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The Club Membership


I started when my wife suggested we go to a dress dinner at a private club downtown. We arrived and were escorted to a small room where my wife told me to remove my clothing. Somewhat confused and more than a little surprised, I hastened to comply. I worship my lovely wife and follow her every command willingly.

As soon as I was naked she placed a collar around my neck and buckled a small strap around the base of my cock and balls; of course, I began to get an erection as soon as her small hands touched my privates or as will be seen, my publics. Next she had me bend over, grab my butt cheeks with both hands and spread them as wide as possible. I felt her rub something on my anus that was slippery and realized that she was applying a lubricant. She inserted a finger then another until she had my rear filled. It was definitely becoming erotic and I was getting harder when she removed her fingers. I wanted more and was thrilled when I felt something touch my expanded hole. Something very large was attempting to gain entry and I struggled to help. It was really starting to hurt when I felt my sphincter pop over it and it felt wonderful. I wanted to hump it, but, there was no resistance. My precious bride had shoved a very large butt plug in my ass and now came back around in front of me, telling me to stand back up.

She told me that I was ready and to wait while she prepared herself for the event. She turned around and told me to unzip her gown; then she let it slip off her shoulders and fall to the floor. All that was left were a pair of crotch less, black panties and her four inch black stiletto heels. She spread her legs, bent over and told me to lick her ass and pussy so that she would be available for whatever came up. I dropped to my knees and buried my face in her butt cheeks. I licked and tongued her ass hole until she told me to move on to her cunt. Within minutes I had her slit sopping when with her juices and she was squirming and moaning. Abruptly, she stood up and turned around, snapping a leash on my collar. I started to stand up, but, she pulled me back down and told me to crawl behind her as we left the room. I was puzzled as she seemed to know her way around the building; I thought that she’d never been there.

We exited into a long hall, turned right and went along it for quite a way before coming to a large set of double doors. My wife rapped loudly on the doors twice and they were immediately opened by two male servants, one to each side. It opened into a fairly large room that was occupied by a dining room table that would seat 12 people counting both ends. There were 11 people seated, leaving one of the ends vacant. My wife lead me into the room and I heard the servants close the doors behind us, once inside, she stopped and said that she had brought the evenings entertainment and pulled me up to a standing position. The company broke out in applause, laughing and commenting on my appearance, especially, my erect cock. It was obvious from the table’s disarray that they had completed their meal and were waiting in anticipation for our arrival.

“What does he do?” Someone asked.

My darling told them that she had instructed me to do anything that they asked. These were the standing rules between my wife and me; she loved to watch as others, both men and women, were serviced by me in every fashion imagined or while they did whatever they wanted with me.

“Who wants to have first choice?” my wife asked?

Everyone began to call out suggestions until finally, my wife said that we would start at one end of the table and work our way around. I found out later that the 11 compiled 5 couples and one extra man who were all members of the club. It seems that my wife wanted to join and the she was filling her membership requirement by allowing them to use me in any way that they saw fit. Of course, I didn’t learn all this till much later. I didn’t care as long as I was satisfying my wife and mistress. She is my mistress in all things in the manner of a Master to a slave and I revel in our relationship..

The first person to the right of the open end of the table was an attractive man, probably in his late 50’s. He thought for a moment and then said that we should think about the servants. They had done a magnificent job in serving the dinner and should receive some reward, above and beyond the norm. Everyone agreed and turned to look at the two men standing at the doors. My wife led me over to them, stopped in front of one and told me to “reward him”, then she handed the leash to the servant.

