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The Daddy Dare


My second wife and I have been married for 5 years. With the marriage, came an instant family. Danni, her daughter from her previous marriage, is now 18 and is a senior in high school. I have teenage sons from my first marriage, so having a step-daughter was all new. I have never tried to be a dad to Danni; I let her relate to me however it is she feels necessary. I try to fit into my role as her mom's husband.

Actually, Danni and I get along quite well. Her real father has been out of the picture since their divorce. When Danni and Sue (my wife) get into heated arguments, I end up being the peace keeper. Danni has actually come to me a couple times when she has had difficulty with Sue. I helped.

keep things from boiling over, like when Danni came home with a nose piercing or when she got a tramp stamp tattoo. Sue was livid, but I tried to explain that those battles were not worth picking.

Other than stuff like that, Danni has been trouble free. Of course, she will drink at parties and do stuff that you would expect 18 year olds to do, but overall, she is a good kid. She is a pure bred hottie, and both my sons enjoy having her as a little sister.

Allow me to describe her a little bit. Danni is an absolute cutie. She stands 5'1" tall with jet black curly hair and weighs maybe 105 pounds. She has big blue eyes and some tiny A cup boobs. She is very small built, but incredibly muscular. Her petite frame is very little girlish and she has some slight curves in all the right places. However, she possesses a very high and tight teenage ass. I have caught myself checking her out quite frequently as she wears very little clothing around the house. She usually wears the short cheer shorts and tight shirts with no bra.

Little Danni is a star soccer and tennis player at school. I really enjoy watching her on the tennis court. She fits in her tight little tennis outfit so very well. And of course, her skirts are insanely short. Our house is usually like grand central station with all her friends coming and going. It has been that way since I moved in 5 years ago. Needless to say, she also has some totally hot little friends. They have all gotten used to me being around, and actually treat me as if I am Danni's dad.

Danni's closest friend Shay is also 18, and is at our house so much, it's more like having a second daughter. But she too, is a good kid, so she is welcome to come and go as she pleases. Shay is a little more outgoing than Danni and has a little adventurous side to her (I'll explain later).

The girls consider me to be a COOL dad. I am home a lot since my job has me on shift work. I am the one making them lunches and dinners. My wife works almost 50 hours a week, so I never see her until late in the evenings. The girls make grocery lists and I make sure to buy it all. I figure, it's better to keep your kids at home, than to allow them to run the roads senselessly. Danni's friends are very easy going around me. After years of being in our pool, they don't hesitate to wear the skimpiest bikinis and outfits imaginable. Even now that they have all filled out and turned into some totally spanking hot 18 and 19 year olds, it's all just innocence to them.

Danni's and Shay are quite the contrast in physical appearance. Shay is 5'9" tall and weights 125ish and has platinum blond hair and really full B cup boobs that spill from the sides of her usually small bikini tops. Large enough to be slightly saggy but firm enough to go braless. She has more curves than a race track and has the confidence to match. She also wears very skimpy clothing while at our house. I have really benefited from having the pool as it's usually the regular meeting place for the girls. My shift work has me home during the weekdays a lot and summer time is good to me.

During this last summer break was when all the new things too place. Plenty of Danni's friends were regulars in our pool. They did the Typical 18 year old girl stuff, with all the goofy wrestling matches and pushing each other in the pool. I kept my distance as I didn't want to look overly excited to gawk at all the bikini clad hotties. Of course, the two I enjoyed watching the most were Danni and Shay.

My bedroom overlooks the pool and has a great view. I have been watching them from the window all summer. Seeing their tight little 18 year old sweaty bodies romping around has given me many sights to masturbate to. I will stand there watching and jerking off until my cock actually hurts. Sure it's perverted, but who cares, 18 and 19 year olds weren't this hot when I was that age.

Anyhow, one night Shay spent the night and they slept in the basement rec room as usual. Down there is everything you need to live. Big screen tv, fridge full of drinks and pantry full of junk food. The steps to go downstairs are kinda hidden and you can go down without anybody knowing you are there. I was getting ready for bed and decided to get a drink. I went to the kitchen and heard voices downstairs.

I quietly walked down the steps and hid in the shadow of the corner. I could hear their conversation as plain as day. It was obvious they were talking about sex. Shay was elaborating on her experiences with guys.

