tagBDSMThe Cowboy Way Ch. 03

The Cowboy Way Ch. 03


Tori called Jack when she returned home then prepared for bed. She was feeling very satisfied and a little sore but it was a good feeling.

She climbed into bed and fell into a deep sleep that was riddled with unusual dreams, when she woke up the next morning she felt the need to orgasm very intensely. She pushed her feelings away and got ready for her day. She went to work, went about her day and every so often thoughts of what happened would sneak in and brings out a big smile on her face. If anyone noticed the change in her attitude they didn't say anything.

Tori arrived home to find a message on her answering machine. She knew it wasn't her mother as she had just spoken with her. She pushed the play button and was surprised to hear Jack's voice leaving her a message.

"Tori, this is Jack. I forgot to mention to you last night that I'm having a group of friends over on Saturday night. They are all in the lifestyle, and we get together once in a while for play parties. I know you are new to this and if you choose not to participate in this I will understand. If you could call me and let me know what you would like to do that would be good. I'll be back here at the house after nine p.m."

Tori stood looking at the machine as if it had sprouted horns.

Play party? Doing what they did in front of others? She didn't know if she could do it. She decided to fix some dinner and do some serious thinking.

While she nibbled on her dinner she thought about being spanked and touched in public. If it was only Jack touching her she thought she could do it. If someone else were to do something she didn't know how she would react. She decided to wait and talk to Jack and see what he had to say about it. She did some laundry and talked to her friend Becca online for a few minutes. She didn't tell Becca about Jacks invitation yet. This was something she wanted to keep to herself for now.

A little after nine she called Jack to talk to him about Saturday. She smiled when he answered, the rich timber of his voice calming her.

"Hi, Jack, its Tori. I'm calling about Saturday night. I have a few questions."

"Hi Tori, I'd be concerned if you didn't have some questions. Go ahead and ask away."

"Well, if I do come on Saturday will I have to let anyone else touch me?"

"No, we can specify that you are not available for anyone else to play with. At least for now. You may change your mind in time about it. ,"

"Thank you Sir. That makes me feel better. How many people are going to be there?"

"I think there will be about six couples if that. I still have two that haven't responded yet."

"OK," taking a deep breath and a quick thought about Saturday, ," I'll be there. Is there anything special that I need to do?"

"Just wear something really sexy, no underwear, heels if you have them too please, and thigh high stockings are allowed."

"Yes Sir,"

"Then I will see you Saturday at seven p.m. Good night,"

"Yes Sir, good night"

Tori hung up the phone, and wandered into her bedroom, mentally running through her wardrobe trying to determine if she had anything suitable to wear. She walked to her closet and started sorting through her clothes. Rejecting the plain clothes she owned. It was too late to go shopping tonight, but tomorrow after work she’d go shopping.

The next day at work she could barely contain her excitement. It had been too long since she had bought herself anything new. And the outfit she had to purchase for Saturday had to be really special. Finally her workday was over; she headed straight to the mall. She wanted to stop in the leather shop first. She found a leather mini skirt that barely covered her butt, and a strapless leather top that left little to the imagination. She went to the dressing room to try them on. Feeling a little naughty to be buying something so provocative, she stepped out into the main room to look in the three-sided mirror they had there. The young sales guys jaw visibly dropped open when she stepped out. She walked over to the mirror, looking this way and that to make sure it was what she wanted.

“That, that outfit looks really good on you," the young man said from behind her. She smiled in the mirror at him.

“Thank you, It’s perfect for what I need," she headed back to the dressing room quickly changing back into her work clothes. She paid for her outfit and walked out of the store, the young man just watched her as she left. Smiling to herself she headed to the shoe store next. She decided on a pair of black pumps that were a little higher than she normally would wear but were very comfortable.

Driving home, Tori realized she was happier than she had been in a long while. Submitting to Jack was helping her to be more relaxed and happy. She tried not to think too much about Saturday, she was nervous, as she wasn’t sure what would happen with other people around. When she got home she fixed herself a light meal then went to soak in a bubble bath. She slipped into the fragrant bubbles, and sighed with contentment. She grabbed her razor, and shaved making sure she had her legs silky smooth. Before she left on Saturday she would shave again just to be sure.