I lowered my self to my knees and reached up to undo his trousers. They were the button type with no belt and I soon had them undone, letting them drop to his ankles. Then I took his shorts in each hand, noticing that they were already tented in front and had a damp spot at its apex. I leaned in and placing my mouth on the damp spot, gently sucked it. The servant gasped and I heard several reactions from the party at the table. Pulling back I slowly dragged his underwear down and let them drop on top of his pants. My head close enough that he could feel my breath; I took his balls in one hand and his turgid cock in my other. Carefully massaging his scrotum, I just held his penis. In a few seconds he began moving in my hand, trying to jack himself off against it. I moved my head closer until the end of his cock was touching my lips each time he thrust forward and I started moving my hand up and down in time with his thrusting. He lost it then, dropping the leash and grabbing my head in both hands, he forced his way into my mouth. I had to react quickly to keep from allowing him to scrape his manhood on my teeth. It didn’t last long after that; he was soon filling my mouth and throat with his thick, hot cum. I drained him, cleaned him up and went over to the other one. I basically repeated my performance with him then turned back to the assembly.

It was then that I realized that I wasn’t finished with rewarding the servants. There were two pretty waitresses waiting by the table. My wife took up the leash and led me to them. What would you like from him; she asked the first and was told that she wanted to be eaten.

“You heard her,” my wife said, “do it!”.

I lifted the girl up and placed her on the table, removed her tiny panties and did as I was told. The other girl chose for me to fuck her without cumming, then finishing her off with my mouth. We both enjoyed it very much.

Thinking that I was done with the help, turned back to my wife, handing her my leash.

“what about the chef” someone shouted.

They sent a message for the chef and after a short wait, he came into the room. He was looking at me in surprise when the man at the head of the table asked him what he would like to do to me or have me do to him. It was very apparent what he wanted to do as he couldn’t keep from staring at my straining hard on.

One of the men Laughed and said, “Go ahead and suck his cock, Henri, we all no you are gay.”

Henri turned red and tried to protest, but, when my wife brought me over to him and told me to climb up on the table facing him; he couldn’t wait to get his mouth on my pride. Someone shoved a chair in behind him and he sat down and went to work with a passion. I’ve never had a better blow job and I gave him everything that I had in return. He managed to suck up and swallow every drop and didn’t seem to want to let it go long after I was totally deflated. He was very, very good and I may look him up again.

At last we were done with the preliminaries and it was time for my main performance. My wife took me to the next person at the table who was a very attractive woman in her early 50’s. She asked her what she would like from me and was told that since her husband had given up his request in giving the servants their reward, it would only be fair if I did something for the both of them at the same time. Everyone thought that to be a fine idea. She then stood up, pulling her gown up around her waist and revealed that she was wearing an extremely large strap on around her waist She, then, told me to kneel in her chair facing the back, where she positioned her husband in front of me. She told me to put my hands behind my back where she locked them with a pair of handcuffs that she produced form somewhere. She told the man to undo his trousers, drop them along with his underwear while she moved around behind me. I felt her hands spread my cheeks and heard her exclaim when she saw the butt plug. She quickly removed the plug and placed the head of her dildo against my empty hole.

“Start sucking his cock!” she demanded.

I was soon totally focused on the hot dick in my mouth and was only brought back to reality when she began to gradually force her monster into my waiting cavity. It felt like a bar stool was being shoved into me. I knew that there was no way that I could take it, but, I couldn’t do anything to stop it. My wife’s conditioning, the fact that I had a mouth full of tube steak with both his hands holding my head and that my center of gravity was too far forward all had a part in preventing me from saving myself from being torn apart. The pain was intense and increasing; I tried to ignore it and concentrated on the cock on my face. I think that I was on the verge of passing out when I felt something give and it was inside me. It was still hurting, but, not as badly. She hesitated for a moment and then began to apply a steady inward pressure; it was killing me, then she would pull it out a ways slowly. Instant relief, then back in again, only not so bad this time. She continued to drive it into my rear, further each time until I felt like it was going to join her husband’s cock in my mouth. At last, I heard her murmur in satisfaction, she had bottomed out and had it all the way in. Now she started really fucking me and to my surprise, I realized that I was enjoying it more and more until it seemed better than the cock that was getting ready to explode in my mouth.

