tagNonConsent/ReluctanceThe Change of Life

The Change of Life


Eric groaned as he woke up. He must have drunk way too much, because he could barely remember the last things that he did. He remembered being at the bar, and meeting a woman. Her name was Gina, and Eric remembered drinking with her, but that was it. His head felt as if it were going to split in two. "This is going to be one hell of a hangover." He muttered to himself.

Eric rolled his eyes and braced himself for the flood of light. He didn't know how he got home, but it felt as if he were lying on the kitchen floor. He carefully opened his eyes, and was greeted with darkness. That was when he noticed heaviness over his eyes. Something was covering his eyes. He shook his head. He must have been totally smashed if he put his sleeping mask on, then went to sleep in the kitchen. Eric moved to touch his face and remove the mask, but found that he couldn't move his arms. "What the hell?" he muttered in surprise.

Eric flexed his arms again, and found that his wrists were firmly attached to the floor. He tried kicking his legs, and found that they too would not budge. Eric quickly tried to run down the events of the previous night. He remembered meeting Gina, and having quite a few drinks. That was it, the drinks! Eric immediately wanted to kick himself. He didn't even know who the woman was, and yet he let her go to the bar to get some of their drinks. She must have spiked his drink with something. That had to be it. Eric cursed himself. This wasn't supposed to happen to guys. This was the kind of thing that woman had to be on the lookout for. This kind of thing happened to careless women. Eric groaned. It happened to careless women! But it was he who had been careless.

Eric tried to calm down and think himself out of the situation. He couldn't move or see, but would have to be ready when the opportunity for escape presented itself. He tried to guess as to what Gina, if that really was her name, had in store for him. He was certain that she wasn't going to kill him; otherwise she would have done that already. She was going to either hold him for money or she was one seriously kinky chick. Either way, Eric didn't want anything to do with it.

Eric didn't mind some things, but when it came to sex, the man was the one in charge. Male society was forced to treat women as equals in the outside world, but the bedroom was another matter. The bedroom was the male domain. The man controlled the sex. That was the way it always was, and the way it always would be. No matter what those feminist groups tried to push on society.

Eric heard a sound, and then heard a door swing open. He held himself still, and tried to pretend that he was still asleep. Maybe she would release him, and then he could jump her.

"I know that your awake, so quit trying to fool me." Said a voice. It was Gina's voice.

Eric quickly gave up his pretense. "What the hell are you doing? Let me the fuck up!

Now!" he yelled.

Gina laughed. "You don't seem to understand your situation. Do you asshole?" she told him. "Your not in the position to demand anything from me. I've seen you around, acting all cocky and full or yourself. Look at you now, you can't do shit."

"Yeah, well you can't keep me tied down for ever. When I get loose, I'm going to give you an ass beating of a lifetime. " Eric growled in reply.

"Sure you are baby, sure you are." she laughed.

Eric felt something cold press against his cheek. "I could decide that Your not worth the effort, and cut your pathetic throat. Trust me, no one would hear a thing." she warned him, sliding the flat of the blade along his cheek.

Eric went still as he felt the blade. His anger quickly drained away to fear once he realized that she was right. No one knew where he was, and she could do anything that she wanted.

"Look, if you let me go, won't tell anyone. OK?" he said shakily.

"Nah honey. I'll let you go when I want to." she replied. "I think I'm gonna have some fun, but first, we gotta get these clothes off."

Eric's breathe caught in his throat as she slid the knife down his cheek to his neck. She hooked the knife in his shirt, and slowly moved it down, slicing his buttons off one by one. She then ran the knife under his shirt and up his arms, shredding his sleeves. Gina then turned her attention to his pants. She began to slice up one of his legs, ten stopped.

"I hope your cock isn't too big honey. I wouldn't want to accidentally nick it." She said as she resumed cutting. Eric felt far from her statement. He was so frightened that it felt as if his cock were threatening to retreat up into his stomach. His stomach was in knots as she finished cutting his pants open.

"No underwear? My, my, we were ready for a good time." she chuckled. With a few tugs, Gina pulled his tattered clothing from his body, leaving him totally exposed.

"Hmm. Not bad baby." Gina said as she inspected Eric. "Now...down to business."

