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The Day After


What an evening!!! I went back to a wonderful girl's house last night after meeting her (and fucking her) at a show-jumping event. I fucked her again in the tack room when we got back to the stable yard and I also fucked the groom. Dinner was interesting, but before we ate, Nicola's horny little sister (Penelope) and her insatiable friend (Zoë) sucked and fucked me in the shower. Before dinner, Nicola allowed me watch her get dressed and teased me beyond redemption.

Dinner was no different. Penelope sucked me under the table as both Nicola and her mother (Veronica) massaged my balls and cock from either side. Nicola's Dad (Dave) fingered the maid as she served each course and everyone just carried on as if no one was doing anything different. By the time we got to dessert, the orgy really kicked off, with Veronica mounting me, the butler mounting Nicola and Dave eating out Zoey who sat on the table in front of him and spread her legs lewdly. And in all the excitement, as Clint Eastwood might have said, "I clean forgot to" mention what Andrea (the groom) got up to. Silly me!

But I did appreciate the feedback and constructive criticism from all of the readers who pointed this out. Thank you chaps, and keep the feedback coming.

I woke up with a warm feeling around my cock and the unmistakably pungent smell of a well-fucked pussy hovering over my face. I felt myself harden in double quick time and Nicola squealed with delight "mmmmmmm, I love it when a cock grows to full size in my mouth" and, with that, she slurped happily and lowered her pussy on to my mouth. I licked each lip inside and out. She groaned her approval and sucked harder on my cock. I brought my arms up under her tummy and massaged her dangling breasts and tweaked her big, rubbery nipples. She liked being handled like that and seemed to encourage me to grope her tits and ass at every opportunity. Her licking was pure bliss. I could feel her tongue wipe across the bulb of my dick and under the rim. She also licked up and down from base to tip and slobbered over it … making really dirty blowjob noises and making me even harder. My cock was throbbing and her pussy was dripping from my oral onslaught. I stayed away from her sensitive clit and she kept trying to manoeuvre her clit on to my tongue.

"Please suck on my clitty," she begged, as she clamped the base of my cock with her hand and continued to slobber all over my cock and balls. "Oooh, you've got such a nice cock" she added "I do like a nice stiff cock in the mornings".

Mmmmmmph, I replied, as I buried my tongue inside her warm and wet pussy. She tasted so good. I was in heaven and I was not going to allow her to cum until I was ready. Nicola, however, was not the type of girl that waits and she slid her free hand down between her legs and rubbed her clit furiously in order to get off quickly. I sat up and asked if I could watch.

"Bastard" she hissed and swung around on the bed and continued to rub her clit. She spread her legs and placed one behind her head so I could see exactly what was going on. Meanwhile, Zoey appeared and asked if she could join us.

"Of course" I replied, "plenty of room at this inn, my dear"

She pulled her t-shirt over her head and sat naked on the bed beside me. Her hand lost no time in finding my cock and she stroked me gently as she stroked her own pussy with her other hand.

"Thank you for yesterday" she whispered "I really enjoyed myself. I haven't had a really dirty fucker like you in ages and I need lots of attention. What do you think of Nicola and Penelope and heir horny parents? I love it here. My pussy gets lots of attention and I don't have to worry about keeping up appearances".

"Y-y-yes" I stuttered, as she tightened her grip on my cock and increased the speed of her strokes.

"Lick me Zoey, please lick me … that fucking teaser won't touch my clit and I need to cum right now … go down on me girl, go down and suck on my clitty" Nicola begged.

Zoey didn't need a second invite and dived down between Nicola's outstretched legs and began to nibble on her clit. What a sight! I had just about opened my eyes and I had a ringside seat to a lesbo-fest before breakfast. Zoey continued to rub her own clit as she sucked and licked Nicola hot spot. She began to finger herself and wiggled her bottom invitingly. With the horn I had, I had no choice. I just HAD to plunge it into her ripe little pussy immediately.

"Oooooooh, that is sooooooooo fucking good" she groaned "go deep and slow please"

I let my cock ease into her. The initial resistance resided and I slid into her … all the way into her! She continued to wiggle and began to push back on my cock as I gradually slid back out of her. Plunging back in, slowly but insistently, she groaned again. I could see her plump breasts swinging gently from side to side. She was a slim little thing but very well stacked. I leaned forward and held her mammaries in my hands and rubbed her nipples. Nicola held her head tight to her pussy which was, by now, about to explode into orgasm. Zoey continued to lick and slobber over Nicola's dripping pussy and I continued to fuck her doggy style. Nicola began to shake and wriggle but Zoey held her firm.

