tagAnalThe Enforcer Ch. 07

The Enforcer Ch. 07


This part continues exactly where the last ended. I was headed to my room where Candy and Maya were; when I had left them they were sleeping in, wrapped in each others arms. I reached the room to find that Maya and Candy were now quite awake and talking, still naked, sitting legs crossed beneath them on the silk sheets of the bed. Their pussies spread and exposed, but that was obviously not bothering them.

I smiled and said: "Hi girls. I'm back, miss me?"

Candy replied in a tone of mock anger: "Damn right! We have not been fucked in minutes, that's completely unacceptable." Maya started to laugh uncontrollably, causing Candy and I to giggle, then also break out laughing.

When I finally caught my breath I said: "I am sorry, I will try to be more thoughtful next time." This did nothing to help with the girls' laughter and I was soon laughing uncontrollably again. It took us several minutes to stop laughing and when we were all again able to talk I said: "So what do you gals want to do?"

Maya smiled and said: "Candy tells me you have yet to fuck her up the ass." I nodded, "And I can also say that you have yet to fuck my ass either." I nodded again, "Well I have never been willing to let a man try, but after the incredible tenderness you showed me today, I am willing to let you try. But I want to see Candy take you first."

Candy smiled and said: "Please, I want to have a good memory of a man taking my ass. You have made sex truly wonderful for me again. I want to enjoy anal sex too."

I replied caringly: "I would be happy to do this for both of you, but I ask you to remember that I am not an average sized man; it will take time and may be painful at first."

Maya replied: "I felt like I was being ripped apart when you first fucked me. Heck you have two bite marks to attest to it, but it was the best experience in my life, once my body got used to you. I am willing to let you try with my other hole." Candy's eyes were pleading, indicating she also felt the same way.

I smiled and said: "Ok then, let's do it." Maya and Candy giggled as I moved toward them. I playfully grabbed their tits as I reached for them. I spoke in a juvenile tone as I said: "Oops, I am so clumsy." Moving my hands down to their asses, I teased them: "That's what I was looking for." They both giggled as I moved my fingers along their cracks. When I reached the anuses I stopped and said in a teasing voice: "I think that even though I could probably feel my way along, a better view would help."

Candy squealed: "How do you want us, love?"

I continued to tickle their rosebuds as I thought for several seconds, and then said: "I think on all fours with your asses stinking up," they giggled at my joke as I continued, "Oops, sticking up invitingly would be best." The two girls were now moaning, enjoying my probing of their most personal areas. They got up, turned around and knelt on all fours, sticking their rear ends at me.

I teased them by saying: "I feel like kissing some ass." The two started to giggled and I took the opportunity to move my hands to their bodies. My hands sneaked along their slits, slowly parting their soft labia, I realized a little lube would be required for my plans and figured their vaginal secretions should do. I let a pair of fingers slip into each girl's body, their arousal making the entry painless, albeit noisy, as my finger sloshed around in their bodies.

They sighed deeply as my skilful fingers probed their willing bodies. Feeling their juices running down my arms I pulled my fingers back, adding a third to each hand, I first slid back into Candy's ever willing pussy. She moaned louder as I reached into her depths. I then turned my attentions to Maya's smaller opening and eased my fingers in, her body still resisted me, but with much less enthusiasm. I played in their bodies, causing both to climax around my fingers, covering me in even more of their juices.

Their hands folded, but thanks to their positions their asses remained jutting invitingly. I pulled my now very well lubricated fingers from their pussies and moved my index fingers over each of their puckers. As they recovered they barely noticed my fingers sliding into their anuses to the first joint. As my fingers dug deeper in both girls they realized I was already partially in them. I bent my fingers, tickling the soft flesh inside. Even though they could not move, their bodies shivered at the new feeling.

I pulled my fingers back out, using all three of my dripping fingers I spread their own juices on their now mildly open orifices. Working around their muscular rings with my fingers; I felt their bodies tense mildly as they returned to their positions on all fours. I soon had a finger fully inserted in each lovely rear. Feeing no resistance I pulled out just far enough to permit a second finger to the join the first. As I moved back in, stretching their holes to new levels, Maya and Candy let out deep moans. I urged my fingers until they were as deep as they could go; I spread them and started to move out, further stretching their holes. Their hips were now gyrating at the new feelings as their pussies leaked profusely.

