tagFetishThe Easy Fuckslut Ch. 02

The Easy Fuckslut Ch. 02


"The Hotel Bar Room" - Nicolle continues being the easiest fuckslut. In this episode she has more than dinner at the hotel bar room. If you've enjoyed Nicolle in earlier stories, then expect her to be even filthier here. How much cum, piss and filth can she handle?

* * * * * * *

Nicolle and I were beginning our second day together. We went down to the hotel restaurant for a late breakfast. I admit I loved having Nicolle with me. I could feel the eyes of other men on her as we sat at our table talking. Her very short leather skirt was riding up high on her thighs. I know they were eyeing up her gorgeous legs. And I knew her breasts were getting attention too, mainly because she wore no bra and you could see the tips of her nipples poking out through her tight fitting top. Occasionally Nicolle would give one of the guys a smile. What man wouldn't love staring at her incredibly pretty face, long dark hair and her porn star figure that cried out, "I love to fuck."

As we sat there for most of the morning, I was telling Nicolle how dirty I wanted her to be. I wanted her to have more cum than she'd ever had before. Just from the short time we knew each other I could tell how much she loved hot loads of cock cream. She proved that to me last night.

Now it seemed like the idea of finding a few more cocks for her to suck off and getting a mere couple loads all over her face, somehow wasn't overly exciting anymore. I wanted and needed to see Nicolle swallowing cum until her belly was full and even engorged with it. That seemed really nasty... and exciting... and extremely slutty. I wanted to see her to the point that she was nearly getting sick from having so much thick cock cream sliding down her throat and into her belly. I wondered how many cocks I'd have to get to fill her slutty little body? Little did I know I would find out tonight?

We enjoyed the rest of the day together and wound up having a late dinner and a few drinks in the hotel bar room. As the night progressed the room began to fill up, mostly with men. A few had girls with them which I figured to be either girlfriends or their wives.

Nicolle noticed how many of the men were black and began teasing them. She absolutely loves black cocks. She had told me many times that having a black cock made her feel so slutty. She sat with her legs apart and many of them were staring at her exposed pussy. I knew she didn't wear any panties, so I sort of expected her to be a cocktease tonight.

I was rather enjoying the attention simply because she was with me. These guys knew that this gorgeous little slut cocktease was mine and I'm sure they wished they could get a piece of her.

Her teasing continued for hours and it became more and more obvious that Nicolle was the center of attention in the room. Of course she made sure of it by rubbing her cunt every so often and then licking her fingers. I actually sensed the thoughts of every man in the room, wishing for some opportunity to fuck Nicolle.

It was getting late in the early morning hours and no one was leaving. The time was getting close for the bar to close.

When the bar finally closed at 2am, the bartender locked the door and immediately a couple black men approached Nicolle and I at our table. Before they said anything Nicolle just reached out to rub their crotches and asked them, "do you want to fuck me?" Only minutes past from that point and most everyone in the room was naked. Nicolle started it off by sucking their cocks. Then she was on her back on our table getting fucked. Everyone was gathered around waiting for their chance with her. Even at that late hour there were at least twenty men waiting to fuck Nicolle.

As I glanced around I could see the four girls and their boyfriends were into the act as well. Two were sprawled out on the tables with their legs spread open getting their cunts fucked. The other two were kneeling on the table taking their boyfriend's cocks up their ass.

No more than a half-hour had past and Nicolle was getting sprayed with cum almost non-stop. Her chest was covered and her face was dripping with sperm. She was swallowing as much as she could and the rest I was scooping off her body into a glass. I didn't want to loose any running off onto the floor. I was going to make sure Nicolle got every drop. But in the process, I was making sure Nicolle had a nice coating of cum all over her body. I didn't want it just splattered on her face and chest. She had done that plenty of times. I wanted to smear it all over her. I wanted her face dripping with it, her hair matted with the white spunk and her gorgeous tits glistening with the slimy white cum from these men. So as I was scraping it from her, I was massaging and coating it all over her body.

As it turned out, most of the men were black and were commenting on how I was turning Nicolle into a "cum bitch" as they called it. My hands were rubbing it all over between Nicolle's legs and when she didn't have a cock in her I was stuffing cum into her cunt. Then I'd spread her cunt open for the men, so they can see it full of their white cream.