The rest of the week went by quickly. On Saturday morning, Tori got up and did her chores, then decided to splurge on going to the hair salon. She called and made an appointment just to have her hair braided. She knew that would eat up a little time and help make her more presentable for Jack. That was the one goal Tori had in mind was to make her presentable for Jack.

She took her time getting to her hair appointment, and then relaxed as she let them do her hair.

“So you have a date tonight Tori? It’s been a while since we’ve seen you in here?" Nan asked as she started washing Tori’s hair.

“Yes, and I just wanted my hair out of the way and something different than in a ponytail.”

“Okay, I’ll make sure it looks good then”

Tori smiled and closed her eyes. It always relaxed her to have someone else do her hair for her.

A half-hour later, Tori walked out of the salon, her hair falling in a braid down her back. She went home and decided to take a bath and relax, and fix herself something light to eat. She was starting to get really nervous about tonight. She was so afraid of making a mistake, or saying something she shouldn’t. She almost called Jack and told him she wasn’t going to come after all, but she couldn’t bring herself to cancel her plans.

After putting on some light makeup, Tori got dressed in her new outfit. She checked herself in the mirror and hoped that this is what Jack had in mind.

Tori made the short drive to Jack’s house and pulled into the yard. There were no other cars there yet, she took a few deep breaths and climbed out of the car. Her hands were slick with sweat, and her heart was pounding in her ears. Tori said a quick prayer that when she saw Jack; she would calm down again.

She walked to the door and rang the bell. Still taking deep breaths to calm herself she waited impatiently for Jack to answer the door. When Jack opened the door she held her breath, she had never seen him in anything other than work shirts and jeans. Now he stood in front of her in all black. Tight snug fitting jeans that molded to his lean hips and buttocks, a black shirt and a black leather vest.

“Hi," Tori finally managed as she licked her suddenly dry lips.

“Hello, come inside, no one else is here yet but I expect them shortly." Jack’s eyes roamed up and down as she walked in. He smiled as she walked past him. ," You look very nice this evening.”

“Thank you, Sir,"

“Tori, relax, nothing will happen tonight that you don’t want to happen. You may even know a few of the people who are coming this evening. Would you like something to drink?”

“No, I’m fine thank you," Tori was unsure of what was really expected of her this evening. ," Sir, may I ask you a question?”


“What is going to be expected of me this evening? Am I just going to be here to see what happens or do you plan on playing with me as we have the past few weeks?”

“Well you will have time to see what the others are doing, and yes I would like to play with you this evening, but only if you are comfortable. I realize this is all new to you. During the play parties there is no sexual contact. If you and I scene together this evening, I would very much like for you to stay here this evening and service me, but again that choice will be yours. Please realize that this will not always be an option for you, I am allowing this only because it is your first experience with this and I don’t want to frighten you.”

“Thank you, Sir. ,"

The doorbell rang just then and Tori almost jumped out of her skin. ‘Stop it’ she admonished herself.

Jack went to answer the door, and she heard several different voices saying hello. Tori stood still in the middle of the room, feeling a bit like a deer caught in the glare of oncoming headlights.

“Tori, I’d like you to meet, Richard and Pam, Steve and Cindy, Robert and Rebecca," Jack introduced people as they walked into the room. Everyone nodded and said hello. When Rebecca walked in the room, Tori almost fainted. This was her best friend from online here at Jack’s house.

Jack walked up to Tori and gently placed an arm around her waist, giving her a gentle squeeze for encouragement.

Tori watched Becca whisper to her Master quickly. ," Jack, it seems our two submissive’s know each other already, but have never actually met. Becca would like to talk to Tori for a few moments if it is okay with you.”

“Yes by all means. We can all mingle for a bit then head out to the loft," Jack smiled at Tori then walked over to one of the other couples.

Becca walked up to Tori and hugged her. “Oh my God Tori. If I had known you were talking about this Jack I would have been able to prepare you for this. I’m so glad we finally get to meet. “

Tori smiled. “I’m so glad to finally meet you too. We have never been able to make our schedules match. At least now I can put a voice and face with the name.”

