tagMind ControlThe Examination Ch. 02

The Examination Ch. 02


Although this story is self contained, it contains allusions to an earlier story, "The Examination." I like to think you will enjoy this one more if you have read the other one.

* * * * *

Robert Ames was growing concerned. Angelica Lopez had disappeared behind the inner office door of the clinic over an hour ago. With perfect hindsight he realized they could have left some notes back at the office or told someone at the Post outlining the story they were following.

It had all seemed so unreal that night a few weeks ago. He and his curvy girlfriend had just finished making love, passionate and satisfying as always, when she looked over at him with a strange expression in dark eyes.

"Darling, if I agreed to marry you, would you want me to quit my job and stay home to do nothing but keep house and make little brown babies for you?"

"Mi Amor! How can you ask such a thing? You know I love you and want to marry you, but why would I want you to give up your career at the Post? You're a superb reporter; a rising star there; that would be so stupid. As for having kids, sure I'd like us to have two or three later on, but not for you to be nothing but a housekeeper and mother."

"That's a politically correct answer, Robert," she grinned, "But are you sure? Suppose I could be turned into a horny, submissive little slut who wanted nothing more than to please you. Wouldn't you like to have a baby-making fuck toy?"

"I'd rather have a woman."

"I think I believe you, darling," Angelica replied, her eyes glowing with admiration that was almost love. "But not all men, maybe not many men, are like that. Do you remember Emma Parks?"

"Uh...I think so. She's that school chum of yours? On the fast track at BBD&R. Didn't we attend her wedding a year or two ago? Yes, quite pretty. Why do you ask? You haven't mentioned her for some time."

"I had lost track of her. I heard she left BBD&R soon after she got married. Well, a couple of weeks ago I ran into her at that big new suburban hyper-mart. Remember when I got the box of paper for our printer? I hardly recognized her when I saw her in the ladies room. She was sitting beside a stroller with a strapping toddler in it as she was nursing a little one. And she was pregnant!

"Wow! She didn't look like the housewife type to me, from what I remember."

"That's just it. She wasn't! She had told me before she married she intended to continue her career and wasn't sure she even wanted to have children. The Emma I met yesterday was a totally different woman. All she wanted to talk about was her babies and her Frank. She seemed more obsessed with him than in love. Frank said this. Frank did that. Frank likes her being pregnant. I think she would have told me how wonderfully and how often he makes love to her and how often he gets her off, if I hadn't stopped her."


"I thought so, but she didn't. She even mentioned several of her friends that had undergone similar changes in their lives. That was when my reporter's instincts kicked in. I didn't particularly like what I saw in Emma, but if it were some kind of perverse social trend, well, it might be worth a feature."

"So that's the mysterious project you have been working on," Robert grinned at his clever lover.

"Yes, and I think I need your help."

"Leads turn so cold you need help from the sports pages?"

"On the contrary. I found plenty of material for an ordinary feature, but I may have found something else, too."

"Oh?" Robert replied, his curiosity peeked.

"When I interviewed the women, several mentioned the same gynecologist, a Dr. James Bock. I think there is something wrong with this picture and with these women. It's like they were all "fixed" to be submissive, horny little wives, regardless of their previous personalities."

"Now hold on, Angelica. Women do change their priorities over time. At some point many women decide it's time to start a family," Robert objected.

"Robert! These are women like me, in their mid twenties, a little early to be hearing the "biological clock" tick. And why would it strike for all of them at the same hour? Will you take me seriously enough at least to check out this Bock clinic while I continue interviewing the women?"

Skeptical at first, Robert himself was soon convinced that indeed, something strange was going on at Dr. James Bock's clinic. For one thing, it had not always been the clinic of James Bock. Until about three years ago, it had belonged to Dr. Janet McGuire, a cracker-jack gynecologist of about 35 who had developed a downtown practice catering to career women. Then the young James Bock had shown up just out of medical school for a job interview. He got the job ... and Dr. McGuire, too. Within days the former heartbreaker was wandering around her office with dreamy, unfocused eyes. After each "consultation" with her younger partner, Janet emerged looking even more flushed and dazed. The women who worked with Janet sniggered, guessing what went on during those "consultations."

