tagIllustratedThe Demon Tattoo

The Demon Tattoo


Chad rarely entered the tattoo parlors after he had gotten his final piercing in his left right ear. He had managed in his years to only get the few piercings that he had truly wanted. One through each ear and finally one through his tongue. He always wanted a little something more though. He wanted the perfect tattoo. He had briefly pondered getting his nipples pierced as well but that thought had fallen to the side years ago.

Now having a secure job where it wouldn't matter if someone saw his new tattoo as much as when he had spent his days in the military. All the regulations that had come out in the past few years had prevented him from doing just that. He had desperately wanted to get a tat as the younger guys called them but he had to looked respectable at all times and the military outlook was while you were under your enlistment nowadays your body belonged to them. So there was no further altering allowed unless it was corrective measures to remove a tat.

The little bell jingled as he walked through the door to the closest shop with the best quotes he had been able to find. The hot little redhead that greeted him set him back though he wouldn't have expected to find a girl like that in a place like this.

The thing that shocked him the most was she was young perhaps near his own age of 25 or so and she appeared at initial glance not to be bearing any ink marks herself. Most tattoo guys he knew from his earlier days going with friends to get work done, all had tats up and down their body or they were pierced all over. This girl had nary a whole in her ear and not an drop of ink in her skin up and down her exposed arms. He realized he was staring at her trying to find the telltale bump of a hope or stud going through her nipple or just a hint of tattoo ink somewhere.

"Sir, this is the last time I am going to ask if you need help," the girl exclaimed as she waved her hands in front of his face trying to get some response out of him.

"Oh excuse me miss," Chad replied, "is the tattoo artist around or do I need to come back."

The girl shook her head and smirked, "You guys are all the same just because a young girl greets you, you think that she must work for the owner. And when I say owner I mean, some tattooed up rough looking mother fucker."

"I.. Well .. I guess your right." Chad stammered.

"For your information I do work for the owner here. Me!" she exclaimed.

Chad took a step back and carefully weighed his next words. "Look miss, it's been a while since I have ventured into one of these dens of ink and piercing and I was just a bit taken aback." He was trying to apologize and failing miserably at this point. "I hope you can forgive me and maybe help me out too."

Now the little ice princess smiled a warm smile and her facade disappeared. "I certainly will try man, I am Amy by the way." She extended a petite little hand that was a little rougher than he was used to and shook his with a strong grasp.

"Well Amy I am Chad," he started, "and I have the drawing of what I want but I haven't found anyone willing to do it for the price I am looking to pay and you were the closest quote I could find."

"Oh so you're the guy with the demon tattoo that called yesterday?" she inquired.

"Yes, that would be me Amy." Chad replied. "I was wondering just how much you would charge to put this little piece of work on my body in ink," he said as he pulled the picture from his pocket and unfolded it. He laid the picture on the counter top and waited for her to either agree or tell him to get the hell out as so many others had when he had first tried to get this tattoo put on his body. She just smiled though and nodded and looked at the detail involved.

"I first would like to know just where you got this drawing and what the meaning is behind it Chad," Amy asked.

Chad related the story as it was told to him. The picture first appeared three thousand years ago on a cave wall amongst a few other designs, the people of the local tribe couldn't explain how or when it got there just that one day it was there and no matter what they had tried to do to remove it, it always returned the next morning the same as the day before. He related that the story had passed down through the centuries from one elder of the tribe to another and while he had been stationed in a far away country he had befriended a few of the natives and they had explained this all to him.

"But what is the symbolism behind this? I am sure they told you that much Chad." Amy said defiantly wanting to know the truth before she entertained the idea of permanently inking it onto his skin.

"Well as you see, it looks like a demon but it seems that a darker force was at work when it appeared. For centuries the tribesmen and their elders refused to go near the glyph without the local witch doctor or some shaman. As I was told they eventually figured out that this was a incubus. They only found this out after the women of the tribe began losing sleep at night and claimed to see this demon's face before them in their nightmares. Upon waking up each woman would be damp between her thighs and she would have the feeling of being stretched and ravaged by an almost godlike being."

