the way inside.

"It spilled, dammit. All over the bed and me."

"It's ok, we can clean it up without much fuss."

"NO!" he shouted. "Joe will be here soon he can do it."

"Martin, that is ridiculous. I am trained to help with matters like this. You are going to sit and stew in your own urine just because I am a woman!"

Martin looked up sheepishly and it was the first time, Chloe saw him as he was, a man very angry about his situation and rightfully so, if truth be told. He was a very handsome man, the key word being man, not handsome. Chloe decided right there and then to treat him as the man he was not the invalid he had become. With that thought in mind, Chloe went over to him and started to pull at the sheets.

Chloe was returning from the market with bags of fruit and vegetables when she remembered helping him yesterday. His body was still in very good shape indicating he took very good care of himself before his accident. She remembered how he had turned pink when she saw him naked for the first time. But Chloe was very professional as she helped him. She sensed that this man was extremely virile at one time and he would never have blushed when a woman looked at him if the circumstances were different.

Her mind wandered to how he must have been then. It wasn't that long ago, according to Joe, the male nurse she met yesterday. She didn't like Joe very much. He seemed to not take his job too seriously, showing up late and leaving early now that she was there to help Martin. He did take the time to flirt with her in the kitchen before he left but Chloe was not interested. She did however, listen to Joe say that Martin will be going to therapy soon and may regain the use of his legs. Chloe tried to picture Martin standing in the doorway as she came in. She was shocked that she felt a desire to see him as the man she knew he was and will be again. Unlike the husband that just took off and left her one day without a backward glance. Martin looked like the type man that would be there for her and ….

"What am I doing?" She scolded herself. He is my employer, my patient. This is NOT what is taught in nursing school. In fact, detachment is what was taught.

"Oh well, I never did graduate, so I guess if I failed detachment, so be it!" She grinned to herself.

"Chloe!" Martin called just as she put the groceries down on the counter.

Chloe went to his room and stood in the doorway.

"Hello Martin. How are you feeling today?" She smiled her 'nursey smile'.

"Don't talk to me like that. I hate that nurse shit." He grumped out. "All that, 'and how are we today, Mr. Greer.' Crap!"

"I didn't say it that way Martin. I just wanted to know how you were feeling. Why must you snap at me like this? I'm here to help you."

Martin looked up at her and looked her right in the eyes. "Maybe that is what I DON'T want, Chloe, you helping me! I am a MAN and this is killing me. You are a beautiful woman and I am a MAN dammit! Under different circumstances, I would have had you IN my bed by now, not making it! And if truth were told, girl, you look like you could use being IN my bed!

"Martin!" Chloe said in surprise.

"What? What? I'm wrong? You don't need a man. You don't need to be held and loved and touched and cared for? You don't need to have strong hands hold you up when YOU are about to fall?

"Oh Martin." Tears welled up so quickly Chloe was embarrassed so she turned away.

"Chloe, turn around. Look at me." Marin said in such a gentle voice that Chloe immediately turned as the tears fell down her cheeks. "Come here."

Chloe went over to him and sat on the bed. Martin took her hand in his and wiped away her tears with the other.

"Tell me, Honey. What happened to make your eyes have that hungry but lonely look? I may be in this bed but I can still listen and talk and maybe I can comfort you a little."

Chloe fell forward crying into his chest. Her shoulders heaved as she cried and cried. Martin just held her close and let her cry. A few moments later, Martin lifted her chin and looked into her eyes. Her lips were open and trembling and her vulnerable look just melted him. One large hand pulled the back of her head to his and their lips met, gently at first but then the their pent up passion just let loose and the kiss rivaled those seen in the most romantic of movies.

Chloe broke away first saying. "Martin, this is wrong. I'm your nurse. It is totally unprofessional. I am sorry. I don't know what came over me."

Returning to his gruffer self, Martin replied. "Shut up, Chloe!" and kissed her again.

Pulling away, "But Martin!

"Chloe, you are not my nurse and we both know it. I intended to hire some fat old lady in orthopedic shoes and in you came. Beautiful, vulnerable although you try to hide it admirable well, you didn't fool me. And if you are worried about your sense of professionalism, you don't have to. You're fired!" And with that, he pulled her to him with his strong upper body and she laid down next to him.

"But Martin, I need this job."

"We will worry about that later. Right now, you need me. And I must say, you are just what the Doctor should have ordered. Chloe there is nothing in this world that makes a man feel more like a man than when a beautiful woman needs him. Now, will you give me that?"

"Ohhh Martin. Yes, I need you. I do! I know I may regret this later but right now, I do. I do need you.