What are you going to do?" Eric asked in a small voice. He didn't receive a reply, but immediately felt her hand rubbing his flaccid cock. "I'm going to make you better. I'm going to help you be the perfect man." She told him. Despite the circumstance, Eric felt his cock begin to twitch, and she soon had him sporting a raging hard-on.

"See. So many men think with this." she said while stroking his cock. "As long as their cock is happy, they don't care about anything."

Gina stroked his cock faster and faster until Eric knew that he would come soon. He tried to slow himself down. He didn't want to give her the satisfaction of seeing him come, but Gina would have none of that. Eric groaned as her lips surrounded the head of his cock. Her mouth slowly descended, engulfing him in hot wetness. She used her mouth and hand to bring him to the very brink of climaxing. Eric could feel his cock begin to swell, and could feel the sperm rocketing to his shaft. The first pulse was racing to his shaft as he felt a strong tightening at the base of his cock.

"I hope you didn't think I was going to let you cum." she teased him.

Eric could only shake his head in frustration as she wrapped a thin leather cord tightly around the base of his cock. Once she had done that, she slipped the cord under his balls, and tied them as well. Eric's cock and balls felt bloated as the cord sectioned them. He could feel his cock pulsing, as if still trying to release the trapped sperm imprisoned in his sack.

"Yeah, now that's nice. He's all ready to please." she said approvingly. "We'll need you in a better position for the next step." she added.

Eric felt her move away, and lay quietly until he felt the floor come alive. He was hauled to his feet, and found that he had been lying on the floor, and was connected to some sort of square frame. His feet were barely touching the floor by the time she was done. Eric felt Gina came near, and step behind him. There was a click of metal, and his let felt free. He tested it, and although the bond was loose, he was still attached.

"Ah-ah. This frame is designed to keep you all nice and secure." she laughed. Gina pushed on the back of his knee, causing his leg to bend. A few more clicks, and he found his legs pushed upward and open. It was almost as if he were squatting in mid air, his cock and balls swaying proudly in front of him.

"Now that things are easier to access, I can clean this toy off." Gina said as she walked around him. She ran her hand through his thick pubic hair. "This stuff has got to go." she said.

Eric listened as she pulled a chair across the floor, and sat it before him. She left the room, and returned a few minutes later.

"I wouldn't move around too much. I would be a shame to see you end up a Eunuch." she said as Eric heard a squirting sound. Eric's cock throbbed as she lathered thick shaving foam around his crotch. He made sure not to jump as the cold razor pressed against his skin. He could feel the cool sensation as she sliced the hair from his body. Eric winced as she stretched the skin of his already tight balls. He was drenched in a cold sweat by the time she was done. Gina finished by wiping away the excess cream with a warm damp cloth.

"That's much better now. Isn't it?" she asked him.

Eric didn't answer. He thought the question was rhetorical, and was still trying to regain his composure.

"I said , isn't that better?" she said with force, her fingernails digging into the sensitive head of his cock.

"Yes! Yes it's better!" he yelled in pain.

"Good. Now, when you speak to me, you will address me as Mistress. Do you understand?" she asked.

"Yes Mistress." he replied quickly, her nails still resting on his cock.

"Good boy." she laughed. "See, Your learning so much already. I think Your deserve a reward. Would You like that?"

"Yes Mistress." he replied.

Eric felt her move, the felt her hands on his face. The blindfold was removed, and Eric blinked to get his vision in focus. When his sight had cleared, he found himself n a small room with Gina standing in front of him. Eric saw why he had been attracted to her in the first place. She was of medium build, with long black hair. Gina was dressed in a black leather bustier, black leather panties, and a pair of black leather boots that reached halfway up her thigh.

"I could see ho much you wanted me in the bar, and I can still see that lust in your eyes." she told him. "I know that you're going to be the perfect pet.

Gina grabbed the ring attached to the zipper on her panties and slowly drew it down. Eric watched intently as Gina slipped her fingers inside the panties. He watched as her finger slipped deep into her wet slit.

"My taste is all that you should ever want. From now on, you will worship my pussy." she told him as she pumped her cunt. Eric could make out two straps in her panties, but could only guess at their purpose. After a few strokes of her clit, Gina grasped the two straps and pulled on them. Eric could only watched in anticipation and amazement as her lips bulged forward. Another tug and a bright red ball slowly slipped from her pussy. He could see her cunt juices dripping from the ball as she held it up.