"Oh God, I gonna cum … oh fuck … oh yesssss, suck on it you little bitch … suck my clitty and I'll let you fuck John whenever you want" she hissed. Zoey began to buck up and down on my cock. She was beginning to cum herself. I increased the pace and held her hips, slam-fucking her from behind and listening to our thighs slap off one another and the bed banging against the wall. Nicola was cumming and cumming. She seemed to have multiples all the time and Zoey was not far behind her. She came up for air, spread her legs further apart and pushed back harder. I clung on to her hips and fucked for all I was worth. Zoey screamed into full orgasm. Nicola sat up and pressed her face in between her breasts. She then reached down and rubbed Zoey's clit. Zoey went crazy.

"Fuck me, fuck me harder … just keep on fucking me," she cried "fuck me 'til I cannot walk."

I stuck my little finger into her puckered little asshole and wriggled it about. Zoey bucked and shook all over, then dropped and went limp as her final orgasm drained her completely.

"Enough, enough" she begged, "I can't take any more".

"OK", I replied, just get out of my way cos' I am about to fuck Nicola to within an inch of her life"

Nicola lay back and opened her legs. I plunged into her. No messing about, I just lashed into her and fucked her fast and furious. Nicola brought her calves up around my ears and massaged my balls. Her pussy was limp and open. I fucked her harder and harder. She began to tighten her pussy and massage my cock from inside of her. It was pure bliss. Normally, I would be worried that someone's parents could hear me fucking their darling daughter but this house was different. Her parents were probably fucking the maid or Andrea. Sweat dripped off my nose and forehead as I pummelled her beneath me. Zoey just lay beside us, urging us on with lewd comments.

"Go on John" she added "fuck her harder. She loves it when someone fucks her hard and deep"

I felt my balls begin to tighten and before long I was spewing cum into her. She had one final orgasm as we subsided in one another's arms.

"Oh my" she said "now that's what I call a wake up call!!! What are you doing for the rest of my life?"

I flopped onto my back and stared at the ceiling. Zoey snuggled up to me and let her tits rest on my chest. Nicola, not to be outdone, did likewise on the other side. Wow … what a way to wake up! All three of us fell back asleep for an hour or two.

For the second time that morning, I awoke to someone sucking on my cock but this time, I could hear someone fucking nearby. It was Zoey. She had my cock in her mouth and was gently sucking me back to life. Nicola was still asleep beside me, so I just looked down at Zoey and smiled.

She smiled back and whispered "I wonder what's going on down the hall"

She slid of the bed silently and slowly – not wishing to waken Nicola. I did likewise and followed her out the bedroom door. She wiggled her tiny little ass in front of me as she walked down the hall. She turned around as she got to another bedroom door. She opened the door slowly and peeked inside. The noise increased. Yes, someone was definitely fucking in there. She reached forward and grabbed my cock, then slowly pulled me towards her. I peeked over her shoulder. It was Nicola's parents' bedroom and they were definitely awake. Dave was fucking the maid and she was eating Veronica. I slid my hand down between Zoey's buttocks and she opened her legs slightly to allow me better access. She was dripping again, so I stuck a finger into her hot little pussy from behind. Her breasts were divided by the doorframe and one was on my side. I tweaked her nipple with my freehand and fingered her slowly with the other. She was ready for fucking again and she had stroked me to a similar condition.

She turned and brought one leg up along my side, then pulling me towards her, she aimed my cock unerringly at her hot slot. In one movement, I was inside her again. I pressed her against the door-frame and she bought the other leg up and wrapped herself around me. I cupped her ass and fucked her up against the wall.

"I was wondering when you two would turn up" Veronica interrupted "I sent her in to get you over an hour ago. Come here, John, I want that big throbbing cock of ours inside me now". Zoey slid off me and brought me over to the massive super-king bed. Veronica slid sideways and scampered ass-first to the side of the bed. She spread her legs and told Zoey to put me into her.

"Like mother like daughter" I whispered into her ear, as I slid into her.