One of the black guys suggested filling her ass too. I liked that idea. So I began scooping some of the cum residue with my fingers and sticking them in her ass. A couple guys shot some nice thick loads on Nicolle's belly and I scooped that up too. Of course in between stuffing her dirty anal hole I made Nicolle lick my fingers. The men really loved that. They began shouting at Nicolle. "You filthy fuckwhore." "What a dirty cheap tramp eating from your ass like that." Some of them were sticking their fingers in too and making Nicolle clean them off.

One time I actually stuffed my fingers in Nicolle's mouth and pushed them down her throat. She gagged and choked and began spitting up some of the cum from her full belly. Nicolle looked so nasty with all that sperm dripping and running out of her mouth; like such a used dirty cum hungry whore. The whole room was going wild calling her a, "whore" ... "fuckin' filthy cunt" ... "dirty cumslut."

I began wondering where all these men were coming from. It certainly seemed like more than twenty guys so far. Then I noticed the bartender opening the door to let a few more men in and few out. Nicolle didn't know it at this time, but she obviously was in for the biggest and longest gangbang of her life.

I was astonished at the size of the next big black man to take Nicolle. He was a huge burly guy, easily six-foot six inches tall and extremely ugly looking. He had a rough beard like he hadn't shaven in days and his odor was a combination of booze and stench from his obviously unwashed body. When he moved in to take his turn with Nicolle I saw what was sticking out from between his legs. His cock had to be fourteen inches. I had never seen anything like it. It was huge.

Nicolle was on her back on the table sucking a cock next to her face and didn't realize the size of this guy. I was still scraping sperm off her chest into the glass, which was now nearly half full.

This big ugly black guy grabbed Nicolle's legs and pushed them up. He instructed one of the other men, "hold her legs up for me, huh." "I want at that tight little ass." I only had the thought for a moment wondering how Nicolle would handle all of that black meat in her ass. I was sure that she'd never had anything that long inside her before. A second later Nicolle grunted out. Actually it was more of a long groan. "UUUHHHhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!!!!!!" "UUUUUHHHHHHHHHHhhhhhh!!!!"

That huge, hard, black fucktool of his entered her ass and was sliding steadily deeper and deeper as he leaned forward. He apparently had intended to bury his black cock inside Nicolle in one push forward.

"UUUHHHHhhh!!!" "UUUHHhhhh!!!" Nicolle's grunting continued, obviously from her feeling of discomfort taking such a huge thing so quickly.

"Just hold on slut," the black guy bellowed out. "You'll love this." He grabbed Nicolle's hips and lunged forward. Nicolle yelped, "Ooouuuhhhh." His balls were pushed against her ass. His whole fourteen-inch cock was inside Nicolle's rectum. I could hardly believe he got it all inside her ass. The end of his cock had to be pressing hard against the walls of her rectum deep inside her ass. Then he began pulling back. I have to say it was so hot seeing his huge black meat sliding from her cute little stretched asshole. Then he rammed it back in again. He had no compassion for Nicolle's feelings at all. He just wanted to fuck her ass hard. "Oouuuuuhhhh," Nicolle yelped once more. She kept letting out these little grunts as he violated her anal hole driving his hard cock in and out of her ass. She was getting the assfucking of her life.

Nicolle endured several minutes of getting her tight back hole brutally reamed with this immense black cock. Then he pulled out and quickly moved around to Nicolle's face. The head of his engorged cock was covered with a brown pasty slime. In fact, his hard black shaft was filthy over the entire length from being so deep inside Nicolle's ass.

He firmly grabbed Nicolle's head that was hanging over the edge of the table. "Open your mouth bitch." "Quick!"

Nicolle complied and what I saw next was unbelievable. He pushed his cock, covered with Nicolle's shit, through her lips and all the way down her throat. I could easily see the outline of his hard shaft bulging out the flesh of Nicolle's tiny delicate throat as his fourteen inches of hard black cock became lodged inside her.

"How's that feel slut," he asked rubbing his hand over Nicolle's bulged out neck? "You like having a hard black cock down your throat?"

And then he began fucking, using her throat to finish getting himself off. That didn't take long. After a few strokes impaling Nicolle's mouth, her pulled out, grabbed his massive tool and jerked it at her parted lips. Cum began pouring out and spurting into Nicolle's mouth as he moaned. "Fuckkk!!! "Ohhhhhhhhh!!! Fuck!!!" "Eat it Whore!" "Swallow my cum."