I straightened my last juicy fingers, each hand having a third finger join my exiting fingers. Slowly I returned them to their new homes, and they were welcomed back with little resistance. I was surprised at the ever increasing flexibility of their sphincters. I casually said: "You are both ready for me, who wants to go first?"

Maya replied: "As much as I want to be first, I would love to see Candy taking your monster in her first, and then you can do me." Candy saw no need to argue, reached back and spread her cheeks, inciting me to enter her most personal space. I removed my fingers from Candy's body, making certain to stay within Maya's recesses. I brought my engorged member to her pucker. Then I ran my still wet hand along my cock, spitting upon my knob I made certain it was well covered. Then I moved it to Candy's contracting rosebud, she shivered as my head came to rest slightly inside her opening. I applied gentle pressure, what little resistance was present faded rapidly and my head popped fully into her small body. I moved further in, rapidly filling her rectum, as her sphincter contracted, drawing me further into her.

I was a little over half way in when I felt the passage resisting my advance. Knowing from previous experience that I was drawing near to the end of her rectum, I eased myself further, until I felt her body loosening as I entered her lower colon. I was told by many women that this caused the most unique feeling, but I also knew that if I went too far I may hurt Candy. Being very gentle I eased myself in until my pubic hair tickled her sweaty ass; with a little force I could get another inch, but decided against it.

Once I had stopped Candy moaned: "Oh my god! I have never felt anything go into me so deeply! This feels really bizarre. What are you doing to me?"

Maya was a little curious and looked at me while I replied tenderly: "That unique feeling you're experiencing is my cock entering your colon. If done right it can be extremely enjoyable, but if done wrong it can be painful and dangerous."

Candy moaned as I just rested in her body, letting her get used to the intrusion, sighing occasionally as her body stretched around my rod. Maya looked at me and said: "You have no doubt done this before," seeing me nod she continued, "Have you ever hurt anybody?" I shook my head. Maya's expression relaxed as she asked: "Do you think you will be able to do that to me after?" I nodded. She smiled broadly as she lifted herself and placed a kiss on my lips.

I could feel Candy's body relaxing and decided to slowly pull myself from her. She moaned loudly as I retreated, then exhaled deeply as I re-entered her. I moved at a very slow pace, permitting her body to further relax. As it became easier and easier to move, I increased my tempo, quickly working to a massive orgasm. I pounded into her deeply while still maintaining control so as not to harm her. I shot my load deep into her colon as she climaxed, trapping me in her bowels.

Maya's face filled with wanton when she saw the joy and lust on her lover's face. When Candy finally collapsed onto the bed Maya pulled me from Candy's ass and looked at my slick cock. She held it lovingly as she said: "Are you going to be able to stay hard, or do I have to wait for you to recover?"

I removed my hand from her anus, and bringing her closer to me, I whispered: "I can stay hard for hours on end. It may take a longer time to cum, but I can definitely manage to make love to your ass without a break." We then kissed passionately. As our embrace broke I said with great tenderness: "Get back on all fours, you will enjoy it much more in that position." Maya quickly complied.

I moved my still slick cock to Maya's willing hole, and slipped in with no trouble. She sighed deeply as I entered her; I slid half way in, not encountering even the slightest resistance. I knew she would not feel any discomfort at this rate. Another few inches and I felt the end of her rectum resisting my progress. With Maya being completely relaxed I applied a little pressure and slowly her body accepted more of me, I entered her colon without any real effort.

I only knew because Maya screamed: "Oh my god that feels so fucking weird! Are you in my colon Vinny?"

I replied: "Yes, and I am in all the way. You are so loose back here; you're a natural at butt fucking."

Maya inhaled deeply as she replied: "This feels so fucking good! Fuck me! I want it! I need it!" I began thrusting into her and feeling no resistance, I was quickly up to a frantic pace; her rectum massaging my cock in a most enjoyable manner. I was quickly building to another massive orgasm. Her body clamped around me as she came, throwing me over the edge and I filled her colon with a massive load of cum. Maya convulsed for several minutes. I could only hold on for the ride. When she collapsed to the bed, Candy hugged her close; placing tender kisses on her lips. My flaccid member fell from her body as I lay beside them, completely drained.