"Yes" she replied "but everyone around here has a similar appetite"

My cock was really throbbing by now and, since I had just cum inside her eldest daughter, Nicola, I knew I was going to last with this fuck. Zoey slid in front of the maid and got her pussy licked. Meanwhile, Veronica pulled me down to her and kissed me deeply. Our tongues intertwined and I knew she had been eating the maid. Veronica had one of those wonderful "sucking pussies" and it felt like my cock was being milked. She was completely naked now – unlike last night when she mounted me when she had sexy black underwear and matching stockings. Her skin was so smooth for a 40-something and her massive breasts spread flat. Her broad aureoles and dark brown nipples jiggered invitingly beneath me. They jiggled as we fucked and the very sight of them just made me harder and my cock really ached.

"Cum inside me, John" she whispered "I want to feel your seed spurt into me this morning. I need it. I want it. Zoey will lick me clean afterwards. She loves licking a well-fucked pussy clean. She licks me whenever she visits."

We continued to fuck as we chatted.

"What about Pierre and Beatrice?" I asked "do they keep you happy too?"

"Oh yes," she replied "they both look after this family so well, although Beatrice will have to go back to her previous employers when they return from their extended summer vacation. They travel extensively and they left Beatrice with us while they were away. Dave loves her and she dresses whatever way he wants".

"Where is Pierre now" I asked.

"He's preparing breakfast first and then, if he feels like it, I suppose he'll go in to service Penelope or Nicola. Seeing as how you've already done her, he's probably fucking little Penelope this morning"

I thought about Nicola sleeping peacefully and her little sister in the bedroom next to her. I wondered what she was up to right now. Was she sleeping? Would Pierre wake her up? How would he wake her up? Or was she waiting for him … lazily stroking her pussy as he prepared our breakfast? My cock throbbed at the thought of little Penelope about to get a hammering. Meanwhile, Veronica was now beginning to buck and wriggle beneath me. She was about to cum and her breathing suddenly became erratic and puffy. She pulled me closer and wrapped her legs tightly around me. I sucked on her left nipple and gently chewed on it. She continued to get closer and closer. My cock pistoned in and out of her, her pussy walls were so wet and welcoming, and her arms were wrapped tightly around my shoulders.

"Yeesssssssssssssssss … oh fuck, oh fuck … give it to me hard … I want to be fucked like a bitch on heat, John … oh yes, yes … oh fuck … just keep on fucking meeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee" … as a huge orgasm raked through her trembling body. I fucked her as hard and as deep as I could. She kept cumming and cumming. Wow, this woman could fuck! I needed breakfast. I needed some food. My energy levels were draining. And she was about to drain my balls completely, as I felt that familiar, warm feeling building up inside my balls. I began to squirt. She held my ass and pressed me into her. She wasn't joking. She wanted it deep inside her. Her ankles were limp across my back and she squeezed my ass, as I squirted and squirted my cum as deep as I could get inside her.

Meanwhile, Dave was beginning to grunt and groan, and the maid began to scream through another pulsating orgasm. Zoey sat up and watched. Just as she had done for Nicola and me earlier, she mouthed obscenities at them as they came in unison. Zoey licked her lips as she anticipated a good dose of sperm for her breakfast this morning. I fell off Veronica and Zoey dived down between her legs. She licked the inside of Veronica's thighs and whimpered in delight as the first drops of my cum began to dribble out of Veronica's distended cunt. Veronica sat up and brought her legs upwards and outwards. Both she and Zoey seemed to take delight in the copious amount of spunk that was dribbling out. I, meanwhile, took delight in just how wide Veronica's hot cunt was stretched by my fucking. I could see right up into her pussy and there was a large black O-shaped hole between her fleshy, puckered pussy lips. Zoey held her open as they both watched my cum ooze out of her. A large dribble slid by and Zoey lovingly licked Veronica's asshole and caught it before it got to the bed linen.

By this time, Dave and the maid were watching too. We all just watched in silence as Zoey drank down every drop and began to tongue Veronica's gaping slit. Veronica lay back and eased into another mini-orgasm. Her pussy seemed to be shivering even after Zoey sat up and licked her own lips and fingers clean.

"OK then, how about breakfast" chirped Dave "I am absolutely starving".

We all got up and went to the showers in our respective en-suites. As I was walking by Penelope's room, I could hear her fucking too. Zoey and I lingered a while. Zoey eased open the door, winked at me and beckoned me over to the door. Penelope was in a 69 with Andrea and the butler was fucking her. We could hear them grunting and Zoey, irrepressible as she was, simply walked in …

"Good morning" she chirped "and how are you guys on this wonderful morning?"

"Uh, uh … not bad at all" replied Penelope "why don't you join us?"