"I will tell you this much, the best cock I had was Bill's."

"Oh my god, Shay, he's your step-dad. How could you do that with him?"

"Well Danni, I'm a red blooded American girl, and after all, he's not my REAL dad. He's my mom's husband, which makes him no relation to me. Besides, he has been checking me out since the day he moved in."

"What makes him better than the guys our age?"

"Well, for one thing, the REAL MEN take their time; they're not in a rush to bust their nut. They are very attentive to our needs and wants. Bill is willing to let me tell him what I want to try. It has been a great learning experience."

"I don't know Shay, it seems kinda weird, you know. I don't know if I could be with Pete like that. I mean, he is good looking and all, but it is quite different."

"Look here missy, if you want to gain any experience other than the SCHOOL BOY'S you been with, then I say you gotta get moving. Pete is just the guy for you."

"I'll think about it and see how it goes."

That was more than enough to flood my mind with perverted thoughts. Was my step-daughter really thinking about fucking me? I sneaked my way back upstairs and into bed. The thoughts of her tight little nubile body gave me an instant erection. I jerked off before going to bed. I had incredible visions of her as I pulled my pud.

Over the next couple days, she seemed a little different. Maybe it was just because I heard them talking, but I felt she was just a little bit flirtatious. She seemed to bump into me or rub up against me while I was sitting and stuff like that. There were a couple times, where it appeared as if she stretched out a little more, so her revealing clothes would creep up some more. I did not think much of it, but sure did enjoy the extra bit of attention.

The next week, Shay spent the night again and I snuck downstairs to listen. Of course the topic was sex and Danni was more intrigued than last week.

"Oh, he noticed me alright. He couldn't peel his eyes away. I made sure to bump and rub him chance I got. Now I just have to figure out how to make it happen. But I'm not sure Shay, something just doesn't seem quite right."

"Bullshit Danni. You're gonna fuck him if it's the last thing you do. I dare you to come up with something. And I will bet you a hundred bucks, that you'll be thanking me for the idea."

"I don't know....."

"Besides Danni, I have done EVERY dare you have come up with. So now, it's your turn. Make it happen, I DARE YOU."

Both girls giggled and the topic changed from sex to other stuff. That was my queue to go back upstairs. Sure enough, looks as though Danni is seriously considering fucking me. Damn, what a thought, how am I going to help her get this done?

Again, over the next two days, she was obviously trying to get me to notice her. Little did she know, I have been noticing since the day I moved in. But now, I know of her little plan, I was going to make sure she completed the task. Danni works out regularly in the gym in the basement. She is serious about her need to maintain the maximum fitness level for her sports. And her hot tiny body was really showing the benefits of all the workouts. Her newest outfits seemed tighter and smaller than ever before.

One day I was out running errands and came home earlier than expected. I called out to see if Danni was home and got no response. Her car was in the driveway so I figured she must be taking a nap. She was not in her room and I continued to search the house. When I got to the top of the basement steps, I heard noise that caught my attention. I figured she was downstairs working out.

I descended the steps so very slowly and peeked around the corner. Much to my shock and surprise, I saw Danni and Shay sprawled out on the floor watching a porn movie on the big screen. The movie was obviously about an 18 year old girl and an older man. The kicker was that Danni was nude and Shay was stuffing a life-size dildo in and out of her cunt.

"Take it Danni, pretend it's your daddy's big cock. How do you like daddy's penis fucking your little pussy?"

"uhhhhhhh, fuck Shay, go faster. Make me cum just like I want daddy to do."

Danni was squirming all over as Shay stuffed the dildo in and out rambunctiously. I almost passed out from excitement and all the blood rushing from my big head to my little head.

They did not see me as the tv is on the far wall and anybody watching it has their back to the stairs. I instinctively reached for my hardening cock and was ready to pull my pud right then. However, I did not want to scare or startle them, so I snuck back upstairs and kept to myself. Of course, later that night, I jerked off to the vision of her naked body lying on the floor.