I said weakly: "That was fucking incredible!" Then we all fell asleep. I woke up several hours later, just as the sun was setting. Candy and Maya had already gotten up and showered, and one of them had also cleaned my cock. It was clean and hung rock hard in front on me; I really had to pee and went to the bathroom, quickly relieving myself. I went back to our room, got dressed and headed downstairs. Candy and Maya were in the kitchen cooking while Max and Ed were playing chess together. Allen, Frank and Paul were nowhere to be seen.

I walked up behind Maya and pinched her ass. She yelped, turned and seeing it was me kissed me firmly before saying: "Candy, come say hi to our fuck toy."

I smiled as Candy moved to me and kissed me passionately. I reached my hand around the front of Maya's apron and squeezed her left tit as I said: "What do my mistresses desire from me?" I had snaked my hand to Candy right tit also as they both enjoyed the tender attention.

Candy smiled as she said: "Vinny, we are making a snack for all of the workers outside, you want anything special?"

I replied: "No, I am certain anything you two make will be fine." I released their breasts and headed to the back door as I said: "I am going to check on the boys. If you need me, I will be outside." They each placed a peck on my cheek then I headed out. I decided to take a quick tour of the construction site. It was a few hundred meters from Max's house; Ed had been intelligent enough to leave space for expansion in all directions. They had extended the road to the site.

The actual property was half swamp land, as of yet unreclaimed, and the rest was a mix of small quarrying pits, clay piles and other rubble. It was not ideal, but Max had bought it for a song; literally; he had written a nice poem which an artist wanted to make it into a song. After selling it for half a million, Max then used the money to buy this place. Not a bad deal, I think the album with the song went platinum within a year of release.

Max had built his place right in the middle of the lot and had built a long road to his house; it was truly remote, a perfect place for being alone. I only hoped that Max would not be too upset as we turned this place into 'Biker Heaven'. It took me a few minutes to walk around the construction site. Loud music could be heard from both sites, to my surprise they weren't actually trying to compete to see who was loudest today, a nice change. But of course it didn't surprise me to see that they were holding a wet t-shirt contest. At least it looked like the girls were having fun, as were the boys.

Even given all the distractions, all was proceeding well, so I headed to the areas they had set aside to train. Frank had set up on a flat dirt area close to the end of the swamp, it was where the reclaim efforts had stopped and most of the ground was hard dry clay, but he had managed to find a relatively soft dirt patch. He had thirty guys in white training uniforms mimicking his movements. From the patterns, it looked like he was teaching them Dragon Kung-Fu.

I continued toward Paul's area. He had set up a little further down the bank, about 250 meters further, but due to the uneven terrain it was a fifteen minute walk to get there. His classes were held mostly in a small forest and in the actual swampland. He had another twenty guys in cammo gear trying to hide in tall swamp grasses as they sneaked up on him.

I walked down to him and said: "I can easily see twenty of your students, how many am I missing?"

Paul replied: "There are thirty of them; I know where all but one is."

I looked a little closer, counting out loud, "21, 22, 23, 24, 25 and 26," I paused for a few seconds, "27, 28, 29," I looked around, and then I saw him. "30, I found the last guy."

Paul looked at me and said: "I have been looking for him for ten minutes, where the fuck is he?"

I took three steps forward, reached down and tapped a guy a mere five feet from us and said: "Nice work son."

He got up, covered in local foliage and said: "What gave me away?" Paul was awe struck and waited for my answer.

I replied: "You're wearing aftershave, old spice actually; I caught a whiff of it. Other than that you were practically invisible, but a bush does not smell like aftershave."

The guy was young, I'd say 18. I shook his hand and said: "You're good, I have to admit." Paul also shook his hand.

Paul then said: "You have just earned your degree; you can go and ask Allen to teach you advanced stealth technique or continue classes with Frank."

I chimed in: "Has Ed trained him yet?" Paul nodded. I looked at the kid and said: "What's your name?"

He replied in a submissive tone: "My name if Philip Evans sir."

I smiled and replied in a friendly tone: "You want to be my second in command?"