"Ok baby, but first I need you too. Why don't we get me out of this wet pajama top. You soaked me with the river that flowed out. And while we are at it, I don't think I need the bottoms either."

When Chloe helped Martin get undressed, she was stunned to see he was hard. Her eyes must have shown her surprise because Martin chuckled.

"The accident took the use of my legs not my cock, baby. So even though, I may not be able to pick you up and carry you to bed, once in here, you won't be disappointed"

"I didn't think I would be disappointed Martin." She countered.

"Come here, baby and climb on top of me. I want to see you and taste you"

Chloe shivered as if he had already made her orgasm. Those words coming from the man she had fantasized about last night in her lonely bed was just what she wanted to hear.

Slipping off her shoes and sliding off her hose, Chloe still dressed climbed across Martin's chest. She pulled her skirt up above her waist and straddled him. White panties with the shading of black pubic hair was just inches from his mouth.

"I can smell you," He rasped out and caused Chloe to whimper out a sound, nothing intelligible.

Grabbing the bar above the bed, Chloe raised herself above his mouth staring down at his eyes. She read them, they begged for her to place her cunt over his mouth. She did. She moaned softly as she felt his hot breath touch her first. Against the moist gusset, the sensation was delicious. His face rose from the bed, unable to wait for her to give him what he wanted. Martin buried his face and inhaled deeply and she knew if she turned around she would have seen him harden even more. With that in mind, she pushed the bar down the slider and turned her body around. Martin grabbed her hips and pulled her to him so he could nibble on her tender flesh through her soaked panties. Just as his finger ripped away the fabric and his tongue touched her for the first time, Chloe bent forward to take his cock into her mouth. His gasp was her pleasure. The sound of his groan encouraged her. Gripping his cock in her hand, she covered it totally with her mouth. Her tongue swirled around the head just as his was flicking her clit. They communicated their wants and desires without the aid of words. He followed her lead or was she following his? It didn't matter. The needs were being met, that is what counted.

Chloe allowed her hands to slide from his shaft down to his balls and she cupped them as if they were a fragile gift. Her mouth never stopped its smooth ascent or descent causing him to moan into to her body. His breath and voice vibrations caused her such wonderful sensations. Her hips ground down to meet his mouth even though his hands were already trying to pull her closer.

Taking her finger and slipping it in her mouth to cover it with saliva, Chloe placed it between the cheeks of his ass, feeling his moan of pleasure before she even inserted it. Encouraged again, by his moan of consent, Chloe slowly inserted her finger into his anus. Her mouth captured his bobbing cock and sucked him some more. The way that Martin was eating her, as if he was a starving man sitting before a feast, she knew she was taking him to the point of no return.

The woman in Chloe, not the nurse, knew that he was about to explode and she wanted him to explode in her mouth. Martin's body was giving her confused messages now as he pushed his cock into her mouth and then moved away as if he were trying not to cum. She would have none of it. She wanted to feel and taste every bit of him. Martin pulled his face from his feast long enough to shout in the room.

"Fuck, I'm cummminnnnnnnnnng"

Chloe pressed her head down taking him deep in her throat. She didn't even taste the first spurt of his cum; it slid down her throat without her swallowing. Pulling back just a little, his next spurt shot on her tongue and she swallowed. Martin could feel her throat muscle close on his cock and he thought he was going to die. Another spurt shot on her lips and the next one was faster and landed on her face as she pulled his cock out of her mouth. Moaning herself so Martin could hear her pleasure, she licked the head of his cock as the last bit of come just seeped out. Slowly, Chloe slid her finger gently from his ass. The tenseness left Martin's body and she felt him fall back on his pillow like a rag doll.

Chloe used the overhead bar to turn around and straddle his waist but this time facing him. Martin opened his eyes and saw this beautiful woman smiling down at him. Her eyes were sparkling from unshed passion, her lips swollen naturally from her sucking, and there was a little bit of white cum at the corner of her mouth. He reached out to wipe it away with his finger and Chloe grabbed his hand and put his finger into her mouth so she could suck it as well. Martin moaned.

"You know baby, that is not what I had planned to have happen."

"I know Martin. That's ok. We'll just give you a little time to recover and we can do some other things we hadn't planned to do. I am not going anywhere and neither are you."

"Are you taking advantage of an invalid, Nurse?" He teased her.

"You bet your ass I am. Any complaints?"

"You are too beautiful!" He said as he had the first time they met. Only this time he did not snarl, he smiled.

(c) 2002, Misty's Erotic Stories

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