Like I said before, Shay is a little more adventurous and Danni sometimes follows along for the fun. One day, I told them I was running to the mall to get some clothing items. Shay jumped right up and said she wanted to come along as she wanted to buy some new bikinis. She elbowed Danni who then chimed in that she needed some too. The girls were giggling the whole way there. They whispered and giggled constantly, so I knew something was up.

Sure enough, I was right. As soon as I bought the stuff I wanted, the girls dragged me to the swimsuit store. Each one disappeared into the fitting rooms with a handful of suits. One by one they came out and modeled. They did their best to strut their stuff and get a reaction out of me. There seemed to be some extra wiggles and shakes as they modeled. In the fitting room, they continued to whisper and giggle. I knew they were purposely putting on a show, just to see how I would react. Fortunately, my baggy shorts hid my monstrous erection.

I would just say things like 'that one's nice' or 'yeah, I like that one'. The devil in me wanted to rip them off and fuck both of them right there. But I held back and let them enjoy trying to make me squirm. Again, that night, I had the best fresh images of my hot little step daughter to jerk off with.

Danni had a slumber party and 5 or 6 girls showed up. I did a little pre-party planning this time. I found I could hide in the storage room and listen to them through the furnace grate in the wall. Once they were all there, I snuck down and took a seat. Of course the topic was boys and sex.

"Hey girls, did you hear that Danni and I gave Pete a bikini show the other day at the mall? I could tell he was trying to hide his boner. Oh yeah, and Danni is going to try to fuck him too."

"Oh my god Shay, why don't you just tell the whole world."

"Oh, and I forgot. I used my dildo to get her off, while she pretended it was her daddy."


"Hey Danni, don't be ashamed, I fucked my step-dad and it was the best cock I have had so far. Sure beats these cum-and-go boys we know."

"Holy shit Jill, you really did your dad. You even call him dad that must have been weird."

"Not really. I just call him dad because I think it turns him on. Either way, he fucked me like the boys only WISH they could. Do it Danni, you'll be glad you did."

My mind raced as I pulled out my cock and jerked my wad right then. Damn, I guess she really is going to do it after all. SWEEEEEEEETTTTTT....

Over the next several days, Danni was still giving me little rubs and bumps in order to get my attention. She got it alright and I was more than ready to help her get what she wants. We have a very nice gym in the basement also. She makes sure to keep up her incredible fitness level so she can perform her best in her sports. She is most likely going to college on a full ticket with the soccer, so she works out regularly.

"Hey Pete, would you please spot me on the bench press?"

"Sure hon, no problem."

I followed her downstairs and was oogling her cute little butt as it wiggled in her tight spandex shorts. She also wore a sports bra with no shirt. She had been on the treadmill and worked up a generous sweat which soaked through some of the material. There was noticeable moisture down her cleavage and up her butt crack. This was a total turn on for me and I struggled so as not to get an erection.

"Thanks Pete, I am going with more weight today and don't want to take any chances."

"Good idea, you can't afford to get yourself hurt. If you don't go pro, I'm gonna have to work forever."

"Pro nuthin, I just wanna look good in my bikini."

"I think you already have that covered Danni."

We both laughed and she lay down on the bench and reached for the bar. I immediately noticed her tight tummy muscles and her cute little pierced naval. She had her legs slightly spread and her feet flat on the floor. I had a great view of her pussy mound which was pressed in with the tight spandex material. Her nipples were slightly hard and her body was glistening with sweat. It took everything I had to keep from getting an erection.

I was wearing a baggy pair of gym shorts and my crotch was directly above her face. She hesitated for just a moment and it appeared as if she were sneaking a peek. She did several reps with the weights and sat back up. Then, she caught me by total surprise.

"Pete, I know you've been checking me out. Especially the last couple weeks or so. I know that because I have gone out of my way to make sure."

"Uhhhhhh, I , uhhhhhhh...."

"It's ok, Pete, I wanted it that way. You are a man with needs and I am a girl with needs. We should work together and try to make each other feel good, sexually I mean. I don't want to play all the games with the boys my age. I want somebody who is experienced to show me how thing are really done. So what do you think?"

I was totally blown away by her directness and so caught off guard that I could barely think straight. I definitely wasn't even able to spit out an audible response. I was still thinking about planning to SLOWLY seduce HER. But she knew what she wanted and my cock was the goal. She looked at me kinda funny and then turned so her whole body was facing me while still straddling the weight bench. She pulled the crotch of her shorts aside and gave me a flash of her glistening sweaty pussy.