Philip replied: "That would be interesting. What do I have to do to earn that position?"

I replied: "You just passed your first test by asking rather than assuming you had already earned the right." Philip smiled, "Finish your training with Paul, then come and see Allen; I will give him instructions on what to teach you." Philip smiled and saluted me. As he was heading off I said: "I also want you to accompany me later tonight. Meet me in the house in an hour." Philip nodded as he ran toward Frank.

Paul was standing behind me as he said: "He's a quick learner, don't be too hard on him, but I am certain he will make a fine addition to our team." I nodded. Paul pulled out his paint gun and said: "Well he's the only one who did well today, give me few seconds while I tag the rest of them." Paul quickly squeezed off 29 shots, and the rest of his class walked up to us covered in paint. Paul said loudly as they walked: "You all need practice. Now get cleaned up and we will move to the next lesson."

I said: "See you later Paul, keep up the good work." I headed over to Frank, who stopped the class and had one of his pupils continue for him as we walked off. He spoke first: "They're learning quickly. What can I do for you today?"

I replied in a serious tone: "How long till Philip Evans qualifies for leadership training?"

Frank replied casually: "A day or two, he is a very apt pupil. You considering training him yourself?" When I nodded, he said, "I would be proud to have him in the team."

I smiled and replied: "I want him to be my second in command."

Frank thought for a few seconds then said: "That's a big responsibility, don't push him too hard, but if anybody can do it, he can."

I shook his hand and said: "That's what I wanted to know, thanks. I am heading back, see you later." I headed back to the house; it was a good twenty minute walk from here. It was night, the construction sites were brightly lit up with floodlights, but the rest was so dimly lit that you couldn't see anything. When I reached the house I heard footsteps behind me, Philip was running toward me. I spoke up: "You're fifteen minutes early lad."

He replied: "I prefer being a little early rather than being late." I waited for him and we headed into the house together.

When Candy and Maya saw him, Maya said: "Who do you have with you Vinny?"

I replied casually: "This is Philip," I turned to him and said: "Philip meet the two women in my life, Maya and Candy." He shook their hands then moved back to my side. "I'm planning to train Philip myself; should he survive he'll be my second."

Max chimed in: "Does that mean that I will have to take orders from him?"

I replied: "No, but he won't take orders from you either. You are the gang leader when I am gone and there is peace. He will be there for the war time issues and to answer challenges for leadership."

Philip looked at me puzzled and said: "There is no way I will ever be able to do everything I have seen you do in a fight."

I replied: "I know, but you should be able to face any internal challenges." He nodded, I continued: "That's all I really ask, I will face outside battles myself."

Max chimed in: "Nice to hear I will have a way of controlling the gang when they get rowdy." Philip smiled as I looked at him with pride.

I looked at Candy and Maya and said: "I am going to take Philip on a walk to the lake, do you two want to join us?"

Candy replied first: "Don't you want to talk to him one on one?"

Maya chimed in: "And don't you want to give him some kind of lesson?"

I replied: "Yes I want to give him a test, and yes I need to talk to him one on one, but you two can follow me anywhere and anytime as long as you won't be in danger." They both smiled, "And don't you two feel like a dip in the lake with me?"

Maya answered: "Ok, you have sold me on the idea. Let me get a towel and then we can go."

Candy smiled and said: "I ain't missing this; Maya get me a towel too." The girls quickly got ready and we all headed out toward the lake; it was a good half hour walk. I asked Philip to walk beside me so I could talk to him. Candy and Maya walked ahead of us, holding hands and kissing occasionally.

I casually asked him: "Philip, why did you join my gang?"

He thought about it then answered: "My father was a biker; my mother was a biker slut. I have lived in the gangs all my life and I guess I did not see anything else in life."

I replied: "But now do you see more in life?"

He replied: "Until I started training with Paul, Ed and Frank no, but now I see whole new possibilities unfolding."

I replied: "I have noticed that, unlike Candy or many of the other bikers, you consider your words and use a fairly high level of eloquence. Where did you go to school?"

Philip replied: "I was tutored by an educated biker that was a part of this gang when I was younger, he was an older fellow, I don't remember his real name. We all used to call him grandpa. But you remind me of him."

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