tagLesbian SexThe Cliterati Ch. 01

The Cliterati Ch. 01




The jobs had been circulated in-house – two reporter posts based in London, working with the national news team. Now, several weeks later, the cream of regional TV talent were milling around practicing winning smiles and interview waffle. It had already been a long day – a round-robin of HR interviews, group sessions, mock reporting, feedback, and an informal chat with 3 of the nation's favourite newsreaders, Kate, Sian and Sophie.

Kylie slipped the 'phone back into her bag having just read Robert's 7th 'good luck' text of the day. After the 3rd she'd thought 'enough now', but they kept on coming. It wasn't hard for her to read between the lines – he was nervous that a move to London would mean the end of them and was trying too hard to become indispensable. He was right – nice bloke, but Kylie was ready for something new, something exciting and the capital city seemed the place to look for it.

She let out a deep breath, long and slow, cheeks slowly deflating. There was no denying that she was tense. At 27, after 5 years in the business, this was her first shot at national TV exposure. Opportunities like this didn't come along very often. Kylie felt she'd acquitted herself well so far – just the mock report and 3 legendary broadcasters to deal with. Of the two, she was absolutely dreading the informal 'let's find out about you' chat. Interviewees who'd already met the 3 women had nothing but positive things to say– 'lovely', 'friendly', 'funny' etc. but small-talk just wasn't her strong suit. So, she was sat outside Make-up Room 4 taking deep breaths and doing her best Blowfish impression.

The door opened and a woman swished past looking glamorous– Alexa from the North-East region. She disappeared down the corridor, a long-legged, short skirted and high heeled vision drawing admiring glances from men she passed. 'God is that still how this works?' thought Kylie.

"Hi, I'm Megan – do you want to come in, or are you going to watch Alexa's bum until she's out of sight?"

Kylie laughed and looked up to the face at the door, then back to the dwindling Alexa – "It's a nice arse, but I'm all yours." She stood – "Hi, I'm Kylie. It's nice to meet you." and followed Megan into the room.

She was struck by the height difference between the 2 of them. Megan was bare-footed, while Kylie was elevated by 3 inch heels, but the make-up artist couldn't have been any more than 5 feet tall. At 5' 6" Kylie towered over her. Petite and pretty, with long dark hair tied back, dressed simply in black leggings and loose T-shirt, she was the first genuinely friendly face Kylie had seen all day.

She took the offered chair and they chatted about the minutiae of the day as Megan began the job of preparing her for the camera - selecting shades, applying powder and lip gloss, tweaking errant strands of hair into place. She was done in 10 minutes.

Megan knew this woman was one of 6 'special' recruitment targets for the day amongst the female interviewees and she could see why - tall, slim but curvy, long straight dark hair, striking blue eyes and a mouth that curved upwards in a permanent cheeky smile. Some of the other 5 'possibiles' had been more conventionally beautiful she thought, but all had proved to have equally conventional characters and Kylie was the last chance to find a new recruit that day. Mentally crossing her fingers, she began her approach once again.

"Kylie I'm finished, but if you don't mind me saying, you seem pretty tense." This was a no-brainer, all of the interviewees had been nervous to some degree. It was the biggest opportunity of their careers and completely understandable. It was a natural and innocent way to start the conversation.

"Shit, is it that obvious?" Kylie released the vice-like grip her hands had taken on the chair arms and laughed at herself. "I'm just dreading the chat with 3 news-reading 'goddesses' – I think I'm going to say something really stupid - or not say anything at all!"

"Look, I know them all pretty well and they're lovely, always really friendly and fun to be around, but if you're nervous, that's probably not much use – a 10 minute shoulder massage on the other hand might help you relax, if you're interested."

2 of the 'possibles' had declined at this point. They'd been polite, but the looks on their faces carried other messages – 'who do you think you are, I'm talent' and 'that's a bit dykey'. Or perhaps Megan had just imagined it.

Kylie smiled. "That's really kind of you" a pause while she looked at her watch "I'm not sure it'll help, but it can't hurt either I suppose and I've got 30 minutes before I'm due on set. So yes please, that would be fantastic."

"Ok, great. Now obviously I'm not going to use any oils, but I'm going to crease that silk blouse badly if you leave it on."