"Maybe this will help you make up your mind. Wouldn't you like to have some of my pretty little pussy pie?

I reacted quickly and grabbed her by the hand. I let her to the big plush couch and we both sat down. I was terrified as shit, sitting here with my step-daughter, who made it very well known, that she wants me to have her pussy. I hoisted her up on to my lap with her sitting sideways. I lay back in a reclined manner and pulled her head close. She looked me in the eye and never hesitated, not one bit. She leaned in and we began to kiss, very slowly and passionately.

Instinct took over and the nervousness was gone. She wanted it, and I was going to give it to her. She really seemed comfortable with kissing me. Her lips parted and our tongues touched and explored each others. Her tongue actually felt kinda small, but she knew how to kiss and was eager to show it. She sucked my tongue as if she were sucking my cock. She took it deep into her mouth and really put some pressure on it. She really liked to kiss incredibly slowly, and I wasn't going to rock the boat.

My hand went to her creamy smooth inner thigh and she parted her legs slightly. She allowed me to gently caress her leg from her knee up to the bottom of her shorts. She stopped kissing me long enough to inhale deeply and settle herself down. We went right back to kissing as she ran her fingers through my hair. With my other hand wrapped around her back, I kept her pulled in tight. Her tight butt was squirming around on my straining erection. That alone, was just the beginning of her getting me off.

"How did you like the bikini show the other day? Did it make your dick hard like it is now?"

"Oh I liked it just fine. And yes, my dick was hard. You little cock teasers were not very nice."

"Look at it this way Daddy, it gave you something to look forward to. But now you get to do something about it."

I slid my hand up to her crotch and gently dragged my fingers across the material covering her pussy. She gasped in response and exhaled deeply. She spread her legs more which indicated she wanted more. I used my index finger and began to rub up and down her slit right through the material. She looked down and watched and seemed to have a slight smile on her face. Her legs parted a little more and I applied more pressure.

I pulled 2 big overstuffed pillows over and laid her down on her back, with her legs draped perpendicular across my lap. Her crotch was aimed straight up as her butt was half lying on my thigh. I had great access to her crotch as her legs were spread giving me the go-ahead. Instead of wasting time rubbing through her shorts, I grabbed them and began to tug. She lifted her little butt just enough for me to slide them down. I was greeted with the beautiful sight of her naturally bald 18 year old pussy.

Her cunt was a work of art and it was obvious that it had very little previous usage. It was closed up nice and tight and had just the right amount of pout to it. Her eyes were glazed over in the moment and she looked eager to continue. I spread her legs even more which even exposed her little wrinkled butt hole. I began to use 2 fingers to gently rub the outer areas around her pussy. Her hips gyrated in response and she breathed deeply each time I got closer to her little pie.

I could see her slit begin to open as she became more aroused. I detected a small amount of pussy juice in her slit and smeared it all around her cute little pussy lips. I rubbed her lips with 2 fingers and applied enough pressure to help get her going. She pushed her pelvis out in attempt to get my fingers to penetrate her, which I did not yet allow. .

"How does it feel Daddy? How does it feel to be here getting ready to finger fuck your hot little daughter?"

"It feels pretty damn good. I'm glad you came up with the idea."

We both laughed and she continued to squirm as I teased her with just my finger tips. I stopped briefly, and dragged my fingertips up her tight smooth belly. She inhaled deeply and let out a brief moan. Her body was ultra sensitive to my touch and I knew she was really enjoying all of it. I ran my fingers up and down the curve of her waist and hips and she wiggled in response to my touch. I resumed by allowing my fingertips to just barely caress all over her baby smooth pussy mound.

I refocused my attention her slit and I pushed my finger inside her moist, warm, and incredibly tight, 18 year old pussy. I slid it deeper to the second knuckle and her cunt accepted it easily. I used my thumb to locate her little clit nub and began to rub it very slowly and methodically. She inhaled very deeply and held her breath. She looked down to watch my actions, and finally exhaled and sighed. I pushed my finger to the full depth and began to rotate it, in hopes of hitting her G-spot.

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