The Door


Up and down, she started the movements with her head. This was the first time that she had ever done oral that she enjoyed. Always before it had been a chore, something that was expected by her partner, she was not sucking someone's cock that she was just having sex with, she was sucking the cock of her lover, not just a lover but a soul mate. How was it possible for her to feel like this with a man she had just met a couple of hour before? This was so wrong, yet so right.

Sam let his cock drop from her mouth then took her place back on the bed, spread wide open waiting once again for her lover. Dan was back on his knees and began to move into position, but he didn't stop at his spot between Sam's open legs, instead he moved between Betty's legs, Sam couldn't not believe that her lover of just a few minutes ago was now ready to take her best friend. At the same time the stranger that had been with Betty moved between the beckoning legs of Sam.

Sam started to say something, but it was too late, Ron, the other stranger was entering her, not by force but slow and steady. He felt about the same size as Dan, but she could feel the difference, not only in way his cock was made but also the way he was using it. Not only was he pushing it all the way in, he was also moving it from side to side, he was touching new places, places that had never been touched during sex before. Sam was beyond caring who was between her legs; she was just enjoying the feeling. "Oh, my God! This is so wrong! I'm cumming again!" Slow and steady, Ron never missed a beat with his rhythm. Sam was screaming at the top of her lungs, she was giving her all to this new cock. In and out, slow and steady, then he buried his cock as deep as he could and began to fill her with his cum. Sam looked over at Betty and Dan, he was doing the same with her, and the girls were sharing not only a new experience but now sharing the love of two men.

As both men finished, they moved from the bed. Dan and Ron walked to the small table and each took one red rose from the vase, brought it back to the bed, placed between the breasts of their lovers. The room was now filled with not only the scents of fall and flowers, but also with the scents of fresh sex. Dan lay down beside Sam, Sam turned toward him, whispering the words, "I Love You." Dan formed the same words with his lips. They drifted off to sleep intertwined in a way that it was almost impossible to tell who belonged to what body part.

Sam awoke just as the sun began to rise over the mountains and shine in her eyes. The birds were singing, the air was filled with the clean smell of morning air after a rain, what a beautiful morning.

As Sam came to her senses, she realized that she was no longer in her lover's bed; instead, both women were sitting in the front seat of their car. Sam turned to Betty with a questioning look on her face.

The morning spell was broken by the sound of a man's voice, "I guess I found you. I had a note on my door this morning that there was a car stuck with two women inside along this road. It will just take a few minutes to hook you up and tow you back to the garage."

As Sam's eyes began to focus, she could see who had spoken, an old black man, with a face full of week old beard. Both women got out of the car and watched as he hooked up the car and pulled it out of the mud. Then they climbed into the cab of the tow truck waiting for the driver.

After making sure that the car was secure, the driver stated down the road with car in tow. "What in the world were you two doing on that road anyway? No one travels that road; it has been deserted for years."

Sam spoke up, "We were trying to take route 21 to bypass an accident on the interstate."

"You are not on 21 anymore; you took the wrong fork at the 'Y'. There is no outlet to the road you were on; as a matter of fact there is nothing on that road."

"But we saw a mansion, just a little ways from where we were stuck. We went there and there was a party going on."

"There was a mansion there back in the 20's, two brothers had inherited it from their parents. In 1923 they were giving a Halloween party; the house was filled with the upper crust of the area. Everyone dressed in their very best."

Sam couldn't believe what was being said to her. Had it all been a dream?

The tow truck driver continued, "Just after midnight, there was an accident. The story is that someone knocked over an oil lamp and the spreading oil set fire to the decorations that were scattered all over the house."

Sam looked in disbelief, "How awful."

"Of the fifty guests only two escaped, the rest were killed, burned alive. The house burned to the ground, leaving nothing but a pile of ashes, the fire was so hot that very little of the guests were ever recovered. Over the years even the ashes have disappeared, now all that is left are a few stones that made up the foundation. Here we are at the shop, it will only take a few minutes to unhook your car and give it a quick check and then you can be on your way."

As the car was being lowered, Sam and Betty together asked, "Is there more to the story?"

"Not too much, the only other thing I can recall is that the two girls that escaped were the girlfriends of the two brothers. I used to know their names, seemed to me that it was Samantha and, and I can't remember the other girls name. There were many stories that the brothers even shared the girls between them."

Sam spoke up, "Could the other girls name been Betty?"

"Yes, I remember now, but how did you know?"

"Maybe a lucky guess."

"Well girls your car checks out with no problems. You will be better off to go back the way you came and hit the interstate, they have it cleared and traffic is flowing again."

Betty paid the tow bill and together she and Sam walked back to the car, "How could both of us dream the same thing? That's not possible, is it?"

As they opened the door and began to take their places in the front seat, there lying on top of the center console, were two red roses.

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