Megan left the 'Why don't you take it off?' question unspoken. 2 more potential recruits had given her slightly odd looks and raised eyebrows at this point and kept their blouses buttoned. They'd left looking distinctly rumpled.

Kylie simply stood, unbuttoned and un-tucked her blouse, hung it over a nearby chair and sat back down. The 5th 'possible' had got this far, then closed her eyes, clamped her hands over her chest and giggled through the massage. That had been Alexa. Mini-skirts promise much and so seldom deliver thought Megan as the North-East's young hopeful pranced out of the door.

Yes, it could be a tough job being Kate, Sian and Sophie's 'gopher'. Kylie eased back into the chair, picked some imaginary dust off her knee-length grey pencil skirt, placed her hands back on the chair arms and lay back a little, looking at Megan via the mirror in front of them. "Ok, work your magic." – But sometimes it was worth it.

The make-up artist moved to the door and turned the thumb lock. "I'll just give you a bit of privacy - you never know who might wander in." Resuming her position behind the chair, Megan's fingers caressed the back of Kylie's neck and shoulders whilst her thumbs started to work the tension from the reporters' muscles. They carried on their previous conversation – it was light-hearted and friendly, just what Kylie needed. Megan's thoughts on the other hand were another matter entirely:

'Yes! Serious points for that bra Kylie – I have the same one. You knew it was completely sheer but you didn't hesitate to lose the blouse. Round of applause! Are you wearing the matching knickers? Great breasts – what shall we say – a small handful and...oh my god your nipples are amazing! They're huge! Lovely toned stomach. What's that in your belly-button? – A little pearl stud – very tasteful. Please, please, please, be a wanton hussy. We need you!'

She worked skilfully and quickly, switching between Kylie's shoulders and her chest just below the neck, on each occasion allowing her outstretched fingers to move slightly lower. The chatter between them had subsided and the atmosphere in the room was charged with anticipation, at least from Megan's perspective. Both women had their eyes trained on the mirror, but they were oblivious to each other, focussed instead on Kylie's nipples that were now pushing against the sheer white fabric. Megan revised her assessment from 'huge' to 'gigantic'.

The massaging hands swept over Kylie's shoulders, down her chest and this time didn't stop, sliding easily into the cups of her bra, index and middle fingers of each hand surrounding an erect dark nipple, squeezing gently. Their eyes met in the mirror again.

"Is this ok Kylie...They're just so amazing – I'm afraid I couldn't resist." Her fingers didn't wait for a response, making scissor motions, drawing a sharp intake of breath from the other woman.

Kylie laughed. "They were attention seeking weren't they. You go ahead – I'll let you know if you over-step...they enjoy being pulled." Megan tightened her finger grip and drew the long thick nipples away from Kylie's body, letting them gradually slip from her grasp before repeating the action. A soft moan escaped from the interviewee's mouth as she took a tight grip on the arms of the chair again.

Megan's hands drew smoothly upwards, deftly slipped the straps off Kylie's shoulders and swept back down, pushing the bra's cups away before returning to pull on one nipple and then the other. Minutes passed - she was amazed at how turned on Kylie was becoming just from this attention. Her bum was now lifting off the seat a little in rhythm with the teasing fingers, breath coming in short gasps, eyes watching everything with a slightly glazed look.

Taking Kylie at her word, Megan released her grip and moved round in front of the chair. She slipped her mouth over a nipple, swirling her tongue around it, sucking it between her lips and then slowly letting it slide out as she pulled away, before repeating the process on its neighbour. The smaller woman moved left and right between the 2 for a few minutes, each time applying more pressure with her lips and gently scraping with her teeth. Kylie's mouth was open and every breath was a moan now. She was hanging on to the chair arms for dear life, bum off the seat once more, legs spread as far as the tight-fitting skirt would allow.

Megan could read the signs. She let a wet nipple slip out of her mouth. "You're going to come?" Kylie nodded. "Just from having your nipples played with. Wow!"

"It doesn't happen often, but then they're not usually played with quite so skilfully." In truth, Kylie was as amazed as Megan at how close she was to an orgasm. Not that her nipples weren't incredibly sensitive normally and if asked to quantify her sexual appetites in a magazine survey she'd have ticked the box that said 'hearty', but the build-up of tension over the last few days had subdued her normal horny self. She hadn't realised, that beneath her anxiety, the excitement of the day and the future it promised had actually moved her up to 'voracious' on the survey scale.