"Yes, I just might" she answered with a distinctly horny edge to her voice. "Do you mind if John watches for a while? He's just fucked your mother and he's still coming down from the high".

"Yes, no probs" grunted Penelope "but do feel free to join in whenever you feel like John. I want your big cock again before you leave today. And right now, I just might be able to fit you in somewhere"

Zoey grinned at me and sat down on the bed beside them. She rubbed Pierre's balls from behind as he fucked Penelope. He turned towards her, grabbed the back of her head and pulled her towards him for a very sloppy kiss. He mauled her titties and ass roughly. Zoey seemed to like this and reciprocated by teasing his nipples with her long nails and squeezing his muscular buttocks that were pumping her best friend who was mewing beneath. Andrea lay on the bed beneath Penelope and was far to busy sucking on her pussy to notice anything else, apart from the neatly trimmed minge in front of her.

I crawled around them and lay against the wall, facing the action. Andrea also had big tits and I amused myself by playing with her big nipples. She couldn't see me through Penelope's thigh and the rapidly thrusting Pierre. I leaned backwards and peered around the back of Andrea's ass and Penelope looked sideways and smiled up at me. She had the clear-skinned, angelic face of any 19 year old but was fucking like a 35 year veteran. Her baby blue eyes and innocent little smile made my cock stir once more. I could feel my balls shiver and my cock began to gorge with blood. I took Andrea's hand and placed it on my cock. She stroked it, squeezed it and rubbed her thumb across my helmet. I hardened fully and she withdrew her hand, licked it and returned to stroking my cock. This did not escape the notice of the eternally horny Zoey who slid around and stroked my balls.

Penelope crawled off Andrea and lay flat on her back for Pierre to penetrate. He held her ankles and forcefully spread her legs, before falling down on top of her and plunging his massive tool deep into her. She breathed in sharply, then eased back and took everything he could muster. Andrea sat up and came towards me. I moved to the side of the bed and sat upright. She sat on my lap, facing me and moved her wet pussy along my thighs towards my cock. We rubbed genitals for a while as we kissed and I could feel Zoey positioning my cock at her entrance. Andrea moved upwards and then put her weight on my cock. She seemed to open up and engulf my cock while Zoey tickled my balls. Penelope called Zoey over to her and Zoey promptly sat on her face. Pierre and Zoey kissed while Penelope licked Zoey from beneath. It was such a horny sight. My cock throbbed even more.

Andrea was horny too. She had been licked solidly for an hour by Penelope and she now craved cock. I just sat back and watched her haul herself up and down on my erect cock. It was amazing to watch. Andrea's tits swung sideways as well as up and down, as she bounced erratically on my cock. I leered at her big, puffy nipples and her bush below. I could see her pussy lips part and splay apart on the downward stroke, and drag downwards with the friction of my cock on the upward stroke. She had big pussy flaps and they clung to my cock in a tremendously erotic manner. She joined her hands around the back of my neck and used her legs to raise herself up and down. Her legs were spread at 180 degrees in order to keep her feet on the floor and her hot cunt in line with my cock at the edge of the bed. She began to cum. Her breathing pattern, once again, changed. She shook, gulped in big amounts of air and puffed them out on my shoulders and chest. Her eyes bulged and then closed. Her lower lip hung down and she breathed heavily through her mouth. I just lay back and let her do the work.

"Ooooooooooh fuck …… fuck, fuck meeeeeeee, fuck me harder …… make me cum …… please make me cum ………… I wanna cum right now ….. oooh fuck, I'm cummmmmmming …. Unnnghhh … fuck … she lapsed into semi-conscious bliss. I could feel her pussy pulsating around my cock. She was dripping all over my balls and I wasn't even close. I knew I was going to fuck Zoey as well. I stood up with Andrea glued to me. I cupped her ass and fucked her hard and fast. She was limp in my arms. Her cunt was fully relaxed and taking all I could give her. I walked around the room with her stuck on the end of my cock. Still fucking her, I let her slip on to the bed. She spread her legs and invited me to fuck her some more, but I closed her legs, swung her around and stood behind her. I picker her ass up and spread her legs on the edge of the bed. Her upper body lay flat on the bed and her ass stuck up into the air invitingly. I placed my cock in line with her wet pussy and pressed forward. She groaned and pressed backwards against me. I held her hips and fucked her hard …. just as I had done Veronica a few minutes beforehand. She lapsed into a series of loud orgasms and suddenly went limp, claiming she couldn't take any more.

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