No one was surprised, therefore, when a week or so later Janet let it slip that she and Dr. Bock were living together. They were puzzled, however, when Janet started coming in later and later each morning until one day she happily announced she was pregnant. Seeing the way Janet mooned at James whenever she was near him, no one needed to ask who had put the baby in the pretty gynecologist. The staff watched Janet's belly grow beneath maternity dresses which seemed to get skimpier by the week and her need for "consultations" with a very self-satisfied Dr. Bock became more frequent. Then the bombshell. Janet called everyone together to tell them James had decided she should stay home to "take care of herself until the baby arrived" Consequently she would withdraw from the practice indefinitely.

Stranger still, Robert learned that in the ensuing months the four women working at the clinic also became pregnant -- and the order was far from random! Megan, the youngest nurse had only barely started to show when Suzy the bimbo receptionist went on maternity leave. Suzy was back to cover for Megan by the time she was almost too big to walk. Ruth scolded Alice, the office manager, for letting her husband make her pregnant again "at her age." By the time Alice returned to work, however, she had to bite her tongue not to ask Ruth who had put the office manager, a divorced mother of teens, back into maternity dresses.

"The way you describe Janet and those women is just like the women I'm interviewing," Angelica remarked when Robert told her about his findings. "The change is sudden and total. One day they are bright, aggressive career girls, the next, docile homebodies whose lives revolve around their men and their bulging bellies. All they talk about is her husbands or boyfriends -- what he likes, how he wants her to dress, what he thinks, how to please him, and how to get him into bed more frequently, not that that seems to be a problem. To hear them talk, they all fuck like bunnies. And none of them use any kind of contraception. Every woman I talked to had one or two children already and most were expecting another," Angelica finished, shaking her head.

That was the conversation which had led Robert here with Angelica. It had been her idea to make an appointment with Dr. Bock to find out just what was going on at this odd clinic. She had assumed the name of Angelica Carlisle and posed as a married woman who was planning on starting a family and wanted to get a check up. She had returned from her visit yesterday subdued and to Robert's surprise, did not want to make love that night. She hadn't said much about what happened, just that the doctor wanted to see her today with her "husband." So here he was.

As Robert watched the traffic in and out of the same door that his Angelica had gone through, he had more and more cause to worry. Each woman when she entered seemed cool, even bored with the chore. But each one emerged a half hour or so later flushed, glowing, and rather out of it.

At last the door open and a tall black woman stepped out. "Mr. Carlisle?" She held the door and waited until Robert entered the dimly lit room. Only as his eyes adjusted could he take in the sight. She was magnificent! She towered over him and only partly due to the five inch heals she wore. The smock came down only inches below her crotch showing off those long smooth chocolate legs that riveted Robert's eyes. Until ... he noticed the abundant breasts displayed more than concealed by the plunging neckline of this parody of medical garb.

Stunned by the sexy nurse, Robert almost didn't hear her close the door and say, "Please sit down make yourself comfortable, Mr. Carlisle." He did sit, but he wasn't comfortable. The low couch to which she ushered him afforded him too clear a view up under her smock as she sat down in the chair opposite him. "Or should I call you Mr. Ames?"

"But my name is ..." he stammered, not able to think too clearly.

"Robert Ames and your girlfriend is Angelica Lopez." the nurse said matter of factly. "I am Amaka and we need to talk."

"But .... How did you ..."

"Why Angelica told Dr. Bock everything during her visit yesterday.

"Impossible!" he barked with more conviction than he felt.

"Pretty slick, the way you found out about us and conned your girlfriend into coming here, by the way. We usually work only on referral. Would you like to see how we put her under? She put up quite a fight!" Amaka grinned, not waiting for an answer.

The smiling nurse touched the control of a video screen that sprang to life. "I first just try to put them at ease," the nurse explained. The image showed Angelica in this same room, talking with Amaka. They laughed together, seeming to share a joke, probably at the expense of men from the mischief in their eyes. Then as Amaka spoke she unobtrusively pulled a pendant from a drawer and held it idly in her hand. The two women continued to talk, but, to his horror, Robert saw Angelica's eyes become fastened on the pendant. Slowly her expression faded to blank as Amaka twirled the shiny object.

