tagNovels and NovellasThe Courier Ch. 18

The Courier Ch. 18


Chapter 18 -- Property without honor

The next morning Maria Elena woke to the sound of the bolt that secured her cell door being unlocked. Immediately she scrambled to her knees and put her head on the floor, just in time to be in position for when the door opened. She was not surprised to see the Lord, the man who had both raped her but also rescued her from spending the entire night in the pillory. With him was one of the naked servants who had accompanied him the night before. The young woman was carrying a pair of wrist cuffs.

Maria Elena stood up and placed her hands behind her back to allow her fellow servant to restrain her hands. The Lord's servant then brought in a plate of oatmeal and an apple to place on the floor. With a slight gesture of her hand she indicated that Maria Elena needed to kneel. She quickly assumed a kneeling position as well, staring straight ahead. The Lord addressed the newest servant:

"Very well, dog. Show your gratitude with a nice loud bark, and then you may have your food."

Maria Elena choked back her tears and barked as loud as she could.

"Good dog. You may eat."

Maria Elena leaned forward and buried her face in the oatmeal. Her hands were behind her back so she had trouble keeping her balance. The Lord grabbed her hair to help steady her, and with great difficulty she managed to position her mouth to be able to eat. With rude sounds she sucked at the plate's contents, licking and slurping the oatmeal as though she truly were an animal. She had to finish the plate, and by the time she was done her face was covered with food. The Lord kicked her and told her what a disgusting sight she was. The other young woman took a wet washrag and cleaned off her face.

Eating the apple was even worse. Maria Elena had to push the piece of fruit against the wall and only with great difficulty managed to take a small bite. With her legs spread to steady herself, she pushed her face against the fruit over and over, in an effort to find a spot where she could sink in her teeth and take a bite. She was desperate to finish, because the Lord was standing over her with his zapper and lecturing her about wasting food. Finally, after a horrendous struggle Criminal # 101025 managed to eat the majority of the apple, or at least enough to satisfy the Lord. Maria Elena had to pick up the core with her teeth and drop it into a trash can.

The Lord's servant held a large glass of water to Maria Elena's mouth and forced her to drink. She drank very reluctantly, remembering the awful experience from the day before, but with the zapper only centimeters away from her body, she knew that she had no choice. Finally the Lord allowed her to stand up and ordered his servant to brush the prisoner's teeth.

The Lord and his servant led the newcomer back to the washroom. By then the dreaded pressure in her bladder was building, because she did not have time to go to the toilet when she was woken up. The Lord led Maria Elena to a tiled section of floor with a small hole in the middle.

"I need to house-train you. Bark if you need to piss."

The criminal's voice cracked as she let out a bark.

"Very well, dog. You have spoken so I am giving you the privilege of pissing. You may kiss my shoe in gratitude."

Maria Elena did as she was told, before squatting over the hole. With her hands behind her back she had great difficulty maintaining her balance. The Lord was standing in front of her with his zapper. A small red light indicated the device was turned on and fully charged. Trembling from the awkward position and from absolute terror and humiliation, Maria Elena managed to relax and empty her bladder, in plain view of the Lord.

"A good dog, one that does not want to be euthanized, pisses on demand."

The Lord ordered his attendant to take off the cuffs from the newcomer's wrists. He then ordered her to get on her hands and knees and to spread her legs. The servant took a tube of lubricant, dabbed some on the Colombian's waiting bottom-hole, and gently massaged it in. She pushed her finger up Maria Elena's rectum and moved it back and forth while the Lord continued to watch. Tears welled up in the other servant's eyes, and Maria Elena trembled with fear and humiliation. She knew that in Danubian society what was happening was a very severe insult for both women.

The Lord pointed to the side of the room, where a full enema bottle was hanging on a movable pole. The servant withdrew her finger from Maria Elena's bottom. She knelt and touched her head to the floor before getting up to retrieve it. She moved the assembly to where the Colombian was waiting on her hands and knees. The servant silently pushed the nozzle into her companion's rectum. She looked at her owner, silently asking him if she should open the clip that sealed off the tube. He nodded and with that Maria Elena felt her intestines fill with warm water. As soon as the bottle had completely drained, the Lord's servant immediately withdrew the nozzle and removed the enema equipment to clean it. Maria Elena quietly remained in position as the pressure began building in her guts and she waited for her companion to return. Meanwhile the Lord slowly walked around his captive, tapping his zapper to threaten her.