A wicked grin came over Amy, she wondered if Chad was just pulling her leg or if there was such a background to this depiction of evil. Either way she would have fun inking it onto him where ever he chose. "I'll do it Chad for the grand amount of $125.00"

Chad paused thinking about it and this was cheaper than her quote had been, maybe she was intrigued by the idea of tattooing him with a tainted image or she just thought he was full of shit. Either way this was well within his budget and he was going to take that final plunge and get a tattoo. "Ok when do we start."

Amy smiled and motioned towards the curtain even as she walked towards it. Chad could see the perfect ass of hers as she led the way. He could see no visible panty line and yet he knew she had on at least a thong from the tiny neon pink little string sticking out the top of her pants on the sides. He wondered what treasures those pants held inside but doubted he would get the chance to further investigate.

"So Chad," Amy started, "where exactly did you want this little demon placed on your body?"

Chad's face grew warm and he knew he was blushing. It was strange that with all his confidence with the ladies that this one single question made him feel like a fumbling teenager again.

"I wanted it on the inside of my thigh Amy," he said with a cheesy grin.

"Well, I guess I should lock the door then and you need to drop your pants," she replied without even batting an eye.

Chad's heart picked up it's thumping pace just a bit as he realized she was being professional and this wouldn't be the first time someone made this request to her.

Amy walked to the other side of the curtain and went to the door to lock it. Her mind was wandering though at the moment and she had to pause just to remember what it was she had come to the front for. She couldn't believe this guy wanted a tattoo on the inside of his thigh. She had assessed his body when he first walked in and found him attractive enough on the physical side but now as she thought about it she had tried to glimpse nonchalantly at his package and see just how big a bulge this guy might have. She knew all women did it and did it much more reserved than the way guys leered at a big set of breasts or a barely clad ass.

At the moment though the only thing she could think of was the fact that he would be at least down to his underwear if not nude from the waist down and she would have a unobstructed view for the most part of his penis. Amy tried to remember that she must remain professional but she figured it was going to be hard.

Chad gulped hard as he stood behind the curtain and dropped his pants to the floor. He stepped out of them and then looked down. He wished he could will away the semi-erect bulge beneath his silk boxers but the sight of that little pink string on Amy's hips had alerted and aroused his cock in an instant.

Amy made her way to the door and finally locked it before grabbing the inks she would need from the cabinet where she stored the fluorescent paints and the piercing guns. Her heart was pitter pattering and she was nervous and she could feel her panties moisten slightly at the thought of having a cock within her reach the whole time she would be tattooing Chad.

Slipping back behind the curtain Amy saw Chad's ass, tight beneath the silk of his boxers as he had his back to her. She under other circumstances would have walked right up and grabbed a handful of his ass and attacked him but she remained calm and cool and walked towards the chair and tables with tools on them.

Chad heard Amy walk across the floor behind him and he closed his eyes and sat down in the chair and tried to not look directly into Amy's eyes. He found that if he didn't look at her or think about her hands on his thighs for the next hour or so he might make it through this without getting a hard on.

Amy told him that she was going to do the tracing first and then proceed with the tattooing. But first it seemed she was going to have to shave the area so that she could work unfettered.

"Um, I guess that is ok, although it will make me feel weird to have you down there shaving that area," Chad chuckled.

Amy smiled up and lathered her hands in the soft shaving cream she used to shave anyone with body hair where she intended to tattoo them. It was quick and without any mishaps until on her cleaning up the little extra cream away her hand brushed the soft scrotal sack and just the tip of his cock. Chad jumped slightly and Amy felt the warm tingly sensation rush through her body. His cock felt huge from that single brush but she didn't intend on finding out anymore or if she was correct in her judgement of his size.

