The Designated Driver Chronicles Ch. 03


"Yes, I'm the best," he said between gulps and slurps. "I love your tastes so good...give me your load, baby, give mommy your load...I love your cock..."

"You're gonna get my load in another minute, Wayne, just keep that up." He began to stroke and suck at the same time. I could feel the throbbing. He was sucking and slurping harder, faster and wetter. His finger was wiggling around my sphincter. "Oh, man, I'm gonna cum in your wet pussy face, Wayne..." My muscles spasmed and I felt my cum take the high-speed line from my balls to my piss hole where it burst into four or five express blasts into his mouth. I coated his throat and he moaned in appreciation. He held it in his mouth for several minutes until he cleaned the now limp organ before it slipped from his mouth. I fell onto his bed. "That was a great blowjob, Wayne. Thank you."

"No, Raymond, thank you. I really needed that." He sat next to me and massaged my inner thigh. He did this for a while until he got up and began to strip. My mind began to churn thoughts about having to reciprocate. Sure, I loved the blow job but as I said earlier, I'm not into prissy stereotypes, especially not Wayne. Fortunately, for me, the choice was made. Wayne naked was not a pretty site. His belly hung over the smallest penis I have ever seen.

"Don't worry. darling, you don't have to do anything. I was thinking about how much I enjoyed that thing in my mouth and that I'd like to suck you again."

"Thanks but I don't think I'm up to it."

"Let me determine that. I suck cock better than any other mere mortal on the planet. Let me prove it."

He began to lap my cock again and for quite some time, nothing happened. My cock lay against my thigh like a dead fish. I certainly couldn't blame Wayne for not giving it his best effort, that he did. It was when he began to run his finger along my taint and press it upward below the prostate area that my cock jumped a bit. He stuck a second finger into my ass and pressed down. My cock jumped again and began to rise to the occasion. He placed his mouth over and down the column a few times. Then he began to hum and between the vibrations and the prostate massage, I was stiff and hard. My eyes were closed. All was good in the world.

"Oh, your cock is so delish, I could do this for hours...but I have another idea..." He started to suck the meatus until it was swollen and red. I heard a cellophane package open before he slid a rubber over me. He squeezed and jerked me. I felt him move around the bed. When I looked up to see what he was up to, he was squatting over my dick and then, squish, I was up his ass to the hilt.
"I want to make love to you like time and space is ending."

"Shut up, Wayne, and just fuck my cock." He was bouncing his ass up and down as I pushed up against his cheeks. Each combination of the down and up strokes caused him to grunt, then groan in pleasure. He began to sphincter-squeeze the root with each down stroke which resulted in the same sounds emanating from me.

"It feels good. Fuck me harder." I pulled him off me and made him get on all fours. I got behind him. "You like the cock, don't you."

"Oh, yeah..."

"Say it louder. Let me hear you say what you want, Wayne."

"I want your big cock up my ass. Fuck me hard...Please, please!" I just couldn't handle the begging so I stabbed his pucker and pushed myself all the in. He loved that. He squeezed me in his expert way as I pummeled his ass. And, it was good, I tell you. His ass had been down this road a few times before me and his asshole really knew its way around a cock. Soon, we were banging hard and furious, I knew I couldn't keep it up much longer.

"Wait. Change!" Wayne pulled off me and rolled onto his back with his legs upright and being held at the ankles. His asshole was a rocking target. His tiny dick was hard and, you know what? It was still tiny. I leaned over him and pushed in again. Within a moment or two, we were back fucking like animals. His whole ass seemed to get tighter and his upstrokes went deeper than they had before. Suddenly, he began to whimper, a little whiny kind of noise with an occasional hiccup. How strange. Stranger still was his cute little button of a dick erupting long streams of cum all over his stomach and chest. He rolled higher in order to try to catch some in his mouth. He missed his mouth and sprayed his nose and cheek instead. Cum was also dripping off his chest. I was impressed by his amazing trick.

He rolled down and my cock literally popped out of his ass with all attendant sounds. He spun around, pulled the condom off and swallowed me with his patented slide-and-suck technique. That was it for me. My first shot landed somewhere near his larynx. He grabbed me by the balls and pulled me out so my next shots bathed his face. I felt like Robert Johnson as he squeezed my lemons 'til the juice ran down my leg. I collapsed onto the bed and couldn't move. I was wiped. Wow, what a fuck.

We must have nodded for an hour or two. I awoke having to piss. (Hey, it happens to guys my age!). Wayne was out cold, a snoring mess. I quietly went to the john to pee and shower. I quietly dressed. I also refilled his bong and tiptoed down to the kitchen. I pulled a Mango Snapple from the fridge as well as a plate of cheese cubes, sliced sausage and roasted peppers. I toked up a couple of times when I heard the shower running. In a few minutes, Wayne joined me.

"Good. I'm glad you finally found something to nosh on. Me? I think I'll have some absinthe."

"You enjoy, Wayne. I'm done here but before I leave we have to settle the bill."

"Yes, of course, my macho man. Let's many hours?...Plus a tip...and then your tip in my, Raymond, sweet were worth every penny." He handed a wad of folded bills. As is expected, I discreetly put it into my pocket without counting it and then I thanked him for a lovely night.

"You are also a great fuck and easily the best cocksucker in the galaxy. You have a special gift, Wayne. Thank you for letting me experience it."

"I told you I could prove it. Now run home, silly boy, or I might have to have you again...and again." He cackled as I made my way out.

I got into my car and took a deep breath. I opened the windows as I pulled away. I lit a cigarette and sipped the last of the Snapple. My dick was stone dead. Hell, I couldn't even feel my groin. I turned on the radio. I idly pulled out the wad and turned on the overhead light - all one hundred dollar bills - ten of them. One fucking thousand dollars. Holy fucking shit.

All kinds of random phrases ran through my brain. "Sometimes you have to grin and bear it"..."It's a dirty job but somebody has to do it"..."Slide, Willy, slide!" and like that. I laughed all the way home, up the stairs to my room and onto my bed until I laughed myself to sleep.


There's still another month left to the tourist season, Chapter 4 will be along soon to take you for another ride, this time with Gayle and Reenie again.

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