By the time her fellow servant returned, the pressure in Maria Elena's intestines was becoming unbearable. The Lord commented:

"You know Criminal # 101025, the most dishonorable thing a woman can do is defecate in front others, especially in front of a man of high stature. A woman who does such a thing is truly nothing more than an animal. But then, that is all that you are, isn't it? An animal...a piece of property. You see, the idea that you are a human being is an illusion, and a rather stupid illusion at that. You are dishonored...like I told you last night. You are completely dishonored."

Maria Elena grunted in agony as tears poured down her checks.

"Say it."

"I...I am dishonored, my Lord."

"Good dog. Position yourself over the hole, and I will allow you to relieve yourself."

Maria Elena was desperate. She did as she was told, squatting over the hole and releasing the contents of her intestines with a loud splashing noise. The Lord did not take his eyes off her the entire time. The pain in her guts subsided, but humiliation and anguish swept over her. She could not look at either the Lord or her fellow servant.

The next ordeal was for the prisoner to be bathed so she could be formally presented to the Royal Couple. The Lord addressed the other woman:

"Clean her up."

A second female servant entered the washroom and together the pair soaped and rinsed-off the Colombian. They paid special attention to her bottom and vagina, fondling the newcomer to further humiliate and degrade her. The pair washed Maria Elena's hair and combed it, but because she was in such disgrace, the Colombian would not be granted the privilege of having her hair braided. Until the Grand Duchess granted permission, Criminal # 101025 would have to endure her life at the Royal Residence with her hair loosened.


A few minutes later the Lord led a shacked and trembling Maria Elena into the Great Hall, where the Grand Duke and Grand Duchess of the Republic of Danubia were seated. The couple sat in matching thrones. A red carpet led from the thrones back to the room's main entrance. As usual, kneeling along the sides of the carpet were naked servants, young men and women, collared and absolutely still and silent.

As the Lord led his terrified captive to the Royal Couple, Maria Elena noticed a big difference in their expressions. The Grand Duchess clearly was eager to take control of her newest servant. her newest piece of property, her newest toy. Her face reflected arrogance, cruelty, and lust. The Grand Duke's face reflected nothing more than boredom. He always had to be present for the formal introduction of a new household servant out of protocol, but clearly was irritated at being pulled off the Royal Golf Course just to satisfy his wife's latest whim.

By tradition, a criminal honored to serve in the house of the Royal Family always was formally presented to the Grand Duke. The new servant officially became his property, and it was up to the ruler to assign a task. There was some ceremony involved, but in reality the Grand Duke simply handed each new servant over to his wife and it was up to her to decide what to do with them. That was the case with Maria Elena. The Grand Duke looked at her welt-covered body and terrified expression with indifference while she knelt at his feet. He stood up, hooked his finger into the ring of her collar, and dragged her in front of his wife.

"Love of my life and Grand Mistress of Danubia, I present you with the gift of human service. Take this prisoner, and train her to suit your needs. She is yours, my Precious."

"Thank you, my Lord and Grand Master of the Danubian people. With humility and gratitude I will accept this gift that you have bestowed upon me."

With that Anyia kissed her husband's hand and took hold of the ring in Maria Elena's collar. Now it was official, the prisoner was the personal property of the Grand Duchess.

The Grand Duke then stood up, along with the three most attractive naked women in the room. Most of the servants formally belonged to Anyia, but on three occasions the Duke had kept a new female servant for himself. Everyone in the Royal Residence knew that those three women were extraordinarily lucky. Yes, the Grand Duke's personal servants did have to provide him with sexual favors and do things such as carry his golf clubs, but to serve the Grand Duke was infinitely better than having to serve the Grand Duchess. Once he selected a servant he treated her well, gave her plenty of food and rest, and never did he beat anyone. If a servant displeased him, he simply threatened to turn her back over to his wife, and that threat was enough to keep them very obedient.