Nicolle did just what he asked too. She swallowed his heavy load of sperm, then grabbed his cock licking up and down the entire length to be certain she cleaned all the cum and all the nasty tasting remnants of being in her ass. She even sucked on this ugly black guy's disgusting sweaty balls taking his whole black nut sack into her mouth. You could see her tongue movements furiously washing his balls. Before she finished with this big ugly black guy, she licked through his dirty asscrack to clean some of the dried remains caked on his asshole. She had her face pushed right into his asscrack and was scouring his asshole with her tongue. Everyone was going wild calling her, "you dirty anal whore." "That's it... lick that ass bitch." Other men were turning around and offering their asses to Nicolle too. She spent the next half hour licking and cleaning assholes while their comments continued,... "what a filthy fucking mouth...." "She's such a dirty slut...."

Meanwhile more men had entered the bar. More cum was shooting on her chest. More cocks erupted in her mouth filling her slutty belly even more. She had cocks fucking her cunt. Cocks were fucking her asshole. She was sucking cocks, licking balls and cleaning filthy assholes. The number of men wanting to use her seemed to be endless. I began wondering if there was a limit to what Nicolle could take.

One of the girls that was at the table next to us pushed her way in through the men. She asked, "my boyfriend just shot his load in my ass, does your dirty slut what it?" "Will she suck his cum out of my ass?"

Before I had a chance to answer, Nicolle responded, "yes,...I want his cum." Then she swung around on the table positioning her head hanging over the edge. The girl turned around and backed her ass to Nicolle's mouth. Nicolle took over from there. She spread the girl's asscheeks apart and pushed her mouth up to the girl's tight backhole. Nicolle mumbled into her ass, but you could hear what she was saying. "Give me that cum." "I want his cum." And Nicolle began sucking on the girl's tight anal hole while she tried forcing it out of her ass. After a short time Nicolle sat up and displayed her tongue showing the men a tannish colored coating all over it. Then she swallowed.

I still had the glass that I was slowly filling with cum and I finally had it filled right up to the rim. The glass looked so incredibly nasty filled with this thick white slimy cream. It was a mixture of cum from almost everyone in the room. Most of it was scraped off her body, but some I scooped from her cunt and some from deep in her ass. I helped Nicolle sit up. Everyone was watching. They knew what I was going to have her do and they were stroking their cocks like crazy in anticipation. Even the four girls gathered around to watch Nicolle act like a disgusting cum drinking whore.

I handed the glass to Nicolle. "Here, drink it slut." "You know how much you love cum." "I'm going to make sure your pretty little belly is full tonight." Nicolle looked at me and then at the room full of naked men all with their hard cocks in hand. "C'mon, cum bitch." "Drink it," the comments were shouted by them.

Nicolle put the glass to her lips. She sipped timidly like a shy little girl and pulled the glass away. Her lips were coated with white spunk. She looked out across her audience and licked them tasting the cum. "Mmmmmmm, my favorite." Then she returned the glass to her lips and put on a display I'll never forget. I know those men won't either. She began slowly drinking, swallowing and gulping as she tipped the glass more and more. The whole time she drank she was murmuring, "mmmm"... "mmmm" ... "mmmm" .... "mmmm" while the thick cum mixture slowly flowed through her lips until the whole glass was empty. "That was good," Nicolle commented with a smile. Then she lay back on the table. "Who's fucking me next," she yelled out almost demanding another cock.

After that it seemed like we were starting over again. Just about everyone in the room had fucked Nicolle and cum all over her. Now we were starting the second go round and Nicolle seemed up for it. In fact she was encouraging it. When she had a cock in her cunt or ass she was begging, "fuck me harder." "C'mon fuck me deep."

When she had a cock in her mouth she was deepthroating it and sucking their balls into her mouth. She was an out of control slut. An easy fuck for any man that was lucky enough to be there.

The bartender walked to the table where Nicolle was getting fucked with yet another hard cock. He was carrying an empty beer pitcher. He stood there watching Nicolle take this black cock up her ass; while at the same time had the pitcher between his legs pissing in it. When he was done he passed it to another guy and he urinated in it too. Only a few minutes passed to completely fill the beer pitcher with their hot yellow piss. You didn't have to be a genius to figure what the bartender had in mind.