"I've been saving this all evening. I wanted it to be perfectly treated." she said as she dangled the ball gag in her hand.

"Now open wide." she told him as she came toward him.

Eric like eating pussy, but this seemed extreme. The ball was oozing with her cream.

"Open up." she said again as she pushed the ball between his tightly clenched lips.

"It seems as if you're going to need a little reminder on who is in charge." Gina said with a cruel smirk on her face. She reached down and dug her nails into his ball sack. Eric immediately responded by screaming in pain.

"I said to open your mouth. Do you understand me? " she hissed.

"Yes!" he yelped.

"Yes? Yes what?" she said, continuing to torture his balls.

"Yes Mistress. Yes Mistress." he yelled.

Tears of pain filled Eric's eyes as she released her hold. "Don't ever forget. I can and will punish you if you disobey me." she scolded him. "Now open your mouth."

Eric dutifully opened his mouth, and held it open as Gina put the ball in place. He tried to keep from swallowing as she locked the straps behind his head, but the build up of saliva forced him to drink down her strong pussy juice. His mouth was instantly awake with her taste, and his cock throbbed from the flavor.

"You like the taste of my pussy. Don't you?" she asked. Eric didn't want to anger her, so nodded in agreement.

"Good boy." she told him.

Gina looked at her fingers, which were still wet with her pussy cream. She gave one finger a lick, the smeared the rest of her sticky juice around Eric's nose.

"There, that will get you ready to worship my pussy." she told him.

Eric's senses were filled with Gina's cunt. Gina watched him for a few minutes, then left the room. She told him that she would return shortly. Once she left the room, Eric let out a sigh of relief. Her pussy left a heady scent in his nose, and he was ashamed to admit that he was enjoying the taste of her pussy juice. Eric's rock hard cock was a fine testament to his excitement. His bound cock and balls ached for release, and for some reason, that torture only increased his arousal.

Gina was only gone for an hour, and she looked quite pleased when she returned.

"I hope you've been thinking everything over. I've made up my mind, and I will keep you. You're going to do fine. You just need more training." she told him.

Eric watched her as she walked over to him. Gina sat back down in the chair that was still in front of him.

"You do have a fine cock. I'm going to be happy putting this piece of meat to good use." She told him. Eric groaned as Gina leaned forward, her lips capturing the head of his jutting cock. He shuddered as her tongue slid down the underside of his shaft and her teeth scraped his head. Gina worked her mouth slowly over his cock, teasing him closer to the edge. She stopped abruptly, and made sure that Eric was watching her. She placed a finger in her mouth and slowly sucked on it. When she finished, her finger was dripping wet with her saliva.

Eric watched as she lowered her finger, and shook his head in protest as she pressed her finger against his puckered asshole. Gina resumed her sucking as she slowly pushed her finger deep into his ass. Eric's head fell back as her finger probed his virgin ass. He bucked as she pressed his prostate, sending jolts of electricity through his cock.

Gina pulled her finger from his ass and wet another one. When she returned to his clenching hole, she thrust in two fingers instead of one. Eric's body jerked and shook as he came, his trapped cock not spilling a single drop. Muffled moans escaped the gag as Gina continued to work him over. Eric's orgasm rolled into one long, continuous wave of sensations as she stroked both his ass and cock. Gina finally slowed her pace, and withdrew her fingers from his tingling ass, letting Eric slump down in exhaustion.

"Yeah baby, that was hot." Gina said with a wide smile. "Are you ready for some more?" she asked.

Eric was too weak to move, but shook his head yes. He was confused and spent. The answer came directly from him sub consciousness.

"Good boy." Gina told him. She stood up and reached behind his head, unhooking the straps of the ball gag.

"Lets see now. I think we're going to need to move you again." she said, stepping away from him. Eric soon found himself being lowered to the floor. He waited patiently as he watched Gina remove her panties. She passed the wet leather under his nose, then tossed them aside.

Gina stood above his head, and slowly lowered herself down to his mouth. Her pussy was hot and wet as she pressed it to his parched lips.

"Lick it up boy." she told him as she swiveled her hips about.

Eric was trapped, and couldn't do anything but try his best to please her. He lapped at her lips, his tongue coming away coated with her juices.