The Grand Duke departed with his small escort. The three women huddled close behind him, knowing that he was the only person who stood between them and a life of humiliation and terror under the Grand Duchess and the two Lords in whom she confided.


Anyia attached a leash to Maria Elena's collar while the prisoner knelt and trembled. She was fully expecting another whipping or being returned to the pillory. However, Anyia had moved beyond her temper tantrum from the day before. Instead, she was livid over the horrific lack of respect that two male servants had displayed towards the household and towards the rules that, in her divine wisdom, she had established for the benefit of everyone in the residence. The offense was that the two servants had been caught talking to each other. Talking among the servants was strictly forbidden. They could communicate with a simple sign language, but to use their voices was a serious breach of the rules Anyia had imposed on the servants shortly after she became Grand Duchess. Such disgraceful behavior could only be atoned for by assuring that the perpetrators understood the true meaning of being dishonored.

The two disgraced young men lay on their stomachs on the floor with their feet cuffed together and their hands behind their backs. Both young men were typical-looking Danubians, of average stature and with brown hair and brown eyes. The other servants knelt in absolute silence while Anyia paced the room angrily, yanking the leash as Maria Elena tried to keep up with her. The Grand Duchess was screaming in Danubian, berating the entire group about their total lack of respect for the Royal Couple and their disdain for Royal Tradition. Maria Elena could only understand part of what her owner was saying, but she could tell that Anyia was spewing threats ranging from daily floggings for everyone in the room to being left in the pillory for several days.

Anyia only stopped when the two Lords who enjoyed her confidence entered the room. Behind them a group of naked women struggled to carry a heavy wooden table through the door. When she saw that the table had several sets of straps bolted to its surface, Maria Elena realized what it was. Except for being wooden instead of metal, it looked exactly like the table she had been switched on following her trial. She cringed, thinking that the young men were going to be punished. Yes, indeed, they were going to be switched, but Anyia and her Lords would not be satisfied with merely inflicting physical pain on their victims. Before their switchings, they would be dishonored.

The Lords placed a hard pillow in the middle of the table and secured it with buckles. Then they grabbed one of the prostrate servants and forced him onto the table, lying face up with the pillow under his hips. Once his wrists and ankles were restrained, the pillow forced him to arch his pelvis and placed his penis and testicles on lewd display. One of the Lords casually groped him as a prelude to the horrific humiliation about to be imposed on him and his unfortunate companion.

The Lords turned their attention to the other servant. They grabbed him and forced him to stand next to the table. They uncuffed his hands, but left his feet shackled so he could not move. Then both officials grabbed cattle prods and turned the devices to their maximum setting.

"Since you like making love-talk to each other, we will grant you that privilege, the honor of making love in front of us. Criminal # 100934, you will arouse Criminal # 100833. You will touch him with your hands, and you will caress and love him until he is hard. When he ejaculates, you will allow him to expend into your mouth, and you will make sure no mess is left behind."

In spite of their training to not betray emotion, Maria Elena could tell that both young men were mortified at what they were being forced to do. They were being ordered to degrade themselves in the worst way a Danubian man could be degraded. She was aware that in Danubian culture there was nothing more dishonorable for a man than to have his genitals touched by another man. Kim and Cecilia had emphasized the extent to which all Danubians (especially men) were totally paranoid at the thought of having their bodies being touched by someone of the same sex. It was a taboo with a severity particular to Danubian culture.

Maria Elena was about to witness something worse than a simple touching, because the two servants would be forced to perform a homosexual act in front of a room full of other people; fellow servants, several guards, three members of the country's nobility, and a camera that had been set up to record their degradation. And yet they would do their best to comply with what they were being ordered to do, because they knew that if they failed, their families would be brought to the Royal Residence to see what loathsome and dishonored creatures they had become.