“This is great. Jack always has great play parties. His loft is open and big enough for all of us to move around without tripping over each other." Becca hugged her again. ," Why didn’t you tell me about this? Then I would have known who you were talking about.”

"I wasn’t sure what to tell you, I’m very nervous but feel better knowing you’re here and you know Jack.”

“Becca?" her Master called her from the other side of the room.

“Yes Sir?”

"Bring me a drink please”

“Yes Master," Becca swallowed her impatience and went to fix him his drink.

Tori did notice that it was only soda and water that was being served, there was no alcohol at all. Tori watched Becca take her Master his drink. When she handed him the drink, he didn’t say anything to her, but pointed at the floor. Becca went to her knees and knelt next to him. He absently stroked her hair while she held up her hands like a cup to hold his drink for him.

Tori watched them fascinated. The two other submissive's were kneeling next to their Master’s also. Jack caught Tori’s eye and she walked over to stand next to him.

"During the play portion of our evening, I’m going to request that I be the only one to play with Tori this evening. She is very new to the lifestyle and this is her first play party. All of the other rules of our play parties will remain the same. When you are ready, we can go out to the loft.”

Within a few minutes everyone was heading across the yard to the barn. Most of the couples stopped at their cars and picked up bags. When they got to the barn, Jack turned on the lights upstairs and everyone climbed up to the loft. Tori instinctively went to kneel where she normally would when she played with Jack. Jack walked up to her and smiled, pleased that she had knelt to wait for him.

“Stand up." Tori stood before him, her knees trembling. She was more nervous tonight than she was the first time they had played together. Jack gently touched her cheek, and smiled. “You’re doing fine,," he said softly. “Relax for a few minutes and just watch, I need to turn on the music." Jack walked over to the wall and selected several discs and put them in the player. Soon, relaxing music filled the barn. Tori turned to her right and saw Becca and her Master, at the spanking saddle as she had come to term it. Becca was lying

over the saddle, her naked body awaiting her Master’s touch. Richard and Cindy were preparing to play together. Richard had cuffed Cindy’s hands in front of her and attached them to the chain hanging from the beams. Steve and Pam were by the long table. Tori felt like she was intruding watching, but she couldn’t make herself turn away from what was happening in front of her. Jack walked up behind Tori and tugged her braid, her head going back. “Let’s go over to the cross, you haven’t been on that yet." Not letting go of her hair he led her to what appeared to Tori to be a giant X. Jack put cuffs on her wrist and made sure she couldn’t slip her hands out of them. He helped her to stand in front of the cross; her body still barely covered in the leather outfit she wore. Jack moved around behind her setting out various crops, paddles, canes, and gloves. He wanted to start her out slowly and build. He had a good idea of what she was capable of withstanding, but he didn’t want to push her too far to fast.

Tori could hear the other submissive’s being flogged or spanked around her. She could just see Becca out of the corner of her eye, could hear her soft moans as her Master, flogged her back. She smiled to herself remembering how she felt the first time she had laid across that saddle.

Jack walked up behind Tori lightly running his hands up her legs under the hem of her skirt. Giving her buttocks a light squeeze.

“Remember you can stop me at anytime. I want you to remember you r colors too. I’m going to be using new things on you this evening. I’m not going to blindfold you, but I will request that you close your eyes and just feel. “

“Yes Sir,"