Explode it did, it seems that watching me getting butt fucked by a woman was a complete “turn on” for the man in my mouth and he didn’t last long after she got to really going. He screamed something and then ejaculated everything he had into my face. I nearly suffocated as he thrust so far into my throat that he blocked my nasal passages and I couldn’t breathe. There was nothing that I could do; I had no leverage, no hands and no breath. I started seeing stars and was really panicked when he finally pulled back. I swallowed as well as I could trying desperately to retain consciousness. In the meantime, my lady friend was giving me the pounding of a lifetime; I was beginning to fear that she’d never stop when she also screamed, thrust deeply into my ass and collapsed onto the floor. I felt like I had been disemboweled when the strap on was pulled out of my butt. I have to admit that I loved it, but I’m not sure if I could survive it very often.

The handcuffs were removed and I was allowed to turn round and sit down in the chair. It was decided that I should have a few minutes for rest and recovery before we continued. I took the time to observe the members. They were all greatly turned on by what had transpired so far. Most had removed some if no all their clothing and several were playing with themselves or each other. I was given a little wine and told that I was doing very well thus far. I didn’t care; I was in heaven and I could see by my wife’s face that she was thrilled with my performance and I would be rewarded later.

After a short respite, my wife took up my leash and moved to the next person at the table. He was a short, tubby, balding man with a red face, who was seated next to a woman who could have been his twin. He said that he wanted too lick his wife’s cunt while I screwed him in the ass, but, he wanted me to pull out before I came, so that I could cum on his wife’s face, Then, he wanted to clean her up with his mouth. The wife didn’t say anything, but, you could see that just the thought of it was nearly causing her to cum. She quickly lat down on the floor, spreading her legs wide and he practically dove between them jamming his tongue into her slot, his ass high in the air.

I entered him easily, proving that he was no virgin to this act and that he had come prepared. I gave him what he wanted, it being easy to hold back because I had cum just a short while before. When I thought he had enough I pulled out and moved around beside her face. He jerked his head our of her muff and cautioned me to no get to near her mouth as she would try to take me there and he wanted it on her face not in it.

It is fortunate that he warned me because she made a strong attempt to raise up grab my cock and get it in her mouth. He reached up, took her hands in his and told me to get on with it while he held her still. I jacked off over her head until I came, making sure to keep as much cum on her face as possible. It wasn’t as easy as it sounds as she kept her mouth wide open, moving it around , trying to capture as much in it as she could. I was no more than done when he moved up on her and began licking up the remains, even to forcing his tongue deep in her mouth to get any that she hadn’t swallowed. Once he completed his mission, he turned to me, taking my limp member into his mouth sucking out any residue that might be left.

I was allowed another rest break and some more wine before being brought before the next person at the table. He was a fairly handsome man in his mid 40’s, who was sitting in his chair slowly stroking his manhood. When asked what he wanted, he responded that he wanted to fuck my wife and that he wanted me to prepare her, then take his cock and place it in her. Furthermore, when he was ready to cum, he was going to pull out and cum on her pussy. He, then, wanted me to clean him up with my mouth and then clean her the same way.

Lastly, he told me that I had to thank him for fucking her and for letting me eat his cum. I suppose he thought that I’d be humiliated; little did he know that my wife loved that game and I love pleasing me wife. I had done far worse things at her command; I was going to enjoy this. It was soon done; I could tell that it brought some relief to my wife as she was becoming increasingly more excited. I think that her wild abandon took him by surprise and he nearly forgot to pull out. I knew that I was in for an incredible evening when we got home and she demanded that I help her achieve the multiple orgasms that she was building up.

His wife was next; she was stunningly beautiful and out for revenge. I don’t think she liked her husband’s choice of sex with another woman involved. She told me to stand in front of her and she would tell me what to do as we went along. I was already hard from watching my wife get screwed and she wasted no time in taking me in her mouth. She forced my legs apart and started playing with me asshole with one hand while she gently stroked around my nipples with the other.