Criminal # 100934 started massaging Criminal # 100833's upper thighs and stomach, slowly working towards his penis and testicles. As he began to fondle his companion's penis, it wasn't too long before Criminal # 100833 began to get hard, in spite of the overwhelming humiliation he was enduring. As she watched with both horror and fascination, Maria Elena wondered how many times those two servants had been forced to perform on each other or on other male servants. Then a more terrifying thought entered her mind...if Anyia was forcing her male servants to have sex with each other in front of an audience, there was no reason to assume she wouldn't force her female servants to do the exact same thing. She glanced with terror at the other naked kneeling women, wondering which one would be the first her owner would force her to have sex with.

Tears formed in Criminal # 100934's eyes as he placed his mouth over his companion's penis. He started sucking as he continued to stroke the shaft. Criminal # 100833 closed his eyes and ejaculated, desperate to simply get the experience over with. As he struggled to swallow the semen in his mouth, Criminal # 100934 coughed and gagged. Suddenly he screamed and fell on the floor. The two Lords plunged their cattle prods at him, eliciting more agonized screams.

"You left a mess, you disgusting pervert! You defied orders and you left a mess!"

Anyia spoke next.

"That dishonored beast! Take him to the whipping post! I'll deal with him!

With that two guards dragged the sobbing criminal out to the courtyard, while Anyia screamed at another male servant to bring her whips. Meanwhile, Criminal # 100833 remained strapped to the table, absolutely silent. With Anyia's ire directed towards the unfortunate Criminal # 100934, he knew that it was quite possible that he would avoid any further punishment over the talking incident. Anyia was as capricious as she was vicious. If she exhausted herself flogging Criminal 100934, then it was probable she would forget all about punishing Criminal # 100833 and at some point later in the day a guard would let him up from the table and he would quietly return to his duties.


While the other servants knelt in the courtyard, the Grand Duchess of Danubia flogged Criminal # 100934. He screamed pitifully as the whip crossed his body over and over. She concentrated on his bottom and upper back, but she struck everywhere from his calves to his shoulders. It seemed she couldn't get enough of beating him, and the two Lords were all too happy to give him an occasional shock in the testicles with one of their zappers. Finally Anyia stopped flogging, simply because she was too exhausted to continue. By the time she dropped her whip, her victim was covered with horrific welts, some of which were bleeding.

"Put him in the pillory."

The Lords glanced at each other. Maria Elena could tell their mood had changed and that they became concerned about punishing Criminal # 100934 any further. The two officials had been willing participants in the servant's punishment, but never before had they seen Anyia flog to the point of drawing blood. He knew that needed a chance to recover and that putting him in the pillory in his condition was not a good idea.

"What are you waiting for? Put that dishonored creature in the pillory."

As reluctant as the Lords were to do anything further to their victim, they were not about to argue with the Grand Duchess in front of the other servants. They ordered the guards to unchain Criminal # 100934 from the whipping post and put him in the pillory.

Once he was chained, the young man hung limply. The Lords became even more concerned about his condition. They knew that they would have to somehow divert the attention of the Grand Duchess as quickly as possible, so they could get Criminal # 100934 down and have him taken to the infirmary of the Royal Residence. They did not really feel sorry for him, but they knew that a death among the Royal Servants was something they needed to avoid. A death was one thing that eventually would get out, and that would cause a scandal for the Royal Household.


The Lord that had raped Maria Elena the night before quietly spoke to the Grand Duchess, suggesting that she try out her newest servant.

"She is a lovely girl, your Graciousness, and you know what they say about women from the tropics. I'm sure she is eager to please you."

Anyia tightened her grip on the leash holding Maria Elena's collar.

"Yes, I suppose so. I guess after what I've just been through, I deserve a little pleasure."

"Yes, your Graciousness. You've had a difficult day so far. Why not take a break and enjoy yourself? Lord Vidmarkt and I will handle the household. Go and relax with the new servant, my Lady. I will send Criminal # 100504 to assist."

The Lord whistled in the direction of one of the female servants, an attractive blond girl who did not look Danubian. Criminal # 100504 immediately stood up, walked over to the Lord, and knelt at his feet.

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