Amaka turned on the audio so Robert could hear their idle chatter as she watched Angelica seem to be quietly nodding off. Angelica's eyelids drooped and her head bowed forward. Her arms grew limp at her sides. Pressing her advantage, the nurse brought the twirling pendant closer to Angelica's face and began to swing it back and forth before her eyes, softly saying, "Isn't this the cutest thing? Look how it sparkles. I find it so relaxing just to look at it. So relaxing... It makes me want to lean back and relax. Just lean back for me, now. That's it. There's no hurry... You don't have to be anywhere... We can just relax and talk... Relax for me..."

"Your girlfriend was a pretty tough cookie," Amaka broke in. "By this point most other women are gone. I have to admit she surprised me.." The video scene jumped forward.

Abruptly, Angelica sat up straight, opened her eyes wide, and grinned triumphantly. "Pretty much what I expected, I guess," Angelica exclaimed. "Though I am surprised people can still be hypnotized by that old 'gaze into my pendant' routine. I knew you must be using some kind of mind control to brainwash your little Stepford wives."

If Amaka was surprised, she didn't show it. "Actually, that was just the initial preparation, to get you in a receptive frame of mind. The real brainwashing comes later and takes a lot longer. After all, we going to introduce some pretty drastic changes in your personality."

"Thanks, sister, but I don't need to know the whole process. I've got plenty for a story that will send you and this Dr. Bock, if he really is a doctor, scurrying to another state if you don't go to prison." Angelica jousted.

"Oh, but I insist you stay to experience the whole thing, although you may change your mind about writing a news report about us," Amaka smirked.

"Like hell!" said Angelica, her eyes flashing in anger. "You think I'm an idiot? I'm not going to sit here and let you pull your little scam on me. I'm out here!"

Angelica stood up, but the nurse, a good deal bigger and stronger than she, caught her off-balance and pushed her back down into a seated position, this time with the black woman half lying on top of her. "Get off me you witch!" Angelica yelled, struggling to get away. "Dammit, get off!"

Amaka rolled a little to the right to capture one of the smaller girl's arms. Angelica kept yelling abuse while Amaka was eerily silent and determined. Presently, the nurse succeeded in catching and immobilizing Angelica's remaining free arm. The nurse now had her right arm behind Angelica's back. With her right hand she gripped Angelica's right wrist, so that now both the smaller girl's arms were immobilized while Amaka's left hand was free. She used it to bring the pendant before her struggling captive's wide, desperate eyes.

"OK," Amaka said soothingly. "You put up a really good fight, but it must have really tired you out. It's time for you to be a good little girl and take a little nap." She began to twirl the pendant. "Come on, baby. You may think you were only pretending to go under before, but you were sinking, girl. Now you are starting to feel sleepy again. You were so close before. It will be so easy now to go to sleep for me. That's right, you're so drowsy. Come on, relax for me. Close those pretty eyes for Amaka. You can't fight it, you know... You're going to sleep for me... Sleep for me... Sleep for me..."

Oh, no, Robert thought, pride in his girlfriend turning to fear as he watched Angelica begin to succumb to Amaka's hypnotic words. Then he say her snap back. "Bullshit!" Angelica spat in a voice that was half angry defiance and half desperate fear but seemed to lack conviction. She screwed her eyes shut to block out the view of the pendant and kept struggling to get free.

"Oh, don't be like that," Amaka coaxed. Angelica kept struggling furiously, using all he strength. Amaka's hypnotic suggestions kept getting interrupted in mid- command as she had to shift position to maintain control of the twisting, squirming smaller girl. At one moment Robert thought Angelica would succeed in getting loose, but the nurse had the advantages of strength, size, and being on top. She could not keep up her desperate effort for long. Angelica was breathing hard and seemed to be tiring. She could no longer squirm constantly, but struggled and rested, struggled and rested.

Angelica's furious movements had left her ass shifted forward on the couch almost to the edge, her short skirt rucked up and her legs slightly parted. In a fluid movement Amaka took advantage of this vulnerability, rolling back to her left and pushing her thigh between Angelica's legs to press down on the smaller girl's mound. She began to rock rhythmically against her.

Angelica's eyes snapped open in shock. "What are you DOING?" she squealed.