I have extremely sensitive nipples, to the point that my knees go weak when I’m standing and my wife touches them. Gradually, she inserted first one finger then several; when she contacted my prostate, I nearly came. The whole time, however, she was telling me not to cum until she told me. When she sensed that I was at my limit, she stopped everything, stood up, turned around and bent over the table.

“Sit down and lick my ass.” she said.

I did that until she told me to stand up. She then reached back, pulled her cheeks apart and told me to fuck her ass. I had to notice that the whole time she looked directly at her husbands face while I banged her back door. Oddly enough, I think that she actually came just as I did. She had a wonderful, tight ass and I could feel it contracting around my cock as I was spurting my load deep within her and her moans seemed real. Of course, she may have just been punishing her “hubby”.

The next couple was much older and both declined any activity, saying that the just like to watch and take pictures. I hadn’t noticed the cameras until then. I hoped that the got my best side.

The last couple where not particularly attractive and were in their early to mid 20’s. They were somewhat shy, although the girls couldn’t stop staring at my cock. I started stroking it and she turned red. Finally, my wife was able to coax out of them that he loved oral sex and she lived for him to go down on her, but, she wouldn’t go down on him. She had told him that she would only do it if he was willing to do it first. It came down to the fact that he and she wanted him to suck a cock, my cock.

My wife led me over to him and stopped with my erection just inches from his face. He just sat there staring at it. I heard my wife whispering to his wife and then his wife speaking to him.

“You know you want it, don’t you? You want me see you do it. Suck it, baby, lick it, make it cum in your mouth and I’ll let you cum in mine.”

Crap! She was making me want to suck it. Next, she put her hand on the back of his head, told him to close his eyes and open his mouth. Once his eyes were closed and his mouth was open she slowly pushed hid head till I was in has mouth. That was all he needed, she continued to talk to him, but, the words gradually changed and I started hearing,

“My little cock sucker,” more and more.

He was born with a gift and the gift was how to instinctively know how to suck man meat. His wife might start sucking his for him, but, I could tell, he was going to continue to find ones to suck and it sounded like she was going to help and encourage him. The minute I lost my load, she pushed me out of the way, got down and began doing the same for him. He pushed her back onto the floor and lay down beside her. Instantly they had their mouths locked to each other’s crotch. They were both winners, having found whole new dimensions to their sex lives.

This left only the single man and when asked he said that he’d leave it up to my wife, but, he wanted her to participate. No sooner said than done. My wife led me over to him and sat down in his lap facing outward with her back to him. As she sank down she reached between her legs and guided his erection into her sopping cunt. She pulled me down to my knees and pulled my head down to her pussy telling me to lick her pussy.

As I was licking het fragrant, dripping gash she started moving up and down on what was filling her. I heard her telling him not to cum, but, let him know when he was ready. She had her hands on each side of my head, guiding where to lick and my pace. After a time I heard him murmur something to her. When he did she moved her left hand to the back of my head and her right down the side to her crotch. She began to rise up, but, as she did, she pushed my head down. That is when I discovered what she was doing with her right hand. It held his cock which as she rose was coming out of her pussy. As soon as it was out she guided it into my mouth while forcing my head down on it with her left hand. She stepped out of his lap, over my back and knelt beside me.

“Suck him, honey, you know you love it.”

Then she stepped back over my back facing him and told him to eat her pussy. I sucked, he sucked, then he came and then she came. It was like holding a fire hose in your mouth in a hurricane. My wife was all over the place in an orgasmic fit, knocking me around while I was doing my best to finish the job and swallow his load.

My wife asked if everyone enjoyed themselves. The response was unanimous and she was told that she wouldn’t have to wait for the official board meeting. The decision was that she was a member as of that night if she wanted it. Of course, she accepted. She had me thank everyone for using me, she thanked them and then she had me crawl, on my leash, back to the room where we left our clothes. She closed the door, kissed me and told me that she loved me. She said that she was very proud of me and I always did whatever I had to do to make her happy. I thought I’d burst with pride and love for her. I couldn’t wait till she allowed me to demonstrate my love for her again.

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