Amy sat there and started to trace the demon slowly in black in outlines on the inside of his thigh. Yet, she found it difficult to get in at a good angle without bumping his balls or cock every few seconds. She knew this was arousing him as his cock slowly grew thicker and raised up visibly against the silk fabric. She tried to ignore it and not look at it but her eyes kept getting drawn back to his cock.

Chad knew Amy was staring at his penis as he sat there thinking of anything to take his mind off his rapidly hardening shaft. He wondered just what she thought about it but it would be uncouth to ask. Also it would just embarrass them both and he really wanted her to be the one to tattoo him and not have her ask him to leave because his cock was hard and in her face.

Amy managed to get through the outlining and finally pulled out her tattoo gun and prepared the ink. She worked slow and kept wiping away the little drops of blood that pooled on his thigh before starting on the next area. She pushed the fact that his cock was hard and within inches of her hand and face for that matter as she studied her handiwork thus far.

"You are doing an amazing job so far Amy," Chad said after a little while as he admired her precision and accurate transformation of his picture onto his leg.

"Why thank you, Chad," Amy said as she slid the next clean needle into the gun, "I am doing my best considering you want this is such a difficult area."

Two hours later she finished the tattoo. While Chad had remained in several states of erect arousal the whole time she had also been soaking her little thong in juices of passion. Once she had finished she rubbed some cream onto his thigh and let he see the finished product before she prepared to cover it so it would heal properly.

"Wow, that looks great," Chad said, thankful that now his hard-on could be slipped back inside his jeans.

"Once again thank you, I really like the way it turned out myself," she responded. Now for some reason as she looked at the demon on his thigh all she could think about was getting at his turgid bouncing cock inside those silk boxers.

"Here let me rub a little more cream on just to be sure it doesn't start scabbing up Chad," Amy teased with a grin.

Chad's breath caught in his throat as he watched Amy put more lotion on her hands and move them back towards his thigh. He had barely managed to not cum the last time when she had brushed his cock while rubbing the lotion in, so he wasn't sure if he would fair as well this time.

Amy put an extra amount of lotion in her palm and then leaned forward, fuck it she thought as she leaned in to apply it. She reached his thigh and as one hand worked the lotion in the other hand slid up the leg of his shorts and wrapped around his shaft. Amy smiled up into his eyes as she stroked his large cock with her hand.

Chad looked down as Amy stroked his cock with her tiny hand while her other slipped inside his shorts and cupped his balls and squeezed softly. Amy leaned forward and up on her heels and started to kiss Chad deeply. She was being aggressive and Chad loved it. Her hands kept working on his cock and balls as she penetrated his lips with her tongue and started flicking her tongue against his.

Amy was normally not as forward as she was right now but somehow during her time tattooing his thigh she had grown more wet with each minute and she was consumed by raw lust now. Setting back on her heels she peeled off her shirt and the tiny bra, tossing them to the floor she tugged at the bottom of Chad's silk boxer shorts and brought his hard prick out into the open. One glance had her mouth watering but she had deeper desires now. She needed to be fucked in the worst way possible.

"Chad, fuck me now," she commanded, "Bend me over the chair or the table and ram that big piece of meat between your legs home."

Chad awestruck by her words and yet compelled to do as she had ordered grabbed her by the waist and unbuttoned her jeans. He pulled them off her legs as she lie back on the floor and then helped her up. They shared a quick tongue teasingly wet kiss and rough fondling before he picked her up and lay her torso over the table. As he did, Amy started to push her thong down over her hips only to hear a loud crack and feel the sting of Chad's hand on her ass.

"Slut, you will only do what I fucking tell you right now," he barked at her.

Chad was feeling more in control all the time and he realized that his thigh was throbbing with pain as well as his cock was in anticipation. He had expected Amy to turn around and slap him but the only response she had was to moan and wiggle her hips in approval. So she liked it hard and rough and full of intensity he thought, well she was about to get everything she wanted.