"I do think we need to lose this outfit though," Jack commented as he tugged the zipper of her skirt down. Exposing her naked buttocks to his gaze and to anyone else who cared to look. Tori felt the cool air caress her skin, leaving her a little chilled, but only for a moment. Jack lightly smacked her bottom as he set her skirt aside, and undid her top. He gently caressed her breast, before he moved away again. Tori closed her eyes awaiting the first touch from Jack. She jumped involuntarily when the flogger met with her bare skin. She felt the sting, and then a releasing of muscles as Jack continued to flog her. Every so often Jack would make one of the smacks sting more than the other, and Tori just sighed with the pleasure of it. Jack used a variety of floggers on her back and buttocks. Her skin turned a light shade of pink. He switched to a wooden paddle that Tori felt all the way through her, her hands clenching tight against the rings on the cuffs. Jack, then used something on her that she couldn’t figure out what it was, it was painfully sharp and erotic at the same time. Up and down her back, squeezing her buttocks, trailing up and down her legs. He reached around her front sliding his hands up and down her body. Causing her to arch against him. He cupped her nipples, sending pinpricks of pain and pleasure through her. She moaned as she pressed her body back against him. He kissed her neck lightly, and continued arousing her senses. He gave her a few smacks with his bare hand that had her getting very wet and moaning. Jack smiled to himself. He was enjoying the way Tori was responding to what he was doing. He mentally stored this in his mind, and continued to flog her. Her back was now a light shade of red. He switched to a heavier flogger, and flogged the back of her legs below her butt. Then moved his way up her body, he watched her hands tighten and release against the rings of the cuffs but she didn’t stop him. He steadily continued to use various things on her, even giving her a few smacks with the cane, just at the base of her buttocks, top of her thighs. She whimpered but didn’t ask him to stop.

“Tori, are you all right?" he asked in her ear as he came up behind her.

“Yes Sir," she sighed.

Jack carefully took her down from the cross, not sure how she would feel once he released her. She looked a little dazed to him, and he wanted to be very careful with her. He sat her down on a chair, and handed her a cup of water. He knelt down in front of her so he could be on eye level with her.

“You did very good tonight. I’m very pleased. How are you feeling right now?"

“I’m okay Sir. I can’t describe what I feel right now. It’s a combination of sore and pleasure at the same time. I’m sure I will be feeling a little sore tomorrow." She smiled at him.

"Well, the party will be done soon. You can remain seated here or if you wish to you can kneel in your designated spot. Just remember normally, you will be kneeling after any playing we do. Tonight I did more than normal and want to make sure you are okay.”

Wanting to please Jack she rose from the chair and walked over to where she knelt to wait for him, when they played alone. Tori became aware that the others were still playing, she could hear the sounds of floggers, and other implements being used. Soon, the room was quiet except for the music. Tori didn’t know how long she had knelt there waiting. Her mind was thinking about what would happen after the others had left. Jack had told her he wanted her to stay.

“Tori, time to call it a night," Jack stated quietly.

Tori glanced up at Jack and saw the smile on his face. She got up, and went to pick up her clothes. Becca walked over and hugged her. “I’m so glad we got to meet. I’ll talk to you soon okay.”

“Yes, I’ll talk to you soon”

Everyone went down to the main level; the other girls were putting their clothes on, as they had to drive home from Jacks. Tori still held her clothes in her arms, not sure if she should get dressed or stay naked.

“Let’s go inside before you get chilled standing out here," Jack took Tori’s hand and led her into the house.

He locked the doors and directed her to his room. Tori had never been in the house before so following Jack’s directions she found his room. She stood at the foot of his bed waiting for him to come in the room. He walked in, unbuttoning his shirt as he walked. He laid it over the chair, then took off his boots, and undid his jeans. Tori could only stare at him, her mouth dry he was a well-built man, solid muscle. Tori knew he had strength that he kept under control.

Jack sat down on the side of the bed. His cock already standing, waiting to be attended to.

“Come kneel over here in front of me”

Tori did as he requested, kneeling between his legs. She knew without him saying so he wanted her to suck on his cock. She waited for his instructions.

“You’ve pleased me tremendously little one. Now I’d like you to take my cock in your mouth and pleasure me.”

“Yes Sir," Tori leaned forward and slid his already hard cock into her mouth, taking it in as far as she could. Running her tongue up and down the sides. She started stroking his cock, with her mouth and she heard him let out a muffled moan. She worked that much harder to bring him satisfaction. As she stroked his cock, he reached out and grabbed her hair, and pushed himself deeper into her mouth. She tried not to struggle against the pressure he was putting on her head. Soon Jack’s cum was squirting into her mouth and throat. Tori didn’t have time to think she just naturally swallowed. She continued to suck and lick until Jack released her head. Slowly she slid her mouth off of his cock. Looking at him, awaiting his next set of instructions.

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