Megan smiled at the compliment. "I'll tell you what, why don't you tell me exactly how you want me to play with them to get you off from here."

Kylie had loosened her grip on the chair and pulled her slippery nipples upwards, holding them delicately between thumbs and forefingers, partly to maintain the sensations coursing through her body and also because she could see how much Megan enjoyed the site. She grinned and let go.

"Ok. Pick a nipple – any nipple – and suck it in and out of your mouth as deep and quickly as you like."

Megan went back to 'work', keeping a firm grip with her lips and never letting the nipple entirely slip from her mouth until she swapped from one to the other. Kylie was up off the seat again, watching Megan intently and pulling hard on whichever nipple was free, her stomach rippling as her orgasm built again.

"Suck as much of my tit into your mouth as you can...and circle the nipple with your tongue...oh god, yes!"

There was a moment of silence in the room followed by a sustained cry from Kylie, her body twitching as the orgasm hit, arms now thrown over her head gripping the back of the chair. Megan rode the wave with her, still sucking and pulling until Kylie slumped back in the seat and they slipped out from her mouth and between her fingers. She leant back against the work surface covered with the tools of her trade.

"Still tense...?" There was a shake of the head and a broad smile in response. "10 minutes to spare as well...Kylie, before you go, there's something I need to tell you."

There was just a hint of nervousness in Megan's voice that got Kylie's attention as she slipped the bra's cups back over her still pulsing nipples and reached for the blouse she'd discarded.

Megan had practiced this speech on a number of occasions, but in truth it was the first time she'd actually delivered it and there was a chance, a slim one she thought, but a chance nonetheless, that Kylie wouldn't react well to its contents. Deep breath:

"Ok, here goes. Sophie, Sian and Kate as individuals are powerful people in the organisation. They realised a few years ago that collectively they could wield even more influence. This was shortly after they'd discovered that they enjoy fucking each other senseless."

Kylie stopped buttoning and scanned Megan's face intently for signs that the woman was about to burst out laughing. None present.

"From time to time they look for other women who might benefit from their help and who, to be blunt, they want to fuck. They make their intentions and offer known, through me in this case and then it's up to the person concerned how things go from there. When you meet them later, they won't mention a word of this, not even a suggestive hint, unless you want them to. You can have an innocent 30 minute chat with them, walk out of the building, get on the train to Nottingham and forget about this conversation. I promise they'll give a fair and objective assessment to the interview panel and then everybody goes on with their lives. On the other hand, if their offer is appealing then you just need to find some way to make that clear during the chat and events will take a different path."

Megan couldn't read Kylie's face, but she wasn't smiling anymore and her voice had a slight acid tone to it "So, just to clarify...the casting couch is alive and well, but now being controlled by 3 bi-curious newsreaders for their own pleasure and the career advancement of women in the media. Is that about right?"

"Yeah...I suppose the casting couch analogy is a fair one, but in its defence, you don't have to recline on it unless you want to and it now comes with throw cushions."

"I see. So, the last 20 minutes was what, an audition?"

"It was a test - to see whether you might be interested. Before you ask, I really enjoyed conducting it. Also, before you ask, you weren't the only possible recruit today, so yes I have been through this scenario a number of times, but you were the only one..."

"...Slutty enough to let a complete stranger suck her nipples in the make-up chair?" Kylie interrupted. She couldn't keep the pretence up and let the smile return to her face. Megan beamed back, relieved.

"Look, if you decide this isn't for you, you'll still have the same chance as anyone else of getting one of the 2 jobs. In fact - I've watched tapes of you at work Kylie - you're very talented. My guess would be that you'll get one of them anyway...Are you completely freaked out?"

Kylie was dressed, a little flushed, but otherwise ready for camera. She checked her watch - "Actually, no. I'm more intrigued than freaked. Look, I'd better get going – don't want to be late for my close-up. Thanks again for the make-up and stress release." She moved to the door and turned back to Megan as she lowered the handle – "If I had 5 minutes to spare and no make-up to worry about I'd pull your leggings off, sit you in that chair and return the favour - Next time!" And she was gone.