Amy felt the sharp sting and couldn't believe her good fortune, so many guys were timid in the bedroom afraid to give themselves over to primal urges and order their women around. She had always sought out the more dominant men to sleep with and more accurately fuck. She needed to be smacked on her round tight ass and told what to do at times. She craved the man that would make her submit but also at times give her the ability to control as she had done earlier in initiating the interlude with Chad.

Chad smacked each ass cheek hard again and leaned over her back letting his chest hair tickle her backside as he growled in her ear and bit at the nape of her neck. She felt his fingers reach inside the band of the thong and then an instant later the thong being ripped away and discarded. At the same moment the thong tore away Chad kicked apart her legs and reached one hand down around her front to spread her soaked pussy wide open. As soon as her cunt lips were spread wide he rammed the head and half of the length of his shaft inside her.

"I'm going to fuck you until you can't walk you tattooing little whore," Chad exclaimed in her ear.

Even as he spoke he was pounding her pussy and ramming deeper inside her than any man had been before. Neither of them noticed the tattoo glowing on his thigh beneath its bandages. Perhaps they wouldn't have cared either way. As Chad slammed his tool inside her quivering canal Amy rotated her hips to get the full effect of being well fucked.

Chad was stretching her little pussy wider with each thrust thanks in part to the tattoo on his thigh. What he hadn't realized is that by taking the tattoo onto his body he had given the incubus life again and its insatiable lust for carnal pleasures.

Chad thrust deeper and deeper inside Amy and he felt his cock swell larger than ever before. As he pulled the length out each time he could see it visibly increasing in its girth and length. It was becoming harder and harder to stuff his enormous shaft back inside her with each stroke now.

Amy felt stretched to the limit and she wondered if Chad was about to cum by the way his shaft kept swelling inside her. It wouldn't matter soon for she was rapidly moving towards her own shattering orgasm. She reached between her legs with both hands and with one played with her clit while the other sought out Chad's balls.

"Yes, keep fucking me with that big cock you stud," she cried out as she crested over the wave of orgasm that rocked her body.

Chad felt his cock swell and pulse and he knew that his cum was about to shoot freely inside this hot little vixen impaled on his cock. "Here I cum Amy," he yelled as he held her hips and pumped with all his might.

"UNGH!" he moaned and screamed as he came with a greater force than he had ever known.

Amy was cumming and the intensity increased as Chad came deep inside her mound of pleasure. Each jet of cum sent her into a more magnified orgasm and soon her heart felt as if it was going to beat right out of her chest.

Chad kept rocking his hips against Amy even as his orgasm subsided. The tattoo was spurring him on needing more, he would have to keep fucking her until neither of them could go on.

Amy begged Chad to stop for a few minutes but he couldn't dislodge his cock from inside her. Somehow it had grown too big while they were joined together and now he couldn't pull out more than an inch of his cock.

The burning sensation on his thigh was driving him insane now and as he reached down to scratch it or at least rub it to dull the pain the cheesecloth that had been covering it soaked itself in blood. Chad scared asked Amy why this was or what to do now.

The answer was plain to Amy but she never got a chance to explain it as Chad started ramming his cock back inside her cunt and making her moan instead of talking. The incubus tattoo had known this was a clever girl and it must silence her or be doomed once again to hundreds of years of concealment behind the cave walls in the little village where it had started out.


A demon can only take form when it is invited and the form of a tattoo was all this demon incubus needed. It would drive Chad insane through the years and he would be forced to fuck women daily not that he had a problem with that. But, the sheer fact that not only did he have to have intercourse daily but he also had to do so to the point of the woman's exhaustion and his own.

Years later inside an asylum Chad had raped nearly every nurse and female doctor that came within an arms reach. Although it was never described as rape by the women for the tattoo made them all willing partners seducing them for its host like a veil placed over their eyes upon meeting him.

One day after eating his lunch a dull knife was left in his room by mistake. Chad picked up the silverware and lowered his pants and at once set out to carve a slab of skin off his thigh. Nurses found him hours later dead and still clutching the demon tattoo in his bloody hands.

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