Nicolle sat up for a minute after taking the load of cum from the black cock in her ass. She saw what the bartender had. I think originally what he had in mind was to tease Nicolle with it and maybe get her to take a little taste. That alone would have been so nasty and dirty to watch. But these guys didn't know how filthy Nicolle could be. And as I suspected Nicolle surprised everyone. She grabbed the pitcher, tilted her head back slightly and then with her mouth open began pouring it in. She tipped it fast letting the smelly hot piss dump into her mouth and all over her face. She immediately began swallowing as fast as she could. You could see her throat gulping it down as the urine poured over her lips, down her face and all over her body. She was drenching herself in the men's urine and didn't stop until the container was empty.

The men were cheering and yelling, calling her the filthiest slut they've ever seen. And to continue her little piss exhibition, Nicolle stood up on the table, squatted slightly to spread her own cunt open, and began pissing all over the table. Her warm yellow pee was gushing from her cunt. It splashed all over the table until her steamy piss was running off onto the floor. When she finished she jumped down and started licking the table slurping it up.

One guy standing nearby smacked her in the ass saying, "fuck,... you're a filthy little bitch aren't you?" After that men were gathering around and just letting her have it. They were pissing all over her. She slumped down in a chair and just let them urinate on her body one after another until everyone man in the place had emptied his bladder on Nicolle. Even the four girls got into the act. They each squatted over Nicolle and pissed right in her face while the men urged them on. "That's it.. piss in the slut's face."

It was almost six in the morning and it appeared that the end was in sight. Everyone was pretty exhausted; although it looked like Nicolle wanted to keep going and give everyone another fuck despite the fact she had swallowed more cum and piss than she ever had before. But I knew there would be people roaming about the hotel soon and certainly would hear what was going on the in the locked bar room. We had to end this.

Nicolle got up from the chair. We found her skirt and she put it on over her cum and piss soaked body. One at a time the men left through the side door, so as to avoid going through the lobby. The bartender thanked us for a great night. I knew it would something he or no one would forget. Nicolle and I left for our room. We needed some sleep.

When we arrived upstairs you might think our night ended there, but it didn't. Once I closed the door and looked at Nicolle taking her clothes off again and covered in all that cum, it was more than I could handle. She got me so aroused and so horny putting on that display all night long that there was no way I was going sleep with out fucking her too.

I sat on the edge of the bed while she stood there naked still covered with dried cum. I just demanded of her, "get over here and fuck me you whore." She got a big smile and immediately walked over to me. "Anything you want, my Master."

"You were an easy fuck for all those guys last night, you know that?" "I'm sure they know what an easy fuckslut you are." I ran my hands over her soft but sticky belly." "You drank a lot of cum and piss." "Do you feel okay?"

"I'm fine Master." "It was good." "I feel so full." "But I have room for some more." "Can I have yours Master?"

My cock had grown fully erect in just those few moments. I didn't even take Nicolle on the bed. I pulled her onto the floor with me, spread her legs and shoved my cock right in her used cum filled cunt. I fucked her harder than I ever did before. I rammed my cock deep in her pussy squishing the cum out of her. You could hear my hips slamming between her legs everytime I buried my cock in her used fuckhole.

I got Nicolle up on her knees to spread her asscheeks apart. Then I shoved right up her ass and began buttfucking her like the cheapest of whores. She had me so aroused and lusting her body I didn't care. I was fucking her ass so hard and with such a frenzy that it was like I was raping her. She was screaming out, not in pain or fear, but in pure ecstasy from having my cock using her asshole so brutally.

The whole time I was yelling and screaming at her, "you fuckin' cheap slut." "Take it up your ass." "You're just a nasty bitch anyway." "A whore... a slut... and a filthy cum loving bitch." "And you love black cocks too, huh?" "You filthy black cum whore." "I saw the way you loved that big black cock up your ass and the way you loved cleaning it with your mouth." "I'll fuck your ass so hard you'll never want anyone but me."

And I rammed her hard slapping my hips with force into her ass. "BITCH!!!" "Take this." I pulled out completely leaving her anal hole gaping wide. Then I immediately pummeled her asshole with my stiff cock driving hard and fast up her dirty shit hole again. I kept doing that over and over fucking her gaping hole like a madman in heat and yelling at her... "Bitch!!!" ..."Whore!!!"... "Cumslut"... "You easy cunt!!!"... "DO YOU HEAR ME?" "You fuckkkinnnggg shit...eating...EASY FUCK WHHORREE!"... and I felt myself start cumming.

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