"That's it, suck my pussy." she commanded as she pressed her cunt harder to his mouth. Eric increased his efforts, and drove his tongue deep into her waiting canal. He sucked furiously, an animal desire and hunger replacing all other thoughts. He labored to push his face upward, wanting to be surrounded by her cunt.

"My, what a hungry boy you are." she laughed "here you go, all of what you can handle." she added as she settled her full weight onto his face.

Eric's face was covered with sticky cunt juice as she rode his tongue. He could feel her muscles contract around his tongue, then begin to flutter as her climax started.

"Oh Yeah...eat it up baby." she moaned as she came. Gina's cunt mashed down against his mouth with bruising force, and Eric struggled to breathe. He continued to lick, even though his air was becoming scarce. Gina finally calmed and lifted up slightly.

"Clean me up." she ordered.

Eric began to lap at Gina's cunt, drinking down the sticky fluid that oozed from her. No trace of moisture was left by the time he was done.

"Mmm... I hate to leave the room. You don't mind if I do it here do you?". she asked.

"No mistress, I don't mind." he replied, not even sure what she was talking about, but to spent to ask.

"Good boy." she told him as her hands wound tightly in his hair. She held his head back, and shifted her hips forward. It was then that Eric understood what she meant to do. His eyes went wide, and a look of panic ran across his face.

"Come on now. Don't be frightened. This is a special honor that I am giving You." she told him.

"This is something that pleases me. Don't you want to please me?"

Eric hesitated, then slowly nodded his head. He did want to please her. It had become a matter of pride. If she were going to use him in such a manner, then he was determined to prove to her that he could do the job. Eric did not decide to be a slave. He decided to be the best slave. Eric watched her pussy as he felt her muscles tense, and was rewarded with the sight of her urine as it spurted from her. The first splash barely hit his mouth, and Eric found that the taste was not intolerable.

The next spurt shot directly into his mouth, and Eric swallowed it cautiously. The taste was slightly salty, but not bitter. Eric swallowed the next spurt as soon as it reached his mouth, and kept his mouth open as the spurts changed into a steady stream. Eric found it difficult to swallow everything, but he managed to barely spill a single drop.

"Lick me dry." Gina told him once she was done. She had watched him the entire time he gulped down her pee, and her cunt was oozing from the excitement. Once Eric was done, she shifted her hips forward even more.

"Some of your treat slid back along my ass. Lick my asshole clean." she commanded him.

Eric began to lap at her ass, just as he had done her cunt. He sucked around her flesh, gathering every stray drop he could find.

"Good, now do it in slow circles." she told him, and he obeyed.

"Yeah, now press it in. I want to feel your tongue licking deep in my ass." she cooed.

"That's it...nice and deep. Suck my ass."

Eric soon had his tongues buried in her ass. He sucked hard, the slight bitterness turning sweet. After almost ten minutes of his tongue buried in her ass, Gina slowly moved off of his face.

"I have found quite a treasure in you. Such talent." she said, shaking a damp lock of hair from her face. "I think you deserve a reward for such good work."

Gina stood, and walked over to a closet. "I believe this will be new to you, but I know that you're going to enjoy it." she said as she searched about.

"I almost forgot. I want you in the proper position." she said as she returned to Eric. The suspense was killing Eric. He wanted the reward that he had worked so hard for. He let Gina disconnect the leather restraints from the frame, then lead him over to a small table. He let her position him on the table, on his hands and knees. He even watched as she attached the restraints to bolts on the table. All of the time, not one thought of escape entered his mind. Eric couldn't see Gina as she went back to the closet, but could hear her moving around. He was surprised when she stepped back in front of him.

"I'm going to give you a special treat." she said to him as she stroked a dildo that was attached to her cunt by a leather harness. "This harness has another cock that is in my pussy. Every time I stroke you, I'll feel it pressing into me. So, you see, I always enjoy using it." she explained as she moved her hand up and down her fake cock.

Eric waited as she walked behind him. He moaned when he felt her fingers spread his ass cheeks, and held still as she applied a slick lube to his hole. Once his asshole was slippery, Gina slipped a finger into his ass. She massaged his hole, then slowly added another finger. Gina soon had her fingers stretching his ass, and relaxing his tight anal ring.

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