"Distracting you, honey," said Amaka with a smile. "I'm using sex to break your concentration and wear down your resistance and will power. Haven't you done the same a hundred times to your boyfriends? Mmm, I think I feel you responding to me already, you hot little thing. You want me, don't you? You want Amaka to make you hot and make you sleepy. Come on and go to sleep for me. Go under for me, and I'll make you soooo happy. Relax and enjoy it. Don't fight it. Give in." Her voice became dreamy and seductive. "Surrender to me, honey. You know you want to... Sleep for me... You can't help yourself... You can't fight the pendant anymore... It makes you want me ... want me to own you... Come on, baby, give up... Give in to the sound of my voice and the feel of my body against you... Let me make you feel good... Let me fuck you to sleep... Sleep for me..."

Robert's pulse was racing as he witnessed his girlfriend's seduction but took heart to see Angelica change tactics. Now she squeezed her eyes tightly shut, as if trying not to let in even a glimpse of the sparking jewel that was sapping her remaining will.

Amaka bumped her captive's nose with the pendant and taunted her, "Oh, come on, honey. Be a good little girl and take your medicine. Open those cute little eyes one more time and take one last look at my pretty pendant. One more look and it'll be all over. One more look and you won't have to fight me any more Come on. Just a little peek, a tiny peek at my pretty toy. You know you want to."

As she said this, Amaka gently put the pendant down on the couch, as if it were no longer needed, but continued to pretend holding the pendant "Come on, my sweet and open those dark eyes and look at it, so pretty, so pretty." Robert's heart fell again as he saw Amaka's trick. She was making Angelica want to keep her eyes shut, and Angelica was falling for it.

And all the while on that screen Amaka kept rocking her thigh against her victim's pubic mound, and Angelica's hips now seemed to be keeping time with her. He knew how easily Angelica became excited from direct stimulation of her sex.

The weakening girl now seemed to have hardly any fight left in her. Her face held none of the anger it had so plainly shown before, the remaining expression having become a mixture of fear, frustration, and almost pleading. But still she kept her eyes tight shut and seemed determined not to surrender, to that fatal imaginary pendant that now seemed to be hypnotizing her only from its memory in her mind.

Amaka waved a hand toward the television. "Well, at this point I really thought I had her, but she was amazing. I have to admit, your girlfriend is the biggest challenge I've ever faced."

On the screen Angelica seemed to be tapping some inner reserve of strength. A moment ago she looked at the edge of surrender, but now she was fighting back again, if not physically. She had stopped writhing about, evidently having realized that it was pointless and was only tiring her more quickly, but there was renewed determination in her face. "Let me GO, you bitch. It isn't going to work on me."

"Sure it's going to work on you," the Amaka on tape said with chilling certainty. "It works on any woman, my pet. You're already responding to me. I can feel your pussy's wetness on my thigh. You're getting completely turned on, and it's silly to deny it. You know it, I know it. And of course I've already made you close your eyes."

Angelica quickly jerked her eyes open. "Gotcha!" said Amaka. "And guess what? I don't need a pendant to put you under, honey. That's just a prop, a device to distract the conscious mind and keep it focused on something else while I entrap your subconscious. I can accomplish that a lot of ways, with a flashing light, with rhythmic sounds. I can control a weak-willed person with just my eyes. But my favorite technique to make my target helpless even before I hypnotize them, is massage.

And what's the best kind of massage, a massage of your sex. You can put somebody under and they never know what hit them. You know what I mean, don't you? Most women do. Sex is out weapon, a powerful weapon, a drug. Nothing's more distracting than sex. Nothing else turns the mind to jelly so quickly. What is seduction but hypnosis? Women have been hypnotizing men with sex for years, and it was so natural that most of them never even realized what they were doing!

But believe me, I know what I'm doing, and that's why you're about to go under, baby. Ooh, just feel you, you're so wet. I've got you right where I want you, and that's the only part of you still squirming. Come on now, you little minx. Relax for me. Stop trying to fight it. That's it... I feel you giving in now... That's it... Just relax for me... Just let go completely for me... Oh, baby, I feel you getting weaker... Just a little more now... Breathe in... Breathe out... Feel me against you... Feel me arousing you... I'm going to make you come, and then you can sleep... You'll have to sleep... Get ready to come for me... Relax for me... Relax... Now get ready to come and go sleep... Are you ready? Yes you are... You're really gone now... You're going under... You're going... You're..."

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