Megan grabbed her 'phone from the work surface, sank into the chair and typed 'I think we have a winner' with one hand as the other slipped inside her leggings. She pressed send.


The mock report on private schooling took about half an hour and Kylie managed to give what she thought was a pretty good performance considering that her brain was busy pondering the previous 20 minutes and the half hour still to come.

Initially, her thoughts focused on whether Megan was a psycho-bitch dwarf harpy who was setting her up for a career defining faux pas that would still be talked about when she retired after 30 years spent in the Lincolnshire hinterland as agriculture correspondent for the Eastern region. She managed to quell her paranoia quickly though – she knew instinctively that the 'offer' was genuine.

She considered the women themselves. All she really knew were their bios and what she'd seen of them on screen – all in their 40's, married (happily according to the rumour mill) with young children. There was plenty of gossip about lesbian talent, not least amongst newsreaders, but Kylie had never heard a word said about Kate, Sian and Sophie. Her mind was a jumble of mental caricatures and the report she was delivering:

Kate – tall, beautiful full lips, bobbed hair, glasses, athletic, captain of the netball team (probably)

Sian – cheeky, petite, wicked smile, redhead, great legs, captain of the hockey team (probably)

Sophie – elegant, blonde, winning smile, great breasts, head girl (probably)

They were broadcasting royalty and Kylie's nervousness at meeting them was at least partly a consequence of the goddess-like demeanour they all projected on camera. She'd never considered whether or not they were attractive before, but faced with the prospect of having sex with them, she gave it some serious thought and quickly deemed them all very fuckable.


It had been a frustrating and busy day for the 3 'goddesses'. Megan's texts had become progressively more down-beat as they ploughed through a succession of 30 minute interviews, with brief breaks between each. Alexa's 'refusal' had been a particular disappointment. So, the 'winner' text spiked the atmosphere in the room - to the extent that the interviewee prior to Kylie left wondering what the 3 of them had been snorting between chats. Now they were sat on a Green Room sofa awaiting Kylie's arrival with professional smiles locked on their faces, keen not to betray any underlying excitement.

An intern knocked, opened the door and entered, followed by Kylie. Introductions were made and a seat offered on an identical sofa facing Kate, Sian and Sophie. The young reporter chose the centre seat and perched herself on the edge of it, legs drawn together, a picture of demure attention focussed on the 3 women in front of her. She heard the door click shut as the intern left them alone and tuned in to Sophie asking how far she'd had to travel today. Game on.

As the conversation began to flow, Kylie took in some details and revised her previous thoughts about the 3 women. They looked slightly older than their on-screen selves, but they'd also lost the slightly haughty, clipped demeanour that relaying the day's disasters to the nation seemed to demand. They were now real, attractive women in their 40's and any doubts Kylie had harboured as she entered the room vanished quickly.

Sian and Kate were dressed quite formally – work clothes, since they were both on duty later. Both were wearing black tailored trousers, Sian with a tight fitting white t-shirt, Kate in a black sweater. Sophie, on the other hand, was dressed with the warm spring day outside in mind – in a dazzling blue knee-length dress.

They really were a joy to talk to and under other circumstances Kylie was sure she would have relaxed in their company, but tension began to return as she wondered how to steer the conversation towards the approach she'd decided on during a 5 minute 'strategy break' in the toilets between studio and Green Room. She was conscious of the time constraint and 7 minutes had already ticked by according to the clock in the room when finally she felt that the moment had arrived.

Kate was talking - "I remember being completely over-awed when I first walked through the doors downstairs. It took me months to feel like I belonged."

Before anybody else could reminisce about their experiences, Kylie began – "To tell you the truth, the building and ambience didn't really bother me this morning. I was more nervous of the 30 minutes with the 3 of you than any other part of the day."

Good natured comments flew from the other sofa - "Really?" "Surely not" "Are we that scary?"

"No you're not scary – not in the slightest. It was all me. Anyway, Megan very kindly helped calm my nerves earlier by sucking on my nipples after she'd finished my make-up."

Kate, Sian and Sophie were still smiling, but otherwise gave no outward reaction to Kylie's statement. She'd been hoping for wicked grins from the other sofa at this point and her mind re-visited the 'Megan as harpy' scenario. There was nothing for it though, but to continue.

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